Oregon Literary Fellowship Recipients 2013

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Samuel Snoek-Brown


teaches writing in Portland, Oregon. He also works as production editor for Jersey Devil Press for Unshod Quills. His fiction has appeared in Ampersand Review, Bartleby Snopes, Fiction Circus, and others. Excerpts from his novel Hagridden appeared in Sententia and will appear in SOL: English Writing in Mexico.

1. What are your sources of inspiration? Other stories. I mostly mean the stories I overhear people telling in coffee shops, the stories I hear in songs, the stories beyond the frame of a photograph, the stories I think *aren’t* getting told in films. I love interacting with other work like that. It makes me feel like part of a bigger artistic picture. 2. How would you describe your creative process? A few years ago, I had the opportunity to write full-time, which meant I had the opportunity to establish my writing habits, or what a lot of writers call “butt-in-the-chair time.” It isn’t necessarily about routine, but it is about the discipline of the writing. When you have the time to write, writing is what you do—you don’t waste that. Developing that kind of discipline transformed my writing. Now that my work schedule has become less predictable, I have to fit my writing in where I can, but I haven’t forgotten the importance of sitting down and putting in the hours. The important thing is that, when I have the time—and sometimes I have to make the time—I shut everything down, put on some music, and I get to work.