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June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1

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DFW Rocks Social Media! The all-day social media conference organized by Lissa Duty, founder of LissaDuty. com, was grown out of her passion for educating others about the use of online social networking sites for branding themselves and their businesses.

DFW Rocks Social Media Day was designed to provide attendees with ROCK-solid information and insights on how to be a Social Media POWERHOUSE. The speakers and presentations focus on providing practical How-To’s not Why-To’s. The strategies and tools shared employ methods used by the Pros to implement and manage effective social media marketing campaigns. Andrea Vahl, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, kicks-off the day via LIVE Streaming Video. Her presentation, Facebook Marketing for PAGES, focuses on showing the attendees how to get more “Likes” and drive interactions on their pages.

Lissa Duty

Robin Moss, web designer extraordinaire, presents YouTube Video for the DIY, and makes a video during her presentation showing the attendees how easy it is to upload to YouTube, SEO, and embed in a WordPress blog.

Social Media Coaching Social Media Marketing Campaigns Training | Speaking

Serving Your Social Media Needs Globally

Lissa Duty

The Social House in Addison is a perfect venue for the first annual DFW Rocks Social Media Day conference—after all, getting social is what the day is about! Since the reason we use social media is to get more clients, a presentation on converting online connections to clients was quite relevant. Patty Farmer, founder of BizLink Global, an in-person and online networking community, presented Six-Figure FOLLOW UP: Connections to Clients. Patty shares tips on how to effectively network and expand a client base using a non-competitive and dynamic collaboration strategy. (Patty has a network of 75,000+.) LinkedIn is the social networking site that is frequented most often by companies, recruiters, and Fortune 500 professionals. The POWER of Being LinkedIn, by J.R. Atkins, focuses on how to leverage your LinkedIn Connections, put LinkedIn to work for you and your business, plus the key areas to SEO your LinkedIn profile.

Fred Campos

The next speaker, Lissa, who is passionate about Twitter, presents ROCK Your Twitter: Tweet Like a Pro. She shares the strategies and tips she employs in launching successful Twitter campaigns for her clients and promoting events online.

Your Online Social Coach

J.R. Atkins

Fred Campos, known for putting the fun in social media, presents an enlightened, light-hearted presentation on YOUR Business Interest in Pinterest. He shares his “secrets to pinning,” getting “repined,” and driving backlinks to your website. Fred throws out some tips the marketing the pros don’t normally share!

Patty Farmer

Giovanni Gallucci

Neil Lemons

The day is winding down when the Social Media Q & A Panel takes the stage. The panelists (the Pro’s, as Lissa calls them), Giovanni Gallucci, Neil Lemons, and Mike Merrill come up to bat. They’re there to answer their questions, and provide their expert opinions. No question is too small or too big!

The final presentation is Lissa, What is RIGHT for Your Business? Social Media Sites & Tools. She focuses on providing the attendees with information and insight to determine which social networking sites and social media tools are right for their business and budget. The attendees just think the day is over when the after-event networking sponsored by BizLink Global kicks up exactly at 4:01 p.m. The after-event networking is just as important as the conference! Attendees talk one-on-one with the speakers, panelists, and the other experts who filled the room.

Mike Merrill

All in all, the day is a success with over 100 attendees at the conference, and even more at the after-event networking. Attendees walk away with their pockets full of new skills, tips, ideas, and most importantly—new friends. Lissa has one final thought to close the day: DFW will ROCK Social Media once again on Saturday, June 29 & June 30, 2013, so save the date on your calendar NOW! You won’t want to miss it!

Robin Moss

Andrea Vahl

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Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 2

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Letter From the Editor DFW Rocks Social Media Day was born out of my passion for social media. Here’s the short version . . . In 2010, declared June 30th to be Social Media Day. Dale Little featured it on her blog, and requested I blog about Twitter Etiquette tips, or Twitiquette (read Social Media Day was a success for Mashable and all who celebrated worldwide! Since then, Social Media Day has been celebrated with tweetups, 2-hour events and online webinars, but this is the first all-day conference! Spring forward to June 2011 . . . DFW needed an awesome FREE Social Media Day Event. I joined with Fred Campos of Fun City Social Media, and together we promoted and presented Facebook vs. Twitter. We spoke with the attendees and compared the social networking sites, sharing the strategies and tools that worked best for us. This 2-hour event received rave reviews (with 30+ people in attendance).

Lead with personality. Amplify the real you. Be quotable. Show love. Have fun. Welcome the rascals. Make jokes. Influence influencers. Mix it up. Listen. Grow. Laugh. Help each other. Share some Fast forward to March 2012 . . . I wanted to make a day-long social media conference happen since 2010. more.

After drafting my preliminary vision, it was time to share. To introduce the concept and get feedback, ~ Vicki Flaugher @SmartWoman I went to Robin Moss, (who is one of my closest friends) and trusted business advisor; Tony Cecala founder of the Dallas / Fort Worth WordPress Group; and Fred Campos. My major goal was to keep costs low, and I began contacting local social media authorities. Their response was overwhelmingly positive, and DFW Rocks Social Media Day was born! Your “competitors” in the social space can actually be your biggest allies. Rally your own tribe of like-minded influencers on and offline and share their best content, they will reciprocate.

Most tickets were sold by the last day of early registration—the need for this day-long social media conference was there! I learned two important things in planning this event: 1) next year, a bigger venue so more people can attend; and 2) one day is not enough time! I envision next year’s conference to be on Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th, which will allow time to have social media training, marketing strategy, blogging, and the other essential trainings necessary for local business owners to leverage the power of social media.

~ @Neil_Lemons, founder of

Thank you to our speakers: Andrea Vahl, Robin Moss, Patty Farmer, Fred Campos, J.R. Atkins, Giovanni Gallucci, Neil Lemons, and Mike D. Merrill for volunteering your time on a Saturday. Without each of you, DFW Rocks Social Media Day would not have been possible. Thank you to Raven Internet Marketing Tools, Without your generous support the DFW Social Media News would not have made it to print. Thank you to KEYImage Media Solutions for providing the cutting-edge audio and video solutions for this event. And for promoting online and at local group meetings, thank you to BizLink Global, DFW Social Media Marketing Group, and Dallas / Fort Worth WordPress Group. Special thanks to my friends, John Nosal,, and Robin Moss, Robin, your assistance in finding and securing the venue, countless hours of listening, planning and helping me to ensure a successful execution is fully appreciated. (I owe you a McDonald’s!) John, your assistance in bringing my vision, the DFW Social Media News, to fruition will always be remembered. Without you having taken my early call that day, I might have dismissed the idea by day’s end. Robin and John, you have been my sounding board and source of encouragement. I cannot close this letter without thanking the attendees, my online friends. Every “Like,” “Share” and Tweet ensured the success of the promoting and sell-out of this event. The next time someone tells you that social media doesn’t work, use the success of this conference as an example that it does work, 100%. Every relationship mentioned above was developed and grown from an online connection. I will end by saying . . . Mark your calendars NOW for Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30, 2013, because DFW will once again ROCK Social Media Day! Lissa Duty One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make is trying to do everything themselves - from bookkeeping to marketing to product distribution. At the very minimum seek out a great virtual assistant to help you with the work that keeps you busy and prevents you from being able to grow your business. ~ @NatalieMacneil, founder of, author of She Takes on the World: A Guide to Being Your Own Boss, Working Happy, and Living on Purpose

Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 3

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Plan, plan, plan. Social media marketing requires planning and patience just like other marketing strategies, if not more so because it’s opt-in. ~ Andi Reis @FunCityAwesome

Social media is like networking meetings on steroids. ~ Renee Groskreutz @FunCityGal

A Business Plan is the road map to the destination of business success. Your plan is your guide specifying paths, landmarks, even alternate directions culminating in profitability. Guide your Business with a solid Plan! ~ @DaleLittle author of Tiny Book of Business Tips, Download your copy

“You Don’t Need To Be Great To Get Started But You Do Have To Get Started To Be Great.” - Debbie Mrazek Sales Guru and Catalyst An effective Social Media Campaign isn’t just about posting a Status Update or sending a Tweet. It is about selling to your audience in a way that attracts them.

The Field Guide to Sales teaches you how to understand your prospect, know what attracts them and transfer Followers, Friends, Fans and Clicks to Sales.

Are you ready to fill your sales pipeline with clients who can't wait to work with you?

The Sales Company is a management and sales consulting firm dedicated to accelerating your sales cycle while teaching you how easy it is for you to create relationships where clients LOVE to buy from you!

Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 4

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June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 5

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June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 6

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When it comes to social media, employment law and cases are changing everyday. Chances are the HR professional at your organization is aware of social media but has no concept of its benefits as they are only exposed to its use in employee investigations and sexual harassment cases. The scary reality is that these same folks are also drafting your company’s social media policy. It’s up to marketing professionals to sit down and discuss with their HR team how the tools can be used to help improve employee communication, build employment brand, and share job openings all with social media. ~ Jessica Miller-Merrell @Blogging4Jobs, author of Tweet This! Twitter for Business

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Social Video Is the Future of Online Marketing! The most successful businesses are usually the early adopters of new technologies, and this holds true in the world of online marketing. It is no longer enough to just have a landing page published in the vast space of the web. Consumers expect businesses to have an interactive website with relevant content, and they overwhelmingly make purchase decisions based on information delivered to them on social, blog, email and mobile platforms. Social video is by far the most powerful tool any business can employ to build relationships with potential customers. More and more people are looking for, talking about, and purchasing products online. They gravitate toward social video content which holds them on your site longer and converts more of them to customers more than static text content. Businesses that embrace social video and develop great content have a tremendous opportunity to engage with customers before their competition, increasing market share and establishing themselves as an industry leader. ~Mark Neace @KeyImageMedia, producer of award-winning video for 20 plus years

There is no such thing as a “silver bullet” social media tactic that will save your organization. Every situation varies depending on the nature of your work and your intended outcomes. Volunteer mobilization strategies don’t have the same as issues fundraising or advocacy online. There are some strategies for using social media that apply in most situations for maximum guerrilla impact. Visit ~ Chris Forbes, co-author of Guerilla Marketing for Non-Profits

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June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 7

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Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 8

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Saturday, June 30, 2012 8:30 am


9:00 am

Welcome | Lissa Duty

9:30 am

Facebook Marketing for PAGES | Andrea Vahl Using Facebook to market you / your business is a great way to generate traffic to your website and create relationships that develop into clients. Creating a Facebook Page is easy, but getting “Likes” on your page, comments and feedback is not easy! You can not build it and hope they will come. You have to seek out your ideal client and connect with them. Andrea will share her favorite Facebook strategies and secrets to make this easy. Andrea Vahl is co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and is the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner.

10:20 am


10:30 am

ROCK Your Twitter: Tweet Like a Pro | Lissa Duty Twitter is a POWERFUL social networking site. Twitter, just like other social networking site can be a time suck. Lissa will share with you how to manage your Twitter easily, tweet like a pro and use Twitter to get the clients you want. She is going to share some of her secrets that made her a power Twitter user. Lissa Duty, coined as “Your Online Social Coach”, she is launching an Online Social Media Coaching Program August 1st. and

11:20 am

YouTube Video for the DIY | Robin Moss If you aren’t using YouTube to generate clicks, connections and clients you are missing out! During this session Robin will make a short video (have your camera face on) and upload it to YouTube. She’ll show you on screen how to SEO the video, share on Facebook and embed into her WordPress blog! Robin Moss, founded ribit a digital marketing agency in 1994. Robin was personally honored as one of Multimedia Producer Magazine’s “Top 100”.

11:50 am


12:30 pm

Six Figure FOLLOW UP: Connections to Clients | Patty Farmer Patty will share three key strategies for turning your connections into cash, How to convert business cards into bricks of gold, How to stop struggling with “the C Word”- conversion, The two biggest mistakes business owners make that keep them from achieving business success and The perfect script to increase your follow up finesse! Patty Farmer, “The Networking CEO™”, recipient of 2011′s International Women’s Day Business Service Award as well as 2010′s “Best Business Connector in Dallas” award. Founder of

Success in Social Media depends on 3 things: Generosity, Effectiveness and Consistency. ~ @MikeDMerrill, chairman, Social Media Club Dallas “Raven’s SEO, advertising and social media tools help you work faster and smarter.”

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Lissa Duty Your Online Social Coach Social Media Coaching Social Media Marketing Campaigns Training | Speaking

Serving Your Social Media Needs Globally

Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

1:00 pm

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 9

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The POWER of Being LinkedIn | J.R. Atkins LinkedIn is more than accepting a connection! Put LinkedIn to work for you / your business! Learn the key areas to SEO your LinkedIn profile, How to get needed recommendations, Why you should post status updates, The power of joining groups, participating in discussions and How to achieve expert status on LinkedIn. J.R. Atkins, author of Success Simplified, is a recognized speaker, consultant specializing in Social Media, Mobile Apps & Marketing.

1:30 pm

YOUR Business Interest in Pinterest | Fred Campos Pinterest is now the fourth most popular social media site. The presentation will focus on How to build a Pinterest Page that would be interesting to your followers, Why Pinterest is the hottest for backlinks to your blog (or website), How to exploit Pinterest and SECRETS to Pinterest marketing the pros won’t tell you. Fred Campos, author of Social Media Success in 31 days, Chief of Marketing at FunCitySocialMedia and 2010 North Texas District Humorous Toastmaster Speech Winner.

2:10 pm


2:20 pm

Social Media Question & Answer Panel | Giovanni Gallucci, Neil Lemons, Mike D. Merrill This Social Media Panel will be your opportunity to ask the PROS in the industry your social media questions. No question is too small or too big! Ask AWAY! If our PROS don’t have the answer they’ll direct you to a resource that will get you the answer! Giovanni Gallucci develops strategy for online marketing and audience development for forward-thinking clients interested in breaking new ground online in music, television, film, missions and causes.

Neil Lemons, Texas native, is an early 30-something adventurer, mobile lifestyle enthusiast, and Marketing Consultant. Co-Founder of, a hyper-local publication that attracts 45k+ visitors a month.

Mike D. Merrill is Chief Bacon Maker and Marketing Strategist at Bacon Marketing, experienced sales and marketing professional with over 14 years experience in Fortune 500 companies and venture backed startups.

3:10 pm

What is RIGHT for Your Business? Social Media Sites & Tools | Lissa Duty Figuring out which social networking sites and social media tools that are right for your business can be quite a task! Lissa will give you 10 questions to identify which sites are right for you and discuss in detail the various social media tools available they will update your social networking sites. She’ll provide you with information to help you make an educated decision that fits you, your business and your budget.

3:50 pm

Conference Wrap-Up

4:00 pm


4:01 pm

After Event Networking | Special thanks to sponsor Biz Link Global

Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 10

Lissa Duty Your Online Social Coach

Social Media • Online Coaching


• Private Consulting • Marketing Strategy

LissaDutyVA LissaDuty

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Social Networking, just like Mail, E-Mail, Video, Blogging and Article Campaigns is another strategy to get the word out to your potential client about who you are / your brand. Are you reminding your customers that they need you / your product / your services regularly and effectively? If you are NOT marketing your business online you are missing the bus! If you are marketing your business online, but half-heartedly you are throwing yourself under the bus! BTW … posting once a day to your social media accounts isn’t marketing your business online. This I guarantee. ~ Lissa Duty, founder of and Social Media Resource Center

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Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 11

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Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 12

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Keep in mind that social media is not an easy button. You can’t just order up some and walk away knowing it will get done. It takes participation, thoughtfulness and consistency. If you’re checking social media off some big marketing check list, you’re going to fail. You have to want to do it and do it consistently over time to be successful. If you aren’t there, don’t try ... but keep learning so you can get to that point. ~ @JasonFalls, CEO - Social Media Explorer, author of No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing




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June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 13

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Social Media Simplified Results Amplified

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Intensive Social Media Coaching Programme great for marketing agencies and web designers / Facebook has added a lot of new features lately with Facebook Offers, Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories, let’s not get started on the whole switch to Timeline! Don’t give up on Facebook. I think some people are frustrated with all the changes and wondering if it’s still worth it. Facebook continues to be a place where people hang out and surveys have shown that people are more likely to recommend a brand that they have Liked on Facebook. Continue to strive for meaningful interaction while using some of the new advertising features to reach your target audience so that you can stay top of mind and use Facebook to grow your business. Measure your results and know what works for you! Facebook marketing isn’t a once-style-fits-all approach. ~ @AndreaVahl aka @GrandmaMaryShow, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies


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Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 14

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June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 15

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Editor-n-Chief: Lissa Duty

June 30, 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1 Page 16

The point of social media isn’t to be everywhere on every new site, but to be great at where you choose to go. ~ Scott Stratten @UnMarketing author of UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging

It is all about relationships… I am not in the B2B or B2C business. I choose to be in the P2P (People to People) business. At the end of the day, people do business with people. ~ @PattyFarmer, founder of, co-author of Making Your Connections Count

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The most important thing to be in business -- whether you’re talking online or face-to-face -- is yourself. If you can’t be yourself when you go to work every day, you’re in the wrong business. Period. Instead of spending all of your time trying to be someone whom you think your customers will like, start with being you. That’s the person your friends invite over for dinner. The person your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife / kids / mother / father loves. Because THAT’S the person people want to do business with. Regardless of what we might think, people don’t do business with contests, hex colors, or snazzy logos. They do business with people and brands that make them feel like human beings. And I don’t believe in the notion of B2B or B2C business. Business is always H2H -- Human-to-Human. So start every day and every concept with being you. After all - everyone else is already taken! ~ Erika Napoletano @RedHeadWriting, founder of, author of The Power of Unpopular

Consistency is key -- your social media audience will come to expect that from you and it’s your job to deliver. ~ @CarlaYoung, founder of

Social Media News 2012  

The all-day social media conference organized by Lissa Duty, founder of, was grown out of her passion for educating others abo...

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