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Email Campaign Management for Eko Gym & Spa Litec Solutions Ltd. Tel: 0809 944 4179 / 0810 572 1415 Web: Email: Who we are Lite Technology Solutions Ltd. (Litec Solutions) is a privately held company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Litec is a leading internet technology solutions company and has been involved in the design and development of truly impressive web marketing solutions for its clients who have ranged in size from small to medium scale enterprises. Litec was founded by experienced information technology experts with the aim of bringing their vast array of skills and experience in web technologies to the Nigerian market. Benefits of using email marketing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Sent directly to the receivers inbox and you are guaranteed of delivery Easily traceable and you can determine your ROI Send reminders or invitations to members about upcoming classes at the gym Welcome new members to the gym and inform them of services Update members on news and activities taking place soon Provide members with information on imminent events and activities Get more of your brand identity across to members, when compared with SMS marketing Allows you to use of high quality and stunning visuals Send out internal communications to staff

What you get from us 1. We will help you manage your email campaigns from conception through to delivery 2. We will determine the best time and day to optimize the opening of these emails 3. Design and create email templates for various purposes, i.e. to inform of new classes, to pass on useful information or general communication with gym members 4. We will help you manage the database and ensure its integrity i.e. customer unsubscribing, list management etc. 5. We can help you create lists that ensure you target specific groups of clients with tailored marketing promotions or information 6. We will help you determine the best way to ensure that email addresses are uploaded onto the system accurately 7. Our design team is well versed in implementing brand guidelines and will see to it that they are enforced accurately in the design of your templates 8. For every email campaign we manage on your behalf we will produce a report that will help you measure and track its progress 9. We can help you send bulk emails in one push without the tedious process of manually entering each recipients email address in the send to box. 10. Personalise emails by inserting the names of the person you are sending to 11. Create as many lists to group your subscribers as you want 12. No fixed contracts Fee Our basic pricing starts at just â‚Ś3,000 per week. This will allow you send up to 2,500 emails to a total of 500 subscribers every month. There is NO FIXED TERM CONTRACT so you are not tied down for an extended period of time, after the minimum period of 1 month you are free to dis-continue with our service. But we are confident that after using us you will see the value in continuing with our service.

Email Template Included just below is an email template based on communication Eko Gym & Spa might wish to send out to new members for instance, informing of various workout classes or groups and other related Gym / Spa services.

Eko Gym & Spa  

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