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March 19, 2014 The Honorable Charles T. Hagel Secretary of Defense Dear Secretary Hagel: In February 2013, I requested that all agencies conducting reconstruction activities in Afghanistan provide my office with program and contract data for those activities (see attachment). Specifically, I asked that the Department of Defense (DOD) provide detailed information for all contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants for reconstruction in Afghanistan for the period from fiscal year 2002 through February 28, 2013. In April of 2013, your Department provided SIGAR with a significant amount of contract information. This data has provided valuable background information for our analysis. However, after compiling and analyzing the data it became apparent to my staff that there may be a discrepancy between the April 2013 contract data and earlier data provided to my office (described below). In April 2013 my office received the following full or partial data for the period between 2002 through February 28, 2013 for the following funds and contracting authorities:        

The Afghan Infrastructure Fund, Commander’s Emergency Response Program Fund, The Afghan Security Forces Fund The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The Task Force for Business and Stability Operations, Army Contracting Command (ACC) – Aberdeen Proving Ground, ACC – Warren, ACC – Rock Island.

According to my office’s analysis, the value of the contracts included in the April 2013 submission totaled approximately $23 billion. However, according to data provided by OSD(Comptroller) from the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) database as of March 31, 2013, obligations for the Afghan Security Forces alone totaled $44 billion. The Afghan Security Forces Fund is only one of the five major reconstruction funds for which the DOD is responsible. The significant difference between the total for our contract data and that indicated in the DFAS database leads me to believe that my office does not have complete contract data or has not received information that would allow us to reconcile the two. As you know, SIGAR’s mission is to prevent and detect waste, fraud, and abuse in reconstruction programs in Afghanistan. Fulfilling this mission requires detailed and comprehensive information on how and where our reconstruction funds are spent. We have attempted to reconcile the identified discrepancy in the data provided and have been unsuccessful in accounting for this sizable gap with DOD.

Therefore, I would like to request that you ensure that SIGAR has a full accounting of all DOD contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements for Afghanistan reconstruction, as requested in the attached letter of February 22, 2013. If DOD has in fact provided all available contract data, please provide information reconciling the discrepancies between the contract data and the DFAS funding data described above. Please respond to this letter no later than April 2, 2014. Should you or your staff have any questions about this request, you may contact me directly or contact Jack Mitchell, Director of Special Projects at or . Thank you in advance for your support.


John F. Sopko Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction


SIGAR Letter to DOD, dated 22 February 2013

SIGAR-14-43-SP Inquiry Letter: DOD Contract Data Request

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otnc:aotuiespectallnspec:t0<Gen1u1 IOI Af&hanislacl Rm>0$11'uC1JOq

February 22, 2013

lixecutlve Departments and Agencies: fhe Office of the Speclal Inspector General for Afghamstan Reconstruction (SIGAfl) Is charged With preveming and detecting waste, fraud, and abuse in progr.ims and operations relating to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. SIGAR's enabhng legr$latlon requires the oversighlilnd accounting ol funds made available for reconstruction, and of the programs, operattons, and contracts carried out using these funds. SIGAR has been examining what it has learned about Afghan reconstruction efforts ;md how Its work can help ensure that the remamlng U.S. reconstr11chon funds are used wisely, To •onduct more effective oversight .Jnd meel our reporting requirements to monitor contraru and retonstruction activities In Afghanistan, mv office needs better information about how and where US. iunds appropriated for the reconstruction of Afgh<1nistan are being and will be spent at the c.ontract and proJect levels. In rny recent testimony before thP ~touse Oversight & Government Reform Subcommittee on National Sec:urrty I announced that I would be Initiating an inquiry to obtain comprehensive tnformatton or t.J.S.-funded reconstruction projects and program~ In Afghanistan and to identify how remaining or planned for funds-appropriated or olherwise made available tor the reconstruction of Afghanistan-will be used This letter Is my formal request for this information.

Please provide the followtng Information on your ctepanm~t or agency's current and planned eCOn)tructt0n activ1t1es 1n Afghamstan . For the µurposes of this request, we define reconstruction to 'l'ldude construction, training, equtppmg, and other au1§tante for Afghanistan . Reconstruction project or program act1v1t1es in Afghanistan: Please provide the following-data b'f agency/department/command 1. Identify eadi ongoing proie« or program activity., including: o Oescnptlon of the projector program att1vity. o Sponsoring agency, ::> Estimate total project cost o Extent of completion, ii ident ified. Including funds expended las of February 28, 201J) Funding source (e.g., ASFf, CERP. AIF, INCLE, ESI', CN) o Projected compleuon date o Location [i.e., national, provincial. dis.trlct, or local level, .is applicable) o IClentlfying coordinates for proiect s.fte, if applicable (e.g., GPS, longitude & latitude)


Identify each planned project or program act1Vity that has not been started but for which funds have been committed or requested, includfng. c Description of the project or progr;,m an1vity, o Spansoring aaency, o Anticipated total profect cost p Funding source (e.g .• ASFF, CERP, AIF, INCU, ESF, CN), If identified Q Anticipated start date o estimated completion date o Loc-ation (i.e. nat1onal, provmetal. d1stnct, or local level, as applicable]

Mart 2530 Crysllll DINI Nlll\&IOll. \lil\\lflla 22202·3940

SIGAR-14-43-SP Inquiry Letter: DOD Contract Data Request



Identifying coordmates for project site, tf applicable (e.g., GPS, longitude & latitude) U.S.·tunded ~construction contract s, cooperat ive agreements, and grants In Afghanisian and the use of subcont rattors from fiscal year 2007 through present 1 we have t>e~n able to obtain some o f t hi s information from some of yout departrnenrs, 011r reqticst outlined liere 1s specific by department Please provide the following data 1. Updated Information on Afghanistan reconstruction-funded contract , agreemen1 or grant by department or agency trom fiscal year 2002 through February 28, 2013.

For the Department of State and U.S. Agency for lntecnatlonal De11elopmenr· Specifically, we request that U.S. Agency for International Development c.ontinue to provide its monthly update~ in their current form. For the Department of State,~ are requesting an update to the mformatton provided to SIGAR in late 20U. We request that the information provrded include ail contract, rooperative agreement, aod grant information; not limited to those above $1 million} For the Department of Defense {DoD). to include the U.S. Central Command Jomt Theatre Support Contracting Command, U.S. Anny Contracting Command, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Air Force Engineer Center, the DoD' s Counter Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office, and DoD's Task Force for Business and St ablhtv Operations, please provide the following Information regarding U.S.· funded contracts, cooperative agreements. and grants 1n Afghan1Stan mcludlng· Contract ldentiliet Vendor name OUNSnumber Contract value Type of contract Place of performance Period of performance F11nd1ng authorization l\ward date Obligation and disbursement amount contract compleuon date or planned c:ompletlon dare (lf avaltable) descriptor of the contract (I.e., " Description of re~wtrement", HNAICS Code Description," " PSC Code") For the Departments of Agriculture, Homeland Security, lust1ce, Transportation, and Treasury, please provide the followlng information regarding U.S.-funded contracu, cooper.iti11e agreements, <1nd granfs in AfghanlSIAln including, lo the extent posslble.

•In 2010, SIGAR re•.ewed ltio oblltlhli005 made <h1tmg fJSCOI ~r.i 2001'~2009 b)' I~ 0opa'1ments of oere,,~e 11nc1 Staie

..,n<1 1ne U.S. Agency lor 1nternil\t0na' Ot•elopmet11(USAIOI11nd llOSUl!O., (Oj)(llt \denllfymg major •!!C<>n&tn.ctoon-rolaled .,..,nua<.ts. coooeraU.·e agreements. and l!fllnts b) iillll11CV and by conlmclor vr 1m0kll'l'lentong oat1ne1 SIQl\R IM~ <:Olk!cted

11\11 1ece11<1?ll ul)(fa1ed

mformetlOO rrom lhu Deparimoril e>I St<ll.O 1egar1.11ng 115 eor1tl7lc~s ano grant$ throug11 f11;oal year

:>011 USAIO continues to 1iro•JOe 51GAR 1lgllamst~n on a montll)!' bas~

with updated tnlormauon on its conlfiKl5. aioperai-. a~eor11ents. and wants 1n


The Oepam11e111 Cl Stale bureaus end offiGC$ or 1n1er~11011Jt Narco!JC& Ulw El\force1nen1 llJ1a1ri.. l"otrucal-M1htaf) ~fla1t11; PcpylaUon. Rel\J~. an<l Migration. ;iM AC<l<lls•tlOt'I• and Qua111)1 Miln.taement. ancl Ille U.S Em~ Publtc .\ffalrs Sec1- ~tded SIGAR con1111c1.. cooperato•e agreement and ~n1 1n!onn1111on at $1 molloon ana abo·•e SIGAR U?ller 01 lnau1ry Feb 201.3 /Contracts end Projoc"

SIGAR-14-43-SP Inquiry Letter: DOD Contract Data Request

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Contract Identifier Vendor name DUNS number Contract value Type ot contract Pla ce of performance Period of performance Funding authorization Award date Obliga tion and disbursement amount Contract completion date or planned completion date (if avallable) descriptor of the contract

For all departments/agencies/commands: identify all subcontractors used by these Us-fun(je{j contracts. cooperative agreements, or grants. to the extent possible

Please provide the foregoing Information no later than Aprit 15, 2013. Should you or your scaff havl' any questions about this request, you may contact me di1ectly or contact Monica Brym, Director o( Special ProjÂŁ>cts, at or . Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. I look forward to your responses. Sincerely


li'ohn F. Soplio Special l~pector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction /

/ ~


SlGAR Letter of Inquiry Feb 2013 / Contracts 11nd Projects

SIGAR-14-43-SP Inquiry Letter: DOD Contract Data Request

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hecutive Oepartmertt$ and Age ncies:

The HonoiaDle Jon" f . l(erry

Secretary o' State The Honorable let/" E Panetta Secretary or DefenstThe Honorable JameS B. Cunn1ngn<1111 U.S AmbaSSador to Afghlln1sran Geneia1 James N. Mattis. Comm;inaer. U.S Centi al Command

Thtl Hono11tbh: Eni; H. Holder. Jr. Atti:irr>ey General The Honorable Ray LaHovd Secretarv or Transport.auon The Hon<>rable Jan&t Nal)Olttano Secretary of HornetaM secuncy

The Honorat>le Thoma.s J. V1liack Secretary of i\gr1colt0te Genetal Joseph F. Dunford. Jr. Commancfe<. U.S. Forces-Argtiamstan. and Comma'l(ler. lntema11onn1 secuntv A$S~(<111ce Force

L1eurensnt General Daniel P. Borger Command In~ General. NATO Training Mission AlghamstaN Com~nt!ll

Secunty Transition Commond-Afgllamstan

L1~utenant General Thomal> P. Sostick c111et or Engineers, u.s. Army Corps of E11g1neers

Lieutenant General Richard P. Fonmca Commanding General. U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command

M1uor General Carmlle M. Nichols Commanding Genetal. U.S. Army C<mtracnng Command Or. RaJ1v Shah Admm1s1rator. u.s Agency for lnte(l',at1ona1 Development

Dr. s. Ken Yamashita USAID MISSl()ll Otrectot lor Afghanistan Mr. Joe Sciaboca

011ecto1, A11 Forc&Cl\111 Englneercemer

SIGAR t.cuer of Inquiry F<"b 21>'13 / ContraeiS and Projects

SIGAR-14-43-SP Inquiry Letter: DOD Contract Data Request



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Sigar letter  

Here is a letter from SIGAR asking DOD to make available more information. Obtained by WhoWhatWhy's Klaus Marre.

Sigar letter  

Here is a letter from SIGAR asking DOD to make available more information. Obtained by WhoWhatWhy's Klaus Marre.