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Seating Overview

Seating Overview - Executive, Managerial and Task A selected range from our seating portfolio, offering cost effective seating for every budget, from ‘contract’ seating solutions and sophisticated Ergonomic seating designed to maintain healthy backs, through to Managerial and Executive seating. All our chairs have a distinctive style, elegance and radiate a passion for excellence that you would associate with one of the leading seating manufacturers in the UK. Of course all products carry a full five year guarantee in normal office use.

Luxus - executive seating

Verve - executive seating

Ocean - managerial seating

Vibe - managerial / task seating

Operator & Task Seating

Look - operator seating

Pop - operator seating

Spyne - operator seating

Mesh - operator seating

Backcare Seating

Profile - ergonomic task seating

Ergoform -

ergonomic task seating

Intelligent Seating

v-smart -

e-smart - intelligent ergonomic seating

intelligent ergonomic seating

Task and Managerial Seating

Breathe - managerial seating

Specialist Seating

Select - managerial seating

Workchairs - specialist seating

Seating Overview - Soft Seating and Multi-purpose seating

Song & Dance - soft seating

Amoeba - modular soft seating



Multi-purpose Seating

Sting - stacking

Jack & Jill - stacking

Add - stacking

Wap - stacking

Mix - stacking

colour options

Focus - stacking

Profile - stacking

Soft Seating

Kist & Pebble

Box-it - modular soft seating

Plaza - modular soft seating


Smile - modular soft seating


Seating Overview  

A selected range from our seating portfolio. If you cannot see what you are looking for here, please get in touch and we would be happy to h...

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