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Signs of dehydrated skin on face: Overnight treatment Dry skin is the biggest problem that most women are trying to address. But did you know that there is an even bigger problem that we have to deal with? Yes, that is dehydrated skin. Even if you slather on lotion, moisturizers, and oils all over your skin, there is still a chance that your skin is dehydrated. This is because all of these products are only designed to treat dry skin which is only a symptom of dehydrated skin. If you wish to keep your skin at its healthiest and most beautiful state, you need to learn how to fight off skin dehydration too.

Treatments for Dehydrated Skin You may think that a dry skin treatment is already enough to fight off skin dehydration but please keep in mind that skin dryness is just one sign of skin dehydration. If you wish to target all the signs mentioned above, here are the treatments that you should try.

1. Hyaluronic Acid This is a substance that is responsible in keeping the skin taut and elastic. The loss of hydration in the skin can impede the production of this substance which may lead to sagging or tightness of the skin. Lucky for you, there are now plenty of hyaluronic acid serums or skincare products that can help you deliver the hydration and nourishment that the skin needs. If you wish to treat dehydrated skin overnight, this is a great option for you.

2. Water-Lots of it! The easiest and simplest way to treat dehydrated skin is to drink water-lots of it. Doing so can help increase the blood flow to the skin, making it healthy and beautiful. Experts recommend that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water all throughout the day to help maintain the healthy functions in the body. In addition to drinking water, it is also recommended that you supplement your diet with by eating foods that have high water content like fruits and green leafy vegetables.

3. Humidifier A humidifier can aid in adding water vapor to the air, preventing water loss in the body. Experts recommend that you leave humidified overnight so you can easily target the signs of dehydration. This tip is a must for people who are living in places with dry climates. This will also come handy during the winter season.

4. Vitamin E This vitamin is the best vitamin for healthy skin as it can hydrate and condition the skin. If you wish to treat dehydrated skin overnight, break open a vitamin E capsule, gather its content and apply it directly to your skin. If you are already suffering from severe dehydration, the best thing that you should do is to seek the help of a medical professional to prevent unwanted complications.

The Signs of Dehydrated Skin But before we do that, we must learn to identify if your skin is dehydrated or not. With that in mind, here are the signs of dehydrated skin that you should look out for. 1. Tight Skin When your skin is well hydrated, it is elastic and firm. But when it is too tight, it may be a cause of longterm skin dehydration. This is because it may indicate that the skin already lacks vitamins, minerals and other substances that are responsible for maintaining the skin's elasticity. 2. Itchiness/ Cracking Skin The first sign that you will notice is itchiness. But if the dehydration is already quite severe, you may see small cracks on your skin. This sign is not just unsightly-it can be unhealthy for you as well. Keep in mind that the skin is our body's first line of defense against infection. When the skin breaks or cracks, bacteria and other infectious substances are given the chances to get into your skin which may lead to unwanted infection and illnesses. This is why skin dehydration must be addressed right away. 3. Increased Skin Sensitivity According to experts, dryness and dehydration pave the way to the highly sensitized skin. When your skin is weak and dehydrated, it will be prone to allergic reaction, irritations, inflammation, redness, flushing and many more. If you are already dealing with the issues of skin sensitivity, it is recommended that you use products that are free of harsh chemicals and other unwanted additives. You should also refrain from using active ingredients that cause a wide array of side effects as these can make the skin more irritated. 4. Fine Lines and Wrinkles Pinch your skin on your cheeks. If it exhibits fine lines, it means that your skin is dehydrated. Other common signs of dehydration are deep wrinkles around the eyes and a few fine lines on your forehead. This is because of the loss of plumpness of your skin. 5. Puffy Eyes While your skin may either feel tight or saggy, the skin surrounding your eyes may become puffy. This is because of the poor blood circulation in your body which comes as a result of lack of hydration in the body. 6. Pale Complexion Since the blood in your body is not properly circulating, you can expect that the skin will lose its pinkish healthy glow. In addition to that, the skin on your face, arms, and neck will appear sullen and unhealthy. You can also expect your scars to be more pronounced and obvious. You may also notice a few flaky spots along with dark circles around your eyes. 7. Sagging Cheeks Aside from skin tightening, your skin will feel a bit saggy. This is because it has lost all the nutrients needed to keep the skin elastic. Signs of sagging are most expected in the cheeks area.

8. Acne There are a few individuals who are prone to acne breakouts if their skin is extremely dry. If you are one of those people, then these breakouts can be a sign of skin dehydration. 9. Rough Skin Texture A skin that has been dehydrated for quite a while may start to lose its elasticity and softness. As a result, the skin may feel rough. In addition to that, you may also experience skin thinning and sagging. 10. Flaky, Peeling Skin If the skin is way too dry, then peeling of the dead skin cells may occur. The flaking problem may start near and around your eyebrows. If you find yourself picking away flaky skin from your eyebrows, then you should have your skin checked.

Signs of dehydrated skin on face  
Signs of dehydrated skin on face  

Signs of dehydrated skin - Dry skin is the biggest problem that most women are trying to address. But did you know that there is an even big...