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Get on board with (Bank Name) World Debit MasterCardŽ The world is yours to explore, experience and navigate. This Quick Reference Travel Guide makes it more manageable— and more pleasurable.

think of this guide as A travel essential to keep handy with your passport, debit card and other important items. A reliable roadmap to give you peace of mind. Find information about protections that come with your card and how to access them if you hit a bump in the road. A master contact list with MasterCard phone numbers and website addresses at your fingertips.


When you travel, cash can’t compete with your World Debit MasterCard.

More convenient than cash Running out of cash at the last minute can be as embarrassing as it is time-consuming. Your World Debit MasterCard lets you access cheque account funds on the spot, track your purchases electronically, and avoid wasting time at ATMs. It’s accepted just about everywhere at over 32 million locations and more than 2 million Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) around the world. Your World Debit MasterCard also eliminates the guesswork of currency exchanges as your purchases are automatically converted to the in-country currency at the prevailing exchange rates. More valuable than cash Cash is just currency. Your World Debit MasterCard gives you more value for your money. With so many built-in

travel privileges and benefits, fraud and purchase protections plus other travel-related insurances, the World Debit MasterCard is your passport to preferential treatment. Safer than cash When cash is lost or stolen, it’s gone for good. With your World Debit MasterCard, one toll-free call cancels the missing card and rushes you a new one. You also are protected from fraudulent, unauthorized transactions. More versatile than cash You can’t use cash to make purchases online or on your smart phone. With your World Debit MasterCard, you can book flights, purchase rail tickets, make hotel reservations, order theatre tickets and more on any computer or smart phone


GETTING ORGANIZED Haven’t taken your World Debit MasterCard on a trip lately? Take a step back. Whether you are a first time user or you don’t yet use your card on an everyday basis, follow this checklist before leaving home. Pre-Travel Checklist: Activate your debit card. If you have collected your World Debit MasterCard, you can activate it by going to your bank or by changing your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at any of the bank’s Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs). Make sure that your PIN is working. Go to any ATM to make a transaction, even if it’s just an account balance inquiry. Enter your PIN. If the transaction is successfully completed, that means your PIN is in good order. Check the expiration date on your card. If your card has expired or will expire during your trip, you’ll need a replacement card before you travel. Check the balance in your cheque account. Don’t be caught with insufficient funds in your cheque account while you’re away from home. If it’s not enough, be sure to transfer money into the account.

Bring proof that the card is yours. If there is ever an issue or question, your passport is acceptable proof that you are the cardholder. Contact the bank that issued your card to: Check for any blocks on your card Replace an expired or soon to expire card Find out if there are any daily limits for purchases or ATM withdrawals Provide your dates of travel to avoid a temporary hold placed on your card See if you qualify for travel insurance and obtain correct documentation Review your cardholder benefits and privileges in this guide and call customer service with any questions.

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World Debit MasterCard Travel Guide  
World Debit MasterCard Travel Guide  

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