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7 - accessed March 26, 2012 paragraph 11 8 - Smith, J. & Elley, W. (1997). How children learn to read: Insights from the New Zealand experience. Katonah, NY: Richard C. Owen.

How To Items and Resources iRecorder: A free voice recorder for iPad order-a-free-voice-recorder-for-ipad/1 -

How to Take Pictures With a Built in Computer Webcam - Green Screen Effects in Photo Booth and iChat -

The author has established an online gallery of photos that may be used for the several of the activity centers:

The Common Core Standards for Reading don’t explicitly describe Oral Fluency, but I have adapted the BC Ministry of Education Elementary Language Arts curriculum, within the strand of Oral Fluency, to identify goals of improving Oral Fluency: -

provide students opportunitiesto develop their capacity to listen, interact, and present effectively with peers and adults. increase students’ awareness of, develop strategies and engagement in the processes, skills, and techniques of oral interactions connect language to text, develop ideas, increase vocabulary repertoire, and use metacognition increase students’ knowledgeof the forms of oral expression, syntax, and diction

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