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Message from Director, TAPMI

Dr. R.C. Natarajan Life is a ride a la roller-coaster. There are slumps and there are highs. In between we experience spurts of change, adaptation and improvement. Change is inevitable; it occurs in all walks of life. It is no different at TAPMI. The residential program in management at this premier B-School aims to catalyze the metamorphosis of students into managers in a span of two years. Academic rigor supported by opportunities and constraints are framed towards shaping individuals into future leaders, instilled with qualities and values that are necessary to lead. The campus life is a melting pot of ideas and backgrounds, which ensures that students transform into versatile managers and leaders. The cluelessness that is prevalent during class sessions and the desperate attempts to comprehend the substance of discussions culminate in a grand finale of revelation and bonding among these budding leaders.

Yes, much change happens in the not-so-cozy cocoon of TAPMI, a cocoon that takes one out of one’s comfort zone. Thanks to this, friendships are forged between people who carry with them immense potential for change. It is, in fact, camaraderie of achievers and protagonists, notwithstanding the end of the journey at TAPMI when students graduate. Learner for life is what every TAPMIan shall be. An effective manager conforms to his surrounding, not when it is required of him/her, but before the change occurs. This can only be done when continuous learning process is internalized, one that guides one towards thirst for knowledge and appreciation for the gifts bestowed, with which it is possible to enjoy life. After all, work is meaningless if one does not enjoy life. Interface 2013 is a short summary of the journey through TAPMI, the highs and the troughs, and will serve as a reminder of how the batch of 2011-13 morphed into managers and potential leaders. I wish the students of the graduating batch of 2011-13 the very best in all their future endeavors.

Message from Chairman, PGP

Dr. Prashant V. Yatgiri It was only when I started penning down my reciprocations to your batch that I realized that time had zoomed so fast. It is my first experience with any batch as the Chairman of the PG Program. It was a fine start for me with good support from the members of the SEC , of course both of us waded through lot of uncertainties in the wake of some new guidelines. The position of the Chairman-PGP gave me immense opportunities for interaction with members of your batch on wide ranging issues with some names strongly etched in my mind, if not all. It was really a moment of pride and happiness to watch your batch set new benchmarks in practically all activities/events, as well on the placement front. That’s a small consolation to me always, for the negotiation that most event coordinators had for missing/rescheduling some classes during the year. I wish all of you the very best in both personal and professional fronts and may you all strengthen brand TAPMI wherever you are and in whatever you do!!

Message from Chairperson, Student Activities

Dr. Vidya Pratap March 2013. It’s that time of the year when yet another batch of budding managers from TAPMI bids farewell to its alma mater and steps into the portals of the corporate world. The lessons you have learnt inside and outside the classrooms of TAPMI will keep you in good stead and help you to tide over the rough seas of life. I am sure you will remember and cherish all your lives the sweat, the toil, the tears, the smiles and the joy you experienced during the 2 years you spent at TAPMI – be it during Episode, BrandScan, Joy of Giving Week, Defy, Atharva, QOTB, Speed, Conclaves, Leadership lectures or the regional and national festivals. There’s no doubt that you will look back at these years with considerable pride and an immense sense of achievement. You are now ready to face life with maturity and confidence. I am certain you will bring glory to your parents, teachers and the institution. Wishing all students of Batch 2011-13 success in all their endeavours. All the best!

Human beings have the tendency of getting absorbed into their surroundings and adding life to every bit of it. Every year when a student joins the PG programme at TAPMI, a unique combination of emotions, expressions and actions enters the campus along with. At this juncture, Literary Committee’s week long festival ‘Episode’ marks the beginning of a TAPMian’s sojourn. In the next two years many memories, to be cherished and to be learnt from, are created on way to the convocation ceremony. At this juncture, Literary Committee has the tough task of coming up with a bouquet of these memories viz. INTERFACE, the yearbook of TAPMI. It is tough because we intend to capture two years of so many individuals, groups and the college as a whole in a few pages. When a student of the batch 2011-13, who is now going to be an alumnus, will sift through the pages of this book, the bygone two years will come to live in front of his/ her eyes. In it one will be able to find the shade of color added by one to the colorful collage of life at TAPMI. We acknowledge the guidance of the Director, Prof. R.C. Natarajan. We are grateful to other faculty members as well. INTERFACE ‘13 could not have been possible if we had not been ably supported by the staff members at various stages. Gratitude is also due to all the fellow students who contributed in one way or the other. At the end we hope that like anything ever created INTERFACE’13 also goes on to serve its purpose. Literary Committee , TAPMI Aniruddh S. Rathore || Disha Anand || Naveen G. Hegde || Priyance Agarwalla Rahul Shetty || Rudresh Kaul || Sharan Vishwanath Syed Mohsin Mumtaz || Tushar Nanda

About the Senie LitGods Rahul Shetty ‘a.k.a.’ Sergeant Shetty, is a quintessential manager found in books. He is patient; generates ideas; open to people and their view points; balances authority and responsibility really well; and most importantly gets work done through others. Litcom has made ample amount of progress in his tenure as the head. Some really lucky associates are going to get this brilliant boss soon. Tushar Nanda ‘a.k.a.’ The Gentle Giant, is always able to see the funnier side of a situation even when there is none. He is a bit different than Shetty and that is what made them a complementary duo. Always ready to talk, Tushar has the ability to let people feel not only comfortable but also their own self in his company. Happiness does not take much time to find the address where Tushar lives. Disha Anand ‘a.k.a.’ Voice of Reason, is a holder of unconventional view point. Had it not been for her timely and skillful diagnosis of students’ expectations from Litcom, many of our popular activities would have taken much more time to launch. If one wanted to gain support for some unacceptable idea, one did not need a campaign, one could simply convince her and see the magic work. Sharan Vishwanath ‘a.k.a.’ Mr. Esprit, is a man of few words for he believes that silence is gold and he is rich enough to buy it. His richness is because of the treasure trove of knowledge that he possesses and keeps adding to, every second. He can turn an argument into a battle and then win it. His presence paved way for vital changes in Litcom especially the progress that Esprit, the quizzing club has made. Once a LitGod, Always a LitGod...

Abhay Garg If you hear someone saying ‘Ji Janab’ or ‘Sarkaar’ or ‘Aadesh’ it has to be Abhay. Veryhumorous and witty. CEO of Super Bakar Pvt.Ltd. Can never forget laughing heartily at his quips during meals or at his off-color SMS during class. I love being seated next to him in class coz his quips make time fly. A very good friend whom you will always find at your side when needed. A friend with a very honest heart. A future colleague and a very dear friend to me. God bless “Buddhu Ram”.

Akhil Juneja The Honey Singh of the batch..a hardcore Punjabi who'll surely say “Oye Paaji..Ki haal chaal” in crude Punjabi style each time u meet him throughout the day ….always full of life and smiles…a true OMR fan…I guess is going to make him their brand ambassador for the multitude of Whey Protein and health supplements he orders…a Lazy Latif who lifts his ass from the bed only for gymming and lectures (Sometimes not even food)… Nevertheless, a true family man and an awesome roomie..always ready to help..and always ready to listen..teaming with spirits to such an extent that he'll ensure that you are smiling even when you’re in distress…My ultimate OMR buddy...Will miss you roomie!!!

Amal Nicholas “Dude, let’s go out for lunch?.. dinner? .. how about just like that .. maybe a movie?” Hulking Amal has just one answer to it – “How about we all go back to our rooms and Just Chill”. The intelligent fitness freak has achieved far too much too soon – a seasoned tabla player and an accomplished athlete who commands a list of adjectives that describe him – confident, fearless, suave, organized, dependable and truly loyal.

Ankit Agarwal Financial planning, philosophy of life, accounts, statistics, horoscopes.. You want advice on any of these, you go to him. You won’t hear him speak in class, but when he does, his arguments would shut up most others.. Although he ended up screwing up manypeople’s CGPA, he never believes in studying for marks himself.. He will happily tag along in all parties and beach-outs but scares the hell outta his pillion rider..coz he is known to jump of the bike when faced with a difficult driving situation..Always manages to lift up the spirits, he is an amazing friend.

Aparupa Bandyopadhyay Aparupa is one person from whom everyone must learn the art of ‘simple living and high thinking’. The best thing about her is that she listens to her heart and that is what makes her ‘the mishti bong babe’. Singing the tunes of life-literally and figuratively- she remains calm in all the awkward situations one may come across. She is one confident girl, who simply smiles at the hurdles of her life to make them seem so redundant. You are a great friend, Aparupa. All the best for the journey ahead!

Arun Pathrose

A r u n Pathrose is a stylish, hands om e to the point of looking gay, ;) and a real down to earth person. Expressive, comfortable, and always ready to rock and roll!! I have never seen him down. This smart lad is gonna go places. I wish him the best and at the same time wish that our paths meet in future and the friendship grows. Enjoy your life :)

Ashutosh Anand Ashu aka Golu made everyone curse him for his amazing scores from day 1. He enjoyed every day (and evening) of his 2 years here. The one who changed the definition of ‘enjoying life’ for many... be it on the breakfast table, or in parties, this guy manages to bring a laugh on each of our faces.. his mantra of life- live, laugh, love inspires many...the one who truly lived his life ‘king size’. Being a diehard foodie, lately he is on experimenting spree with different dishes at various eateries; result he’s getting more & more Golu every day... He believes in doing smart work over hard work and is the only person people think who actually manages that successfully. For many, days feel incomplete without having a bakar with him. He understands and cares for his every friend.

Vijay Bhagat

Challawar Mayur

I can say with pride that Vijay Bhagat is one of the guys I was destined to meet. He is one of those people whom I consider a treasure and I can’t thank my destiny enough that I met him. He has changed my entire world view and taught me to see things the way I never thought I would. He has been my support system through and through and it’s hard to find a true friend like that. Multi-talented person who gets good GPA (literally without studying anything), won competitions (without putting much effort) and is an excellent debater (whether it’s personal or professional). I just wish this awesome guy all the happiness and success in life

Mayur is a person who can compete with Mahatma Gandhi for his innocence, ideals, non-violence and ethics. Most knowledgeable student in TAPMI- a human form of Wikipedia. A very studious, intelligent and workaholic kid. His hobby is getting tensed and the reason could be anything. Mayur is the most innocent and honest person to be known and a very true friend to be treasured. An extremely knowledgeable guy and a dear friend to many.

Chandni Kumar Chandni Kumar is the kind of person with whom real friendships are made. She is super intelligent, effortlessly friendly and supremely dependable. She has no hang ups and this makes her a delight to hang with. She always knows the right thing to do, a quality that never ceases to amaze me, and for me she has been a ray of light to adjust my own compass. She is one of the most non judgmental people I know, and I know I can always be myself around her. She is independent and intellectually free along with a capacity for joy and strength that is seldom found in the same person. I don't know how she grew up to be the person that she is, but I'm glad she did. It’s an honour to know her :)

Chandrakumar N

This person rules another kingdom. He is a hit with the bachas. He plays games that have birds flapping their wings. If you look at him, you would think that he is a tenth grader. One of the geeks of the college, you wouldn’t find him without his Lumia phone. A true Kannadiga, this person was born for challenges and would go a long way in life. Clear-headed, easy-going and delightful company. Will soar to the top in his easy laid back style.

Chetan Laad Don't judge this guy by his age because he will prove you wrong..he has the experience of a man who has worked in IT for almost 4 years but a heart of a kid who just turned 3. he has got the beats in his blood which makes him not only hum the rhythm but also tap his feet at a speed match-able to none. he always emerges as d arbitrator..a peace loving creature he is but before u label him a saint FYI he can also tell you what fun is all about..a classmate..a fellow committee member but more importantly a superb friend..stay in touch.

Chetna Mendiratta The chocolate girl. Very dedicated & takes her work seriously whether be it assignments or committee work. The best part about her is once you are her friend; there is no end to the support she provides. has the purest heart around & Whether be it cribbing by her friends, passive smoking and drinking sessions, she has survived them all with a smile on her face. She is the person who wants to see her friends happy. she is a child at heart. We love her cute reactions and the way she behaves and fights at times. She always ends the fight with a big smile. Whenever Chetna is around there is not a single moment of silence. She is a livewire and once she opens up then someone has to ask her to keep quiet .Wish you loads of success and love….

Dviwesh Chander

Esha Gupta

He is one of the ‘intensely cool’ dudes of TAPMI. He will not be remembered for the classes he bunked or the crazy awesome night outs he managed to take or for an amazing social life on campus, but for the heartburning envy he could generate among the launde of TAPMI for his flaming life in Manila. Yes, he is one of the only two guys in TAPMI with ‘incredible’ international exposure. Dviwesh is a true friend at heart, the typical guy who doesn’t hesitate to pour his heart out to friends he care a lot. He was dependable and reliable for many in campus. He has always been known to be a proud atharvan and a super cool roomie. He is one good friend who’ll most certainly be missed in the months and years to come but believe me my friend, our friendship will surely be for life.

This chota phataka here is extremely well done in studies and extra curriculars, the richest girl of college (with 1.5 lack kitty win), with highest number of published articles, has herself photographed in all flash dances and bday parties..reads philosophy and management books like no other, a self-proclaimed lazy person..who takes at least 5 alarms to wake her up..gem of a roomie.. cares a lot and has deep respect for people with sound character .. The kind of energy and enthusiasm she generates is simply superb and out of this world. She strives to excel in each and every field she steps in and the kind of hard work she puts in to achieve that is absolutely commendable.

Gautam Ajwani The clown, the joker, the vella and the most carefree guy in this college. The guy who showed that drinking is not the only way to enjoy in this college...the surprisingly hardworking convenor of Brandscan, who took BrandScan to new heights. The one who’s tummy clearly shows that he’s less of a Sindhi and more of a Punjabi ;) ... . Calls himself a true Delhiite though he is actually from Gurgaon and is always on the prowl to find out anyone from that region with whom he can share his plight of having to eat coconut blasted chicken. The ‘rodlu’ of our batch..He has 3 simple needs, Food, Cars and attention, not necessarily in that order. A man with great ideas and an even greater appetite for chicken. A Friend who is always willing to help, whether u need it or not!

Harsha Vatnani

Anjali Hegde

Harsha! Forever happy, loves painting, reading, blogging, writing reviews, loves movies, TV shows etc etc. The girl whose HR skills and conceptual knowledge surprises many...she proved to many even subjects like Ethics can be studied and enjoyed..the girl who gives her 100% to what she does and enjoys it...the girl who I’ve never seen cribbing about anything...who’s perfection in every task she does and dedication is rare to be seen in any of us. She is an independent girl and knows driving better than many boys. The true ‘padhakoo’ of our class and believes in thorough preparation for all her work. A great girl and just stay the way you are!

Anjali, the one girl who has always been there for her friends. A cleanliness freak, this girl has everything organized in her room, which she at times is too cautious to use it as well. If one day you don’t find her shopping or planning to shop online, you should worry that she is sick. Great talentstudies, painting, dancing, good at organizing trips..and is ever ready for any competition or event involving dressing up. She loves her saas bahu TV serials and doesn’t fail to dance to the tune of cheesiest songs. Her dream – to become a fashion expert. Her favourite subject – fashion. Her favourite book – Vogue. Her favourite quote – How is it looking? A person with a childish heart. All in all a good friend to have around.

Jaspreet Singh Tall, Suave, Machismo.But what suits him the best is the term ‘ Maadmast Haati’. Some may term him as being disenchanted with the TAPMI way of life, but here’s a person who’s focused on his goal and knows the difference between the 4 quadrants of ‘necessary’ and ‘important’ grid of life. A man of few words but true commitment, he has always touched the lives of those who have been around him . Calm and composed with slow deliberate moves; covering one milestone at a time. A Fashion Icon. Very few are lucky to have witnessed his dance moves. Blessed are people in his company. A fine man you are and a good human being.


Kapil Saraswat

JK is one of my first and closest friends in TAPMI. CFA, lazy and innocent- he means no harm to anyone and is an absolutely awesome guy to hang around with. Wish you the best in life, JK !!

Kapil Saraswat was a part of the TAPMI family for only a few months, but there would hardly be any body from our batch who wouldn’t remember him. He had a knack of always being in the limelight because of the things he did and said. He spent a huge chunk of his time at Tapri, and so he’s even more fondly remembered by the tapri family, including Ravi anna. He definitely made Tapmi a more colorful and interesting place with his presence and the Tapri gang will forever be indebted to him for providing them with innumourous topics of conversation and gossip, even long after he left Manipal.

Kausik R He was known as Karthik as many seniors used to call him that. He rode around a Yezdi classic. People called him Usher (Don’t know what they were thinking). He always used to spy on girls who clad skimpily, citing that their legs are better than KFC chicken. This person made millions by winning competitions was adept at handling his fellow batch mates. A desperado of the first order, this legend will go a long way in life as he plays “Test Cricket”. One really hopes that he gets the vehicle that he desires, as he claims to have survived many car-accidents.

Krishnamohan Our beloved “Kimo” ….can’t think of a better way of describing him than “gem of a person”. Always calm and composed, very logical and practical, and always ready to help, he is one of those persons whom you look up to. The word ‘NO’ is missing from his dictionary and for those who are still not aware of, he is a PJ master too. He could always be seen interacting with the junies and answering their queries. His always smiling ways have earned him a huge fanbase. We know he will continue making people’s lives better.

Madhav Agarwal Madhav or Baniya as I call him is one of those few friends at TAPMI who I cherish having known. The official cheer-girl of our class, the upcoming TT star, the worst singer ever and the one of the most entertaining people here. In the first FAS meet I remember, when he came, I thought he was a rough and “goonda” type guy- oh yeah, he scared the hell out of me. But the moment he started talking, I realised my mistake. This was going to be fun! And hell yeah, he proved me right over the two years here.

Madhukara Holla Holla if you hear me. This person is solely responsible for screwing up people’s grades. Part of a hostel room that has a world record poker victories, this man is the very definition of flawless. Whatever he does is done to the best of his ability and this man is

known to take half chances. He laughs at almost everything and is a hardcore Vegan. All the best Holla.

Manish Mishra We see him around every tapri ,a common face, And yet when we notice one like that, he leaves more than just a trace! A centre of the crowd chatterbox, he is afraid people might not understand what he wishes to leave behind! A welcoming, open hearted (pun intended) person, who even the mosquitoes like so much that they gave him malaria 13 times. If he does not suddenly change his whim, you would find him leading a race. Else, he would have left for the Himalayas, without not even an embrace. If you ever need random topic discussions, or a little bit of psychological analysis (he has managed to have quite a few mad scientists experiments of his own) you know which ‘gyaan guru’ to contact!

Meenu Rajpal Ritisha aka Meenu aka Golu...who in the world can believe that this little dynamite was only 20 when she became “Meenu Maata” to many in the college. People revere this crazy girl who is into every single activity that happens in college but still features among the toppers. Her age belies her maturity and leadership. Her care and affection for friends makes her everyone’s sweetheart. A ’chota tufaan’ who is always sweet and upbeat, she takes on challenges as soon as she sees one! It’s surprising the amount of energy she has at this tender age… a completely logical person in this world full of illogical bastards, she makes each day worth it for herself and everyone who knows her. Wishing her the very best!

Namrata Mahapatra An Intuitive Listener. Gossip Queen. TBC (TAPMI Broadcast Communication). Knows what to say. Insightful, and brings in a sense of ease when she is around you. Makes you want to talk to her and unburden yourself. A source of comfort and hope at the most unexpected moments. ’Miss Kotler’ as she is popularly called. Super creative with her words, hyper sensitive at heart and above all a good human being. A girl who lives life as it comes and enjoys her heart out...a great friend and a special person.

Naveen N Manager – yes that’s how his friends and the college addressed him. Very experienced guy in almost every walk of life....The guy is so well connected and so networked with one and all that one can’t help but feel jealous. He seems to know everyone on the planet!! But a very good friend to have and someone who is always there for his friends...You can always count on him no matter what. Angry young man of TAPMI with excellent persuasion skills!

Nishant Srivatsava Khan Bhai for his friends….a die heart fan of Salman Khan, to the extent that he did not hesitate to scold a good friend of his for not having heard “Fevicol se” song of Dabang – 2 even after a week of music release. Khan bhai ke apne rules hain jo woh ek baar bana le toh phir khud ki bhi nai sunte He is passionate about anything he does be it gymming, swimming, reading novels, getting a haircut, writing a drama script or gassing around during class presentations. He is a perfectionist to the core. A rare creature with a high EQ who respects, understands and cares for his friends.

Nitin Jindal

Niveditha G

Nitin aka “The Complan Boy”- a very intelligent and studious person and at the same time a fantastic sportsman. He’s still like a school boy who wants to participate in everything. You name it and he is there – sports, studies, dance, party, boys and of course girls. But cries a lot sometimes its studies (read marks), sometimes its people but most of the time it’s his hair. Likes to dress in solid primary colours – red, blue, green, yellow. Spends as if there is no tomorrow. A confused personality with a very open heart and mouth as well and a true Dilli-wala at heart.

“Mamma” for me is the most unique person in the college. She is like a squirrel jumping and running around. Full of infectious energy. You can always see her laughing with her gang of friends. Although she thinks she is the Russell Peters of college we gave her the “PJ Queen” award!! She drives her ‘generator’ as proudly as Schumacher drove his Ferrari!! A very dear friend to me. Someone who will always be at your side when needed. Always willing to help others. ‘Circle’ wishes you all the happiness in the world.

Aditya Niyogi While most men live to eat and mate, Aditya Niyogi lives to perform another very important function, Sleep. But don’t let this laziness fool you, for he is the only MBA Grad who idolizes McFarlan for making a grid and remembers the exhibits of several HRMT and STMT Cases. He can explain in spine chilling detail the differences between Sales Management and Brand Management. While he is not doing the above mentioned activities, he can be found sincerely working on his BrandScan Project (someone should point out that BrandScan has concluded and no more ‘meetings’ are required). A simple man with simple aspirations .A great friend to have.

Pallav Mali This hunk is known for his sculpted physique, Pallav is the ‘the dude’ who loves to keep things fun. He can dance the best moves and swallow fifteen eggs in a go! He is passionate about fitness, food and good music. He can be the most loyal friend you will ever find – one who will never let go! He is still the glue who holds Section-1 together who miss him so much.

Pavankumar Trivedi

Piyush Kumar Ranjan

It doesn’t take more than a couple of sentence from this guy to figure out that he is a Gujju!! Yes, he speaks in proper Gujarati tone and is proud of it. He is none other than Pavan Trivedi. He is a guy who keeps things simple and silly. He is happy-go-lucky kind of person. He believes in enjoying the simplicity of life and allows things to happen. He is pure at heart who speaks his heart without keeping anything inside it. Always crying about so many assignments to do, his laptop battery. A call from high command (His gf ;) ) ans so on!! He maintains a child like attitude and that is what makes him unique and innocent. All the best my friend for your future endeavor and keep your innocence intact!!

Piyush , the Baba of 2011-2013 batch. It is necessary to take baba’s blessing before any mischief. Baba did not come to TAPMI for Gyan but still a very sharp minded, intelligent and efficient 7 pointer.. He surprised his friends in 2nd year with his sudden fondness for Mangalore and Mangalorian food. His hobby is surfing for online shopping but actually not buying anything. From a man who spent all his non sleeping hrs on Yahoo chat or movies in first year, to a man who has visited numerous temples in Udupi, this guy has come a long way :D Any day in TAPMI is incomplete without having bakar with baba.

Pramod Khandelwal

Rahul Babu

Rahul Prasad

PK, the welfare man! Dressed up in formals with a “necktie” on the first day of our college earned him the title “Mr. Tie” and now being a consultant there is no shying away from that tag. Dependable, reliable, hardworking, intelligent, witty, confident and genuine are few words that describe him as a person. . When comes to fun and enjoyment, the guy is un-controllable and goes crazy. Dances like the craziest person on planet. Carries a bottle small enough even for a hobbit. Always has one last question to ask the prof. No matter what the world has to say he knows what he has to do and he does it. The “apple of the eye” of marketing can learn a lot from him.

Rahul Babu, is the most decent, sincere and formal person, as most of us know about him. But, the reality is that he is not. Babu, as we call him, is the most mast person I’ve seen in the college. The way he speaks hindi is simply

The first time I saw this piece of pudding, he was sleeping on his bed. After that day I have always seen him in bed…..sleeping. The other activity that he specializes in is farting, even while sleeping. These hibernating activities have made him the elephant seal of our batch. A movie buff, he ravages all that passes by, even Jab tak hain Jaan was not spared. He loves biking, badminton and alcohol (which he says is the cause of the hibernation) :p and vows to reach Ladakh by bike, after his hibernation period is over.

adorable and surprises quite a lot of people. He is a guy with a great heart who will always be ready to help and eat out with you. Rahul is a real gem, of a person, wishing you a great life ahead.

Ripuna Kanchan Well what people do know about her is that she’s a brilliant artist and dancer, a wonderful friend and a highly motivated and ambitious person. Ripuna lives up to her name which means “a person with no enemies”. A person who always has a smile on her face, she is known for her panache and poise. But if you look more closely you’ll see someone with the heart and innocence of a child. A complete foodie who evaluates her cheese burst pizza to pick the slice with the most cheese and invariably picks the wrong one. She makes the cutest confused expression when she’s asked a question she can’t answer. A crazy worrier and a lazy bum, this Carmelite is a wonderful person, a friend who’ll always stay by your side.

Rohit Ganeriwal

Sajith M

The man the legend the marwadi make way for the Blue Alto as Ganeriwal enters the stadium. A man destined for greatness, there is no surprise why Ganeriwal’s favourite topic of discussion is himself. The father of Brandscan Mangalore TAPMI, who used his ‘network’ to get the best deals for the college. But don’t be fooled by his extravagant lifestyle, he is a marwadi true to heart and will not spend a rupee unless he feels he will get twice its worth. A great friend and has never said no for a favour. Ganeriwal travels.

Sajith is the quintessential all-rounder of the batch. Be it sports, or dance moves or photography, he is always at the forefront. He is the sprinter of the batch. He is also the undisputed pj-king of the batch only rivalled by his close friend Niveditha. A hardcore Atharvan, he is fondly remembered by his fellow atharvans for his antics during the Atharva party. For a brief period of time, he was also known as “’J OG’inder Sharma” for the wonderful Jogs he used to have with a certain “someone”. Respected by his peers, loved by his juniors, he is one of the best friends you can ever have !!

Shambhavi Sakpal She has this tough exterior, and you think you can never get through Yet when she likes what you have done, she open heartedly welcomes You! She is a smart independent girl who is straightforward , In your face and dedicated at everything she does. She is very private about her life, and lets only a select few into the ‘inside circle’. She loves photography and videos with random songs. She could switch from a Tamil soft song to Bengali number to an item song during the same day and then manages to hum it all day long. Sakpal’s (alias Shikari Shambhu) sleeping tactics in class are even documented in the histories of many a ‘How to Sleep in Class’ journals. She is a sweet heart who knows what and who matters to her. Wishing her a happy contented life!

Samvit Jain

Sankar E S

Famously known as Kiddo – the guy you would never see in classes.. the most ardent fan of Mr. Ganesh Pai! This kid is a unique case of a brilliant guy who just refuses to use his brains coz he has more important things to do in life like sleeping, lazing around, g a m i n g and..well…

If you haven’t known what is intriguing, try getting to know Sankar. There is a serious mystery to what this guy is really all about. He is beautifully masked with layers of wisdom, sincerity, dedication, witty humor, female attention, Mallu brotherhood, intelligence, presence of mind, sarcasm and much more. In spite of so many facets to his personality I’m yet to figure out what gives him that adrenaline rush. And if he is all praises for you, don’t fall for it! He definitely has a huge ‘good side’ to him too; he has been a good critic, advisor, thinker, team member and a great friend.

An asset to the Sports Committee and a definite liability to any FAS that has him. A 20 - something boy with a chuckle of a 5 year old girl, that’s kiddo for you!

Santhosh Annam

Shweta Bhardwaj

Uncanny and aloof, one heck of a room mate! Affected by the perfectly random and entirely unpredictable syndrome, his marriage was an act randomness surpassed only by the lack of sheer sense and logic behind the college rules. Would surely be remembered by a few people as unfretted by his ignorance for important things. A real spirited and kind bloke!

A total Hippy at heart, Shweta is one person who you’ll catch applying MBA jargons in the most randomness of all situations, be it at Ravi Anna’s Tapri or the operations followed by the Auto walas. Shweta has had her very own drastic metamorphosis over these two years. A female sovereign of exaggeration, any failure of natural excitement make way, Shweta will step in. Weirdly has an unusually easy touch with both DRAMA and DRAMA, and shall never hold a melodramatic moment hostage, be it the “Naxalite” in the valley or her “Final destination” way of hurting herself. When you are with her, don’t be alarmed if she’s NOT around the next second. Best wishes!!

Soumya Kanti Mitra

Proven intellectual stamina! When the prof asks “Any questions?” what he means is “Soumya, do you have any questions?” and the rest of the class looks at him longingly, hoping he would keep the prof engaged. You would guess that he is organized, spic and span. Nopes, Mr Treasurer, who manages several lakhs of rupees and crores of claims, pulls it off despite being utterly clumsy. Losing room keys, clothes and just about everything (except that money!). It hasn’t stopped him from bathroom singing ‘bangla’ numbers every morning and occasionally injuring his leg while dancing to patriotic songs.

Sukrat Nath

Sumit Kumar

He is so courteous (with his “could you please pass me the spoon” etc.) you’d feel you belong to the 18th century. His “service before self” attitude won him scores of fans across the entire student/faculty fraternity. He reads novels at rocket speed, and drives his bike at 20 kmh. But amidst all the chaos he always found out time for binge drinking sessions with his friends. And his poison of choice is no secret; countless bartenders in Manipal have been left stunned with his repeated requests for “LASSI”. His other weakness – a damsel in distress; always willing to lend his beefed up shoulder to any “Devi ji” that was in need. Above all he is an awesom e friend to have.

“Munnu” has been the talk of the town for quite a few reasons, and the most important being his famous night walks around the campus. Out of the first year blues he went on to score highest GPA in the 5th trimester by mastering the “G words”: GOOGLE (assignments) and GASSS (exams); alas the cribbing didn’t die out (remember CRMT...J). To an outsider he appears to be a shy person but don’t get hoodwinked by the innocent look he carries, u got to ask occupants of 3rd floor about Saturday evenings... J. Also, known as “Khabri” this guy has cornucopia of information about anything and everything happening in the college. His love for Banks and ATMs is eternal and with his job he can play endlessly with them.

Sunandha K “I am feeling soooo tired… I don’t wanna go to class.” These have been her opening lines for so many mornings at TAPMI. “I am so gonna lose weight”, has been her hot favourite too…. J. A true sports girl, who can wake up early for nothing other than sports. A music lover, who made me appreciate Tamil music more than Hindi. Her ‘enlightening’ sessions have been an eye opener for many… ;) A true Mechanical lass, who rides bike better than most guys. Her free-spirited laughter, her melodious whistles, her lovely curls are her USPs. Meet our own Sunnu… or popularly called “Daaa”.

Supriya S Supriya aka Su aka Suppi is definitely one of the most talented people on campus. She is an all-rounder in the true sense- Be it participating in cultural events, being an MC for any event at any point of time, actively participating in all sports events or burning the mid-night oil in the Placecom room. Her energy, her positivity, her commitment is beyond what most people can fathom. And boy, all of it is terribly contagious. She is someone you can always count on. She will help anyone and everyone on this planet expecting nothing in return- rare trait to find in people. This true fan of Jeera Rice and Dal can scare the shit of her opponents with just a Throw ball. Supriya’s charm and fun-loving nature makes her extremely lovable!

Sushmit Sinha

Reza Salis

For someone like me who is not natural friendship material, Sushmit Sinha was a godsend in the early days. It just took one FAS group meeting for me to know that this is the guy to hang out with here. He is probably the only real friend I have had and that stands to reason given his nature and personality. He has the rare quality of getting people to pay attention to him when he speaks and also cracking them up with his witty humour. Little wonder then, that he became the editor of the college magazine, though it did make many of us wonder how he would handle the dual responsibility of academics and heading a committee. Turns out, he did a commendable job on both fronts in the second year.

Reza Salis, fondly called ‘Reza Bhai’ or ‘Naqli’, is a gem of a person who is always calm, composed, kind hearted and good natured. The ‘truck driver’ who is the heartthrob of boy’s hostel. The official photographer of the group...Awesome at imitating professors... Always seen cheerful and smiling, but if he is down, it could very well be one reason and that is scoring an ‘A minus’ instead of ‘A plus’ in any of the subjects. But it’s truly worth it since he just gives his more than hundred percent when it comes to academics. Green eyed boy of HR prof with all his personal experiences, however, many realised his true potential after his fantabulous performance during Naach 2013. He just cannot get out of his room unless its food or chicken you are talking about. A great guy and a memorable friend!

Tushar Nanda

Vancheesh Hariharan

A walking talking encyclopaedia, humorous, witty, crazy, adventurous and caring, our very own dog lover Tushki Nanda is the one of his kind in TAPMI. A complete foodie to the core, he could give away an arm & a leg for food. His “Like I care attitude” and “Take it easy buddy” approach did win many hearts (girls as well). With him around nobody gets bored because he always has some gossip to talk about. One of the best rappers in the tinsel town, sometimes also loves to write. He has quite a few secret crushes around, but is shy and prefers to remain underground. To,”the HR who is child at heart with a job at Bharat Sarkar” thanks buddy for being there, we are glad to have known you. Wish you the best.

Vancho is the finest specimen of malludom ever seen- pot belly, moustache and all. This makes the Welfarecom strongman ideal for his role as convener of this committee. Imagine him standing in front of the management with a ‘request’; hard to turn him down with his overbearing personality. But inside the Kerala coconut exterior is a gentle giant. However it’s best to avoid his affections unless you don’t prefer your bones in their natural place. A joke apart, Vancho has shown his fine leadership skills as the Welfarecom convener and commands a lot of respect from his peers.

Someswara Rao

Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Pigeon. Someshwara Rao Dhavala aka The Wall aka Moriarty will burn you. He will make you cry. This person is the Lance Armstrong of our generation; don’t know what happened to his bike though. A nerd in every sense of the word, this person is one of the most influential people of the dynasty known as Heptas. When he speaks he would give the most famous comedians a run for their money. Jokes aside, this person is one of the most dedicated people one would ever come across and is truly no-nonsense. If you throw numbers at him, he will build a sky scraper. He will work wonders in life.

Vipul Mathew

Vishal Devdas

Amit Pansari

A guy who spends much of his time on phone and in doing ops assignments. A person who gives importance to high degree of cleanliness and who is very passionate about cars. A person with high degree of optimism in whatever he does, a person who spends much of his time in corridors rather than the room! He is a diehard fan of HR Fora. He shows high degree of commitment whenever work needs to be done and is diligent in getting things done if required!

It is with fear that we dare to write about the HULK of TAPMI. Known for his tagline “Like we Care” this Loggie is also known as the TIGER. He is one of the best companions to have on the field or may be at the bar. This gentleman is popular in the 4th floor for breaking doors too. This king of MALPE is one of the few people who can sit and listen to my crappy stories when we are in the Highlands. One of the first people in TAPMI who showed us that how the Guzzling Swathi mocks at the Sigma when we sit at our Hideout. VISHAL, an awesome sportsman, a true companion and a friend for life!!!

Amit Pansari better known as Anna Pansari is the man with the golden heart and the thoughts of a saint. Very Calm and composed in his talk and actions. Whatever he does, he rocks with grand success either it is his CGPA or SAHYOG or competitions. An awesome singer, no non-sense guy who sleeps every night with a commitment to go to gym tomorrow but actually proved that “Tomorrow never comes”. He is a dear and special friend to be actually treasured for life time.

Anant Sethi Those of us who have work by his side have a natural sense of respect for Anant as a FAS group member, colleague and friend. He is irreplaceable. Through his work he has made difference in so many people’s life here at TAPMI. I for one owe him for a future that I see after TAPMI. I have known him from the day one of TAPMI and since then my respect and affection for him has only increased. He has always shown maturity beyond his age and that makes him my go to guy, somebody I can blindly trust. He has a wonderful combination of warmth and strength in his personality, life at TAPMI has been so much more fun with him around.

Anukool Vyas

Arnab Roy

He is very calm and composed; sharp and witty customer when it comes to handling the other sex; and loves sports. He is an ardent supporter of Indian Football as compared to Plain European club fanatics. This guy taught us, it’s not necessary to have an extraordinary command over language to be a good presenter. His confidence and self-motivation ensured that he lead Omega, the consulting club of TAPMI. He is cut out to be the best consultant ever due to his ability to handle the resources well. Those who have worked with him during PGDM found him to be a typical Project Manager (motivating people, team building etc). You have a long way to go Mr. Consultant!

A hairdo (his self-proclaimed ‘hobo’ look) inspired from Medusa in Greek Mythology. A highly talented guy, be it study, dance, singing, sketching, writing or business plan – you name it and he is the best. Loves dancing and is ready to become a robot or do moonwalk anywhere and everywhere. His dance steps have melted many a maiden’s heart in college, but sorry girls he is already in the net. Arnab has a perfect combination of smartness, creativity, wits, talent and is an excellent orator. Our brains seem to constantly yell....this guy is CRAZY!!! The prize money he has won through competitions is enough to fund his MBA but he still says “kuch bhi to nehi kiya” Hope you one day fulfill your dream of being a corporate honcho by day and a rock star by night.

Atreya Kumar He would be our “My Creative Genius” who can create anything out of anything. His mind works very uniquely and has a gift of being the biggest PAIN-IN-THE-ASS without actually being one. A witty character; a strategist in computer games; and a person who can expect us to do anything. You can even throw bricks at him and he will never get angry, but he would surely blast you left-right-ncentre if you do not play the games according to his strategy. He will be remembered for our playing online games late in the night; his backstabbing in Counter-Strike; and his remarkable creativity in Brandscan project that he showcased.

Avirup Chatterjee No matter how many times we have called him Mr. Bangladeshi, there is no doubt that he is the most dependable person. He is cool in an unconventional way because he never shows off. Under that jovial ever smiling face there is a good friend; a marvellous actor; a knowledgeable person and above all a dreamer & rightly so. With him around, it has been an awesome journey together into mischief, selfreflection and everything friends have in common.

Bharath Balakrishnan Booboo is one of the most loved guys in the batch. Section 2 will always be proud of their rep. A hardcore football fan and a huge movie buff, name it and he has the movie or series on his 1TB hard drive. His knowledge about movies and actors can astonish anyone. An amazing guy as he is, one never had a boring moment with him around. He gave his roommate a lot of trouble in the later part of MBA. If you ever here “Sahi hain Yaaaaaaarrrrrrr”, then be sure Booboo is around. Though, this kick ass guy is going far from most of us, hopefully we will be in touch, always.

Ankit Chawla

Jincy Jacob

Deepak Malik

The guy who changed his look at the end of PGDM and that is it!! 100s of like on FB and a lot complements from all over TAPMI (especially from girls). Yes, he looks better in short hair but he loved otherwise. Yes, this is none other than Ankit Chawla, an avid gamer, a passionate music lover and a voracious reader. Intense, introspective, has his set of rose-tinted spectacles to look at the world. He is careful with whom he wants to be but once he has decided, that is it. He can drag you into an intriguing conversation on philosophy and the eternal search or quest of life and effortlessly shift gears to the newest game in town. Blunt in a polite manner, he clarifies things in a very lucid manner. One can catch up with him at Tasty Bites enjoying his solitude with a couple of drinks.

A complete laughter package that gets funnier when sleepy. Jincy is the person who can lighten up your mood. One of the few girls who hate shopping, she can’t decide what to pick from the menu or decide where to go. But ask this girl about anything that’s bothering you and she’ll have all the answers. She’s a genuinely warm and caring person with an extremely sweet smile. We are sure she will keep spreading happiness wherever she will go.

Malik, a finance god, is a true Jat at heart.Aur jab inhe gussa aata hain toh yeh apni bhi nahi sunte. He even bullies Finance professors if they try to gas in the class that’s why also known as “CFA Rathore”. His favourite activity which not many people at the campus know is dancing after getting high on Honey Singh’s numbers. Malik is going to scale new heights everyday. Hope he won’t forget us.

Divyanshu A man, whose heart runs not from blood but from umpteen kindness and sympathy, aptly called the ‘The Nice Guy’, he believes in sticking to the ideal rules, hesitates to break them and still manages to have fun. He is an ardent cricket fan; a voracious reader; and a calming influence to everyone around him. He keeps his emotions to himself and expresses them through his fluent and meaningful poems!!! A multi talented person with a knack for Human Resources, he surely is going to be the best HR person in the industry.

Divyaprakash Sultania

Eldrich Rangel

We love u for your smile; your kindness; caring nature; big fat stomach which never stops eating. We love u for your hookah outings, we love you for your careless attitude and always claiming “ohhhh”, we love you for your handling of financial accounts, we love you for all the outings planned, we love you for all the matchmaking and last but not the least, we love you for your “Beautiful Voice”. We all love you DP.

He keeps code names for everyone but no one understands the rationale behind those names. He has singlehandedly made ‘HASHTAG’ as the word of 2012. Has pissed off so many people that he has more enemies than a drug lord would have. He’s the guy who made words like ‘POGGED’,‘MGR’,‘SPEAR’,‘WANT AH’, ‘NMITB’, popular in TAPMI. Eldrich lives in a fantasy world where all the fairy tales date back to his time when he was in School. There are no girls in his world; it is a sort of 'gay' kingdom. This is his life.

Goutham K S 'Gou' means wise/ light; 'tham' means darkness. Goutham means one who drives darkness with his wisdom/light. Don’t go by his name as he carries this as his most deceptive weapon that is why we call him ‘The Game’. He spends money like a King, fascinated by the contemporary fashionable items. But luckily, he is our sole savior at restaurants for settling off bills. God gifted him with superb grey matter connected by innumerous neurons asking him to be a TOPPER at everything he pursues. A small tip to all the girls, he is The MAN, you have been waiting for, claim him before he expires!

Harikrishnan The guy who will make the best first impression and charm his way around people, the sweetest guy on campus… these are all what Hari is definitely not. He is the Ops Champion, winner of the “who will leave the exam hall first” competition, one of the rudest and irritating people you could meet, but with a heart of gold. Hari Sadu’s witty comments and sarcastic remarks can leave you in splits. He and his bike have served the role of “Transporter” in our college. Extremely helpful to all and always ready to go whether it is sports, bike trips or food trips, this guy “ROCKS”. Awesome at sport especially badminton. The best example of don’t judge a book by its cover.

Ipsita Ghosh The DRL HR had called her the Bengal tigress, Ruchi Soya marketing manager asked if she was Bengali the first moment he saw her; presenting the one and only Ipsita Ghosh. Flamboyant, confident, intelligent, a true bong at heart, these are the words that describe Ipshita. She loves talking about food and jewelry and has the trendiest wardrobe in TAPMI. She is fun to be with and talk to. A girl who is never lost for words and not to be messed with in a battle of wit, no one can keep this chick down. An aspiring writer, sure she will make all of us proud when she publishes her first book.

Jayandra Vadrevu

Neha Joshi

Kalyan Deep Ray

His name may sound Russsian to some, but he is a true Indian at heart. He is always seen lying on his bed watching movies. His favorite pastime is ordering food, even clothes are purchased online. Someone whose favorite line being ‘ Kal se Jogging karne chalenge”. His teaching skills are unparalleled and he is the most sought after man during exams. He is a born Fin Guru and the best consultant one can have. Need advice on anything from love to B plans his clarity on concepts is unparalleled. His wit and ability to crack jokes make any place full of life. One of the best friends one can have in their life.

Known for her confident and unique gestures while doing her presentations, this girl will charm and warm your heart the first time you meet her. She can turn into a 3 year old kid full of mischief just as easily as she can take over and resolve one of your life problems. The undisputed queen of Placecom; the athlete with a never say die attitude; the Genie that her friends cannot do without; Neha is one tough cookie. And yes, want to see her turn as red as a beetroot? Try a simple joke and make her laugh… and Voila!

Kalyan, or KD as he is called, is true to his name. He has been a person who can rain trouble as easily as he can make it go away. Simply put “Ray se milega to yaah toh who KD-pan dikhayega ya toh tera kalyan ho jayega”. Made famous by his zippy Alto (in reverse might I add) Kalyan is a no-holdsbarred guy who makes himself infamously famous. The married guy from god knows where (some say he doesn’t even belong to the planet) sticks to his own plan. Bespectacled and bright that ladies and gentlemen is KDR for you!

Kaushal Kishore He is the guy known as “plant wala” among his friends, a person who had loved working in manufacturing plant. The moment one starts discussing about his work-ex, it seems he has attained enlightenment. Rest assured, a plethora of details right from working conditions, shift timing, culture etc. will follow. Fun apart, he is intelligent, rustic, and dependable, the list goes on and on. One rare quality that makes him stand out is the ability to reproduce exactly what he has heard before.

Keerthi Penmatsa She is one of the sweetest persons on campus. Always ready to help everybody, no shouting, likes almost everything right from a downright flop movie to a stupid flavour of ice-cream. In the first year, when we were roomies for a brief period after a mix-up we gelled so well that even after changing rooms we remained such good friends that we even won the most outrageous awards ( you know what I’m talking about! ). She was like a pillar of support during this time in TAPMI, without whom it would never have been the same. The crazy bike rides, the silly pranks, the late night chats, the “family time” with our 2BHK members- everything will be missed dearly.

Kiran Kulkarni He reads more articles than the Editor in chief of TOI. He is a fitness freak and if you could aggregate all the days he went to gym (in discontinuity of course, like 2 weeks in Jan, 3 days in March), it would be 2-3 yers of gyming experience. He has made all the girls go ummmmm over him and is Mr. TAPMI forever. Procrastination is his main strengths and his mood swings more than Wasim Akram’s delivery. Always has a different perspective on any given issue retorting with his favorite dialogue “Aisa kuch nahi hain “.This sweet boy from Dharwad is a powerhouse of talent. Little do most of us know how amazingly he dances to the tunes of 90s.A great friend who spreads positive energy all around. So that is KIKU for you folks.

NJ Krupashankar A man of expressions the most exotic smile. is what we call him. He has tried his luck on every girl he meets with his school boy looks. But alas! He says I Love You before even starting a conversation. “NJ Krupashankar, keep your eyes open and mouth shut, even a fish would have survived had it kept its mouth shut”. “Want to see aaah? Coming aah coffee? Oh Really? ” These are some of the trademarks of the comedian known as Papa NJ. He is very expressive, very efficient in what he does. Recently he has matured and is a hit with the ladies. An Omegan by nature, he is been influential in the turnaround strategies of many business entities; Sheela Utsav Restaurant in Udupi is a testimony to that. This Madrasi cum Mumbaikar will go a long way in life. Carry on your jolly way.

Mahankali Jayadev

Mohammed Nadir

“All Day I Dream About Sports”, It’s not ADIDAS, Its JD’s tag line. 2 years ago, JD would remind most of us of Jack Daniels. Now, it stands for a lesson, ‘A true sportsman is defined by his passion, not his talent’. He is a ridiculously crazy about sports and enforces his enthusiasm on others around. He is a self proclaimed Future Entrepreneur and a Chiranjeevi Fan. Unaffected by any kind of pressure, things like exams, classes and attendance is never defined in his dictionary. Oh yeah, he also taught us it’s never too late to learn, by ‘perfecting’ some crazy dance moves.

So when the whole world was cursed to silence and sadness, came this being that knew not what it meant to stay quiet or remain sad!! Mohammed Nadir – the 365-day Santa Claus gets happy and excited for the smallest and craziest of things and brings a smile to everybody’s face in a split second! Mr Reliable has been there as an important Atharva team member every time he was needed the most! TAPMI has been a fun-filled, lively, animated and memorable experience just because of awesome people like you!! A hundred years may pass by in a flash, but neither Nadu nor Zidan (his nephew) are people who can ever be forgotten!

Mohanna Krishnan One of the best read guys, humble to the bone, he is this Buddha- faced, expressionless biker boy I can always bank upon. Some call him Mohana, some call him Maverick, but we call him ‘The Master.’ He enthralled us as an artist, photographer, teacher and many more. He showed us that not all of MBA is ‘gas’ and this won’t be surprising as he had finished reading Michael Porter before the course began. Mohana held Placement preparation classes, mock GDs and above all the ‘100 ways to answer the scary Tell about Yourself question’. But Fellows, he is called The Master not for any of these reasons and it is for you to find it out.

Mrinalini Singh This entrepreneur from Bihar is as bold as she is beautiful. Her long tresses and killer comebacks leave both men and women gaping in awe. She is the girl who wanted to get into professional car racing and lost her way in the jungles of Manipal and ended up in TAPMI. One of the most practical people you could ever meet, this street smart girl, contrary to public image, is as young as a five year old at heart. A friend to cherish and a foe to dread!

Mythreyi S A “Fresher” whose more mature and more diligent than this little one. The entire college saw it when she beautifully handled Brandscan with a “composure” that comes only with experience. She’s a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, Best speaker at the Toastmaster’s session, super fun and lovable. An Ardent feminist and a passionate learner, this one’s got the whole package. Though very stern and shrewd when it’s about work, she is benevolent when it comes to showering appreciations of her colleagues and friends. She is a very kind and good natured human being and I wish her success for her future endeavors.

Nandini Singh

Natraj Pandey

Super-woman, Super-wife, Superfriend, soon-to-be-a-Super-Mom! Few understand her charm, her brilliance, her extraordinary capacity at balancing study and home..but she has done it and done it with style! A silent topper from the start to the end.. she was there with me from the start, from taking care of me when I was all but terribly homesick in the first term to talking in broken Bengali to me so as to make me feel at home. A lot is expected out of you, my girl..Go, Grab the World. My Best always with you .

A Gentle giant, this tough looking man, quite simply the tallest guy you would ever meet! He is also one of the youngest guys in the batch. His ability to spend the whole night out with friends and yet give all the answers in the class has amazed most of us. He is ‘Mr. Welfare’ for the whole batch, making sure everyone gets back inside the campus on time every single night. One guy you would definitely want in your corner coz u know u can always count on him to bail you out in any situation.

Nikhil Baid He introduced himself as Nikhil A Baid but here he reidentified himself so many times from “A Bad Debt” to “Nikhilaaaaa” to the “One who never blooms”. When it comes to work he is known for his undying diligence, but for friends he is caring and supportive with a childlike innocence. An innocence which can make him cry and die even for chocolates and icecreams. Talking about his dance, its a complete treat and his recent role has made every other guard in the campus super shy. A multitalented, incredibly unique persona, believe me this guy has created his own aura. At first sight you may think of him as a sophisticated, mature no non-sense bla bla bla... guy but mind you this hot pot is brimming with craziness.

Poojesh Nair This Person!!! not easy to explain. But we'll try....hmmmmm....bahut sochna pad raha hai yaar ki aisa kya accha likhein (just kidding yaar),he is a wonderful guy. Ekdum stud hain of our group.....intelligent, cool, logical, caring and mental: P....his personality resembles that of SALLU (apart from the fact that he is the KALLU version)......He is a great friend. He is damn smart, super cool, extra gals he is a CUTE AND COURTEOUS combo package. Dont let him go. (This is what stupid gals think of him :P)....Whatever it be...we all love you Sooji and ya get your accent correct you LALLU MALLU .

Poonam Moolchandani She is popularly known as the dancer of TAPMI, a girl with multiple talents. A young but mature soul. Cultural activities & dancing is her passion. Most emotional & caring person trusts anybody easily. A person, who is fearless & loves nature. Happiness for her is defined in small things & happenings. Simple & kind hearted individual who also holds the title of "Nach basanti Nach". She is none other than Poonam.

Prajwal Rajiv This one of a kind monarch known more as the ‘Prince of Udupi’ is a strategy games freak and an ancient history and mythology buff (especially Greek and Roman). He is a very calculative and rational individual who is very clear about his decisions. Prajwal, The Tall Dark Handsome guy of TAPMI is well known for his accent and his style of walking, standing and talking. He is extremely witty and unbelievably sarcastic. Avid gamer, always hogs lime light in marketing classes. Brandscan and Atharva wouldn’t have been so successful without his contribution. He has dedicated his car, life etc for brandscan. Brother to most girls in TAPMI and a true friend to all, always ready to go the extra mile for his friends.

Prasanjeet Acharjee The ChhotaChingari’ of our gang. He is an absolute party animal. Neither gives a hard time to anyone nor doeshe take crap from others. He has a killer laugh and once he has gulped few pegs, the dreaded ‘machine gun’ starts. A true FASee who had hisfirst fight on campus over the quality of presentation! He is the hardcore Old Monk fan of TAPMI. He is trustworthy and reliable who has a knack of taking part in obscure competitions. Watch out everyone: Here comes ‘Patna Ka Eshmart Launda’.



“Amma”, the one popular name TAPMI speaks aloud. Confident, knowledgeable and hardworking are three words that aptly describe him. He can speak his mind in front of anyone and anywhere. A passionate drama artist to a wannabe marketer, in fact, he has seen it all. Even after two years, the vocal cord mystery has not yet beensolved!! Given his high pitch and loud voice, some Tapmians still suspect he has a woofer somewhere in his throat!! A person who knows how to make others laugh. With all his hard work and ability he is sure to go places.

Raghavendra Rao Raghavendra (or NNR- No Nonsense Raganna as we call him) is one of the most dedicated, reliable guy you could find on campus. Has very strong views on what’s right n wrong, does any job given to him impeccably and is always there when u need his help on anything. Though he sleeps 15-19 hours a day on a regular basis he still finds time to eat, take bath and go to woodlands/ mitra samaj daily. Few are his interests and he cherishes them well. He is mature and responsible. Ask him anything about anything he will have some knowledge. Reliable, Strong and Right- that’s NNR for you .The other pole of otherwise extrovert FinFora, Raghanna keep sanity in the team. His contributions to not just Finance Forum but to all the "tips" that he generously showers shows his generous side.Wish him best of luck on starting the second innings!!!

Ramaa Rao She is known to be the FIN goddess and one of the studious people of our batch, but in the two years that I’ve known her, I have never even seen her lift a textbook! She must have read at least a thousand e-books (mostly novels) and can sit in the same position for hours. She has this amazing ability to calm me down when no one else can. She is my best friend and will always be. I can talk about anything with her, literally anything!!!!She is an angel with a heart of gold.

Raman Agarwal

Ramneek Saini

He is sweet, adorable, cute, handsome, lover-boy, sisters’-boy, peeyakar, bhukkar, hookeribaaz, attentionseeker, cartoon and what not...the list just doesn’t end. But his presence is always needed. He is simply a sweetheart. Being one of the chotoist person of the group, he is always loved, cared and admired. His funny nature, wittiness and cute personality is what makes us happy and enjoy his presence. His core competencies: intelligent, witty and sharp is what makes him stand out from the rest (and ya you don’t have sharp features...ok). Always be the same “RAAMAN”....SIMPLY ADORABLE. One piece of advice: Become thin you hogger.

Ever met a hurricane? Our first and till today impression of Ramneekey is that she should be recorded as one of India’s most dangerous hurricane. When she is fully recharged, she's unstoppable, get out of her way, u might get flattened or go deaf (thanks to her, most of us are half deaf). Her bubbliness and enthusiasm makes her stand out from the crowd (also her loudspeaker wala voice) .If her choice is contradicted, she can be all cute and girly but then she can go all wild. We’ve seen her angry, going all crazy about shopping and dancing. But whatever it maybe, she is a gr8 friend 2 be around. We love you.

Raspal Singh

Rohit Chugh

Rohitkumar Shrivastwa

He has an amazing repertoire of songs. A leader in heart and jovial in soul, he is perhaps one of those few people who makes the whole faculty and staff smile and take a note of him. The amount of effort we pumped in for competitions were simply amazing, finally materializing into something at the climax. Need to raise 50 lakhs in paper? Ask Raspal Singh? Need to ‘turn around’ your business? Ask Raspal Singh? And need to implement ‘ERP’ in gaushaala? Ask Raspal Singh.

This person thought that there were no buckets available in Manipal. His past proves that he was once slim. This person’s favorite animal isa sloth. Rohit Chugh, the world’s funniest man, is also known as WLLM. ‘One more seven, one more even’ is his trademark dialogue. If you ever visit his room you would see him sleeping in a “compromising” position. This person was ex communicated from a society for his “touché” skills. He can slam dunk like Kobe Bryant without getting his feet off the ground. When he bowls, he runs like VRV Singh. Very soon he will be the brand ambassador of Gold’s Gym. All the best Chugh !!

The Angry young lad of the batch… Few girls and guys fear his temper!! People call him by many names like Siri, Nana, Collector etc etc…but none describe him completely. His favourite word is “like” and his love for “chicken biryani” is never ending. A sporty soul who is always there be it cricket, dancing, singing or outing. His boundless energy and unique ability to laugh at himself sets him apart from the crowd. He is said to be the most punctual guy and also the best bathroom singer of our batch! He might look angry but is very soft at heart and will always stand beside you in times of need. A great person whose friendship will be cherished forever.

Sachin Kamath

Sanjeeth Veigas

Satyajit Kumar

In our 1st year when a guy walked in class with a lion tattoo on his forearm, an Omega tattoo on his hand, studs in his ears and top button open! We thought that this man did not qualify the MBA ‘stereotype’ for sure. The talent and energy this guy exuberates is addictive and infectious. The title of ‘Mr.Episode 2011’ truly deserved his crown. The one who rocked Xchange and Waves! A man who is literally always high! (drinks a lot). The one who introduced me to ChainiKaini. A crazy person who has never said a ‘No’ to any dare. Voted as the Hunk of the batch, this guy was one of my first friends on campus and will always be the best one too.

Veigas is the underrated salsa dancer of the batch. His baldhead and lean frame makes him look more Latino and less Indian. He is the brand ambassador of Maruti 800 and TAPMI’s Gym.This guy used to give me a lot of advice about various aspects of life in the first year. I used to think he is well read and knowledgeable, till I realized that he himself doesn’t know what he is talking about! Most of his, if I may call them ‘sentences’, are random noises strung together ;) Nonetheless, this guy is pure fun, be it in class, a trip or in a bar. He has always been there when I needed him the most. Hope you build more farmhouses and arrange more parties for us. Goodluck ahead!

“DON” is what we call him and by God he is the coolest Don you would have ever seen. He is very naughty and witty. One who has truly earned his name and place in the hearts of people! He is a dear friend and laughs like a ‘chinki’. With his unique take on life, this quiet lover is destined to be the silent worker. Aur haan, ladikyon ke liye ek vishesh tippani: He is single and ready to mingle, so Get set and Go!

Saurav Biswas

Rahul Shetty

Saurav Biswas is nothing like Bob Biswas except that he too is a ladykiller or at least wants to be the one. He is the typical Prem,Rahul,Raj of Hindi flicks! He is a ladies man and would always be a chick magnet because of his cute and charming looks ;) He is an athlete and proves to be the best in whatever he takes up. Cricket, TT, Volleyball, Dramatics, Dancing you name it and Biswas is there leading from the front. He is a very careful driver but also the most unlucky one. A very lovable person, whom the college will continue to remember for some of his stories like ‘The fight with the watchman’, ‘Yes, I was so drunk, I punched in at 9:30’, ‘I made Kundapur happen’ and other such legends.

Once, a very wise KDR said, "He din't know his market value before he came to TAPMI". Shettty Boy” is a tall and handsome guy of Litcom who speaks tulu with a British accent!!! He is the chocolate boy who was the eye candy for most of the girls in 1st year. He is someone with whom you can discuss both meaningful as well as the most senseless things. He is very creative and a livewire in any social gathering. He has definitely changed my perception of a ‘married man’. He watches the most crazy videos from different languages and no wonder that he always has weird trivia at his disposal to share at the right moment. All said and done, he is mature and never allows the inner emotions to surface and dictate his life. You certainly have a bright future dude! ATB

Shruti Garg Every university campus has a CHOTU… But not as cute, sweet, chirpy and bubbly as our CHOTU. Up a profile pic and gets 100 likes right away. Sing this out loud to her “GO SHORTY… ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY….WE GO PARTLY LIKE ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY…and see her reaction..:PShe lives in her own world, where " sab acche hai " and where she is the most hep (stylish) girl. Work with her and you’ll understand that she’s a perfectionist and symbol of dedication…an awesome team player to the extent that she’ll proactively help you in case you can’t manage it on your own. She is a true friend who is understanding, loving, caring and supportive. She is the kind of friend only lucky people get in life. Shruti…Just remain the same and keep smiling!!!

Siddhant Shrivastava At first glance, he may seem loud, but once you get to know him you realize what a gem of a person he is. If ever in need he will lend you a hand, even if you are an enemy. He has supported me through the tough times and even helped me to become a better person. He is kind, sweet, and gentle, in his own unique way and that’s what makes him awesome. In his mysterious way he gets me to open up when I’m sad and asks me to shut up when I ramble a lot. He has left me with many memories to cherish and when I look back, I really could not imagine TAPMI without him.

Sourav Chakrabarti

Srija Chakraborty

It’s been almost 2 years that I have worked with Sourav, as part of the MIP and then PlaceCom team. He has a very unique style of working. It may or may not be to your liking; however the end result and the quality of the work done surpasses all expectations and sets a new benchmark each time. Challenges keep him going and the manner in which he effortlessly tackles them differentiates him from the rest. He has always been there for me through thick & thin and been more like an elder brother. I look forward to work with him in the future as well.

She’s a little kid trapped in a big and slightly fat body ;) She likes to talk about her stories and carries on until somebody actually stops her. RANDOMNESS is her forte. She’s among the richest kid around but never treats us ;) She is an excellent singer and enjoys singing old melodies. She is a hard worker and makes notes in HR subjects too ;)The crazy surili bong beauty gets high on coke/ pulpy/ even limca!!!She is a cutie and has a very weird laugh. She has more moods than you can ever count. One min she is all happy and perky :O and the next all silent! A gem of a friend, here's all the best to you Kid! Cheers.

Udayan Kashalikar

Varun Sharma

A lean guy with a unique beard who popularized the concept of “V for Vendetta” in TAPMI. A guitarist with strong opinions about Rock music amongst others. A thinker and one of the TAPMI’s Brand Ambassadors of OMR, UD is definitely one of a kind. Extremely passionate about whatever he does, be it music, assignments or work, UD believes in practicing what he preaches. Owe quite a few grades in first year to the cramming sessions in his room. A person with certain clear values, he won’t compromise upon. This philosopher lives in a parallel world most of the time. A tip to know him better: His bark is worse than his bite! Irrespective to what we have done to stay thick, or what we do to stay in touch, am sure we’ll remain friends each other can count on.

A smart, intelligent and a curt person. No baby, he doesn’t speak shit. Finance is his lust; investment banking for him is a must. A person who avoids getting distracted by the sensual pleasures of life around him, at least, the people around him say so. And the fact is that, it is true! He’s a walking encyclopedia of History, be it World Wars or Pakistan’s problems with India, he has a take on everything. He’s too disciplined for me to handle when it comes to neatness, yes even the alcohol he wants should be neat. May God save his wife ;)

Veena Wadhwa She looks like a small kid whom you have to take care of. But looks are deceptive, they say and it is true in her case. She is the one who takes care of you whatever be it. She is popularly known as the “Nissan Student Brand Manager” of TAPMI. She is creative and has made some of the most incredible sketches sitting in room #415! She loves cheese burst pizzas and often gets cravings for chicken tikka and chocolate! She is hardcore fan of Bangalore. Contrary to the “quiet” image that she portrays, she can be very talkative when it comes to close friends & family. Lastly to describe your presence in my life I will quote Marcel Proust,” Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Venkatramana Reddy

Viraj Naik

Abhilash Talapatra

“Arey, give me ten bucks da!Arey, all I want to do is play cricket and quiz da! Arey, I will shoot my kids if they do anything other than quizzing and cricket.” Meet Venkat, aka, psycho. This man is truly incorrigible. Most of the times you’ll either see him pulling up his shirt, bowling his imaginary off spinners, or humming (God knows what). He will do well to open something like a Café Coffee Day one day because this person is “Freakkin’ Crazy” about coffee. His dedication is flawless, when you need him for a quiz, he will back out at the last minute citing innumerable reasons. He is a critique of almost everything in this world and he would always remember one fundamental principle in his life, “Here comes the pain”.

The Gass Baba of the batch, can gass about anything, anytime on any topics whether he knows about it or not.. Very Childish but always try to act over smart… Loves his car and laptop like his baby. Known by all the junies as Mr. Pagal guy. If you see someone always boasting unnecessarily about goa.. he is the one.. if you see someone unnecessarily laughing aloud… he is the one.. If you see a tea totaler from the land of feni.. he is the one. If you need a few riotous laughs, If you badly need help, be it day or night, or if you just need a sympathetic shoulder or a kind word, this is the Man to go to! A best friend to many. A great human.

The first thing I noticed about this guy was his unique surname. The first time I heard him play guitar, I knew there was something special in this guy. In this age of sms language he is the only guy I know who regularly pens down stories. All good things about him end here. From endless drinking sessions to sleeping 18 hours a day, his life is a complete opposite of what an MBA should be!!! For once you leave manipal, I am sure ‘SWATI’ will miss you more than the acad block.... Cheers!!!

Adarsh Monga

Aditi Trivedi

Akashdeep Rawat

The badminton champ and the usual bakra of our group, who would find himself on the wrong side of the jokes. The best remembrances of his would be our making open jokes of him on FB during the lectures in the 1st year, when we would be bored with the lectures going on, which he would take sportingly. His inside information would keep us informed on the latest happenings on and off the campus. He is a selfless human being who is highly helpful to everyone and one of the bestest friends I ever had.

Being known as a foodie was just something people knew about Aditi, but when it was found that her career objective was to be a ‘well-rounded’ personality, it’s no mere co-incidence! Stereotypes dwarf some of her peculiarities – she happens is a stickler of time, is fond of teaching, an iPhone addict, a bargain force, die hard Mumbaikar, push marketer. The self proclaimed ‘face of Welfarecom’ – and a KPMG consultant in the making has been a helping hand for many and more than that, a true fighter who has braved more odds than one can imagine.

Calm, lazy and relaxed. From the stint in summer internship to FAS groups, I have had the privilege to get gyaan from my finance guru. A dark horse in the world of finance(he ended up topping charts in some of the subjects) and a tension taker during the assignment day, we have had a blast during our party time in Manipal. Aakhir ek hi Financial Modeler hai apne jahan mein. He is a friend one can truely rely on.

Anish Nayak It is with silence that I would like to write about our Bollywood hero “Baazigar”. This silent killer who believes “Silence is a source of Great Strength” can easily trick you with his innocent looks. I remember speaking to him from the day 1 and even now there are many secrets which surfaces out as we go out for a drink. This firm believer of Mumbai Indians and Sachin Tendulkar had made me argue on a numerous occasions on Kohli vs Rohit Sharma. Anish Bhai, as everyone calls him has shown us the true spirit of Mumbaikar by facing many hard hits by his goal keeping talent for the TAPMI football team. All in all, an awesome friend and a person to trust. Anish you will be missed a lot Bro…

Ankit Mittal

Anuj Setia

Mr. Mittal popularly known as the PanditJi of the college disturbs the Lord everyday anytime he wants. Alw a ys r e a d y t o g i v e G Y A N (specifically to junior gals), he tell stories about his escapades with “The KareenaKapoor”. Soft at heart and caring like a mother, you don’t have to worry when he is around. Loves dancing, smiling and saying “AaapBataiyeeee” in his peculiar UP tone. Never on time in class, a firm believer of the concept -Delegate it, Delay it, Drop it and never Do it. All said and done “AnkitJi, AapAadmi Bade Darling Types ho.” Will Miss You.

Always known as Setia, very few know he also has a first name. A computer nerd, Setia “is” TAPMI Systems Group (Though sometimes being the butt of jokes for having neither budget nor any events). A connoisseur of Dominos cheese burst pizza, his real energies, however, are directed towards cracking ‘buy on get one free’ Dominos coupon codes online. A man of many talents, he has served as pandit for Diwali pooja and DJ for the party- in the same night. He can argue to death- your death. Will give you fitness advice but when asked about his own condition, claims to be big boned. Plays every sport – EA sports. An unforgettable character, Setia, “Lat me tell you”, is the lifeline of the boys’ hostel; He is laptop whisperer, He is DJ Xplod, He is Setia!

Anurag Vats

Apoorva Manohar

H V Bharat

“Gunz and Roses” this would be the title I would suggest for this guy’s autobiography. At the outset people may think he is very tough and serious person but trust me, he is very sentimental and soft from within. He can do anything for his friends and stands with them through thick and thin. He is a voracious reader and an exemplary writer. India would need more thinking minds like you Mr.Dex oops sorry Mr. Vats.

A classic Southern Belle, I learnt beauty is at its best when its quietest. They say Punctuality is the practice of the bored, but we actually became friends by its virtue, cause we bonded over the 8:00, 12.30, 20:00 rule so well and there had been no looking back since then. Absolutely enjoyed the quiet walks with her, the sharing of the growing-old pains and drawing comfort from the similar things we thought and did, it had been a good journey. Only, One regret- Wish I had chanced across you earlier. Apoo, here's to the best of the future. Cheers!

When Amitabh can become an epitome of the Indian Angry Young Man, Our Bharat is also an idol of the Perpetually Angry 'Young' Man on a Bike. When our beloved Prof Aithal..Ahem made a group of 4 “never seen together” individuals it turned out the best group I had in 2 years..This man is known as the ‘Hubli Express’ for bowling at 140 Kmph during cricket matches. A great human being who believes all bad happens only to him. He is a treasure trove of information and you can never get bored in his presence. He has made places like Diana and Pangala seriously think of having a loyalty program only for him. His funny and secretive one liner comments on FB makes us wonder what’s going on between Unni and him. All the best buddy!!

Student Committees and Fora “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.� - Henry Ford

Sections "A student's learning is a function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." - J.S. Coleman

Faculty Members and Staff “They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don't know it� - Nicholas Sparks

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Bhaskar Kotwal

Bijoy Alokkan

Bhaskar is a gem of a person who carries Delhi in his heart...He is a diehard fan of cartoon films and an expert of Age of Empires....Oh ! and Did I tell you how awesome he is at making powerpoint presentations.....God ! he makes us feel like a toddler...Might you want any updates on gizmos, he’s the one to look out for.....It’s not that difficult after all to find him coz he eats drinks and sleeps library...We wish you all the happiness and luck for your future buddy !!....

My very impression on meeting Bijoy – “Boy! He is way elder to me!!” (With his moustache and serious look). But then there is always much more than what meets the eye. Bijoy turned out to be a mature, in control and yet young & adventurous at heart kind of a guy..One crazy workhorse, even with 5 years of work-ex under his belt he can beat any damn ëfresherí hands down with his sheer energy and creativity.An aspiring marketer, he claims to have sold everything from the humble Vada pav to his own batchmates (as a placecommer of course).Bijoy has truly vasooled everything TAPMI has to offer. I wish dear Bijoy sir all the success in life for being the ever-helpful friend and mentor.

Deepika Bhand Good things come in small packages.. Best things come in smallest packages. Zeeepuu…as everyone calls her fondly. She is the only girl I think who can get along with everyone. So helpful, she might as well have been one of those elves at Santa’s workshop. It allstarted when a group of 4 or 5 of us were hiding from senie girls and their horrendous “Interaction session”! Out of the blue this little girl says that she has always wanted to give birth to a baby elephant!! That senseless moment led to many more senseless and meaningless moments together! A symbol of all that is pure and good, this gal is human emotion at its basic, most uncorrupt form..The one reason, why coming to TAPMI was the best decision of my life.

Disha Anand DishaAnand has both Disha and Anand in her life. She is known as the ‘Burger Queen’ for her love for burgers. Sit next to her for just one class and all your notebooks will be scribbled by her name! In two years she has come a long way! From being a geek who would reach 15 minutes early for every class, one who was scared to turn back and check out the time left... to someone who can’t just shut up in class and can prove to be a professor’s nightmare! Always “High on life” this Delhi babe is a heart throb for many. Gossip ka ghoomta phirta satellite and jab sath rahe toh kar de sab all right…. TAPMI felt like a home because of you Disha. Wish you all the happiness and love in years to come.

Gowtham Kamath

Jay Saini

It is a great honor that I have been given the privilege to write few words about you, your Highness! Known for his speed in not just running but also in his thought process! You have to be around him to listen to his stories; he puts the Panchatantra and Aesop to shame! The crazy bike rides, the long drives, will be missed. He has a brilliant sense of humor. GK is someone who is always there for you. The perfect sportsman, a shoulder one can always lean on, and a person whom you can trust! A great companion, a comrade and a friend for life! You will be missed thoroughly.

Mr. President is one of the very few guys who have a nerve to maintain cool before the hot heads of the management. He has run the student executive council to the standards of “Of the people,For the people and By the people”. He is a dear roomie and a great friend. Isko placement dene wali company ke share kharidl o bhai, kyonki unke bhao upar jane wale hain ;)

Khanjan Khoteja He is Narendra Bhai Ambani from Gujrat who dreams to become the next Steve Jobs of the world and I am sure he would at least become the Bill Gates. He finds business sense in anything and everything. He can go on and on over the business ideas and strategies forever (until you stop himJ). So friends, here is a brilliant marketer with a natural six-pack. Do not meddle with him come what may! Because he can even dethrone the CM of the state if he violates any rule. ATB Gujju Sahab!

Kushagra Duvedi Kushagra can be described as a bindaas guy. He is always enthusiastic to do things differently. Not only does his passion show in his presentations but also in his gaming, be it DOTA or CounterStrike. A tech support in our friendship, he has patiently listened to all bakchodi that ever came his way and responded with great advice. A beautiful quote which I dedicate to him – “The man who treasures his friends is usually solid gold himself”- Marjorie Holmes.

Lavanya P My neighboring class and one of my best chums till date. She’s fun, happygo-lucky and a victim of my jokes (a good sport though) and also one of the most smart workers till date. She is one of the most hard-working human beings and takes pride in converting hard work to success. The funny faces she made all the time, and her efforts to instill some kind of sanity when a person is down and out make for a wonderful person whom you can rely upon. She would be there to listen to your troubles patiently, even though not be able to suggest the right alternatives. You can confide anything in her and trust that it would go to the grave with her.

Navaneeth L P

Nishanth Prabhu

Ajay Paluri

He really is a gr8 guy , a great human being and a person with whom I share lot of memories with , he is as foodie as one can get and with a smile on his face he wanders alongside the corridors of the hostel to pounce on anything edible that he finds on his way , not just that as much as takes from you he also gives it back , you can always trust this guy for any kind of help or support that you may need , I’ve always enjoyed in his company and I am happy that irrespective of whether I was able to bring in a positive change in him or not , but with the kind of sporty nature & mindset that he has there surely are a lot of take-aways for me. May you get the best of everything man !!

If looks could be deceptive, then Nishanth is the perfect example. This seemingly reserved guy is as talkative as he is a patient listener. The fin guy who strictly adhered to his early to bed and early to rise rules in the first year realized there is more to life than rules in the second. A strong believer of Karma and Astrology, Nishanth is an ardent reader of mythology. He can enthrall you with a story for every occasion from the Hindu epics. And yes, he is one of the biggest foodies in town, ever ready to try something new.

An elitist in the truest sense - travels only by flight andcan sleep only in an AC room. Thinks big and achieves big. This guy has got some thick skin. He handles all the abuses and grievances of the multitude of our alumni base with so much ease that I doubt he’s aware what shame and embarrassment are. Just 3 pegs of Signature and you’ll see all the hidden talent spring out of him! He is a boss at all the times you go wrong, a colleague all the times you need help, a friend all the times you need a cover-up, a lift to your sagging spirits, a hilarious company for times you are bored to death, a partner in crime for all the times you are feeling mischievous, a very patient listener for the times you want to whine.

Preetha S Preetha has this brilliant ability of keeping work life and personal life separate. Her stare can scare the bravest when it comes to business (I speak from experience!). An unreal combination of maturity and childish insanity, this gal can go from being silly to being the woman in charge of the situation, in a split second. With the language prowess of an eloquent debater and an ego to match, you have to think twice before entering into an argument with her Generally a fast learner but yet to learn the art of losing gracefully. A great friend and a wonderful person. Always high without an ounce of alcohol, laughs as if she’s getting an Asthma attack &is clumsier than a clown! The sophisticated avatar is just a façade. Getting close to her can cause irreparable damage to your brain!

Preeti Selvaraj Well, she is one girl who has truly personified her name. She is sweet, soft spoken with an awesome sense of style. Our trimester-ly trips to Mumbai and back to campus may have been a reason why we became friends in the first place. Talk to her and you’ll notice her accentgiving stress to each syllable and each alphabet. Extremely hardworking and a dedicated Atharvan. Entrust her a job and you won’t ever regret it. Occasionally a bit diffident but scales high peaks in the end. To top it alla good and trustworthy friend andsomeone whom you can always count on for making you smile. Get Preeti-er with time and keep smiling always.

Rahul Ranjan Where on earth you can get a calculative yet validating mind? This lad from MIT is one of those people who were seldom caught by the faculty for questioning. I was fortunate to get a ride in his car to voyage into super cool destinations. The round robin treats that our trio enjoyed would remain in my memories forever. It was fun working with you as a fas mate, a friend and a traveller in the 'trio'.

Ramachandran KV Ramachandran K V - the name says it all - one of the best motivators around and a trusted member of Placecom. He is also a caring friend, motivator, patient listener and a bundle of secrets . He might not have the solution to many of the problems but he sure is the source of some! It’s really relieving to look at someone who’s bulkier than you and is greatly bothered by it.Someone who has continuously taken resolutions over resolutions to trim down but hasn’t budged one single step towards it.An awesome singer, a music buff who gets turned on by melody and ragas rather than pop or rap.Just have a short walk with him when you are down in the dumps and return with a smile. Cheers (with a Jamaican Passion Breezer) to all the Good Times we have had together.

Ramya Pawani

Rashmi Rai

One of my buddies here, we share a lot of common interests be it visiting new places, fitness (:P) , singing, dancing, PJs and poems and what not. First year neighbours, but just acquaintances, and second year what started off with a trip to Bekal fort and then to E n d Point beach continu e d w i t h m a n y m o r e n e w places and eateriesa n d along with it a beautiful friendship. An awesome yoga teacher, a sensitive girl, indecisive at times (someone who can take a day to decide what colour nail paint to wear :P) and a fighter J, that’s Ramayya!

If you are sometimes rather mostly confused as to ….. What coffee? Coffee mug? Cubed sugar or powdered sugar? You are not alone!!Her cheerful day takes the form of an obsession with her Caffine.There was always a THIRD person in the room….Coffee!! Innocence that pleases you to be a part of but also surprises you, you can’t stop but wonder as to how Ms.Rai manages to conduct herself with high demeanor. Most important, her capacity to filter out unnecessary and irrelevant thoughts is minimal, a total O V E R T H IN K E R a n d O V E R STRESSER. Like her 10th sketchbook in her head is already being packed heavily with things she shouldn’t be worried about. A whisk of freshness and once you step around her you’ll find yourself in the center of beautiful place.

Ravi Bhushan

Ravinder Wadhwa

The coolest guy from Ranchi. Happy go lucky type. Bothered about nothing but sleep. Even if the sky nose dives in front of him, he will continue his baby like sleep with utmost dedication. Also, he is a fitness freak; a regular visitor of marena; and is one of the best marathon runners of our batch. We wish him all the best in work, career and life. Cheers !!

He is one of the most dashing personalities of our batch. He is a mature head who is a kid at heart. What presentation skills and did we mention his expertise in chasing turkeys? I’ve never seen a guy who is so enthusiastic. With his intellectual abilities and a big heart, he has managed to create a distinct place in our lives. We are going to miss “The Punjabi Munda” of Delhi real bad. This comes straight from our heart!!!

Rohit Anurag When conversations are this deep and intimate you can’t claim to know a man. A good part of the past two years have been spent cursing the mess, Atharva, MGM and SharanVishwanath in no particular order. The other part was dedicated to ogling at the female anatomy and standing before KMC hoping that women walk out of their hostels in skimpy clothes. Apart from all this we share a deep and growing concern for our receding hair lines,having exchanged notes on hair care products and pick up lines. Suffice to say that when two bald virgins advice each other on chicks and hair styling the results can be disastrous at best.

Sahil Agrawal Sometimes quiet, contemplative, sometimes loud and brash. Attracts an instant audience when he is on the guitar or the keyboard. Crazy about travelling, trekking - anything extreme. Has an ‘extreme machine’, his fatfatia: bought at Rs 8000/- & spent 10,000/- on repairs! A true maadu when it comes to bills. A gymnast, a swimmer, a saint and a sinner. The trek from EndPoint to the ‘river yonder’ will be a part of the annals of history that we make. The only person who has probably never shirked out when I suggest: Why don’t we……!!! The Perfect Wing-man.

Sarvesh Gaurav

Satyajeet Prabhu

Our TRANCE MASTER, Ladies-Man and completely honest human being who is straight to the face with the attitude, "ITS MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY"! He knows Swedish House Mafia and Sunburn better than he knows his Michael Porter. Few come close to being even half as obsessed about trance music as he is. A tennis player every sports fan loves to watch, and a guy every girl wants to go around with, he has broken more hearts in TAPMI than can be rationally counted. A daily dose of three cold coffees at Sagar Foods is mandatory for his survival, as is the company of his friends. He is the Baba among us friends!

We all know him as Sattu on campus. One of the most talented guys who has a balance of all. A talented guitarist & one guy who knows it all in Finance. Fresher & being young doesn't limit his maturity & talent. A silent kid butwhen he speaks it makes sense to all. A great person to be around and a very good friend. An advisor & a great soul. A person who is the backbone of Welfare committee & clear in his goals. I will miss you my buddy.

Sharan Viswanath

Shivesh Sinha

Shruti Rajan

From Russia with Love. This man “likes” any girl’s facebook status. This person rides dirty. This person likes dolls. This man shares a room with a sloth. Sharan Vishwanath, a man for all seasons, is always hooked on to either music or some show like Breaking Bad. One of the few WWE loyalists on campus, his affection for Radio Indigo is commendable. However, few commiserations may not suffice him as he couldn’t do the one thing that he wanted to achieve on campus. Cash in his title shot, although he was the number one contender for many matches.

The guy from Ranchi who loves to sleep! He is none other than Shivesh Sinha aka Sinha sahib. The best roommate and a lifelong friend. He is a fantastic sportsman and a great stand-up comedian. TAPMI would have been a miserable place without him. He has the special talent of sleeping for 15hrs a day. Don’t go by his innocent looks, he has set a lot of hearts on fire (names not disclosed due to NDA signed with Litcom). He is a standup comedian, script writer, dancer, cricket captain, 7 pointer and what not (split personality hainsaala). He is an indirect venture capitalist and encourages entrepreneurial ventures like Paratha point and Hot and Cool and also makes his friends do the same.

When she smiles her face lights up like sunshine, but when she laughs, it’s louder than a thunder. Shruti Rajan, is a typical Madarasi who is a coffee freak and a total foodie. A sleepyhead who finds reasons to sleep during the day and she sometimes sleep talks in different languages. She is very frank and blunt who doesn’t hesitate to call you an idiot if you really are. She is a no nonsense person who has a peculiar way of lifting her nose if you are crapping too much which is a clear indication to just cut the crap immediately. She is always bubbling with energy. Shruti, is an amazing friend who will always make you feel special if she is around you by taking care of your likes and dislikes.

Sidharth Panigrahi


Sunith Muralidhar

Sid is sincere and hardworking. He has made the TAPMI fraternity proud by his innumerous intellectual contributions on various platforms. That also means that he is good at gassing around like he himself says that “He got job in the financial firm by driving the interview from Finance to HR”. Sid is intellectually driven and enjoys every moment of life specially when he is with his roommate/BFF Tanveer. Thanks for the being a great friend and wish you all the success in your future endeavours.

One of the tallest girls of the batch. Her green cat eyes become red very quickly under special circumstances ;). She’s a dear friend to almost every one and every body finds her amicable. It is quite a treat watching her fall asleep in the most critical part of a movie and yet crib that she wants to watch the movie in that sleepy tone of hers! All those nights spent in discussing the most nonsensical topics, the late night food experiments in the kettle! A TOMBOY and always funloving human being. She would be the one who would be contributing in almost everything. I have no words to thank you for being part of ‘trio’ and supporting my belief of working out numerous competition submissions overnight.

An ardent Placecom member a talented TT player, a person whom people could look upto for zest and positive attitude. A friend on whom you can always count on in life although not be the pampering kind. Sunith is one of the most level headed guys that you can come across. A gazer of the stars, a strong believer of principles, a wonderful listener and a perfect gentleman! He is someone who will never let you down, who will vouch for you come what may! A friend to keep for life! Emotional, caring and a good singer. We struck up a rapport during the early days. We had our share of laughter, constructive arguments and inclination towards songs. His passion for table tennis was beyond belief and the way he fought for Sec 3 in last year’s speed was commendable. Hats off to you man.

Tanveerasif Maniyar

Thanu Ann Peter

A rational critic and super singer :-) If you are looking for a reviewer for any work, this guy is the one to reach out. An amazing sense of humour makes his straight forward remarks cool to accept and digest. From the initial days of the first SEC batch address to placements, we enjoyed sharing same views. Wish you a very bright future!!!

Talented,Smart and Pretty this “Atharvan for life” was definitely one of the key reasons for Atharva being a great success both these years. If she is not involved in any of these she is found sleeping and attends classes between naps.Late to bed and late to rise,nobody can snatch her “Miss Latecomer to the Class” title. Absolutely the perfect blend of beauty and brains, she can work beyond human limits within the span of 24 hours. When we hear about iron ladies, we think of Irom Sharmila or Margaret Thatcher, but there’s another Iron Lady and that too in TAPMI. Like a tigress, she stays in the Den, literally. The NRI girl with a Mallu accent she has to abuse atleast a few people in every sentence to pacify her anger and be normal! Rock on Thanu!

Ujjwal Varma The ultimate cocktail of UP, Bihar and Punjab. This guy is from UP but loves Punjabi culture and acts like one. He also claims to be a power house of fashion and who apparently uses only branded items. You guessed it right, he is Ujjwal Varma aka Ujju. “Punjabian di shaanVakhri” – he is the guy who actually proves it. Always in Tashan, lovesexperimenting with his beard and moustache. But don’t worry if he forgets your name even after spending some 2 years with you, it’s the effect of short term memory loss. Ujwal, true to his name is the brightest chap at TAPMI. Aisa gas maarta hain ki he has made his interviewers feel he is the god’s gift to the company and they have recruited him with tears in their eyes. Ujju, wish you all the very best for your future!!!

Unnikrishnan Nair

This is for the best roomie that anybody can ever ask for. We definitely are two opposite poles but something bonded us together like best of friends. Non-interfering, non-judgemental and always helpful, these two years at TAPMI would not have been as smooth as they were had it not been for you. You are probably one of the very few individuals to whom I never had to say anything twice. We always understood each other & earned ourselves some controversies for that ;) I wish you all the successes in life because I know you deserve it!

Utkarsh Sachdeva

Vanshaj Sehrawat

He is the father and mother of the P2P network in TAPMI and is very passionate about it. He can remember any number after reading it just once. He not only remembers everyone’s room numbers, but also their roommates, love interests, family background and a whole lot of personal information. Hardcore Punjabi and any girl who wishes to apply for this eligible bachelor must know how to make Paratha and Kadi. The friend for all times - when marks are low find him and he would have managed to get lower somehow and finally don’t ever give him the job of searching - he will do worse than MS Bing, especially in terms of people. This guy has tremendous energy. Always wants to plan a trip for the weekend and his mantra – the farther it is the better. A good friend to have and what a friend you have been.

The SMART-ASS of the batch, who knows his ways around. He loves to dream big and knows how to have the greatest fun, be it in drinking or roaming around. His street smart ways of having people behave the way he wants them to sets him as a true candidate of MBA. Will always remember him as the person who scored more than me in Marketing Research even though I thought him (no offence taken none-the-less) and I know for certain that he would remind me this throughout the time as well. He’s a person true at heart, an honest friend and a great human being and that’s what makes him one of my best buddies on the campus.

Varsha Advani

Varun Sakhuja

Vidhi Jain

Varsha aka Borsa, Chopper, HR, the Kolkata girl with high spirits, grit and determination. She’s among the few girls in TAPMI with a straight forward and blunt attitude. A passionate and graceful dancer and a perfectionist at that. She can’t pronounce the ‘D’ in ‘thoda’ and ‘padega’ and pronounces it as “THORA karna PAREGA”. A truly dedicated person.The kind of friend whomyou’d always want around you in life.You’ll definitely be missed Varsha!

Here's the tall, lean and brooding dude of the batch. His friends fondly call him the 'Terminator'. (cos of his unusual walking style!) or 'Yakhuza'. A suave talker, Yakhuza is always sophisticated and polite to the core. This guy is a Fin fanatic, (who by chance, does not have a Majors in Finance!) you can always find him lapping up the recent Fin news around the world. The dude from Ranchi, who loves Mumbai (for its nightlife, o' course), this lost soul wishes to become an Investment Banker and he drinks simply to socialize with people (hic!) Always a gentleman, this stoic dude only gets activated in Prof. James classes wherein he gets involved in heated discussions (not with students re, with the Prof :P), eliciting responses like 'Damn, it's alive!!!' But, whatever the case, this wannabe bodyguard ( :P ) is liked by all his friends.

Airtel pays her for using its service. Hence she always stays connected. She is a walking example for talking. She may not have a pug following her but an IDEA has definitely changed her life. Fin Mata, Fin Guru, Mate – SEC 3 seek her blessings before they appear for a finance exam. She charms one and all with her beautiful hair that shines like a cascade of black waters. Finally, "chhoti ungli pe nachayegi tumhe, she's a small town girl".

Vidhu Vinod She is naughty, she’s nice,she is made of sugar and spice. The girl from god’s own country, the lady with the angelic voice. Two Vinods sitting next to each other as per the PGP 1 seating order - often a matter of confused identification for the faculty. But yeah she’s way different than me. Chirpy, bubbly, childish, careless - all attributes that you’d associate with a child. A hardcore attention freak, an awesome doodler, a Mallu wid a Telugu/ Kannada connection and a mobile oxford dictionary. She is the benchmark for a sleeping beauty. A tad diffident when it comes to checking out GPA’s and results of exams but on the whole a cute and sweet friend whose company you’ll definitely miss.

Vipin Vinod Common lore among the tribalsin TAPMI-land is that there once lived this ‘healthy’giant. Of him it is said that when he entersa room, his belly enters before him. Blessed with the unique ability to magically appear in any photo with a cheesy expression, Bipeeeeenhas the unique honour of being known as the ‘Universal bhaiyya’. (Wonder why he was never too happy about it) Whether it is to Cox and Mox or Kudremukh, the slightest hint of a trip being planned and he’s ready with his bike. VipinVinod, the bro of bros, and the shoulder to comfort broken hearts, the guy who not just shared his last name with me, but also some of the funkiest times in this place.

Vishal Anand Our PROF ANAND, the BAD ASS of the batch, he’s been one person who has had a will and determination of a rock. He’s a person whom you can rely on for anything.The laughter maniac who can go on cracking endless jokes on anyone. The allrounder in everything, from studies to sports, his biggest achievement would always be the 100/100 he scored in DTMT where others found scoring difficult. Since then, his name has been re-christened to Prof Anand and now is known by that name only. He’s a friend, a guide, a short-tempered human being but more importantly, A FIGHTER! And I am proud to say that I had the utmost privilege to be friends with him.

Vishnu Bhargava

Vivek Pushkar

Vivekanand Jha

‘First impression is the best impression’. These were the first words I remember Vishnu had mentioned when we first met. The guy is an all in one package. He can sing, dance, talk to you as friend in need, laugh with you, help you (when not needed), console you when your grades are down and advice you on topics which don’t need advice on as well. He is your ‘Go To’ guy, a man you look up to, a leader you will follow. The guy enjoys music ranging from Beethoven to tappori songs (which is the one weird thing about him). The perfect phrase to describe him is “A gem in a rough”. Cheers mate!

Motivated about anything and everything he does, I haven’t met a guy so dedicated and passionate. He is one of the few who can sell a product without knowing the language of the buyer!! If you do not know what a no nonsense attitude is talk to this guy and he’ll hammer it into your head.He proved this time and again through his presentations in class, sponsorship activities for Atharvaor even a routine conversation. “So where will the moolah come from??” is the only catch phrase that Atharvans know him for! He is forever flustered, anxious, confused, and restless! Atharva this year would not have been possible without you belting us to work our way through. If people are even 1% as dedicated as you are, they can reach the pinnacle of glory! Never change Pushku, because you are already the best version of what you are!

He stands true to his name. Vivekanand an agonizing symbol for useless philosophies this man has it all: Wits, Intelligence, charm and a set of unruly hair on the head which would make the ladies hostel go “Yaar mere baal aise kyun nahi hai” . Professor Utonium was probably in a lab somewhere mixing sugar spice and everything nice to make the perfect little girl but accidently added chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol thus creating a phenomenon we know as JHA! Love him or hate him but you certainly will take notice of his persona and if ur lucky he might just join you for a drinks session debating why our annual budget is nothing but policy paralysis in motion. If you’re one of the few who understood the last line, you have my deepest sympathy!

Roopesh Rao Say “mess opt-out” and his eyes light up like rubies! He is a champion of volleyball with a shoulder that rarely functions, and a music connoisseur with the most sought after hard-drive in the boys’ hostel, for reasons that are unmentionable at best! The guy with the craziest and the most natural dance moves. Fun person to hang out with, An absolute treat when high and dancing . People call him HR because of past work experience, which makes him nigh unbeatable at his chosen field. His favourite song, much to the amusement of his friends, is “meri pant bhi sexy, meri shirt bhi sexy!!”, but all may be forgiven to the man who owns the loudest working laptop in the college! Cheers to him!

Raman Gupta

Abhishek Anupam

The marketing champ, the fin guy –one who claims to know anything and everything in this world …RAMAN AKA kaalu aka Nissan that’s what his buddies call him. He is an outgoing, fun loving, honest, no-nonsense and confused human being, who actually set a benchmark for MARKETING in TAPMI. He started up being the back-bencher and doubt master, and then converted into a GASSSSS master who unfortunately for his classmates screwed everyone’s grades in Marketing in the 1st trimester. However, his truth and hard-work bore fruit when he won the Nissan Student Brand Manager competition. He is someone goes out of his way to help anyone in need loves advising people, full of surprises and apparently compensates for the lack of good food with drinking. One of the most chivalrous guys on campus.

If one has to ever look for help within Tapmi or outside, he is the person to look out for. A person who is candid, modest and trustworthy. His hard work and dedication to his work is amazing. He has a passion for writing. You may ask a zillion times about his feelings and a tepid answer will be a “NO”. However, visit his blogs; one will see a fervent description of his feelings. A true hearted person and it’s a privilege to be friends with him.

Abhishu Agarwal

Akash Goyal

Anoop R

Khalifa aka Nair less popularly known as Abhishu lives life KING size. This guy from Benares is hugely popular in the Men’s hostel. People sometimes wonder why he chose to do MBA instead of a career in politics. This guy is famously known as the brand ambassador of “RajniGandha”. Ask the paan waala in TC and you will know why. This guy is full of energy except during the time of exams when he enters the famous G*** Phati mode. If you are a TAPMian make sure that you meet him at least once. Love him or Hate him, you just can’t Ignore him.

The first impression I had of Akash Goyal was “Stay away from him”. I had never heard anyone swear so much as the first time I heard him talk. I was honestly shocked out of my senses. But then the first time I spoke to him I realized he is not half as bad as I thought he is. I found out later that he is in fact a gem of a person. He is one of the best persons I have ever met and a really great friend who would do anything for a friend. He is not a perfect gentleman but a gentleman nevertheless. He has always been there to listen to me cribbing about anything and everything and to nudge me forward, if ever I stumbled. I haven’t just found a friend in him, I have found for a life time in him.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Anoop R aka Bodybuilder would have spent more time working out in the gym than attending marketing lectures in TAPMI. Finance being his strong area we trusted him in settling our accounts and waited for those dreadful excel sheets after each party/ trip. There is only one rule in his life “Never pay for vegetarian food The man behind most of the witty nicknames, he uses the power of sarcasm very effectively. Warning: Never ever seek his opinion on any restaurant/food (Any non veg dish be it crap is AWESOME for him)

Anupam Sharma

Anurag Jindal

Anu, Pampu, Mr Anupam Kher, etc ,of the ‘Sharma brothers’ fame .. He is the most useless partner of “Team Changoiwala”. “bandha khata bahut hai yaar” is what people say with amazement... He can eat anything from KFC to Shit.. He is banned at certain Buffets for obvious reasons!!! his friends would suggest him to marry a 'halwai's daughter'.He is no doubt a gold medalist in flirting.. He is obsessed with sports, “koi bhi game ho khelne ko tayyar” and surprisingly good at most of them. When you are in a conversation with him the word you hear the most would be “I know” in a weird accent!! not sure where he got that from .A good friend to have if you can stand his PJ’s time to time and him bragging about life and his stupid philosophies!!!!

Anurag Jindal, and the first thing that pops to your mind is his ever lasting smile. Come what may the guy never loses his smile and that is what one thing everyone respects him for. Fondly called, 'Papa' by the entire batch..He has the knack of converting the most impossible of situations into one that would be conducive for him. His famous words - "Mein yahaan marks ke liye nahi aaya, sirf knowledge ke lie aaya hoon!!", turns out he achieved neither :P!! But, all in all one of the most genuine guys around..and a great character to be around with. Cheers mate and best wishes in your future endeavors.

Arnab Mukherjee He is the guy who likes to keep himself upto date – it may be about the college, the girls, the happenings at the gym and above all, the financial world in general & mind you all, he is damn good at all of it! Famous as one of the very few finance guys who knows how to crack jokes about finance and get straight As at the same time in almost every elective he takes. A fitness freak and an asset for Citigroup, this man is always at work & ‘he never sleeps’. All the best ;)

Arvind Kumar Singh

Ashim Datta

Ashish Aswath

A highly senti and emotional person who may inspire Karan Johar to make few more supercharged movies!! Nevertheless, a fun loving person who knows what friendship is all about. A rare gem of a person who stick to his values and principles, come what may he is not going to deviate from it. Very few people realize their shortcomings and he is one of them, who readily accepts it and zealously works on it to improve himself. It will be a clichÊ but seeing his hard work and efforts, one can’t help but say sky is the limit for him.

DADA also known as Ashim Datta at times is the master of procrastination, A person who loves to do things which he hates, loves china more than himself, famous for sleeping in the classes and he is also the fav of all Fin professors. One thing is sure about this guy, no matter where he is, he will be noticed, any work that he picks up he does it perfectly and enjoys his life to the fullest. Stress which normally breaks people like us down only makes this guy stronger, the experience that he brings with him can be clearly seen, Every moment that we spend with him is a learning experience, I am sure a great future is waiting for him.

The sportscom Head.(shuru hota hai to khatam hone ka naam hi nahi leta ).in short lambodar. He is a straight as an arrow, speaks less but has got powers to express everything in his own fashion. Very focused attitude and achieves what he wants to achieve‌.An extremely intelligent dude, fun-loving and a real go-getter. He can mould anything whimsically which shows his planning and execution skills. You are really missing something if he is not your friend. A typical mumbaikar, his learning skills and grasping power have made him get a seven point something in 1st year with efforts one-tenth of most. He has a decisive nature, tremendous information in politics and sports and cribs about money when he spends on drinking every day.

Ashutosh Mangal

Ashwini Rao

A first look at him and you won’t say he is the youngest guy of our batch. He is one of the rarest species you have ever met. He is a baby, a facebook freak, a real foodie real marketer and a dancing star. He gets irritated quickly and replies in one of his trademark words “kyun b******”. He does not believe in the world beyond his laptop and cell phone and is confined to him room. For him sleeping is the best exercise and he carries that religiously. He dreams big and someday we know he ll get where he wants to

The most chirpy and lively person of the batch! In a canteen filled with students who are busy with their MBA life, if you suddenly find a table crowded with students laughing out loud, then you are sure Ashwini Rao is sitting in that table! Neither the so called Academic rigour at TAPMI nor MarkStrat was successful in keeping her awake beyond 12 am. One chat with this ever energetic and enthusiastic girl and you will find yourself lost in her charms!

Atul Pai Heartthrob of the Batch, Atul is among the youngest in section four. This guy can kill any girl with his charm or looks or the way he talks.. Very sincere and loyal towards his friends, this guy has learned the art of never saying NO to anyone. Quiet always but not when he’s inebriated. This guy follows traffic rules very particularly and swears at people who don’t . Always ready to help out his friends. This guy has loads of money to spend on people and a bad habit of not taking them back.. If you feel like talking to him then you just need to get him drunk and he’ll speak and you’ll end up listening ( a lot!).. a rock fan who loves Pink Floyd and honestly his personality does a complete justice to his favorite song Comfortably Numb!

Rohit Tekwani In the course of a lifetime many friends come and go. There is actually only a small percentage of friends that become a prominent part of one's life. Just about any BAKAR you can think of, to have fun, we probably did it. Along with good times there are also always going to be some challenging times. As one goes though life, there is without a doubt going to be some growing pains that in the long run help them grow and develop. You have been very understanding and and a very good friend. In this two years, you have changed a lot and i would say, for the better. Wish you a very great career ahead and hope you find a good Arab girl. All the best,

Karthik Reddy The moment I think of Karthik, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Analyst�! Extremely good at analyzing people/situations. So, be careful if you are trying to lie to him: P. Grasps things quickly. He is an epitome of self-respect. If he likes you, he will give his life to help you & make you happy. I think he is one guy on this campus who would have lent his bike to most of the people (at any time & to anyone). Silent, maintains low-profile. Studies when needed. A high CAT percentileer without preparing. Good at taking risks.Down-to-earth, caring! Making his parents proud of him will be his first point on his things to achieve. Movie freak, stubborn, fun-loving but very serious at times. Wish you all the success in your future endeavours.

Vandana Soni A girl with a bright smile, sweet voice and simplicity personified. A friend whom you can bank upon in worst of the situations. A saviour of her FAS group. She is one of the most hard working, determined and brave people I have come across in my life. Her love for finance knows no boundaries. I am one of the privileged few who have heard her speak. She is very focussed and determined. Chai is her weakness. She has given chills to the most accomplished Fin gurus and proved her mettle. A very candid and modest person. An ardent Chicken lover who is always doped on tea and movies - anywhere and everywhere. It was a great to have such a wonderful person as my best friend. Bon Voyage.

Varun Anant Varun Anant AKA Chimney of the batch!! He quietly goes around with his business. Never do the mistake of challenging him on chess, he will beat you even when he is playing with his left hand :P, to make you feel bad, he will play blind folded and still beat you, yes that is how good he is!!! Few professors have learnt it the hard way not to ask questions to him! This guy has a habit of walking while talking over the phone and most days he come back in an rickshaw after the call :P!! Thanks for being there and for being such a good sport all the time!!!

A Veena Whenever she is the CR of the class, people don’t bother to check their course packs even once..never fails to send reminders for quizzes , cases and assignments..which got her the name “Ma” in section 4. She is an Amazing HR person, a great teammate and a fun friend to be with. Love her “in your face” attitude and back benches commentary in HR classes. It was an absolute delight preparing for placements together, and then ending up in same company with her. Cant wait to get out of here and be with you all over again. Looking forward to be with the queen of good times Veena Akella.

Vijay Kumar Pandey “Live , love, Laugh “, these are the 3 words this guy believes in. He is popularly known as chota pandey. A small panda shaped structure maybe deceiving to eyes but he is intellectually very strong. He is always high on life and believes in living it to the fullest. His favourite words are “ Chill maaro”. Little slow in his movement but everyone knows this fact – Slow and steady wins the race.

Vivek Changoiwala Vivek Changoiwala aka Chang aka Nashpati is one soul who’s got a lot of growing up to do. In the corporate world he won’t survive just on the weight of his amazing good looks and that Greek godlike body. He loves hogging on weird things that bring a smile to the waiter’s face and more often than not is left alone to devour the same dirt that he orders. He’s for MaGaMa committee what Ratan Tata was for Tata Group. He’s very very original so much so that he couldn’t come up with any other name for our team than the name of the competition itself. Competition Name- Maverick, Team Name - Maverick, File Submitted- VivekChangoiwalaChandraprakash.pdf. Wah re baba Changoi, Aap Dhanya ho. Also, Haaathi kaaa..

Digvijay Das Call me DVD that’s what he says the first time you meet him. The LogCom head..No event, no conclave can run without his support..The pillar of TAPMI..Very good with this words and very popular for his quick wit..but a little weak when it comes to matters of the heart (and shy to ask help from us).a truly genuine guy ..a yaaro ka they say…Every sentence uttered by him starts with “abe ….” And so the story continues.

Dipti Parmar The Queen of Kerala! The heart and soul of the most famous group of TAPMI, DKD aka DIPTI KE DEEWANE. She is the love of many guys in TAPMI, the hottest babe from Orissa, a mathematical genius, the cry baby and the one with seducing charm that Keralites and some Mumbaikars find hard to resist always ready to roam if you have a bike or car... She is one such girl who knows everyone in TAPMI (at least all Kerala guys ). The most jovial girl to have around, she can ask for something and get it delivered immediately. A genius at studies and fooling guys, she is a tough nut to crack (can never predict what goes on in that pretty little head of hers). In all a gem in TAPMI.

Divyansh Sharma Divyansh aka Divyaansh aka bhagwan ka dimaag, is one soul who’d never decline an eating-out opportunity that presents itself before him. He loves lazing around and likes hanging out at a certain hot-spot where matters of the entire college are discussed with utmost seriousness. His presentation skills know no bounds. He began with an amazing MNCN presentation and walked around the stage so much that it left the teacher in awe. His friends are mostly in awe of his amazing PUMA shirts which are all super sexy and red-hot! It’s the same reason why I wasn’t surprised when I came to know that Ek kanya pounced on him to take off his shirt. This dude is A-maaazing!

Ekta Agrawal

Ganesh Shenoy

E K Chi A, the most lighthearted girl who is always ready with her bit of masti and fun. She likes to express herself in whatever way possible but same old problem of not discussing her problems with others unless and until coaxed. What I love about her is her simplicity of being a person. Very comfortable to be around her and if not she’ll make u comfortable. She likes to entertain people with her crack up jokes. She enjoys imitating people and succeeds in making everyone laugh. She always takes everything sportingly and gets conscious whenever she makes mistakes, which I enjoy pointing out. Obsessed about her weird legs :D. A girl who lives in Manipal and her heart is in Dubai :P. It was good to have found you here!

One of the biggest foodies I have ever come across in my life. This chap is a stock market guru and is always ready to pull your leg and make fun of you. This guy will take your case at the slightest chance with his witty one liners. A calm and composed guy who has suddenly started to realize that he has crossed a quintal, and so has started gymming and sticking to healthy foods like vanilla shakes and the occasional egg Frankie. He is the most confident, matured and serious person I know. You will be missed and TAPMI would not have been the same without you.

Gokul Krishna If you had to rate him on a scale of 1 to 10 for being humble or down to earth he will be get a big ZERO. In the earlier days of our TAPMI life he was the envy of every guy in Sec-4 just because he went to Manipal ‘once’ with all the girls from our class. What no one knew then was that he was their Brotherly figure. He bumps his head regularly on the wall and chants satanic verses while sleeping. I’m yet to figure out why half the boys hostel block slaps him on his rear side while greeting him. He loves his ridiculous online games which he spends hours playing. Go-kill’s bumped his head on the edge of the bookshelf countless times and has even fainted whilst he was taking care of business in the bathroom. All of these apart, he’s a kitten and good friend to have!

Govind Raju What is your dream car.? BMW? Lol, but I already have one. Yes, meet Mr Govind Raju aka BMW. He is one of the most down to earth people you can ever know. A nervous, slim guy who was forced by his Dad to share a room with a north Indian so that he could learn Hindi. This Liquor Baron is the Govindankutti of our group. All our trips from TAPMI would not have been possible without you and of course, the car( :-P). He is unpretentious and has an extremely good business acumen. Those late night discussions (you can call it gossips) in Room 420 are memories to be cherished. Wishing the Amul baby All the Best. Get Fatter and Richer.

Gunjan Kumar Gaurab One of the very few guys in the college who lives life on his own terms. A guy who wears his heart on sleeves and a man of his words ( He wore orange pants for entire day once, when he lost a bet). He is well known for his love for KMC food, cricket and bike stunts. The coolest CFA guy on the campus. He is a good friend and a wonderful person to be with. Bon voyage dude!

Harsh Shukla

Ijas Abdulla

He is a mixture of Bhopali, avenger, dumbness, Sec 4 and yet how the hell did he bang 13 lakhs package. Akamai you are gone. Not a single day can we pass without teasing him and not a single day can he pass without being aggressive. Whatever it be, he is the cutest kid of our group, always helpful and warm. He is a lovely human being and most importantly a great person to be friend. He has got a very easy going nature, always smiling personality and who makes other people smile. We are so lucky to have our cutest Gas with us every time. We love you Gas.

Ijas is one soul who’d speak his mind and even make you wonder how he’s got the marbles to say what he says. He loves his biryani, fish and sausages. He loves his sports- his cricket, where he’s yet to prove his mettle; his

tennis, where his mentor lets him win on purpose (:P); his football, where he almost tore of bubu’s head in SPEED’12. He loves his countless lady-loves. That reminds me, he’s got a thing for plump women-“ Muzhe woi achi lagti hai”. His “mike karaab hai” at Goonj’12 has gained cult status. Lastly, he’s a gem of a friend to have as long as he gives me his bike!

Isha Pandey A rare combination of being beautiful and nerdy, Isha Pandey can easily fit herself in both the roles! I am sure most of us were surprised how easily she could transform into her nerdy side during exams! Of course you can never question her on her subjects’ knowledge! You have to be friends with her to appreciate that’s so Isha moments, which will leave you rolling on the floor laughing! A sincere and cheerful girl you would always want to be friends with!

Venkatesh Iyer Back in July 2012, the entire bunch of Junie Atharvans knew each other except for this one guy named Venkatesh Iyer! No one even had his phone number! Came 2013 and he was elected as the Convenor! Damn cool, courteous n thoughtful as a frnd. Of late he has lost touch with his old group, given up on football and has stopped watching Liverpool matches. He should really start caring for his Bike and stop talking when riding because he has a track record of falling from the bike at least once in 3 months. He is most famous for his long-drawn-out-never-endinggrammatically-incorrect-monotonous statements!! I am the proudest today when I see the way he has grown as a person and the style in which he led Atharva! Always proud of you!

Keshav Sunder Keshav has been the sincere friend with whom you could discuss anything, whether it came to studies, sports, TV series, gaming, road trips, food joints or about Mumbai. The perfect blend of intellectual thinking and childish behavior, this guy never shies away from any discussion. The best part about him is his carefree attitude. He has a good head on his shoulder and respects everyone. He has a charming personality and he is really funny at times. May u achieve all ur goals in life....just rock buddy and be the same. I am sure you will reach great heights one day.

Krishna Chaitanya If you hear words like Creativity, positive thinking, learning etc then sure he is around. He is the one who also abuses Hindi language a lot “kana Kaya??” “Face pe goti aur galle mein Kamera”. A proud BITSian, an entrepreneur and positive thinker to the core. The guy is a self proclaimed creative genius, who tries to learn each and everything on this planet. Mind you, he is the guy who runs every show of MIRC from the backend. He is hard working, reliable and the kind of person with whom you can discuss all your problems. Ever smiling buddy, go and turn around Flipkart with your damn creative ideas (and I really mean it). All the best for your future endeavors!!!

Krishna Kranth

Likhit Nagpal

Mallika Ahuja

If there is someone who is synonymous to Lazy then he is Krishna Kranth. His laid back attitude and passion for computer games gave him his symbolic sitting posture we’d all remember even 10 years from now. This person with his down to earth attitude ensures everyone in his group is entertained with his age old stories. All he has learnt in his 2 years of MBA is to built a vision/mission statement for himself which he quotes it to be ‘To play violin on the Gokarna beach in the night and entertaining all the foreign tourists’. He is a proud mechanical engineer, a lazy moron, a technology enthusiast, a lazy moron, a sincere loksatta party worker, a lazy moron, a cartoons enthusiast, a lazy moron , a food lover and of all a great friend.

First impression this guy gives is of a truck driver. He uses slangs at the end of each and every sentence. He imagines himself to be the cool dude of Delhi and keeps boasting about his transport company. A true “loggie” by heart who is always ready to give his 100% in whatever he does. A favourite of Sankalpa Sir for his consistent performance in Economics across 2 trimesters. He boasts of the work he has done at Nestle and the number of the high profile contacts he has made over a glass of drink. He gets nervous during exams but remains cheerful and playful on other days. A kickass spinner and all in all great friend.

Well frenz beware of dis girl!!! jahan bhi jaati hai sabko apna bana leti hai......after all she's our friend, toh kuch to quality ayegi naa!! she definitely rocks. She is the warmest person we have ever known. VIVACIOUS is probably the best word to describe her personality. (OTHERS: Go check the dictionary to know the meaning), generous, funloving, centre of attraction wherever she goes. She is our sweet heart friend; she has always been there when anyone of us needed her. May you get all the happiness of the world. This is straight from our heart. GOD BLESS U SWEETHEART.

Manu Sharma Bhaiyya to all the guys in college and strictly Manu to every girl in the college. A compulsive shopper of ‘Branded’ products who can put most girls to shame. (Surprisingly he even considers inkfruit to be a brand). Believes in 100% Spending and 0% Saving after all in his words, “We earn to spend”. He is a hardcore romantic at heart and never makes an effort to hide it. He popularly calls himself as the SHADOW Convenor of Atharva. He boasts of having attended a conference in Harvard. Never loses his cool, never clicks a snap with his specs and never thinks about money when it comes to buying something that would make him unique. He tends to blast romantic numbers on his speakers. The self proclaimed chick magnet will be missed by one and all.

Maswal Dhar This girl is among the best people I have met in TAPMI, she is the best friend you can ever have. Maswal is always ready for one thing, TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR WORRIES. A person who likes to keep things simple between her friends. She never likes to discuss her problems but it becomes quite evident from her face. Ask her if she is worried, she’ll say NO. That’s bad. At least for people who care. She is definitely the LIKE queen on FB. She likes everything that can be liked :D. Talks a lot, but to hear that, you have to be special to her . All in all, most clean, best and a wonderful person to have around. God bless you in all your future endeavors and believe me, I will always be there.



He is popularly known as 'Maryada Puroshattam'. Naman bhai ko Tapmi karti hai naman ('Salutation'). He contradicts himself - Though he is a hardcore veggie, he is hefty and plump. We joke about how he was discriminated against another female colleague during his internship. That tragic incident has turned him into Antifeminists. Aggressive but friendly, angry but jolly – he is the monk who brokered the deal of ferrari. And alvida doston with his favourite song “Chand Sifarish”.

Narasimha Sarma

Neerja Misra

The Knight. Why do people call him that? Because he can take it. One of the most loyal servants to the king, this hardcore Liverpool fan is always hooked on to some sporting website. Though he sucks in the world of Fantasy Football. This guy is one such person who could nail every finance course in a doggy style with no preparation and later shamelessly insult his fellow mates saying he screwed it up. He runs a rating agency that exclusively rates professors, students and sports players. When asked about SRV he says ‘He a great prof, he is very good’ and when asked why, he says ‘Because he a great prof and he is very good’. His lifetime dream is to watch the finals of Wimbledon and he plans to watch the Indian grand prix in Noida this year. All the best Challa.

Neerja Misra aka Narjeshwar aka Neeraj, she’s one person who would laugh whole heartedly without any apparent reason and then make everyone around laugh as well. I remember her lol-ing for 10 whole minutes while looking at a dustbin. She’s pretty intelligent and actually does care about her grades even though she may claim otherwise. Neerjums would love to have a good Oriya speaking Brahmin boy as her mate. Also, I don’t think there’d be anyone else on this planet who’d sound as cute as her when she converses in Oriya with her mother.

Neha B God of our class, godmother of most girls of sec4. She is a super competitive person who participates in competitions even when she is unsure of herself. She has a fascination for foot tapping and I am sure that she would enjoy admiring the footwork of a drummer. A great sports person who almost won us Basketball this year. She is a true hearted Kannadiga and after a lot of praying got a job which has no other office apart from Bangalore. A kickass chick who never says no for anything. The quiet damsel in Sports-Com. You can never know what to expect next from this time bomb. All the best Neha you were the best.

Nidhi Arora Angry Bird, as she is popularly known, a proud PUNJABAN and DELHITE and a lovely person. She has the most funny and sometimes irritating laugh. She is one such person with whom you can always talk to. She takes jokes on her sportingly, which most ppl think makes her angry. It’s just the ANGRY FACE guys :D. Likes to DANCE, LAUGH OUT LOUD, roam around, always ready for the camera and the smile is automatic. The whole package might look small but looks can be deceiving. She has one more home other than Delhi and that’s Facebook. Believe me, you might get the impression that she’s unapproachable, but the first step will change your opinion about her. She can be a true gem if you want her to be. Hail ANGRY!

Nishith Maheshwari Well popularly known as Azzoba/ Old Man/ NRM/ Azooo, he’s one such fella who is always ready for everything. Considers himself as a stock market genius, fan of drinking and making people drink Tea. One is 100 for him. So if he tells you he made a bomb today while trading, it’s actually mere pennies. This dude is crazy about shoes. Do visit and see the collection of his socks, you will be mesmerized. He leaves smoking every day. Famous for his stint with Finance Forum and the chick recruitment drive, the case is still pending to find the culprit. The guy is immensely in love with Gau Mata and has several good uses for the blessed Gobar. God bless you for the amazing nights we had in Mumbai, the stories will be censored for your sake.

Nitesh Rathi Sleeping Beauty of our section.. He can sleep 28*7 not 24*7(for him a day consists of 28 hours)..reaching late for the exams and still getting good marks is his style!! Personality like VIJAY DINANATH CHAUHAN bole to Amitabh Bachhan.. Typical Baniyabuddhi (he is not a miser) but because his calculations are terrific (Excel Guru).. working with him means your work is done so you don’t have to worry.. just chill!! He can think of things in his sleep and can answer to any professor if he catches him. Laptop freak..least bothered for his mobile… super helping… hyper in sports ( has broken his arm)… no bad habits.. cool guy.. always has a song in his mind which he used to sing while walking.. presenting for the first time Mr. one and only NITESH RATHI.

Nitish Mayawala Heartthrob of our college who has managed to impress every girl but unfortunately is still dying for a picture with the girl of his dreams, the guy who the entire college and anyone and everyone who he interacts adore. Maya is a friend who can tell you the worst of things in a way you will never feel bad. He is one of the few I have seen who can tackle tense situations also light heartedly. He is a brilliant designer, super batsman, snooker freak, surprisingly good eater for his size and a ready helper in all situations. Unfortunately he is still stuck in the Manipal of the 90’s and talks about his days then. Here’s hoping this kid never grows old and continues to trespass many other lives!

Prabudh Arora This Anil Kapoor of our college is the person who makes fun of every single person in the college. The hypocrite of the highest order and the guy who does weird things and mainly boasts about it. We have done all kind of Buck**** and muh**** together which will be really missed once we all are apart..:( An ex international TT player, he has tried his level best to win intra TT tournaments but has been totally unsuccessful till now all thanks to his team mates. But has never given up on us and still tries to teach and motivate us. Has a fascination for pharmacists, KMC hospital and extremely short half pants. Hope you taste success in every step of your life!

Pranaynehru T The King. This person is one of the laziest souls on campus. He is impeccable with time management (always late). Another late blooming quizzer, this person is known to eat cabbage for lunch and carrots for dinner. He is the ruler of the kingdom known as the CTG’s. “When Pranay is good at something he never does it for free”, is his favourite statement, leaving us with our own doubts of what is he really good at! His love for biriyani lead him to his long term goal of buying out Subway and turning it into a Hyderabadi biriyani centre worldwide one day. An ardent fan of Liverpool, a poker fanatic, documentaries collector, an FMCG aspirant, a food lover and of all a great friend. Hope the IT companies have a great future while you too have one.

Praveen G Praveen G, is one soul whom I’ve never seen worried except, I guess, a half an hour before the FMT2 end term exam. He’s one chap cognizant couldn’t afford to do without so much so that it came to the campus for this very reason. He tries learning new things- juggling, dholak, dancing- all of them, unfortunately, in my room. This wouldn’t have been a problem if he didn’t bring another haunting entity every time he entered the room. I owe this guy my resume and even though he may test your patience every now and then, he’s a good friend/ UrchKodi/Poda panni to have!

Reshma Maria Sabu Also known by her middle name “Maria” and she likes that name better and few professors somehow seem to know that. A girl who likes watching movies and loves reading, and not to forget her love for nice fancy earings. A girl known not only for her sophisticated accent, but also for her ‘dancing’ facial expressions while she talks <wink> . If you are her friend and you need somebody , just look around she might be just smiling and calling in for a hug. For some she is mystery, for some she is fun, some call her Maria , some Resh and some mushroom ….for me ….reshma …I just want you to know …know matter how many ups and’ll always remain that special one !!

Romit Jain He is a very decent, sweet, honest, trust worthy, sensible, adorable, mind blowing, witty sometimes. In short he is a lovely human being and most importantly a great person to be friend. He has got a very easy going nature… always a smiling personality…n who also makes other people smile. The macho man of our group, who eats, sleeps and drinks “SPORTS”. Always be as you are …and trust me he’s gonna reach the stars one day!!..great to have u as a friend. (He has one more core competency: his “DOUBLE VOICE” :PPPPPPPP) and ya please start dancing or acting for your own sake...:P

Rutwij Chaukhande He is one of the very few people in TAPMI who portray a perfect blend of laconism and friendliness. Low living and high thinking has been his motto and hence prefers keeping a low profile (except for the fact that lizards turn him into the HULK). A true Maratha always willing to help others and probably the only one in the batch who is often heard saying, “Please take my bike if that makes your journey more comfortable” before someone even asks for his bike. But beware! He is one of the simplest guys of the batch and might just get hurt by what you say and if that happens… Majhi sathkel… Rutwij Chaukhande! People who never came to know you missed a huge opportunity of earning a friend for a lifetime.

Sindhu Krishnan If you have learnt a little bit of tamil in Tapmi, then you must be friends with Sindhu Krishnan!! A total Rajnikant fan and proud tamilian who will make sure she teaches a little bit of tamil to everyone around her. A financial analyst brimming with creativity, always involved in art & craft at her room. Wonder how she landed at Citicorp! A complete fun loving girl and its total masti being with you girl!!

Sriparna Neogi A Very dear friend to those she really cares about. Complete kid at heart but tries to behave like a matured young lady!! Complete fun to be with, never does she utter a bad word or an abuse to anyone! This is our creative lady, Sriparna Neogi, all of those who know her might think of her as a tough girl to be with but once you get past the outer layer, you will find a really sweet caring girl who will always stand by you when you need a friend. One person you can blindly trust.

Vikky Dalmia The guy with a weird real name, a weirder surname and the weirdest hindi (hai ka istamaal karo!!). He can gas without any preparation, the over friendly, the sportsman, the entrepreneur he is Vikky Dalmia. The number of things he forgets, he misplaces, he breaks because of his super quality of ‘Hypermia’ has exceeded all expectations in these 2 years! He is one of the few who loves to take initiatives and then easily pushes the responsibility on the others! He's fanatical about keeping it stylish. Resides in him a brain that is determined towards a positive life , happiness , humour, fun n love A lot many memories about pulling the leg of many people and making a fool out of himself, will stay with me forever!! A successful Indian entrepreneur is on his way!

Vineeth V

Purushottam Rawat

Easily one of the funniest guys in TAPMI, u simply cannot get bored if this guy is around. He is a go getter and has been the organizer of all our trips and hangouts. He is also one of the founding members of DKD. Never ask him the question “Tell me about yourself” cause then your in for a long sitting. Open his room door and you will wonder whether it is a Lo real outlet…but you are wrong it’s Gora’s beauty parlour….the most beauty conscious guy in our group. His efforts are not in vain… three chicks in our batch have rated him the most handsome guy of section 4. Jokes apart, he is intelligent, sincere and the main pillar of Alumni Relations Committee.

A person true to his heart. Super dancer and a total entertainer when drunk. Has the capability to reveal his and others secrets when high. But whatever it is he will end every statement by making you feel that you are the only true friend of his. Tends to get extremely senti when anyone has an opinion different from his Ashwath Damodaran, Myron Scholes, Fischer Black. These names might be unfamiliar to you but they are the best friends of Purushottam Rawat. This guy has a typical munimji look. He believes in studying and studying hard. His perseverance and his determination made him a CFA Level 1 today. You don’t find many guys with a level of determination that Rawat possesses. With a little push of confidence you will reach great heights my friend. All the Best and Get Well Soon.

Nidhi Khandelwal

Shruti Samant

One of the most popular girls on campus, she has had her moments in the spot light for various reasons. Her grasp on theories and frameworks can put anyone to shame. A hidden geek, her passion according to her is to read articles and text books. She also is a fun loving, adventure seeking girl with motion sickness! A great and sweet friend to have who is always offering to help you out even when you do not need it!

Shruti Samant the first thing that comes to mind on hearing this name is SUPER-TALENTED be it dance, or dramatics, or singing, or public speaking or absolutely anything on a stage….once she’s there, the stage is hers. Knowing her over the past two years, the thing that comes our strikingly impressive about this girl is the determination with which she delivers any task she takes up. Extremely hardworking, someone with a beautiful smile, a self- proclaimed foodie. ;)…on a personal front, she’s been a really warm person, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the time spent with you. May god bless you with best of everything in your life ahead.

Akanksha Gautam The DOC of Bakar Point, the I-Stand-ForNo-Nonsense individual, who has seen it all! Her intellectual contributions in the group include but are not limited to the discovery of a new sore throat cure, “A bottle of __” (Evil smile) . An extremely possessive person, an elderly figure, an honest friend, who would hold nothing back while giving it to the person she wishes to. She is one individual who would always crib after the exams and saying that she would get a D in the exam, but end up getting an A.. Shes one jovial, hale and hearty strong human being with the determination of a rock . Quoting Frank Crane, “What is a friend? I will tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself.”

Azhar Murtaza He hails from planet Salman. A style all his own. Humble and Vain, Open and Closed, Devout and Irreverent, he is a bundle of contradictions. The catch phrase ‘Doston ka dost’ perfectly describes him. He is one guy you know you can always count on in every situation. He drives his fiat like a Ferrari and treats it like a maruti! He always puts his friend’s interest ahead of his own. Lives by his own rules and stands by them too and the best part is, he does not regret it. One of his friends says, “The rides with him in TAPMI made the memories of TAPMI what they are today. In retrospect, it is hard to imagine a TAPMI without the friendship of Azhar in it. He will have a great future ahead of him. Maverick. ”

Chaitanya Ingle Mr dependable. You call for him and he’s there to lend you his support, although his sense of time is sometimes relaxed. Biggest foodie ever- A true Indori .Life for him revolves around what’s on the menu,‘Poha’ being his favorite, which according to him goes best in any situation.From charades on global politics to how to crack interviews, you name it and he’ll guide you through it all. A talk with him will comfort you in the thickest of situations. Right from sleeping between lectures to bunking at the last min to catch a movie, to exploring unchartered territories he’s been a part of all whims and fancies. But mostly he’s never let someone down when they needed a shoulder to cry on.

Christeena Mariam She is one of the youngest in the batch. A Quiet, demure, polite, cheerful, ever smiling gal who Keeps her priorities straight and is the glue that keeps the fabric of any team together. Has constantly been a steady pillar of support for her friends on numerous occasions. Some consider her an angel who brought in rays of sanity and credibility during some really frustrating times. She is the one who is ready to hear and help you no matter what. A dedicated “CASTLE” fan who tries to increase the fan base of castle. She is very calm and composed. Nobody has ever seen her angry till date. Making her angry is one of the most difficult things to do. She has lot of friends in Manipal and everyday a new friend keeps on adding to her friend list.

Dhananjay Tevathia

Kaushik Jadhav

Kundan Kumar Verma

The man with the silver spoon! The ultimate party freak and the most fun guy to be with. His countless and pointless stories about Zilla Ghaziabad would keep u engrossed all the time. He is also the one guy who is never afraid to speak his mind. His zest for life is contagious and so is his ‘spirit’!! The one guy everyone turns to when they need help because they know he is always willing.

Quiet, effective, efficient... and lethal when the need arises. The consistent silent assassin in grades, a true blue Dexter fan... always found atop his legendary red Pulsar. A gadget freak, proud owner of the first and possibly only Samsung SIII on campus. The true DES-GOD. The baap of Photoshop, yet always in the background, proactively shunning the lime-light. Be it SportsCom Jersey’s, or LitCom Tees, or any conclave’s design for that matter... somewhere, at some stage , his hand will be in that pie!

A swagger in his walk, with a chip on his shoulder and a cynicism so deeply ingrained, his personality will blend right into an old western movie.... as a character who is killed by the hero that is ;). Loud-mouthed, a braggart and a flippant liar: the true grampa with stories and anecdotes so wildly fantastic that you wonder why they are called old wives tales and not kundan tales. Yet a devoted lover : A true blue Bihari!!

Neha Maria Isaac Never afraid of speaking her mind, she can get her way in the tightest of situations all with reason and a flashy smile. Her signature Kinetic Honda which she found in a museum has been her ride of choice in the past few months. This is what her friends wrote “Why a testimonial for you? Because of the way you chose your word, Because of how you come across as this strong, clear headed person. Because of the way you turn wistful when you talk about your family. Because of the way the people around you look up to you. Because you are happy and goofy yet tolerant like a sage. Because you possess that rarest of combinations of intelligence and humility. we find no malice, only simplicity in you. we will always be inspired by you.”

Pankaj Yadav

Pratichi Misra

The walls are shaking, windows have shattered, and people are running for their lives. Is it an earthquake, is it a Tsunami no its worst. It’s Pankaj laughing his ass off. This Mumbai bro laughs at almost anything and that too nonstop. But his sudden changes into fits of anger can be just as scary as surprising. No one can beat this Thane boy in a battle of words. A house music fan, who wasted thousands of rupees for the Swedish House Mafia concert. a true Mumbaikar at heart.. He loves his city to the extent that he might stand his own humiliation but not Mumbai's. A great friend and fun person to be with, he will always be associated with some great times.

“The Player. The Sports-person, the decision-maker, the firaang-returned: Faartichi. The Big Momma. Possibly THE most chilled out girl on campus. Loud, decisive, knows what she wants and how to get it. No regrets, and her password on her laptop describes her stay in TAPMI. Wishing her all the luck in the world out there. The Eskimo. We have always shared something special, something so filmy, sometimes it’s too good to be true. ‘weird safe’ will always be the word for us: The Red Herring Role comes back to me, and I relish it.”

Sambit Mohanty

Sanchita Andankar

A crazy, insomniac Brit-Indian who takes pride in his ‘Oddeeya’.It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he has been blessed with the creativity gene in abundance. Be it writing, photography or speaking, he has impressed all with his plethora of talents. Not the one to settle down easily, he is always looking for the next big adventure. A seasoned traveloholic, he is the go to man for any travel related advice. A widely read man, he can hold his own in any debate or discussion. His well articulated questions stumped many a professors in the classroom. he is a fun loving guy who loves to get people together and start a party anywhere. In his two year stint at TAPMI he has given most of everyone several cherished memories in the form of photographs, videos & his unrelenting zest for life.

Simpu Singh!! A 22-year old girl with a maturity level of a 30 year old! Always holed into the room but still connected to the entire college thru Facebook! The most loyal customer of our beloved mess. This little one can miss her marriage reception but will not skip breakfast! A complete “Fabindia” freak and the slo we st shopper ever! Loves to mommy people around and definitely has the warmth of one. Carries a “don’t-messwith-me” attitude and pretends to be all macho but is sensitive to the core. ! She hates with complete zest, but once she knows she can trust you, you know you can just sit around her and expect her to grace you with her lovely company. She smiles and waves, and never lets her braves down. A lovely girl who knows not how to bestow a frown!

Saumya Varghese The curious case of Saumya Verghese. The person who has arguably spent the least amount of time on campus. The moment classes are over, she is out of the campus and off to her real world. In class, quiet like a church mouse, outside the constraints of having a faculty around, she is quite something else. So many eardrums have been punished by her shrill declarations. But always cheerful, spreading joy and caring deeply for all those who have the benefit of befriending her, though she has a tendency of categorising all ‘boy- friends’ as brothers ;) To the kangaroo-baby of batch, stay simple, stay happy: forever.

Rageshwari Hegde

Madhurima Sarkar

Undoubtedly one of the hottest girl of the batch, Rajeshwari Hegde is more popularly known as Raji by one and all, and hates to be addressed by any other name. She’s very friendly, down to earth and fun-loving, and can liven up any gathering or conversation with her presence. Some things that everyone may not know about her- she’s a cleanliness freak, who is obsessed with keeping her room cleaned; she appreciates cheap Hindi songs back from the 90s in ways most people cannot; her Hindi may not be all that perfect, but mention a long-lost Bollywood song, and she’ll be singing it word by word; also, she looks like the epitome of a modern girl, but is quite traditional at heart.

This cheerful and bubbly bongo girl looks plain at first glance, but you will be amazed with the qualities she has. A true team player with an insight for excellence and she strives for the same in all the things she does. She is the one who does lot (read all) of FAS group work. If you allocate a task to her you can count (actually bet) on it being done beautifully. This Jharkhandi gal is so focused in class that you can pretty much receive a synopsis of what was being done after finishing off with your short, sweet nap. A rare combination of a gourmand and connoisseur of art. A gem of heart and a lovely human being, we wish her success in all future ventures and endaevours.

All the Best !!!!!

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TAPMI Interface 2013  

Interface is the yearbook of T A Pai Management Institute. TAPMI is an AACSB accredited b-school situated in Manipal, Karnataka, India.

TAPMI Interface 2013  

Interface is the yearbook of T A Pai Management Institute. TAPMI is an AACSB accredited b-school situated in Manipal, Karnataka, India.