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Nordic Design - from high North …Greenland!

‘inuk… easy to pronounce’ Yes, it is easy to pronounce and it means human being in Greenlandic. And Greenlandic culture which LissStender is surrounded by every day, get her inspiration to her design.

‣ inuk Design · · Box 1760, 3900 Nuuk, Grønland · tlf; +299 559411 · FB inuk Design

Together with her husband Peter Jensen who also is a filmmaker, colleague, partner and co-owner, they have jointly created INUK DESIGN As the first non-Icelander ever participate, will the Greenland designer, LissStender attend the annual design event DesignMarch in Reykjavik which is launched from Thursday 27th-30th March 2014.

! Designs by INUK DESIGN is characterized by simple graphic elements with Greenland characteristics. The simplicity of Greenland ethnography as people become infatuated as the sort of design from Greenland is not typical. It's new, hot, and fits well into any home - for all ages. For every day use The past year has her design, inuk Design aroused great enthusiasm both at home and abroad. Design articles were motivated by the Greenlandic culture characteristics, a new interpretation to a modernized form of expression in the form of textiles, wood figurines, porcelain products, clothing design and other product types. - I have long wanted to produce handicrafts that differed from the usual handicrafts articles, and during the transition process at four to five years I hit something that satisfies the modern world citizen lifestyle, says Liss Stender.. In addition to producing handicrafts puts Liss Stender great importance to her design is used on a daily basis. Textiles with motifs are quite popular, and here I have hit on something that has not had any great extent in this country. Some use the fabric for tablecloths, others anorak and some for prams, to name a few. Therefore got LissStender also an innovation award from Greenland's largest municipality, Sermersooq, for her very different and innovative design with a Greenlandic flavor. Her desire to participate in the Design March is to be noticed and hopefully get lots of contacts showing interest in buying the inuk Design products for sale abroad.

! inuk Design LissStender & Peter Jensen

‣ inuk Design · · Box 1760, 3900 Nuuk, Grønland · tlf; +299559411 ·

inuk Design in Reykjavik  

inuk Design by LissStender

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