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This is a Public Service Announcement: Extra terrestrials will visit the city of Newport this Autumn. Civilians are asked to make their way calmly to the Riverfront on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 October to await further instructions.

FRIDAY 18 OCTOBER 2013 Doors Open 17.30

The Pauper’s guide to science fiction film-making Over the past 13 years, Louis Savy has met many film-makers and always asks ‘have you made any sci-fi?’ The answer was often ‘no, because we don’t have that kind of budget’. This prompted the creation of SCI-FI-LONDON film-making challenge: a competition to create a five minute short in just 48 hours. Since it started it has seen over 800 films made, led to three film festivals and one successful movie career for Gareth Edwards (Monsters) who is currently rebooting Godzilla for Legendary Pictures. Louis’ talk will look at story ideas and techniques that film-makers can use to create science fiction films on small budgets.

With louis savy

studio theatre | £5.00 | 18:00-19:00

Following a hugely successful first outing in Pontypridd in 2008, the Space, Time, Machine and Monster literary festival returns for two days packed full of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Expect talks, workshops, film screenings, panel events and competitions for adults, teens and your little horrors.

Tickets: individual events from £3.00 - £7.00 Weekend tickets: £35.00 full price / £30.00 concessions Friday night: £10.00 full price / £8.00 concessions Saturday: £30.00 full price / £25.00 concessions / £12.00 child

Page to screen: sci-fi, fantasy and horror

What makes a great page-to-screen transition? Why is the book so often better - and what are the films that challenge the norm and break through? Catherine Bray from Film4 gives a personal talk focusing on her five favourite page-to-screen adaptations in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres, looking at how they get it so right when so many get it so wrong. This session will compare clips and extracts from John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) with John W Campbell’s 1938 story Who Goes There?; Brian De Palma’s Carrie (1976) with Stephen King’s 1974 debut novel of the same name; Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings trilogy (2001-2003) with J.R.R. Tolkien’s work of epic fiction; Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1972) with Anthony Burgess’s 1962 novella, and Jonathan Glazer’s forthcoming film Under The Skin (2014) based on Michel Faber’s book. The talk will be followed by a screening of Carrie, with a Q & A session. With Catherine bray

Studio theatre | £7.00 | 19:30-22:30

Tickets available from the Riverfront Box Office: 01633 656757

w w w . n e w p o r t. g o v . u k / t h e r i v e r f r o n t

SATURDAY 19 OCTOBER 2013 The Doctor Who show

A quirky and irreverent introduction to the science of Doctor Who. Split into Space, Time, Machine, and Monster themes, and using raps, this titillating show takes in, among others, Hieronymus Bosch, HG Wells, Salvador Dali, Nicholas Copernicus, Albert Einstein, the Charleses Babbage and Darwin, the overlooked Alfred Russel Wallace, and Edvard Munch.

With Mark Brake & Jon Chase

studio theatre | £3.00 | 11:00-12:00

Animation Antics The South Wales Literature Initiative run by Literature Wales began in 2007 to create new opportunities for everyone to engage with literature. The project now encompasses eight authorities across South Wales with funding from the Local Authorities and Arts Council Wales. It concentrates on working with groups and individuals who have traditionally not been part of the mainstream writing world. There is a huge wealth of untapped writing talent in the Valleys and this project aims to release at least some of it.

Always fancied creating 2D animation like Bugs Bunny, traditional cut-out comic sketches like South Park, or claymation in the style of Wallace and Gromit? Join industry professionals who can give you a glimpse of the world of animation behind the screen.


WORKSHOP 1 | £3.00 | 11:00-12:00 + 15:00-16:00


Explore the world of Warhammer and take part in a series of battles waging throughout the day.

BASEMENT GALLERY | £3.00 | 11:00-16:00

Instinctive Graphical Storytelling

Join Huw Aaron for two hours of ‘Instinctive Graphical Storytelling’ - we’ll be breaking all the rules and pounding out some epic zombie comics from the gut.

With huw aaron


2 | £3.00 | 12:00-14:00 + 16:00-18:00

Time Travel and Scary Fairies: The Box of Red Brocade Best-selling novelist Catherine Fisher talks about her new fantasy and sci-fi series, The Chronoptika. Book one, The Obsidian Mirror, was published to widespread acclaim in 2013; the sequel, The Box of Red Brocade, appears this month. Catherine will discuss the project, read and take questions. Ideal for young (and old!) adults.



| £3.00 | 12:00-13:00

A million different ways to tell a story

People don’t want to be told a story, they want to be part of it. This workshop will give an insight into how Yomi Ayeni structures fictional and participatory narratives, mapping them to day-to-day life.


STUDIO Theatre | £5.00 | 14:00-15:00

From Aberscary to the Oliphant Circle: scariness in South Wales, a personal horror story

Informed by the landscape of south Wales and illustrated with readings from his children’s fiction and sci-fi work for BBC Radio 4, Dan Anthony takes us on a personal horror story as he tries to answer the question: Why is living in south Wales so scary?

With Dan Anthony

CONFERENCE ROOM | £3.00 | 14:00-15:00

Creating a paranormal TV series: The life of Afterlife Stephen Volk was the creator and lead writer of the successful, award-winning TV series Afterlife, which ran for two seasons on ITV1, starring Lesley Sharp (Scott and Bailey) and Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead). Here he takes you through the rigours of what that entailed - from the initial concept, to getting it commissioned, to working with the production team and actors. He will also be talking about why he often turns to the supernatural to express his ideas.

With STEphen VOLK

STUDIO Theatre | £5.00 | 12:30-13:30

Make Sure You Know Which Story You’re Telling

Join Ben Aaronovitch as he delves into his experiences of writing Dark Knight, Blake’s Seven, Doctor Who and many more including his new novel Broken Homes.

With Ben Aaronovitch

theatre | £5.00 | 15:00-16:00

Tolkien’s Middle-earth: Fantasy and Reality

Origami Yoda

Enjoy a creative hour of making Origami Star Wars figures and stories to accompany them. Suitable for all ages.

A talk by Dr Dimitra Fimi about the depth and vast detail of the Middle-Earth world, and Tolkien’s attempts to link this imaginary world to reality via ‘mythical’ history and the construction of artefacts supposedly from Middle-Earth.

CONFERENCE ROOM | £3.00 | 12:30-13:30

With Dimitra Fimi

No Boundaries: Fantasy is the future of fiction How we came full circle from Perseus slaying the medusa to Victorian melodramas to human drama and back again: Jasper Fforde talks about his writing and why he thinks that fantasy is the cutting edge of drama today.

With jasper fforde

theatre | £5.00 | 13:00-14:00

Building a Better Hero - bringing mythology into the modern world What would it feel like to discover you were an immortal warrior, dedicated to fighting a never-ending war? Sarwat Chadda’s action packed Ash Mistry Series features a normal boy’s role in a world of immortal sorcerors, shape-changing demons and an eternal battle between the forces of light and darkness. Sarwat’s work brings ancient mythology storming into the modern world - join him for a session on creating your own legends.

With Sarwat Chadda

bar | £3.00 | 13:30-14:30

Sci-fi and Laughter

Join Adam Roberts as he explores the uplifting side of sci-fi throughout his writing career.

With Adam Roberts

theatre | £5.00 | 14:00-15:00

STUDIO Theatre | £5.00 | 15:30-16:30

Science and Science Fiction

Alastair Reynolds will deal in a non-technical manner with the interplay between fiction and reality, and the challenges faced by the writer wishing to set their stories in a plausible setting.

With Alastair Reynolds

theatre | £5.00 | 16:00-17:00

Truly Horrible

A discussion with horror and dark fantasy author Tim Lebbon about his writing career so far, featuring zombies, Wookies, and Hellboy’s horns.

With Tim Lebbon

BAR | £5.00 | 16:00 - 17:00

Arthur Machen, Master of Holy Terrors

Arthur Machen, born in Caerleon 150 years ago this year, has been admired by writers as diverse as Stephen King, Oscar Wilde, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir John Betjeman, H.P. Lovecraft and Alan Moore. Stephen King has even said that without Machen, there would be no modern horror fiction. In this illustrated talk, Gwilym Games and Catherine Fisher will be discussing Machen’s life and some of his most famous work, how his Welsh background inspired him and how his work straddles science fiction, horror and fantasy.

With Gwilym Games and Catherine Fisher

theatre | £5.00 studio 16:30-17:30

Discussion Panel

Jasper Fforde, Professor Adam Roberts and Mark Brake discuss the high notes of science fiction and fantasy writing throughout their varied careers.

With Jasper Fforde, Professor Adam Roberts and Mark Brake


theatre | £5.00 | 17:00-18:00

Adam Roberts Destroying the World for fun and profit Discover the creative writing world of Mark Morris, where it all started and how it developed.

With Mark Morris

BAR | £5.00 | 17:00-18:00

It’s About Time – PLAY

Set in a place that is more like limbo than reality, this play is by University of South Wales undergraduate Steve Bond. Benjamin and Beatrice are offered a chance to be immortal, in exchange for protecting something that must never be damaged or abused: time.


basement gallery | £5.00 | 17:00-18:00

Writing for Doctor Who and Star Wars

Alastair Reynolds, Mark Morris and Tim Lebbon talk about writing for genre science fiction, in a discussion hosted by Paul Doyle.

With Alastair Reynolds, Mark Morris and Tim Lebbon theatre | £5.00 | 18:00-19:00

Housekeeping in Alien Worlds

How do you make strange universes in fiction convincing? Gwyneth Lewis and Horatio Clare will discuss topics including character, dialogue, setting and how to eavesdrop. They will also set some exercises and pass on tips from the master J G Ballard.

With Gwyneth Lewis and HORATIO CLARE

STUDIO Theatre | £5.00 18:00-19:00

Writing for Games

Discover the world of narrative gaming with Rhianna Pratchett in conversation, followed by Q&A session. Rhianna will discuss her career from journalism to script writing and narrative design, as well as writing narrative for games and producing stories for DC comics.

With Rhianna Pratchett

theatre | £7.00 | 19:30-21:00

Adam Roberts was born two-thirds of the way through the twentieth century. He now lives in Ascot, where he writes science fiction novels and teaches literature and creative writing at Royal Holloway, University of London. His most recent novel, Jack Glass, won the BSFA and John Campbell awards for best science fiction novel of the year. A conference about his fiction was organised by Lincoln University earlier this year.

Alastair Reynolds

Alastair Reynolds was born in Barry in 1966. He spent the first part of his career working as a space scientist, mostly in conjunction with the European Space Agency in the Netherlands, before turning to full-time writing. He is now the author of twelve novels, as well as more than fifty short stories and novellas. His first novel, Revelation Space (2000) was shortlisted for both the British Science Fiction Association and Arthur C Clarke awards, and was recently selected to be part of Gollancz’s SF Masterworks series. His second novel, Chasm City, won the British Science Fiction Association award. More recently, he has published a novel with BBC Books featuring Doctor Who, and is now busy with a trilogy of novels exploring a future in which Africa is a spacefaring superpower. The most recent of these books, The most recent of these books, On the Steel Breeze, is due to appear in Autumn 2013.

Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch was born in 1964. He had parents, some brothers, some sisters and a dog named after a Russian cosmonaut. He also had the kind of dull childhood that drives a person to drink, radical politics or science fiction. He took up

screenwriting in his early twenties at which he was an overnight success. He wrote for Doctor Who, Casualty and the world’s cheapest ever SF soap opera Jupiter Moon. He then wrote for Virgin New Adventures until they pulped all his books. He also wrote an episode of Dark Knight, a book for Big Finish and the highly acclaimed but notvery-well-paying Blake’s 7 Audio dramas. Ben Aaronovitch currently resides in London and says that he will leave when they pry his city from his cold dead fingers.

Catherine Bray

Catherine Bray is an award-nominated writer and broadcaster who has worked at Film4 for four years and been a guest presenter on BBC1’s flagship Film Programme with Claudia Winkleman for two series. She also writes for the Guardian, Telegraph and appears as a guest on Radio 4 and BBC3. This year Catherine has also had two plays produced in London and Bath, and 2014 will see the release of teen movie documentary Beyond Clueless, which she is associate producing. Catherine’s three favourite directors are Davids: Fincher, Lynch and Cronenberg. She will watch any movie where a giant whatever attacks something.

Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher is a poet and novelist. In 2011 she was appointed the first Young People’s Laureate for Wales. Her novel Incarceron was Times Book of the Year and a New York Times Bestseller. Catherine’s latest novel is The Obsidian Mirror.

Dimitra Fimi

Dr Dimitra Fimi is a Lecturer in English at Cardiff Metropolitan University. She is the author of Tolkien, Race and Cultural History: From Fairies to Hobbits, which won the Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies. She has also published articles and essays in journals, edited collections and reference works (including Routledge’s J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia). Recent work includes a chapter on Tolkien’s legacy in later fantasy fiction for the forthcoming Companion to J. R. R. Tolkien.

Gwilym Games

Gwilym Games has been editor of the periodical Machenalia for the Friends of Arthur Machen since 2005. He is the author of numerous articles on all aspects of Machen’s life and work. In 2011 he edited a limited hardback edition of Faunus which contained three long-lost stories by Arthur Machen that he rediscovered. He recently provided support for the Library of Wales Machen paperbacks (2010) and for the new Penguin edition of The White People and Other Weird Stories (2012).

Gwyneth Lewis

Gwyneth Lewis was the National Poet of Wales 2005-06 and she wrote the words on the front of the Wales Millennium Centre.The most recent of her eight books of poetry is Sparrow Tree, which won the Roland Mathias Poetry Award 2012. She’s written two memoirs Sunbathing in the Rain: A Cheerful Book on Depression and Two in a Boat. The Meat Tree is sci-fi version of the Blodeuwedd legend in Seren’s New Stories from the Mabinogion series.

Horatio Clare

Horatio Clare is the award-winning author of two memoirs, Running for the Hills and Truant; the travel book A Single Swallow, and a novella, The Prince’s Pen. His next book, Down to the Sea In Ships will be published in January. Variously a journalist, teacher, radio producer and broadcaster, Horatio began life as a sheep-dog substitute, herding flocks in the Black Mountains.

Huw Aaron

Huw Aaron is a Cardiff-based cartoonist, comic artist and illustrator. Huw is the author of Welsh children’s comic collection ‘Llyfr Hwyl y Lolfa’, and has cartoons regularly published in Private Eye, Spectator, Reader’s Digest and other publications. He is currently working on a graphic novel based on the Old Welsh war poem ‘Y Gododdin’.

Jasper Fforde

Jasper Fforde has been writing in the Comedy/Fantasy Genre since 2001 when his novel The Eyre Affair debuted on The New York Times bestseller list. Since then he has published ten more books, several of them bestsellers, and counts his sales in millions. He lives and works in Wales.

Jon Chase

Jon Chase is a science communicator and rapper based in South Wales. He has an intense passion for scientific thinking and believes that knowledge should be made available in a way that allows as many people as possible the opportunity to gain access to it. He was identified by The Guardian in 2008 as education’s ‘Next Best Thing’ after producing a science rap video for NASA about astrobiology.

Sarwat Chadda

Having spent years travelling the world, Sarwat Chadda’s stories reflect a wide range of influences, both East and West. A big fan of mythology, his stories are a unique blend of urban fantasy where legendary heroes walk our streets and the age of monsters has returned.

Stephen Volk

Louis Savy runs the London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film, or SCI-FI-LONDON as it is better known. Louis started the festival in 2002 and is responsible for programming, fundraising, promoting and developing the brand; the festival is now in its seventh year. Louis also produces films and manages film-making events.

Stephen Volk is best known as the writer/creator of the paranormal ITV drama series Afterlife and the notorious BBC TV “Halloween hoax” Ghostwatch. His other screenplays include the recent ghost story movie The Awakening, Ken Russell’s trippy extravaganza Gothic and The Guardian. In 1998 he won a BAFTA for The Deadness of Dad. His short stories have been selected for a variety of collections and he has been a finalist for the Bram Stoker, British Fantasy and Shirley Jackson Awards. His latest book is the acclaimed novella Whitstable.

Mark Brake

Steve Bond

Louis Savy

Mark Brake is a writer of popular science books, and has worked in film, television, print, and radio on five continents. He is best known for his work in communicating the relationship between space, science and culture.

Mark Morris

Mark Morris is the author of over twenty novels and four books in the popular Doctor Who series. His short stories, novellas, articles and reviews have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies and magazines, and he is editor of both Cinema Macabre and Cinema Futura. In 2007 he won the British Fantasy Award. He has also written official tie-in novels for computer games and films.

Rhianna Pratchett

Rhianna Pratchett is an award-winning videogames writer who has wrestled the wild beasts of narrative for companies such as Sony, EA, SEGA, 2k, Codemasters and Square Enix. Her titles include: Heavenly Sword, Mirror’s Edge, the entire Overlord series and the rebooted Tomb Raider. Rhianna also works in comics, short stories, non-fiction, film and TV. She’s co-director of the Narrativia production company and lives in London with a pair of neurotic tabbies.

Steve Bond is a student currently in his third year studying Applied Drama and Creative Writing at the University of South Wales, Newport. He has just returned from completing a summer internship at Westacre Theatre. He has previous writing and directing experience from amateur companies in the Norfolk Area.

Tim Lebbon

Tim Lebbon is a New York Times bestselling writer with almost thirty novels published to date, as well as dozens of novellas and hundreds of short stories. Recent releases include Coldbrook, Into the Void: Dawn of the Jedi (Star Wars), Reaper’s Legacy, and The Sea Wolves (with Christopher Golden). He has won four British Fantasy Awards, a Bram Stoker Award, and a Scribe Award. Fox2000 acquired film rights to The Secret Journeys of Jack London series, and his Toxic City trilogy is in development with ABC Studios.

Turnip Starfish

The animation team at Turnip Starfish have been working in the animation sector for over ten years. They have worked on projects for BBC, ITV and S4C and have produced animation and flash games for many clients; some recent clients include BBC Wales, Coleg Morgannwg, DCELLS, Careers Wales, Education Partnership RCT, South Wales Police and Swansea University.

Yomi Ayeni

Yomi Ayeni is a storyteller, transmedia producer, film-maker, and digital strategist. He creates participatory stories mapped to everyday life and believes that people can be a delivery mechanic - “people are a platform through which we can seed interactive stories”. His projects have included: Violette’s Dream an alternate reality game (ARG) and Breathe, a series of interactive shorts delivered over a three-week period. His current project is Clockwork Watch.


The Pauper’s guide to science fiction film-making 18:00-19:00

Page to screen: sci-fi, fantasy and horror 19:30-22:30

Space time machine and monster programme  

Space, Time, Machine and Monster is a sci-fi and fantasy literature festival organised by Literature Wales. Taking place at the Riverfront T...