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Lis Pikkorainen selected work 2007-2011

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My name is Lis Pikkorainen and I was born on 6th Aprill 1991. It was a warm spring day and there was so many blue flowers around. I use computer every day and it seems logical that I’m available in the internet. My email address is lis.pikkorainen@gmail. com and my personal and also very minimal website is I also possess a phone and I try to answer every phone call coming to the following number +372 58 051 514.


I have studied design about 4 years and I have been engaged to photography about 6 years now. I started my studies in Tartu Art School in September 2007 in graphic design specialty. Also I have improved my photographic skills in Eesti Foto courses - April 2007 photography general course and March 2009 studio photography course. I’m not very good in language studies. My native language is Estonian, also I can say that my English is good. I understand Finnish, but I can’t fully express myself so my Finnish is satisfying. I like to work alone but I’m capable to work in groups also. I like to create minimal clean designs. I can do branding, logos, photo processing, easier websites, flash animations, book publishing and much more. 4

In Tartu Art School praxis I did get chance to do design for integration and migration project Meie Inimesed game, which will go for Estonian colleges.

I’m very pleased that I got 17th place in WPPB (Wedding and Portrait Photography Baltic) in 2011 and second place in “Nuori Kamera 2011”. My photos have been published in Õhtuleht, Õpetajateleht and internet portal named kylauudis in 2010. And this current year was my first exhibitionsale in Tartu Kaubamaja. My first published photograph have been in Kalev Spa from year 2009. I have taken part of two collective exhibitions - the first was in 2008 “Hetki Haapsalust” and the second in 2009 “Oma - vahel esimene”.




91,6% 89,4%


68,1% 74,2%

Extra skills photography / measuring / cutting / painting / drawing / printing / scanning / cooking / reading / working / singing (when I’m alone) / watering plants / babysitting / cleaning / brushing teeth / washing head / making tea or coffee / playing with my iphone / playing heroes of might and magic / having a cat / speaking / workaholic / idealist / soon to be driver / writing / cutting grass / growing / fancying chocolate / fancying converses / 5


I have done some projects like photographing in wedding, birthdays and other happenings. Also I have done some room decorating work, bodypaintings, children workbook illustrations and some websites (flash, html & CSS). This is Sten Kauber’s portfolio and homepage. This website had to be minimal to make an expression with everything it contains. There is lot of pictures and some time soon videos. I really love to use white-blue-black combination especially when a person finds himself on these colors. And I’m sure that white is right color for photo gallery background. Also I have taken the photo on contact page. Web 1280x720 px Illustrator / Flash January 2011 Independent work 6


Laura Kabonen website This was homepage for Laura Kabonen. Idea was to make very minimal and anonymous photo page, which contains only necessary things (like navigation, photos and very short text about her). To keep all attention to the photos, I used for text and navigation only 60% gray. Result was what I expected - white and anonymous. This was my first website and I only used HTML and CSS. Web 854x480 px HTML / CSS November 2009 Independent work 8



Short animation “What? How? When?” This project grew out from school project and I believe I will work on this one for some time to improve it even more. It’s an animation about our “loved” planet Earth and what could happen to it, when we are so thoughtless and shut our eyes and hope that everything will get better by itself. Animation’s name comes from the reaction what I hope to get from people who have seen my short animation - What? Are things really so bad? How can this happen with us? When it will happen? How much time we have left? This animation is made with bright colors. It symbolizes that it doesn’t matter how beautiful colors we use to express something - if we shut our eyes, things themselves won’t never change. Animation Flash 900x900 px January 2011 P. Krosmann 10


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Karlova Selts logo Karlova Selts (Society) is an non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote Karlova district’s environment, to help maintain and strengthen the cultural and environmental value of the Karlova’s regional identity. The task was to design a logo for Karlova Selts. I wanted to emphasize their unique history and Karlova’s nature. That’s why I desided to use 70’s labels balance and softer colors, what describe Karlova the most. Also I used a little bit stronger and older font to make the logo complete. Print Illustrator June 2010 Independent work 12


Kindergarden J천hvikas logo This logo was for logo competition to new economical kindergarden in J천hvi. I found inspiration from newly built kindergarden itself - building is also rounded and looks much like this logo from above. Colors are bright and font is simple - just like life should be in kindergarden. But after all logo is quite formal and very presentable. Print Illustrator April 2009 Independent work 14


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Sex-educational boardgame for teenagers. This boardgame was for a student firm, who wanted to make something educational and fun for teenagers. They were very successful and they did get two awards for this - Best Box Decoration and Best Student Firm Idea. Their first idea was very pink and not very attractive (to boys for example), but after some time we decided to use two main colors - cyan and magenta. Magenta for girls and cyan for boys. To hold these two colors together, we decided to use 70% gray. I’m very pleased with result. From teenagers to teenagers. Print 423x423 mm / 94x94 mm / 94x47 mm Illustrator February 2011 Independent work 16


Integration themed game fo high school. This is a integration themed game for high school students to learn more about integration and migration (this game is for schools only). This game looks like a puzzle with very big pieces. My asssignment was to work out this game’s system, to design the game, the box and the introduction book. Also I was a little bit involved in production process - this helped me to understand how important is 1mm. Important was to make the game visible to everybody (24-32 people) in classroom and I made it happen by using cardboard, magnet and mechanic hitch. The game set is placed in well-designed box, with instruction book and two kind of game parts - hexagons and trapezes. Print 160x140 mm / 160x70 mm Illustrator / Indesign February 2011 P. Krosmann 18


Tartu Art School information booklet. This is information booklet for Tartu Art School. Colors are inspired from Tartu Art School’s logo and from its straight and clean layout. Booklets front pages are filled with text and from every pages back you find a photo what describes Tartu Art School. And on the last page you will find a map of Tartu, which shows you the way to Tartu Art School. Work assignment was to write text to booklet, design everything, find working solution to booklet and also I have taken all used photos. First it was just a school assignment, but later it became the offical information booklet to represent Tartu Art School in 2011/2012. Print 100x70 mm Iwork / Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign December 2010 Janika Nþmmela-Semjonov / Katrin Kirsand 20



Love book. It's a book which consists love. There's only one word written into it and it is "armastus" (love in English). The little 52x52 mm book is packaged into little 55x55 mm natural brown box with beautiful blue ribbon. Same ribbon, which is around the book itself. The Book is handmade. Other 52x52 mm Paper / clue / knife November 2008 Independent work 22


Awaken cat This is one of my sculptures which took very much time. Today I don’t see why I worked on that such a long time. It’s impassive for me. Sculpture 230x200 mm Clay / plaster cast May 2007 Anne Rudanovski 24



Self website Finally I worked out what kind of website I like - I worked on that about a year. It’s simple, minimal, gray and to give it some color, I used nice brigther blue. On the site first you have to choose do you want to see my work as photographer or designer and then it opens my portfolio entirely. There is information about me, about my love for photography and designing needs, which kind of things I can make, what are my skills and of course there is an overview of my photography and design works. Web 1280x720 px Dreamweaver / Illustrator May 2011 Independent work 26


Self visit card This is one of my latest designs. It’s important how I present myself and a nice visit card is also a important part of making a impression. I desided to go with a very classic way - using white background, 85% gray and Helvetica Neue Light for font. And to make it a little bit different from others, I desided to use narrower size - half of classic european bussiness card. Print 25x90 mm Illustrator May 2011 Independent work 28



Lis Pikkorainen  

Lis Pikkorainen portfolio

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