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SHOW By Vincent Ha & Lisanne

ABOUT STRATUS WINERY Stratus Vineyards, established in 2000, is a sustainable, innovative winery located in the heart of Niagara wine country. Dedicated to growing and producing limited quantities of premium wine in the VQA Niagara Lakeshore sub-appellation, Stratus is the first fully LEED™-certified winery in the world. Stratus Vineyards is a sustainable, innovative winery. Their viticultural practices are dedicated to growing and producing limited quantities of premium wine. Stratus Vineyards sits on 62 acres near the southeastern border of the Niagara Lakeshore sub-appellation. It shares the benefits of the region with its neighbours, while enjoying advantages that are uniquely its own. The vineyard is far enough away from the moderating influence of Lake Ontario to grow grape varieties that need warmer temperatures in the summer. At the same time, the lakes proximity helps protect the vines from early frost in the fall.

TRADE SHOW PROJECT Stratus trade show is an event belonging to the food and beverage category which offers the industry professionals immense scope of expanding their business through interaction and networking. Drawing the major decision makers and customers from the fresh produce sector. Exhibitors profile at some top Food and Wine Expo consists of wineries, breweries, alcohol suppliers, chefs, restaurants, eateries, manufacturers and suppliers of cheese, raw material suppliers to the food industry as well as the various services provider to the industry and sub industry.

OBJECTIVES The Stratus trade show promotes their wine products to prospective buyers. More over, the show throws up an opportunity for independent manufacturers to gain greater business exposure for Stratus’s wines. Exotic and tasty wine and food pairings are also put on exhibit during the event.

TARGET AUDIENCE The trade show will include visitors like highly qualified restaurant and foodservice buyers, leading industry suppliers and vendors, potential customers, representatives of restaurant and hospitality industry, highly qualified restaurant and foodservice buyers and professional experts.

The Trade Show will exhibit the latest products of Stratus and services including wine testing, marketing opportunity, new trends and important developments in the restaurant and foodservice industry.



Main Floor

First Floor





INTERACTIVE TOUCH SCREEN: Trade show display stands have a wine cork shape with a cork screw which is labeled Stratus logo. The cork screw will be slowly spinning around like when we are opening the wine bottle.


MAIN SCREEN WINE AND FOOD: Showing a pairing wine and food map ie. white wine should go with cheese.

NIARAGA WINERY: Showing a map of wineries at Niaraga area included Stratus. The address, contact information will be included as well.

STRATUS TRADE SHOW: Showing the location of Stratus trade show in the hall and other trade show as well






RATIONALE Vincent and Lisanne started off this project with big ideas and out-of-thebox thinking, but they knew they wanted to keep it limited to a manageable budget, so they put that into consideration when buying the materials. With the image of the 3D model in mind, Vincent and Lisanne went shopping for materials. They knew for sure that wood was going to be a prominent material for this model so when they spotted the corkboards, they quickly picked it up. Along with jenga blocks that were also made out of wood, it wasn’t too long until Vincent and Lisanne had picked out all the materials that they needed to create the model. Upon getting together at a meeting place, they laid out all their materials and carefully planned out what material was going where, how long it was going to be, and the various placement options that were avaliable to them.

Starting off, they began with the bottom floor. They laid out the corkboard as a base, and glued it onto illustration board for stability. Next, they reminded themselves of the signature glass slabs that was prominent on the 3D model and implemented that on the tradeshow model via the walls. The alternating slabs of corkboard surrounded the entire bottom floor. As things were being created and glued onto the model, next thing they knew big containers that housed the wine was added, along with wooden tables fashioned out of the jenga blocks to signify the wine-testing capabilities of the trade show exhibit. Eventually the first floor was completed. It was time to work on the main floor. From the beginning, Vincent and Lisanne knew that the main floor would be the marketing location. The place where customers would go in and proceed to buy wines that were offered so there was no problem visuallizing what the wine shelves looked like, and

then proceeding to create them with the materials they had gathered previously. Soon, the wall decor and the bordering wooden stacks were glued on and the main floor was completed. For the final touches, Vincent and Lisanne decided that it would be a good idea to have an unusual large model of a wine bottle that would appear right beside the entrance of the store. Vincent added on a TV to attract potential customers and the trade show exhibit was complete. The lighting was added at the very end seeing how Vincent and Lisanne needed to have the final layout confirmed before arranging the lights on the ceiling. And that, is how the model was concepted, visualized, and created.


Stratus Vineyards