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Pivotal Combo Training Package ith Train w l’s top a t o v i P n the o s r e train d in n a r o o gym fl tudio s s e t a l the Pi our y e v e i to ach ver! e y d o best b


Achie ve your goals faster Lose body fat Tone muscles Strengthe n core

Increase flexibility

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8 for $440.00 (4 with floor trainer/4 with reformer)

12 for $600.00 (6 with floor trainer/6 with reformer trainer) 24 for $1200.00 (12 with floor trainer/12 with reformer trainer) Contact:

Suzanne Fernandez 864-320-3806

Combo Reformer Package  

Pivotal Combo Training Package Train with Pivotal’s top trainers on the gym floor and in the Pilates studio.

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