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PROJECT1:The Shape of Melody PROJECT2:Chrysalis PROJECT3:Raito PROJECT4:Fishing PROJECT5:Recycling Machine PROJECT6:Other Works PROJECT7:Case Study



Â?—„Â?­Â?† Â?Â?„ „Â?Â?Â?„„Â?Â…†€Â?   Â?  „  Â?   Â? Â? Â?   „ Â? ˆ „ Â?†

research brain processing of music

‚Â?Â…„Â? Â?Â? „Â?† Â?Â? Â?„ „† Â?„Â? Â…„Â?Â? „Â?„„†

feedback mechanism of music Â?‡ˆ„ˆ Â?ˆ‰ Â?Â?ˆˆ †


  Â?  Â?Â?Â? 

 ­   €  ‚ƒÂ?„­

Â?Â?Â?Â?   ‚ƒÂ?„­ƒÂ?„­

[1]. Mas-Herrero, E., Marco-Pallares, J., Lorenzo-Seva, U., Zatorre, R.J., and Rodriguez-Fornells, A. (2013). Individual differences in Music Reward experiences. Music Percept. 31, 118–138. [2]Ernest Mas-Herrero,Robert J. Zatorre,Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells,Josep Marco-PallarÊs. Dissociation between Musical and Monetary Reward Responses in Specific Musical Anhedonia[J]. Current Biology,2014,24(6). [3]Satoshi Nakamura,Norihiro Sadato,Tsutomu Oohashi,Emi Nishina,Yoshitaka Fuwamoto,Yoshiharu Yonekura. Analysis of music–brain interaction with simultaneous measurement of regional cerebral blood flow and electroencephalogram beta rhythm in human subjects[J]. Neuroscience Letters,1999,275(3). [4]Bean KL (1938): An experimental approach to the reading of music. Psycho1Monogr 5O:l-80. [5]Abiru,M.,Mihara,Y.,andKikuchi,Y.(2007).Theeffectsofneurologicmusictherapy on hemispatial neglect in a hemiparetic stroke patient: a case study. Neurol. Med. 67, 88–94. [6]Altenmueller, E., Marco-Pallares, J., Muente, T. F., and Schneider, S. (2009). Neural reorganization underlies improvement in stroke-induced motor dysfunc- tion by music-supported therapy. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 1169, 395–405. doi: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.2009.04580.x Altenmueller, E., and Schlaug, G. (2013). Neurobiological aspects of neurologic music therapy. Music Med. 5, 210–216. doi: 10.1177/1943862113505328 [7]Bodak, R., Malhotra, P., Bernardi, N. F., Cocchini, G., and Stewart, L. (2014). Reducing chronic visuo-spatial neglect following right hemisphere stroke through instrument playing. Front. Hum. Neurosci. 8:413. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00413

music and others

Š ­     Â?  „  ­† €        Â?Â? Â?    †

            Â?­  Â?      „  „ Â?      †

Â? Â?    Â? Â… „   Â?        Â?  „ „†



Â? Â?Â?Â?„Â? „ Â?Â’ ‹“”•Â?­ „„„Â?„Â? Â…„„„Â?Â? –Â?—˜“•™š

‹ÂŒ„Ž‘Â…Â? Â?†ŽÂ?„ „†‹Â?„ Ž€Â?€†Ž Â? „„ „Â?Â?„‹ÂŒ†‹ Â?Â?Â…ÂŽ Â? ÂŽÂ?

ÂŒÂ? ÂŒ Â? „   Â?Â?Â… Â?ˆ ˆ „„Â?  ˆ  Â?  Â?    Â?  †

color A Major Scale A Minor B Major Scale B Minor C-sharp minor C Major Scale C Minor D Major Scale D Minor E Major Scale E Minor F Major Scale F Minor



„…… —†



ƒ„„„   „†

„ †€­  „ † „ ­  †ƒ „„„†


€ †… … †


€€ ˆ „† „ ­ „† „€…  „ † „…ˆ „„†




Insta llatio n


As websites get to know our interests better, they also get better at serving up the content that reinforces those interests, while also filtering out those things we generally don't like...The danger is that increasingly you end up not seeing what people who think differently see and in fact not even knowing that it exists. (NPR, 2016)

Filter bubbles cause people with common characteristics to see the same things, reinforces established perspectives and opinions to produce echo chamber effect, lead to the generation of extreme ideas such as cyber violence, political stance and so on


Finding : Most people saw results unique to them, even when logged out and in private browsing mode.

Google’s search engine personalization relies on learning users’ preferences and the context of searches. Each search query adds to the formation of refined user profiles, in turn influencing future search results. Hence, there is a feedback loop running between users and the online search technology. This implies that certain information takes primacy over other information because it is filtered out or pushed down in the result ranks. Hillis et al. (2012, p. 15) argue that ‘a virtuous circle of cybernetic feedback loops ensues. Search algorithms “learn� about our preferences and desires as they endlessly concatenate information about personal quests of individual users’, which feeds a recursive system of ‘adaptation and modulation’.

Researchers asked volunteers in the U.S. to search for "gun control", "immigration", and "vaccinations" (in that order) at 9pm ET on Sunday, June 24, 2018. Volunteers performed searches first in private browsing mode and logged out of Google, and then again not in private mode (i.e., in "normal" mode).



of users’ friendships crossed ideology


of self-reported conservative


of self-reported liberal users actively pursued cross-ideology

Researchers distinguished between the diversity of individuals’ networks of contacts and their choices of information consumption. In one Facebook study, 20% of users’ friendships crossed ideology, but only 17% of self-reported conservative and 6% of self-reported liberal users actively pursued cross-ideology content (Bakshy, Messing, & Adamic, 2015). Although users’ passive newsfeeds were composed of about 33% cross-ideological content, uncertainty remains as to whether users chose to read it.

What do you usually see on social networks? Summarized by keywords? all kinds of cats Do you realize that you are looking at a few specific areas? Yes, it's my choice Why does this content appear? It's my choice. The content you choose will be categorized as soon as you enter the APP How do you react when you see something you don't like? How could‌ Do you think someone else might have a point? Maybe‌ Do you feel that what you see is limited? Yes, they are very similar.

What do you usually see on social networks? Summarized by keywords? Han clothing, vintage clothing Do you realize that you are looking at a few specific areas? I don't know Why does this content appear? If you always thumb up or comment you will often see certain types of information How do you react when you see something you don't like? It just makes me angry Do you think someone else might have a point? No Do you feel that what you see is limited? Well, it's always those things

What do you usually see on social networks? Summarized by keywords? Entertainment project Do you realize that you are looking at a few specific areas? It's a little confusing. Why does this content appear? Platform recommendations How do you react when you see something you don't like? Stupid Do you think someone else might have a point? Never Do you feel that what you see is limited? I don't think so‌ the information is true...



The whole piece of this design is in a black space full of different colored silk threads, symbolizing the virtual diversified network space. The cocoon represents the individual wrapped in different information, the outer silk represents an invisible isolation shield, and the inner is the information that the individual finally absorbs after being screened by the invisible isolation shield.

The 3D pen works by extruding heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure, allowing for the free-hand creation of three-dimensional objects. It utilizes plastic thread made of either acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ("ABS"), polylactic acid ("PLA"), or “FLEXY�, thermal polyurethane (“TPU�) that is melted and then cooled through a patented process while moving through the pen, which can then be used to make 3D objects by hand.

       ��     ��   � �  ­€ � �� � �    ‚  � ���ƒ‚�     ‚ ­  �� �      �  ‚   �    „ …�    �† �   � � ��‚ ­





The A ge Fa ct o rs

D ru g



ta or l s


l ica og ock


3晎照ĺź?ĺ…‰ćş?â–ź 夊芹ć?żç Żĺ?łć˜Żć™Žç…§ĺź?ĺ…‰ćş?ďźŒé€šĺ¸¸ĺŽƒ ä¸şĺą‹ĺ†…çš„ä¸ťç ŻďźŒäš&#x;ç§°čƒŒć™Żç ŻďźŒĺŽƒčƒ˝ 将厤内的光ćş?ć??ĺ?‡č‡łä¸€ĺŽšçš„äşŽĺşŚďźŒ ĺŻšć•´ä¸Şćˆżé—´ć??䞛相ĺ?Œçš„ĺ…‰çşżďźŒć‰€äťĽ ä¸?䟚产ç”&#x;ć˜Žć˜žçš„ĺ˝ąĺ­?ďźŒĺ…‰çşżç…§ĺˆ°ĺ?Š ć˛Ąćœ‰ç…§ĺˆ°äš‹ĺ¤„äš&#x;ć˛Ąćœ‰ä¸Ľé‡?的寚比。 ä˝†ć˜Żç”ąäşŽĺŽƒĺż…éĄťĺ’Œĺ…śäť–çš„ĺ…‰çşżä¸€čľˇ čż?ç”¨ďźŒĺ› ć­¤ďźŒĺŽƒä¸?ĺş”čŻĽĺžˆäşŽďźŒä¸ŽĺŽś 中兜䝖光ćş?ćŻ”čžƒčľˇć?ĽďźŒĺŽƒçš„äşŽĺşŚćœ€ 低



tal men rs to






20%-30% of people with insomnia have a sleep disorder



f el



c ac




io at

am dre


cal tors


li conf





fu m r a




study ăƒť500-1000lux ăƒťread ăƒťwrite ăƒťwork ăƒťuse computer

parlor ăƒť150-300lux ăƒťread ăƒťwrite ăƒťwatch TV ăƒťchat

o much o t y r r wo

Warning 30min

Insomnia mainly refers to chronic problems such as difficulty in falling asleep, sleep maintenance and decreased sleep quality for one month or longer.

disastrous effect


a fe


o ti

Hypertension, endocrine disorders, diabetes, immune diseases, cognitive disorders, functional dyspepsia. Disease of mammary gland, menstruation.

mental Depression, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and possibly hallucinations.

Sleep experts have conducted research on the psychological, physiological and sleep behaviors of a large number of patients with insomnia. Based on clinical practice experience, they concluded that non-drug methods should be first adopted in the treatment of insomnia, with good treatment effect. The most important non-drug approaches are psychotherapy, which includes supportive psychotherapy , interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy .

kitchen ăƒť300-500lux ăƒťread ăƒťcook ăƒťuse mobile ăƒťphone

bathroom ăƒť150-500lux ăƒťread ăƒťbath ăƒťtoilet ăƒťmake up

bedchamber ăƒť100-300lux ăƒťread ăƒťsleep ăƒťchat ăƒťuse computer










€‡€ ‹



ˆ€                           

               

                   









           









‰‡   ‚‚    ‚ ƒ„… †‡ 



Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. Fish are normally caught in the wild. Techniques for catching fish include hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping.

51,590,000 people

who went Fishing in the United States

12% the potential contribution of recreational fish harvest around the world may represent approximately 12 percent of the global fish harvest.

In spring 2017, the number of people who went fishing within the last 12 months amounted to 51.59 million.States

Mylopharyngodon piceus

hypophthalmichthys molitrix

9 OUT OF 10 Based on 34 cases from 2006 through 2017





3 IN 10 30 percent of the respondents said


Ctenopharyngodon idella

hypophthalmichthys nobilis



Teacher LiaoNing 43 5 years

emotional state Find local fishing buddies is difficult.

1.Mark Mosby of St. Anthony caught, measured, photographed and released a new Minnesota state record flathead catfish. The 52 ½-inch catch now holds a spot as the record in the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ (MN DNR) catch-and-release length category.

2.The facts about catfish often

3.What Brexit gives with one

than the legends, like the story

fishermen want Brussels to use

are even more astounding

of this 646-pound Mekong

giant catfish landed in Thai-

land. (Photo courtesy of Zeb Hogan)

hand, it can also take away. EU its trump card - access to the

essential EU market - in negotiations on how to divvy up the seas

It’s hard to find things fishing going on in your neighborhood.

4.“It is with a truly heavy heart that I post this message. May 20th we lost friends Brian Schumacher and Janet Veit to a most unfortunate accident while fishing in Iceland. From what I understand Janet fell out of a boat and Brian jumped in swiftly to save her from the cold waters. When recovered they could not resuscitate either of them.

Rarely discover and learn new fishing tips and techniques. Insufficient news makes it hard to communicate with people who share the same inter-

Adjustment Method

I want to talk to other people who have other fishing tips and techniques.


Fitness Instructor ShanDong 26

emotional state Find local fishing buddies is difficult. It is difficult to find suitable fishing equipment, for example: Hook, bait. Can not get skills to catch a certain types of fish. Lacking of skill makes fishing difficult.

Adjustment Method

I would like to know more about fishing skills and equipment.

worker JiLin 62 10 years

emotional state Difficult to find fishing buddies. Fishing alone is boring. Create my own fishing list to record the types that I have caught. Personal characteristics makes difficult to expand the social circle, and find companion.

Adjustment Method

Search for outings in your area or list your outing for all members to see and join.

· how to choose equipment and tools?


· how to catch certain kinds of·


· how to identify the type of fish and how to cook? · how to match various devices?


· habits of fish · what are the fishing skills? · how to choose fishing location?

Feedback from taobao buyers···



Someone who is interested in fishing



worker JiLin 62 10 years

Wherever you have a cell phone


Have experience in fishing.


When you want to get more information about fishing

Find more local fishing buddies Looking forward to make new friends with


the same interests.

Fishing related activity

Create my own fishing list to record the types that I have catched

know more about fishing skills and equipment.

Find the way easier

Functions 1.Seeking news, 2.Event schedules, 3.Fishing skills, 4.Fishing related information, 5.About fish,


Usability Testing

Designers should clearly distinguish between different task flow. More detail will be add, and this includes the interface, and the designer should enrich the customized service to help users obtain more information about the demand.







INTERFACE DESIGN Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. Fish are normally caught in the wild. Techniques for catching fish include hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping.The term fishing may be applied









                            ­    ­       €         

                          ­    ­    







・   ・  ・ 


・      ・       ・    




     ・    ・ 




・ ・   

   ・  ・   

・   ・   ‡  ・       




     ・    ・   



 ƒ                „



・    ・     ・ƒ       

・   ・ 





€ ・    ・       ・   





 

 ‹ Œ  ‹   Ž   ‹ 

   ‹ Œ  ‹    Ž   ‹ 

   ‹ Œ  ‹    Ž   ‹ ‰

   ‹ ‘  ‹   Ž   ‹ 


  ‹ Œ  ‹   Ž   ‹ 

…†€•”ƒ——††€’˜– Ž’˜ŒŽ•™ƒ–†€…˜‘ €••˜”ƒ–šƒ˜Žƒ•†“Ž

ƒ ˆ‹   ­‹  ƒ‰     ƒ                          

€                           



          ‡        †  



€                                        

               … ƒ                     

’            “         ƒ          ƒ  ƒ               

Œ     ƒ         ƒ     



€ ” ƒ       ƒ                                                    ƒ             … •           


€ –       ƒ      ƒ                    

               … €       ƒ               




Ž’˜†—†Ž’ƒ›€™˜‘ƒ–…ƒ ›ƒ…“€•







  ­€

ƒ €­

‚ ­€




 ”  “              

Â…   †  “        



DESIGN CONCEPT                             




Clay Model

Â?              Â? Â?        Â? Â?        Â       Â?

€      „        Â?  Â?…†‡ˆ€Â?



­         €              


Public Seat







RE-design Sewing Machine

Case Study

This design explores the new approach of music visualization.

When the idea of music visualization and producing a correlated installation firstly came up to my mind, I had just heard a concert. Inspired by melodious piano and violin ensemble, I reckoned that we could take actions to make people feel this euphonious music with more senses. I was familiar with the methods applied in music visualization. For example, salt particles were utilized to enlarge and intuitively express the acoustic vibration. Also, some software can generate a series of fabulous and shocking visual eect. However, all these above are untouchable, making a multidimensional music transformation more crucial. Therefore, I produced an installation to demonstrate music with a physical method, with which users can sense the flow of the music with their hands.

This installation was inspired by ebbs and down of the volume and tone in the music. Such elegant waves and flows evoke the scenes and imagery of nature, such as mountain, river, and ripple. After deliberation, I decided to produce some movable modules as the imagery of rolling mountains.

I came up with multiple ways to express rolling mountains, such as the moving of multi-layered mountains with specific shapes, rotating multiple circular rings with a fluctuant external rim to overlay moving mountains. I also came up with ideas like forming rolling mountains through the fluctuation of stripe-type modules, simulating the scenes of the wave with non-uniformly distributed colorful gas in the pipe, or making fluctuating stick matrix by rotating the steering engine. In consideration of better eect and feasibility, I chose to use the fluctuation of the cloth, which was generated by rotating steering engines in a specific angle.

During the process of development, the first problem was the programming of the fluctuation. At the very beginning, I intended to receive acoustical signals through the sensor and demonstrate the variation in the frequency domain after the Fourier transformations. However, in the test, it was found that noise and the sound of the steering engine is an inevitable disturbance on the signals received. Therefore, I changed the proposal. Instead of using the sensor, I directly connect the output of the power amplifier to the installation with cables. In this way, we can gain a clean and stable wave, and the rotation of the steering engine was satisfactory.

Then, when I was making the covering of the external mountain shape, I firstly used epoxy resin to shape the cloth. I used tie-dye to wrap the fabric first and then slowly brush the epoxy. The performance of such an approach was excellent. However, the cloth was too hard, and the steering engine could hardly drive the cloth to fluctuate. Even though multiple kinds of epoxy resin are tried, this situation was not improved. Finally, by looking up fabrics of different textures, I found a fabric that is easy to crease meanwhile can maintain shape. I folded the fabric into the anticipated shape of mountains, then bound, soaked and dried the fabric again and finally obtained the shaped cloth which is soft and can simultaneously keep folds. Finally, after adding LED lamplight, this installation was completed.

While playing music, this device can change its shape as the melody and rhythm fluctuates and changes. Also, different tones correspond to different colors in the playing. In addition to intuitively sensing the waves of music in color and shape, users can also touch the mountains to more clearly feel the beating of the music rhythm. This device establishes a fabulous relationship between the user and the music from both visual and tactile aspects and can give the user a better experience when listening to music.

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