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MESSAGE TO THE COMMUNITY Dear Lisle Community, The Lisle District 202 learning community is an exceptional group of students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members. The collective efforts to ensure a successful academic experience for our students is evident every day in our classrooms and through the interactions with our students. We are proud of our learning community, their collaborative efforts, and the ongoing commitment to providing a wide array of valuable experiences for our students. This past year we worked diligently to expand our communications with our community. We launched a new website, implemented the monthly eNewsletter “Points of Pride,� grew our social media presence, and sent our Annual Report to all Lisle 202 residents. This year, we are continuing our efforts to share relevant and timely information with our stakeholders. Rather than sending one Annual Report, our district will send Quarterly Reports. We believe that this change will allow our community to more consistently see and hear about the tremendous learning our students are experiencing. In this first issue, we provide a glimpse of our school district and insight into our perspective on measuring student success. We are proud of our students, proud of our staff, and are pleased to share with you a sampling of our Points of Pride. Respectfully,

Dr. Keith Filipiak Superintendent

I do not think I could possibly relay the gratitude I feel towards the amazing faculty at Lisle, and for all the hard work all the teachers and administration put into preparing and inspiring students to better aid them in the future. Michelle Osagie, Attending Yale University Class of 2018












Lisle 202



Lisle District 202 is continually exploring ways to enhance the curriculum to best prepare our students. Adopting new math curricula at the elementary and junior high schools, and continued Advanced Placement course offerings at the high school to provide learning experiences that increase the critical thinking, application of skills, and collaborative problem solving, are a few examples of how the district is increasing rigor and preparing our students for the next levels.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses offer college credit to students who pass the associated exams. Lisle High School offers 13 Advanced Placement Courses.


students took 212 AP Exams, the most in school history.


students earned honors for their AP performance: • 3 AP Scholars with Distinction • 7 AP Scholars with Honors • 16 AP Scholars


Each day, our students experience engaging learning opportunities that enhance their skills, prepare them for the next level, and broaden their understandings. We are proud of their many accomplishments and invite you to take a look at what our students are doing in our Window Into the Classroom video series on our Lisle District 202 YouTube channel or on our District website.

The Class of 2018 Achieved a 100% Graduation Rate and Now Attend 44 Colleges & Universities. Illinois State University • Northern Illinois University • Iowa State University • University of Illinois-Urbana • University of Alabama • Southern Illinois University • Yale University • University of Mississippi • Southeast Missouri State University • University of Iowa • Elmhurst College • Augustana College • Eastern Illinois University • University of Illinois-Chicago • Benedictine University • Loyola University • DePaul University • Olivet Nazarene University • North Central College • Monmouth College • Florida State University • DePauw University • Western Michigan University • Eastern Kentucky University •University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point • Kansas University • Kent State University • Southeast Missouri State University • Ohio State University • Calvin College • University of Michigan - Ann Arbor • Washington State University • University of Dayton • San Diego State University • University of Arkansas • Clarke University • Central Michigan University • University of Wisconsin - Madison • Florida Gulf Coast University • Valparaiso University • Miami University • Michigan State University • University of North Florida • University of Miami • Brigham Young University

Lisle 202

HOW DO WE DEFINE SUCCESS? Do you remember the days of taking tests by filling in the bubbles with a #2 pencil on a Scranton form when you were in school? Or perhaps you took a “quiz” halfway through the unit of study? Back when many of us went to school, this was the only way a teacher measured how students were “learning”. Today’s educational experience has evolved to provide a wide variety of opportunities for students to show their learning every day. Current educational best practices utilize an array of different and varied types of assessements designed to show how a student is growing over a period of time. While the Illinois State PARCC Test is a commonly discussed assessment for students in grades 3-8, this test is designed to measure a student’s learning only once each year. However, PARCC is one test, on one day, similar to a snapshot, that for most students does not give a full understanding of his/her learning or ability. Lisle District 202 believes that students are more than a single snapshot. We believe that success is not defined by one test on one day. Instead, Lisle 202 believes that multiple, varied, ongoing assessment practices provide a full collection of information, similar to a photo album, to give a clear and complete understanding of a student’s academic growth. As our school district continues to develop multiple pathways for students to be prepared for college and a career, we are exploring our students’ needs, our district’s priorities, and our community’s values. In order to solidify these ideas into a plan for our students’ futures, our community’s perspective and voice is essential. In the near future, Lisle 202 will host a Vision 202 session to gather feedback to assist with this important work. More information will be shared in the coming months about the dates for this important conversation.

The teachers at Lisle are the most influential people I know. All of the teachers that I have had at Lisle want nothing more than for their students to succeed. Emily Stears, Attending Illinois State University Class of 2018

Every Student Succeeds Act At-A-Glance

What is the Every Student Succeeds Act? The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law in December, 2015 to reauthorize the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act. According to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), “The Illinois ESSA Plan represents the belief of ISBE and our stakeholders that the students with the greatest needs deserve the greatest share of our public education resources. Grounding our work in the practice of equity will ensure that we provide all students with the supports they need to succeed from pre-K through high school and onto purposeful lives.” How does the Illinois ESSA work? Each school will be evaluated on a set of academic and school success indicators. In the past, whole districts were evaluated, now, individual schools will be assessed and given a rating based on academic indicators (75%) and school quality/student success indicators (25%). Schools are rated according to the indicators in the table on the right.

School Rating


A school that has no student demographic groups performing at or below the level of the “all students” group in the lowest 5 percent of all schools, a graduation rate greater than 67 percent, and whose performance is in the top 10 percent of schools statewide.


A school that has no student demographic groups performing at or below the level of the “all students” group in the lowest 5 percent of all schools, a graduation rate greater than 67 percent, and whose performance is not in the top 10 percent of schools statewide.


Lowest-Performing Source:


A school in which one or more student demographic groups are performing at or below the level of the “all students” group in the lowest 5 percent of all schools. A school that is in the lowest-performing 5 percent of Title I schools in Illinois and those high schools that have a graduation rate of 67 percent or less.

The New

LISLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - OPENING FALL 2019 After careful consideration, extensive community input as well as a professional data collection process, the Lisle District 202 Board of Education decided to build one new Early Childhood through Fifth Grade school to replace the current aging Tate Woods and Schiesher Elementary Schools. Lisle Elementary School is scheduled to open for the 2019-2020 School year. What will happen to the current elementary facilities? The District is under contract to sell the current Tate Woods Elementary School building to Kindi Math and Science Academy for $2.5 million. The new owners plan to take possession of Tate Woods Elementary School when our new school opens. The Board of Education is still evaluating options for the future of the Schiesher Elementary School building and land. How will the school district pay for the new school? Over the past decade, Lisle District 202 has been anticipating costly repairs at the elementary school buildings. As a result of fiscally responsible practices, the District has been able to save a portion of its operating funds each year to help address the impending facility needs. Based on cost evaluations and community feedback, the Board determined that these funds will be better utilized for one new school building instead of repairing and renovating the aging Tate Woods and Schiesher Elementary Schools. The new elementary building is projected to cost approximately thirtynine million dollars. To pay for this project, Lisle District 202 will utilize approximately twenty-three million dollars of its current funds, two million dollars from the sale of Tate Woods, and fourteen million dollars from the issuance of bonds. What will be the impact on my tax bill? Lisle District 202 is pleased to share that we will be debt-free in 2019. Similar to getting a new mortgage after your current mortgage is paid off, a new bond (or loan) will be utilized for the construction of the new elementary school building. After the old bonds are paid off, the 3% of your tax bill used to repay the old bonds will be used to repay the new bonds. How is the school district planning for consolidating two schools into one? In the spring of 2018, a Transition Team was assembled consisting of teachers, administrators, and other staff to review the many considerations for consolidating our two elementary schools. The team is working diligently to address the day-to-day routines, procedures, and logistics for the new school. In addition, a team of Board members and Administrators are carefully considering the staffing levels for the new school. Students’ needs are at the center of this important decision-making process to ensure that our students are supported and enhanced during these formative years.

Southwest view of the new Lisle Elementary School.

The Learning Resource Center, or library, will be the “heart” of the new school.

Flexible classroom spaces will allow for engaging and collaborative learning.


More than 200 community members came out to the Lisle Elementary School Groundbreaking Celebration on May 19, 2018.

Lisle 202

FINANCIAL INFORMATION Lisle District 202 carefully plans and manages its finances to ensure maximum resources are available to prepare the students for college and career. In order to provide for a financially secure future, the Board Finance Committee annually reviews the District’s financial position and five year financial projection. This practice helps ensure adequate resources are available to deliver exceptional educational opportunities to all students, not only today, but for many years to come. Lisle District 202 relies almost exclusively on local revenue sources, such as property taxes, to pay for educating our community’s 1,487 students throughout the year. The graph below shows a breakdown of the various sources of revenue. LISLE 202 REVENUE SOURCES


89% Local Revenue Sources

3% Federal Revenue Sources

% increase

Lisle 202 is conscientious of the impact of taxes on individuals and businesses in the community and has limited annual increases to be consistent with the U.S. Consumer Price Index. The average annual increases have been about 1%, or $60, for the average household in Lisle for the past five years. The graph below shows the property tax increase for current owners for the past one, five and ten years. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

The majority of expenditures in Lisle 202 are for programs and services that directly impact students such as classroom teachers, instructional materials, technology, and programs for students with special needs.

Lisle 202 Historic Average Tax Levy Increases (Current Property Owners)

Lisle 202 spends its dollars where it matters most...66¢ of every dollar goes toward the classrooms!

LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT TAX RATE COMPARISON 2017 DuPage County Surrounding School Districts $ 6.45 Woodridge Elementary District 68 + Downers Grove High School District 99 $ 5.50 Indian Prairie School District 204 $ 5.00 Naperville Community Unit School District 203

$ 5.00 Lisle Community Unit School District 202 $ 5.00 Wheaton-Warrenville Community Unit School District 200 $ 4.70 Westmont Community Unit School District 201


1 year (2017)

1.4% 5 year (2013-2017)

1.8% 10 year (2008-2017)

$ 3.95 Downers Grove Elementary District 58 + Downers Grove High School District 99 per $100 of property’s assessed value

Lisle District 202 Central Office 5211 Center Ave Lisle, IL 60532

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LISLE 202 MISSION STATEMENT Lisle District 202 is committed to providing our learning community with the essential education, skills, and experiences for future success.

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Lisle District 202 Fall 2018 Quarterly  

Lisle 202 continues to expand its communications with the community through the implementation of a quarterly report. The Fall 2018 Quarter...

Lisle District 202 Fall 2018 Quarterly  

Lisle 202 continues to expand its communications with the community through the implementation of a quarterly report. The Fall 2018 Quarter...

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