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LISFE @ DE MEELFABRIEK Location: De Meelfabriek, Leiden Date & time: 30 April, 1 - 2 May Admittance: €10/day or €15/3-day Pass

We are proud and excited to present you the 7th edition of Leiden International Short Film Experience. LISFE is transforming into an ever more dynamic festival that combines film with other forms of art, exploring new ways of enhancing the film experience.


For the first time we are introducing a thematic LISFE edition. This year’s theme is “Beyond Borders,” indicating our aim to blend film with art and redefining the short film experience. During this edition you will witness how music can blend with short film, how it is possible to make a film without images, and how dance can be choreographed by film. As part of this theme, our programme includes films that cross the borders between humans, countries, cultures, and between our world and the rest of the universe. We invite you to think together with us about how everything inevitably blends into one another, and question the often rigid ways in which we categorize films, art forms, sensations, and each other. Talented filmmakers, performance artists and film experts will join us on this journey. You, as the “big spectator”, will have the opportunity to interact with them during Q&A’s and public peformances or art installations. Moreover, this year’s special film & discussion session is dedicated to migration, an urgent issue that is addressed by young filmmakers from different parts of the world. In its 7th year, LISFE has engrained itself into the entertainment scene in Leiden. After the Kaasmaarkt School and Scheltema in previous years, LISFE continues the tradition of screening short films in Leiden’s historical venues. This year, we invite you to explore the mysterious ambience of the industrial complex De Meelfabriek. We will launch LISFE 2015 with an opening ceremony and the premiere of the short documentary “De Meelfabriek Inside Out”, inspired by and filmed at De Meelfabriek.


LISFE 2015 is bringing you more than 100 high quality films from 43 countries, divided into Official Competition and Official Selection contests, the former group competing for the Jury Award, and the latter for the Audience Award. These awards will be presented on May 2 during our Award Ceremony. Our broad programme with performances include a holographic film projection on De Meelfabriek’s outer walls, an interactive film experience with virtual glasses, Eef van Breen Group’s experimental project “film without images”, the interactive installation “Folding My Body” that will culminate in the choreography “Twist In The Body Of The Big Spectator” by Emilie Gallier and KABK, Eric Peter’s film and art project “Familiar Strangers” that is based on the artist’s travels in Pakistan, Asian cinema platform Viddsee’s exclusive film session, and finally, Leiden Observatory’s amazing Full Dome Experience that you can enjoy with the whole family. With a 180° or 360° view, you can experience the different ways of interacting with short films at LISFE. We wish you a great time at LISFE, and we hope to see you at other LISFE events throughout the year! LISFE Team



DE MEELFABRIEK INSIDE OUT Premiere THU, 30/04, 18:30 LISFE will launch its 7th edition with an Opening Ceremony featuring the “De MeelFabriek Inside Out”. This project unites the history of the industrial complex with the stories of the people who have shaped its past and are bringing it into life again. “De Meelfabriek Inside Out” contains interviews with Ab van der Wiel, Izaak Zwartjes, Bram Marijt and many more. As part of the project, giant portraits of the interviewees will be hanged on the walls of De Meelfabriek by professional climbers during the opening of the festival. Get ready for the adrenaline! After the screening, you will have the oportunity to ask the protagonists of this project what you always wanted to know about De Meelfabriek. Grab your drinks, take a seat and brace yourself for this exclusive documentary! Director: Thibaut Prod´homme Producer: Ana Bernardo Editor: Tulasi Das Soundtrack: Leo Fabriek Photographers: Mijn Fotowerkplaats Interview recording: Cinemaffia Soundtrack recording: Hans Custers Climbers: Ben Healey & Karel Pieterplas Subtitles: Aju Shrestra & Bastiaan Bouwman Special thanks to: Otto Selis, Vincent Morris, Julie Périon, Mariateresa Coppola, Mia Klinten Grand, Paul Laudy, BrandAid, De Meelfabriek, The Printer Copyservice (Leiden), Tiphaine Lagadec, Munadi Ahmad



WELCOME CENTER The Welcome Center is located at the entrance of De Meelfabriek. Here you can buy your festival tickets, check out the special festival merchandize, and get information about the programme and locations. You will also have the opportunity to relax and enjoy some special performances and installations. FOLDING MY BODY PERMANENT INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION “Folding My Body” is an interactive installation settled in the Welcome Center. The installation works as a mobile app, but an app from the past: stripped from the phone’s technology. What remains is the joy of playing and sharing with one another. The installation aims to let its user choreograph a dance and give shape to a body that folds upon itself. By drawing some dots, and scanning them, each user can discover on the screen the moving body that they composed. The movements of folds play with the reality of the body’s structure: they reconfigure the body and open up to other ways of thinking the dance. The resulting sequences of movement will be recorded and become part of the performance “Twist in the Body of the Big Spectator” played during the award ceremony (see p.19). Concept, choreography: Emilie Gallier Interactive installation: Eva van Bemmelen, Rafael Henneberke, Sanne Kloppenburg, Joëlle Erkamp (KABK) Prod.: PØST Cie Co­prod.: LISFE, KABK Royal Academy of Art. -6-

THE JAZZ SINGER FRI, 02/05, 21:00-21:45 The Jazz Singer (1927) was the first film with a dialogue sequence, thereby ending the era of silent films. By then, theater and film were differentiated by the way in which they relayed dialogues: sound vs. text. With the introduction of sound technology, theater and film drifted further apart. Hence the central question of this performance: What happens when you turn a sound film into a theater play, using the rules of the silent film? This performance will turn the only dialogue scene in The Jazz Singer into a silent theater play. VIRTUAL REALITY DEMO SAT, 03/05, 16:40 - 19:00 This is your opportunity to experience film in 360⁰ with virtual reality glasses! A Perfect Party is an interactive virtual reality motion film optimized for oculus rift. During this interactive film, you will find yourself in the middle of a party. How successful the party will be completely depends on you; it seems a lot of things can go wrong. Take a good look around, play your role in the story, and maybe you can still turn the evening into a blast! A collaboration between MediaLAB, WeMakeVR and Vondel CS. CONCERT: LION, MEET LIZARD SAT, 02/05, 19:00 - 19:45 Lion, Meet Lizard is the electronic solo project of Chris Tieken. He combines synths, slow beats, and melodic guitars with vocals drenched in effects. This results in the unconventional mix of indie and electronic sounds. On stage Lion, Meet Lizard’s sound is blended with mesmerizing visuals by Donna Piët.


OFFICIAL COMPETITION This year, 17 short films from around the world are competing for the Jury Award. These films have been carefully selected and nominated for their power of cinematic expression and courage in opening new horizons by the way they treat their subject matter.



Fever, Ira Ustelentseva, Ukraine, 2015 Inbetween, Jannis Lenz, Austria, 2014 Samnang, Asaph Polonsky, USA, 2013 Counting Backwards, Sean De Sparengo, UK, 2014 By Mutual Agreement, Rémy Cayuela, France, 2014


The Canaries Know, K. Krasniqi, Cosovo/Denmark, 2014 Excursion, Adrian Sitaru, Romania, 2014 Free Range, Bass Bréche, Lebanon, 2014 Mr. Invisible, Greg Ash, UK, 2013 Hole, Martin Edralin, Canada, 2014 Symphony No.42, Réka Bucsi, Hungary, 2013 pohja, Mika Kurvinen, Finland, 2013


The Chicken, Una Gunjak, Germany/Croatia, 2014 The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375, O. Zohairy, Egypt, 2014 The Karman Line, Oscar Sharp, UK, 2014 Northern Great Mountain, A. Kernell, Sweden, 2014 Till Day’s End, Amitai Ashkenazi, Israel, 2014 The Sandwich Island Man, L. Minasian, France, 2014

JURY PROFILES Wouter Jansen is the head of programming at Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. His festival distribution company Some Shorts specializes in visually powerful and daring Dutch short films and documentaries, some of which have been featured at festivals such as SXSW, Berlinale, Locarno, IDFA, San Sebastian and Visions du RĂŠel.

Sonja Wyss is a long-established artist based in Amsterdam. Her video installations and experimental films have been shown at internationally renowned galleries, museums and film festivals. Recently her video film GrĂźezi wohl Frau Stirnimaa was featured in Quinzaine des Realisateurs at Cannes.

Casper Eskes started filmmaking as a child, and continued to pursue a degree at the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Currently he is working with Niek Teunissen and Wim Boven as Umami Media in Amsterdam. Umami Media focuses on creating diverse and audience-focused work. So far they have been developing cinema features, television series and formats.


OFFICIAL SELECTION BORDERS In four sessions we bring you the best short films that explore borders and boundaries in different ways. Follow the Instructions, Begoña Soler, Spain, 2014 Humpty, Clare Sackler, USA, 2013 Pan-demia, Ruben Sainz, Spain, 2014 BI Declared Dead, Arne v. Nostitz-Rieneck, Austria, 2013 Even Cowboys Get to Cry, Mees Peijnenburg, Netherlands, 2013


The Gardener, Jo Henriquez, Curaçao, 2013 With Best Regards, Bernhard Wenger, Austria, 2013 Firstborn, Leah Tonic, Israel, 2013 Volta, Stella Kyriakopoulos, Greece, 2014 Baby Mary, Kris Swanberg, USA, 2013 Small Yellow Field, Rodd Rathjen, Australia, 2013 Two Hearts, Katarzyna Warzecha, Poland, 2013

My Friend’s Friend, Mila Fakhurdinova, Kazakhstan, 2014 A Tropical Sunday, Fabian Ribezzo, Mozambique, 2013 Tides, Adam Breier, Cuba, 2013 Chekhov’s Gun, Mano Arvanitakis, Greece, 2014 Travellers into the Night, Ena Sendijarevic, Netherlands, 2014 Followers, Tim Marshall, UK/Australia, 2014


The Visit, Inbar Horesh, Israel, 2014 Yes We Love, Hallvar Witzø, Norway, 2014 Two Sugars as Always, Thore Schwemann, Germany, 2014 BIV Requiem for a Robot, Christoph Rainer, Germany, 2013 Rollercoaster, Marek Marlikowski, Poland, 2013 Fenne, Bob de Brabandere & Wouter Klinkenberg, Netherlands, 2015



THU, 30/05, 22:45 - 00:15 Get ready to cross borders and try different flavors of Asian cinema from the comfort of your seat! This session is brought to you in collaboration with, a web based and mobile short film platform founded by Asian filmmakers that creates a gateway from the local to the global. Hikikomori, T.K. Cheng, Singapore, 2014 In Between, Sharofat Arbova, India, 2013 Crossings, Amos Ezra Katz, Singapore, 2013 Ohayo Sapporo, Kim Seong-Jun, S. Korea, 2011

MIGRATION SESSION SAT, 02/05, 14:45 - 16:30

Why does “migration� have that certain ring to it? Who draws the maps? Who makes the rules? Who breaks them? In this special discussion session, we will watch films that reflect different facets of this urgent and global issue. Afterwards we will open the floor for public discussion. Join us and speak your mind! Guest speakers: Birgit Kaiser (Utrecht University) Tayfun Tezel (Leiden University) Q&A: Sorayos Prapapan, Fadi Hindash Out of Place, Ozan Mermer, Germany, 2014 Auntie Maam Has Never Had a Passport, Sorayos Prapapan, Thailand, 2014 As He Lay Falling, Ian Waugh, UK, 2014 Mama Agatha, Fadi Hindash, Netherlands, 2015 -11-

OFFICIAL SELECTION ANIMATION I & II Nobody wants to miss the animation sessions! The most creative animations from around the world, exploring different moods and sensations.

Yin and Yang, Olga Guse, Germany, 2014 Nina, Veronika Obertova & Michaela Copikova, Slovakia, 2014 The Giraffe and Me, Daria Kashcheeva, Russia, 2014 Home, Agnieszka Borowa, Poland, 2014 Photo, Mashaallah Mohammadi, Iran, 2014 Beach Flags, Sarah Saidan, France, 2014 Hunting for Hockney, Alice Dunseath, UK, 2013 Minoule, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, France, 2014 Follow Through, Liz el Saadany, Netherlands, 2014 Bath House, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Sweden, 2014

EROTIC Late night shorts that navigate the erogenic zones. DaphnĂŠ or the Lovely Specimen, S. Laudenbach & S. Derosne, France, 2014 24/7, Jeanette Wagner, Germany, 2014 Endemic's Greed, Natalia Dziedzic, Poland, 2014 Be, Maria Amanda Celi, Argentina, 2014



A Blue Room, Tomasz Siwinski, France/Poland, 2014 Queenie, Paul Neason, New Zealand, 2014 Man on the Chair, Dahee Jeong, France, 2014 The Blue Marble, Co Hoedman, Canada, 2014 Shades of Gray, Alexandra Averyanova, Russia, 2014 Mia, Wouter Bongaerts, Belgium, 2013 Timber, Nils Hedinger, Switzerland, 2014 Tupilaq, Jakob Maqe, Denmark, 2013 Mirror in Mind, SeungHee Kim, South Korea, 2014

OFFICIAL SELECTION AFTER MIDNIGHT I & II Late night uncanniness at a derelict factory... Not for the faint of heart! Gummifaust, Marc Steck, Germany, 2014 Jagawana, Svetlana Dea, Indonesia, 2013 From the Guts, Leandro S. Cozzi, Argentina, 2014 The Pond, Jeroen Dumoulein, Belgium, 2014 Killing Auntie, Mateusz Glowacki, Poland, 2013

DOCUMENTARIES The Last Projectionist, Vito Palmieri, Italy, 2014 The Factory of the World, M. Rainio & M. Roberts, Finland, 2014 Hotel 22, Elizabeth Lo, USA, 2014 Coffin Maker, Theo Anthony, D.R. Congo, 2013 Madame Lee, Pier Emanuel Petit, France, 2014 Imraan, C/o Carrom Club, Udita Bhargava, Germany, 2014 Arcadia, Petra Noordkamp, Netherlands, 2014

SCIENCE-FICTION Carefully selected nerdy delights for sci-fi lovers! Home, Carlos Alonso Ojea, Spain, 2013 Lothar, Luca Zuberb端hler, Switzerland, 2013 Tuning Oscar, Mikel Alvari単o, Spain, 2014 He Took His Skin Off For Me, Ben Aston, UK, 2014



Exploration is a life-long journey. This session brings you sights and impressions that truly matter.

OFFICIAL SELECTION EXPERIMENTAL I & II Get your yearly dose of abstract creativity by the artisans of the cinema. This is the genre in which the borders between art and film are most transparant. Konrad & Kurfurst, Esther Urlus, Netherlands, 2013 The Japanese Girl, Ignacio Masllorens, Argentina, 2014 Dust Poetry, Nan Wang, Netherlands, 2014 Garden of Stone, Sasha Waters Freyer, USA, 2014 Emerging Landscapes, E.Chemana, Netherlands, 2014 Vigilance, Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan, Canada, 2014



Re:cycled, James Pomeroy, Canada, 2014 Abstraction 42, Morgan Beringer, UK, 2014 Nan Lakou Kanaval, Kaveh Nabatian, Canada/Haiti, 2014 Oneiria, Jeroen Cluckers, Belgium, 2014 Dark Matter, Karel Doing, Netherlands, 2014

Unleash the beatnik in you! Amazing road stories about those who want to hit the road and get away. Off the Highway, Rhona M端hlebach, Switzerland, 2014 Lullaby of the Butterfly, Tonia Mishiali, Cyprus, 2014 Dirty Linen to the Sun, Ramiro Zamorano, Chile, 2014 River, Pier-Luc Latulippe, Canada, 2014


CINECONCERT FRI, 01/05, 21:45 - 22:15

Er Gaat Niets Gebeuren, R. van Doorn, Netherlands, 2013 Music by Mark Oomen For LISFE’s 7th edition, director Roeland van Doorn and composer Mark Oomen are joining forces for a unique collaboration. Van Doorn’s short film Er Gaat Niets Gebeuren (2013) has been well received and was selected for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA 2013). For his film, Van Doorn made use of equipment that he developed himself to receive unprotected signals from several different security cameras. The movie focuses on the tension between security and privacy, and shows the obsessive manners in which people want to observe their environments nowadays. The score of the movie –which originally doesn’t feature any music at all– is written and produced by Mark Oomen. With a composition written for acoustic guitar, trumpet, saxophone, violin and cello, the audience is taken on an audio-visual journey, in which the uncanny feeling of being observed is expressed both visually as well as musically. Roeland van Doorn, the director, will be present for Q&A.


Permanent Installation FRI, 01/05, 18:00 - 19:00 Performance artist Eric Peter travelled to Pakistan this March to shoot short videos for his new project. Peter will unveil his project that contains his impressions in an installation at LISFE, which combines film with sculpture. Here is the project in his own words: “Many traditional points of reference and age-old habits are being recomposed or uprooted. With the threat of worldwide crises, conflicts and wars in the back of our minds, we are in desperate need of a social transformation worldwide. A state of mind which is more positive, more considerate and more friendly. The project ’Familiar Strangers: Conversations on the Near Future’ is a performance film which explores this social transformation towards the more positive from a personal and local point of view. The concept of “familiar stranger" relates to meeting people whom I am not acquainted with, yet with whom this certain mindset is shared. From actual and sincere meetings with strangers, I construct performances which they act in themselves. These performances, but also the meetings beforehand, are documented and compiled as different chapters of a whole. The sculptural presentation of this work combines both meeting and screening place. The different video works will be shown accordin gly, but the intimate architectural space of the installation stimulates the opportunity to converse and discuss on that which is shown.”



THE FULLDOME EXPERIENCE SAT, 02/05, 11:00 - 14:00

The planetarium is waiting for you in De Meelfabriek for an unforgettable 180o film viewing experience! Brought to you in collaboration with the Leiden Observatory, this special event requires registration at A great activity for people of all ages! Session 1: From the Moon to the Center of our Galaxy Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way, L.Christensen, Germany, 2014 Back To The Moon For Good, Max Crow, USA, 2013 Session 2: Astronomy and Art The Space Between, C. Clausnitzer & K, Sengstaken, Germany, 2014 Astronomy Phographer of the Year 2014 Session 3: International Year of Light 2015 Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way, L.Christensen, Germany, 2014 Losing the Dark, C. Petersen & M. Petersen, USA, 2013 Session 4: From the Moon to the Center of our Galaxy Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way, L.Christensen, Germany, 2014 Back To The Moon For Good, Max Crow, USA, 2013



Permanent Installation Every building has its own soul. Without any context, some places have a negative vibe and other places fascinate and challenge us. What creates this vibe? To what extent can we imagine this feeling or soul of a building? Is it the sum of its architecture, the time that has passed there or the memories and emotions of the people who lived and worked at that place? In a special way, this installation integrates projections in the historic building, allowing the building to tell its own story. In combination with a sound composition, artists Ruud Terhaag and Marleine v/d Werf will create an illusion to the public that seeks out the boundaries between reality and imagination.

AWARD CEREMONY & PARTY The Jury and Audience Awards of LISFE 2015 will be presented to the winners! This special moment will be preceded and followed by two exclusive performances that explore the borders between film and art in unique and complex ways. Bring your dancing shoes! After the Award Ceremony we will dance the night away at our amazing closing party!


TWIST IN THE BODY OF THE BIG SPECTATOR by Emilie Gallier and KABK A choreography about the body of the audience, its breath, its skin, its voice, and the multiplicity of the individuals forming it. The piece investigates the ways in which spectators can become implicated by and contribute to the performance. A conversation in folds that reshapes bodies and triggers images. For LISFE, an excerpt of “Twist” will be performed in relation to the analog smartphone application “Folding My Body”. CHAPMAN PRESIDENT by Eef van Breen Group Chapman for President is the first ever ‘picture-less’ movie! A thrilling live-performed road movie for the ears, full of exciting music, stories and sounds that bring alive the images from your own memories. Your imagination will be stimulated and activated by live-performed audio impulses such as music, words and sounds. After years of intense research you will be part of the Eef van Breen Group’s last research phase; the development of visuals by video artist Karl Klomp to support the levels of concentration required to stimulate the imagination. CLOSING PARTY with DJ Knapzak Desperate times call for desperate measures. That is why Niek Hilkmann, known at LISFE for his VHS Workshops and grotesque Dodo Drama animation, takes hold of the DJ booth to get the people on the move once again! Sporting a classic array of popular obscurities and obscure popularities, he spins records and floppy disks as none other than the industrious DJ Knapzak. A proper excess of a meta-modernist age, to be enjoyed be all! Visuals by Donna Piët. -19-

LISFE FACILITIES WELCOME CENTER You can visit the Welcome Center for information about tickets, screening times or performances. Here you can also make use of the restrooms and lounge chairs. Please bring cash to pay your ticket. We do not accept pin cards and the closest ATM machine is at Hooigracht 85, 2312 KR Leiden. FOOD & DRINKS THU/FRI, 17:00 - 01:00 SAT, 11:30 - 02:00 Nobody likes watching films on an empty stomach! Therefore the foodtrucks Adams Appels and Choripan will be present at De Meelfabriek for your gastronomical convenience. At our food trucks you will find the most delicious foods and drinks suitable for all, including vegetarians. Payment methods: Cash, PIN FOR YOUR SAFETY - Children should be supervised at all times (one child per adult). Children should leave balls, skates, and other large or noisy toys at the Welcome Center. - We strongly urge you to refrain from entering the other buildings at De Meelfabriek compound due to possible safety threats. LISFE does not accept any liability or responsibility for physical injuries or damages of any kind before, during and after the festival. - Please mind your belongings; LISFE does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. - In case of a medical emergency, please report to the Welcome Center for assistance.



1. Entrance 2. Welcome Center 3. Guests 4. Food trucks 5. Installation: Folding My Body

6. Installation: Portals 7. Installation: Familiar Strangers (1st Floor) 8. Zumthor Room (2nd Floor) 9. Yellow Room -21-

17:00 - Doors open 18:30 - 19:00 Climbers

17:00 21:00-2

17:00 - 01:00 Folding My Body

17:00 -

19:00 - 20:30 Opening Ceremony 21:00 - 22:30 Competition I 22:45 - 23:45 Animation I

18:00 19:30 21:45 22:45 00:15 -

Yellow Room

Zumthor Room

Welcome Center

THU 30/04

21:00 - 22:30 Borders I 22:45 - 00:15 Asian Shorts (VIDDSEE) 00:20 - 01:15 Erotic

18:00 20:00 22:45 00:00 -




Food Trucks Portals (Installation) Familiar Strangers (Installation)

Food Tr Portals Familiar

* Q&A with directors All films are spoken or subtitled in English.

FRI 01/05

- Doors open 21:45 The Jazz Singer

- 01:00 Folding My Body

- 19:00 Familiar Strangers - 21:00 Competition II - 22:15 Cineconcert - 00:00 Sci-Fi - 01:00 After Midnight I

19:30 Animation II 21:30 Documentaries * 23:45 Borders II 00:40 Experimental I

rucks (Installation) r Strangers (Installation)

SAT 02/04 12:00 - Doors Open 16:40 - 19:00 Virtual Reality 19:15 - 20:15 Lion, Meet Wizard 11:00 - 19:15 Folding My Body

11:30 - 14:15 Full Dome Planetarium 14:45 - 16:30 Migration * 17:00 - 18:45 Competition III 20:30 - 23:00 Award Ceremony 23:00 - 02:00 Closing Party

13:30 - 14:30 Travelling 14:45 - 16:30 Borders III 17:00 - 18:45 Borders IV * 19:15 - 19:45 Experimental

Food Trucks Portals (Installation) Familiar Strangers (Installation)

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Lisfe 2015: 30 April - 1 - 2 May  

LISFE´s 7th edition offers a programme that includes films that cross the borders between humans, countries, cultures, and between our world...