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Seven subjects share their desires, goals, and what they feel they can’t live without. Photographs by Kate McBride

Mattia, 8, 3rd Grader What do you need?: Nintendo Wii.

Patrick, 25, Actor

Flavia, 45, Management Consultant

A short & simple question, but so loaded. The question itself consists of just 4 words, yet could potentially have an endless amount of answers. I could easily answer this question by saying be filthy rich or have a long healthy life or find the girl that is my true love. But in the end I’ve come to realize that the only thing I truly do need, is to be happy. With happiness comes everything. Get it. Peace.

An African safari vacation, a house with a sea view, and a Vespa.

Acacio, 65, Elevator Operator Money!

Maureen, 31, Writer The one thing I need most right is to be a better version of me. I know it sounds selfindulgent and pretentious but I really have to stop behaving like such a trainwreck.

Jeb, 27, Hedge Fund Analyst Patience.

Ellie, 85, Retired 1. Love—husbands, children, friends. 2. To have everyone love me or at least have a loving atmosphere around me—I’ll work for their love. 3. To have my children well and healthy, clothes that really fit, the very best doctors.


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One’s standard of living is completely dependent on a combination of figures, percentages and simple yes or no’s. Below is a test to decipher exactly what it takes to survive ... economic climate notwithstanding. Name:____________________________________________ Date:______________________ Below please estimate the value of each figure and enter in the respective boxes. 1. Assuptions:

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a. Number of years for the analysis

b. Estimated inflation

2. Expenses:

a. Monthly mortgage payment or rent

b. Do you own a second property?

If so, What is your monthly mortgage payment or rent?

c. Automobile payments per month

d. Total monthly payment on personal loans

e. Average monthly credit card balance

f. Federal Income Tax payment annually

g. State Income Tax payment annually

h. FICA [annual payment on social security taxes]

i. Annual Real Estate Tax payments

j. Monthly total of home utilities

k. Monthly total spent on household repairs and mantainence

l. Monthly total spent on food

m. Monthly total spent on clothing and laundry

n. Annual educational expenses

o. Monthly automobile expenses [Gas, Repairs etc.]

p. Monthly entertainment and dining expenses

q. Annual amount donated to charitable organizations

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In the space below please list all insurance plans you have and their respective monthly premiums: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

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Never has a figure so neutr al elicited such polarizing response. Is she the second coming of Jackie O’ or is she Lady Macbeth for the J.Crew generation? The bottom line is, when it comes to exactly what Michelle Obama needs, everyone’s got an opinion.

more respect for how intelligent and serious she is

how a tv s

a bit of a break from the expectations about how she should act in her position

ngs roval rati better appfor her husband

a bulletproof vest

ably , prob ation a vac

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an award for being such a baller

a differe haircunt t

to spend more time with her daughters

more intellectural stimulation than most people

to be herself ande to stop pretendingsashtisis a woman whogisup bake fied with openin childrens’ sales and going tor the sake of school plays, fo solidarity First Lady Michelle Obama


What do you need, really?

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