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Dear Diary

This week, like all other weeks, I felt a little sad, suffocated by this dark cloud that the crisis is. My parents everyday arrive home sad because of the difficulties that our country is living. And the bad weather didn't really help! Always coats and umbrellas! Summer, if you are listening to me, come back fast, please! And also the thousands of tests that we have to do every school term have just begun! Do those strange beings named teachers don’t understand that I also have, and I also need, my social life?! Do you know how long I don’t visit my facebook page to see my posts? I have to be careful! Everybody, the teachers too, are always talking about the dangers of the Internet. They think that we shouldn't post so many personal stuff on the facebook. Of course we know that they are a little bit right, and there are some bad people that can access to our accounts. So, we should have more time to control our facebook accounts. But this only leads me to think that a series of misfortunes so great can only be a Halloween joke.

But my life isn’t just tragedy. For sure that in this dark cloud there is always a little bit of sun that

makes me smile. Do you know that the underwear of Queen Victoria where really big? The lady used the XXL size! But the most funny is that the underwear was sold in an auction for 8700 Euros! So at this moment there must be someone with the Queen’s underwear framed and hanged on the wall above his bed! It’s so bizarre and there are such strange ones… and it looks like that will be more, because we beat a new record. We are seven thousand million people in the world. And we live more each time. The science is really curious… I remember just right now that I have a test tomorrow and I must study! So I will stop now… I’ll come back next week! x.o.x.o. Lis

Lis Diary  
Lis Diary  

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