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Soap Synopses By George Dickie Tribune Media Services (This column represents on air summaries for the week of June 10-14, 2013.) The Bold and the Beautiful Brooke’s list of secrets grew. Steffy took a different view of marriage. Hope had doubts about the significant gift she was given. Bill gave Caroline unsolicited relationship advice. Rick tried to reunite with Maya. Days of our Lives Jennifer was stunned when Daniel let JJ have it for his carelessness with Parker. Kristen had a tense encounter with Eric and Sami and got into a fight with Nicole after seeing her with Brady. John’s confession shocked Marlena, and she told him they were through. Sami tried to save Rafe. EJ came to Sami’s aid. Kristen vowed revenge on Marlena after a heated exchange. Sonny offered a suggestion to Will regarding Gabi and the baby. Gabi agreed to move in with Sonny and Will. Sami was arrested. Jennifer confronted JJ about vandalizing Daniel’s car. Stefano slipped out of town. A mystery man helped Kristen plot against Marlena. Nicole wound up with Brady after getting into a fight with Eric. Anne made life difficult for Jennifer until Daniel came to her aid. General Hospital Carly had dinner with Shawn and discussed putting out a hit on someone from her past. Felix informed Britt he intended to ex-

pose her ruse. Lulu cooked dinner for Dante as Laura returned from her honeymoon. A shooting sent shock waves through Port Charles. Shawn had difficult encounters with Anna and Alexis. Patrick and Sabrina went to his pad, then reality set in. Emma and Duke shared a family moment. Dante and Lulu made love. Sonny and Shawn realized Carly ordered the hit. Alexis caught Shawn in a lie about TJ. Sonny and Connie shared a moment. Taylor got closer to TJ. Anna questioned Sonny and Shawn and got nothing. Sonny made Carly pay. Sam had a tense encounter with Silas as she awaited Danny’s test results. Alexis confronted Shawn about the shooting. Kiki invited Morgan to move in with her at her relatives’ house. Tracy schemed for control of ELQ and found Luke drinking against doctor’s orders. The Young and the Restless Michael told Fen he was trying to work things out with Lauren. Carmine sent Lauren a box of chocolates. Devon questioned Lily about her relationship with Tyler. Summer decided to attend GCU, prompting Noah to wonder if it was because of Kyle. Courtney took Summer to get contraception. Phyllis found it, and Summer said it was Courtney’s. Kyle told Jack he was falling for Summer. Adam and Victor finalized the Newman Enterprises privatization plans. Victoria thought Billy was keeping something from her and confronted him. Nick announced his engagement to Avery. Alex and Kevin continued their hunt for the blogger. Alex questioned Kevin about a recent robbery, and Chloe learned he did steal again. Nick delayed opening a letter from the paternity lab. Family and friends celebrated Summer’s graduation. Summer


Max Ehrich and Kyle kissed after their date. Fen was suspicious of Michael and Lauren’s secrecy — until they gave him a new car. Michael told Lauren he’d never stop loving her. Cane and Lily had a romantic dinner and tried

to find balance in their lives. Tyler offered Noah a job. Sharon tried to figure out what w s going on with Nick, and he turned down her help. A businessman hit on Sharon at On the Blvd.

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June 16 - 22, 2013

Morning Journal - TV Listings 6-16 - 6-22-2013  

Cable and television listings.

Morning Journal - TV Listings 6-16 - 6-22-2013  

Cable and television listings.