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Better knowledge... Better decisions

AdSpy is a tool that allows you to measure with a high degree of certainty responses to your advertising. Per ad, you can now know how many people called, their telephone number, exactly when they called and how long they talked.

Profit by: 01:

Maximizing Return on Investment (R.O.I.) With AdSpy you can determine exactly how many people respond to an advertisement. Take the cost of the advertisement, divide by the number of responses and you get your R.O.I.


Compare and test different strategies – Test print ads (newspaper vs, magazines) test radio time slots (morning vs. afternoon) the variables you can test are only limited by your imagination and your budget.


Test frequency – Advertisers almost always say if you run ads more frequently your ads will be more effective. Test the theory. For example, run a print ad for twelve weeks and see if you have more calls in weeks eleven and twelve than you did in weeks one and two.


Monitor your staffing needs. See how many calls you get per hour, per day, after hours, etc.


Capture “lost call" phone data. You can return calls for missed calls during the day or calls received after hours.

What you DO NOT have to do:

Sign any long-term contracts. Buy any software. No Information Technology (IT) expertise needed. No begging IT for another project. You are probably still waiting for the last three requests to be completed.

How does it Work? We give you an advertising number (local or 800 telephone number) to use per advertising media and we track all the incoming calls to that number. We forward the actual calls made to your advertising number to your current desired receiving number. You do not have to change your current number. The call forward is transparent to the person making the call and to the person answering the call. Smooth as silk

Caller 1 Caller 2

Caller 3 Caller 4 Caller 5

Advertising Number



Advertising Number



Radio Your Number

Caller 6 Caller 7

Advertising Number


305.XXX.XXXX Direct Mail Your Customer Service / Sales Department

It is an easy to use service. Just go to our website where you will be able to log on and check your reports 24/7. The call detail data is updated every day from our telecom switch to the website. This allows you to measure on a daily basis the effectiveness of your advertising. You will always have a fresh answer to the age old question: Is my advertising working?

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