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Remote control your home By KEVIN HOWELL Staff Writer

Turning on your exterior lights at home can be as easy as talking on your phone— from work. “Siri, turn on the lights.” Or maybe you want your coffee ready— immediately when you get out of bed. “Siri, turn on the coffee maker.” Home automation is growing in popularity as society becomes more and more wireless and interconnected. Users can configure all their home services through the Internet, using a WiFi connection to monitor and control such utilities and equipment as lights, HV/AC systems, locks and appliances. “You can buy an interface for just about anything now,” said Frank Zamarelli, president of Salem Computer Center. “Eventually the interfaces will be built in during (home) construction.” Zamarelli said home automation is about having control over the home from anywhere. He summed up the process with one word— convenience. “Does it make the home operate better, I don’t know,” he explained. “But it is pretty nice to be able to unlock the door from half a country away because your wife locked her keys in the car.” Shown is an example of the Apple Thermostat that can be synced with the Apple HomeKit™, a home automation system that links devices made by any manufacturer and controlled by voice command through Siri. (Apple photo)

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There are many manufacturers of home automation kits, but with HomeKit, Apple has created a common language that smart devices from any manufacturer can understand and support, creating total home control from one source. More interestingly— and far more conveniently— HomeKit users can operate the system hands free with a voice command using Siri. By pairing a HomeKit-enabled accessory and iOS device, Siri commands can be used to turn it on or off, or adjust it (depending on what the accessory does). Users can also set up homes, zones, rooms, or scenes in order to command specific areas of a home, such as a room, and actions for several areas, such as a “bedtime” command which could shut off lights, locks doors and set the thermostat at a sleeping temperature around the entire home.

Shown is an example of a home automation system which provides users the ability to control home services from an alternate location through a cell phone or tablet app.

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Hi-tech ways to protect your home Homeowners are able to set up helpful. Water damage accounts for systems that program the house a significant portion of home insurdoors to unlock, certain lights to ance claims, and being able to idencome on, and the thermostat to ad- tify potential water problems and just to preselected settings auto- address them early can save time matically when someone arrives at and money. the home. The FloLogic System is engiConsider the increasing popularity of smart appliances such as moIn addition, homes can be pro- neered to act like a circuit breaker tion-sensor lights, programmable grammed to send emails or text for the plumbing system in the thermostats and sound-control sur- messages to alert homeowners to home, and it may be fitted to any round systems. Such technologies potential problems, which can be home, old or new. The system will likely expand as ways to make addressed before they escalate into monitors the water flow throughout the home. homes not only more comfortable, expensive repairs. but also safer and more efficient. The system is designed to shut off Another point in favor of smart Smart home technology is be- home technology: resale value. If the water if it detects any sign of a coming increasingly affordable and you want to boost the value of your leak, from something as large as a will become increasingly common in home, smart home technology is a broken pipe to as small as a pinworthwhile investment, and a sys- hole. It sounds an alarm at the connew homes. tem that monitors plumbing is a trol pad and shuts off the water. For example, in 2013, approxi- good place to start. The FloLogic System may be mately half of all new homes built in Preventing water damage is one linked in with a home security systhe United States included structured wiring, which is needed for the area in which smart home monitor- tem and will be WiFi enabled by transmission of high-speed video. ing technology can be especially year end. (NewsUSA) - The smart home has gone mainstream. Currently available technology allows homeowners to further personalize the environments in their homes and to monitor their homes remotely.

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The FloLogic System is engineered to act like a circuit breaker for the plumbing system in the home, and it may be fitted to any home, old or new. The system monitors the water flow throughout the home.

Since 1910


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* In-home wifi capabilities required to operate remote thermostat by a SmartPhone. Credit approval required for financing. page all about home/fall-winter 2015 | 7

Cooking with cast iron By KATIE WHITE Staff Writer

Cooks on a lower cookbook buying budget can alLISBON — Shoved to the back of household kitchen cupboards by those favoring more low-maintenance ways browse Pinterest or other online websites for nonstick skillets over the years, the cast iron skillet is recipe ideas, or just strike up a conversation with a cast iron skillet owner. making a comeback. The skillets can be used to make anything from People appear to be realizing the pay back the dark, heavy, not always beautiful but certainly functional steak, homemade macaroni and cheese, cornbread, cookware offers, like their heat retention, durability, and stir frys and roasted vegetables. versatility — they can be used both on the stove top or in the oven. cautions that cooks should avoid attempting to use cast iron skillets for lighter fish, like It also helps that, according to a Tampa Bay news- tilapia fillet, however. Thicker fish could be attempted. paper article published earlier this year, a preseasoned Cooks should also avoid attempting recipes that call version of the skillets was released by Lodge about a for tomato sauce, like marinara or bolognese, as the decade ago, making owning a cast iron skillet a little acidity is not good for the pan. more simple for cooks. The website also cautions against using vinegar or Lodge skillets are typically available in Walmart or Tar- wine to deglaze the pan. get stores. The company also has a cookbook available for those willing to shell out roughly $24, according While the skillets have a lot to offer, the fact that they to the article. must be treated differently than other nonstick pans may have caused cooks to shy away. It’s called, Lodge Cast Iron Nation: Great American Cooking from Coast to Coast. A cook used to the nonstick versions may routinely throw some soap and water in the pan for a wash after 8 | all about home/fall-winter 2015 page

a good meal and then realize it was a terrible mistake, as the suds begin to flow everywhere. says proper care comes down to avoiding metal scouring pads, as they can result in scratches and the removal of the layers of seasoning. The food magazine recommends rubbing the skillets down with kosher salt and a kitchen towel while it is still warm, then wiping it down with fat, like flaxseed oil or lard. The skillets can be reseasoned by applying a film of fat over the pan’s interior and exterior after it is fully scrubbed and then placing it in a 350-degree oven with a sheet pan or foil underneath. The skillet should remain in the oven for one hour and then cool, according to If you have a cast iron skillet or plan to buy one, try your luck with this cornbread recipe:

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Shades of gray


SALEM — Is gray the new white in home decorating? “I don’t know if it’s the new white, but it’s definitely affecting the market,” according to Bill Allison. Allison owns Superior Paints in Salem and he’s used to seeing trends change in the paint palette. Right now he said there’s a tendency to go gray. “We’re starting to see more use of gray off-whites. The trend before was beige and a creamier off-white,” he said. “And now the trend is gray...grayer tones in the off-whites.”

In paints, there are many gray tones available for home decorating, whether the homeowner is looking to update the walls and trim or perhaps perk up a piece of furniture.

When asked why he thought the trend was moving toward gray, he commented that it’s just time for a change. Allison explained that the paint industry follows behind the fashion industry, noting that the colors they produce for the fashion industry eventually make it into paints for the home decorating industry. The names of the shades vary as much as the tones themselves, such as Stormy Monday, Barren Plain, Secret, Wrought Iron, Sea Haze, Storm, Cinder, Pewter, Silver Half Dollar and Metropolitan.

He also said there’s a trend to use softer tones in all colors and they can be gray-toned, both for walls and wood trim. In new homes, he said people are generally leaning toward the cooler tones of color and using muted grays. Custom-made stains can be used at a customer’s request. “There’s definitely a trend toward painted kitchens rather than varnished kitchens,” he said. One of the reasons grays are coming into the mix could be because stainless steel appliances are becoming so popular, Allison said. In his experience, the market is cyclical. “What’s old is new again,” he said.

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Bill Allison, owner of Superior Paints in Salem, shows some paint samples for customers to compare the various shades of gray made by Benjamin Moore.

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Pallet pleasing


weekend projects. He also has never been too particular with sanding the boards since part of the beauty of pallets is their worn appearance. He does make a The look that pallets provide is that of a simple coun- point to try decor, which has also become trendy. The public choose uniseems to be shying away from high end sophisticated form pallets looks and that aren’t leaning more too dirty toward the though. rustic, at least the public that The first wants to save pallet project money has. he took on consisted of two night My husband stands and a is a very headboard handy man and footand has used board for our pallets to build bedroom. He didn’t follow any sort of blueprint or patseveral pieces tern, just simply envisioned the finished product in his of furniture for head and tried his best to duplicate it. Drawing out a our home. It design would be helpful to beginners though. has saved us money and The only tools necessary for building are a chop saw added to the and screws. He learned that screws are a better choice theme of our house. than nails because they are sturdier. Nails tend to wear down and don’t hold up in the wood as long as screws His workplace allows employees to take pallets home do. free of charge, otherwise they just pile up and are eventually disposed of. He finished the bedroom pieces off with a dark brown wood stain and they instantly became the highlight of All of the pieces my husband has built have been our bedroom. Recycling wooden pallets has become very common in the realm of decorating. This is mostly due to the fact that pallets are an easily accessible and inexpensive wood. Sometimes they can even be free, depending on where they come from.

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The counter he made for our kitchen was probably the biggest pallet project he’s done. Part of our kitchen has a circular breakfast nook which until recently had been an area of unused space. We love the shape of the area, but it was difficult to arrange furniture in. Our kitchen is small and we really wanted to utilize this space, so my husband came up with the idea to build a countertop out of pallets that would wrap around the circular wall. Again, he simply used his imagination when it came to designing the counter and just improvised as he went along. As mentioned, chances are the pallets one may be working with won’t be expensive, which allows the builder room for flexibility and imagination. If a mistake it made it’s easy to just start over. We stained the finished counter top a sea foam green and it has since become the focal point of our eclectic kitchen. Pallets can be used in any size project. For instance my husband also made a simple outdoor crate in less than 30 minutes. I was trying to figure out how to display fall flowers and pumpkins on our porch. He told

me he had an idea and whipped up the crate before I had time to see what he was doing. He didn’t bother staining it, just left it in its natural state, and it worked perfectly. Pallets have an innumerable amount of uses. All it takes is a little imagination and the right tools to get started. Whether it be patio furniture, shelves, decorative signs or something as simple as a crate to set pumpkins on, the pallet possibilities are endless.

op To Sh e e c a l m P The untry Ho o ! For C nishings Fur

le 1 mi I80 Monday &Thursday 9am - 8pm h of sout Tues., Wed., Fri. & Sat. 9am - 5pm all about home/fall-winter 2015 | 13 page

Build a clay-pot smoker 2. Drill a hole. Use a masonry or glass-and-tile bit to If the thought of smoking meat and fish conjures up images of heaps of hardwood, a large smokehouse, drill a hole — or enlarge an existing hole — in the botand a big investment of time and cash, think again. You tom of the large clay pot for the hot plate’s electrical can start small with this simple homemade clay-pot plug to pass through. To minimize the chance of damage as you drill the hole, cradle the pot on a bag of smoker that assembles quickly. sand for support. Begin this weekend proj3. Assemble a handle for ect with a shopping trip for the lid. Use the eye bolt, bolt, readily available materials, or washers, nuts, and a 6-inch by rooting around at home length of wood or wood for spare parts. So, find your dowel. Drill a hole in the botmaterials, lay out your tools, tom of the clay cover for the and let’s get cooking — outhandle assembly. doors. How to Build a Smoker 1. Purchase materials. Follow the materials list below. Because you’ll acquire parts to build this homemade smoker from a variety of sources, measure as you go and purchase the parts in the following order: • Electric hot plate. The smaller, the better, but make sure it runs on at least 1,000 watts to maintain the temperature required for smoking meats. • Clay pot. The bottom must be large enough to accommodate the hot plate and control knob, with a little room to spare.

4. Test-fit the parts. Position a few 2-inch-thick brick or patio block scraps inside the pot to prop up the hot plate for air circulation. Place the pie pan for wood chips on top of the hot plate, insert the cooking grate, and then add the cover. When everything fits, you’ll be ready to start smoking. Prop the pot on three bricks or patio blocks. If your cooking grate wobbles or tilts, create three support lips for the grate to rest on using dabs of silicone caulk on the inside of the larger pot.

• Grate. You can find a grate at hardware stores or online. The one you choose must be of the right diameter to nestle inside your clay pot about 1/4 of the way down the sides.

5. Get smokin’. Position the smoker outdoors on a noncombustible surface in a sheltered area. On the trial run of my homemade smoker, a 5-pound brisket took 4-1/2 hours to get to the recommended internal temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Cover. Find a pot tray or a clay pot that will fit over, inside of, or directly on top of the lip of the larger pot. The cover should create a decent seal and not be prone to sliding off the larger clay pot.

Some trial and error will be required to find the hot plate setting that will keep your DIY smoker within the desired temperature range — between 210 and 220 degrees.

• Handle. Make sure the handle assembly hardware will work with the cover you chose.

Use gloves to handle the hot components of your smoker, and keep curious kids and pets away from the designated smoking area.

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Meat Smoker Materials List • Electric hot plate, 1,000 watts or greater • Clay pot, 12-inch to 16-inch diameter • Smaller clay pot or tray for lid • Circular cooking grate, sized to pot interior • 5 to 7 pieces of 2-inch-thick brick or patio block scraps • Metal pie pan • Oven thermometer with range up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit For handle assembly • 1 eye bolt, 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch x 6-inch, with 2 washers and 2 nuts • 1 bolt, 1/4-inch x 2-inch, with washer and nut • 1 wood dowel for handle, 6 inches long Excerpted from MOTHER EARTH NEWS, the Original Guide to Living Wisely. To read more articles from MOTHER EARTH NEWS, please visit or call (800) 234-3368 to subscribe. Copyright 2015 by Ogden Publications Inc.

Experience Counts

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It’s smart to soften water

• The need for more soap and detergent to (NAPS)—You can save money, feel better and maybe even look better if you take your get things really clean water with a grain of salt. Well, lots of grains. • Crusty buildup on faucets and showerThat’s because the right sort of salt and system can soften hard water—and hard water is heads. According to the Water Quality Associtough on your clothes, appliances, pipes and ation/Battelle Institute research study, showerheads on hard water lost 75 percent of complexion. the flow rate in less than 18 months. Hard water is water with a lot of minerals in it. Fortunately, you can prevent all those trouIt’s the kind found in most homes in America bles with a quality water softener system. and it can lead to such problems as: • Dry, itchy, irritated skin A good water softener such as ProMate Eco• Razor burn Max will also use less salt (saving you money • Fading hair color and from having to carry so many heavy bags) and less water while reducing the amount of • Spots on glassware chloride it gives off, which is good for the envi• Dingy, rough clothes, which tear easily • A “funny” taste in your water, coffee and ronment. So is the fact that a new water softener is likely to be energy efficient. other drinks made with water or ice 16 | all about home/fall-winter 2015 page

In addition, it can improve the life span of your appliances, saving you from maintenance and early replacement expenses. Hard water can lead to as much as a 24 percent loss of operating efficiency in gas-storage water heaters and it’s a problem for washing machines and dishwashers, too. By some estimates, softened water lets you use 60 percent less detergent and save energy by lowering the water temperature. What’s more, many households could benefit from a drinking water filtration system. All the water that ever existed on Earth still exists today; it is simply recycled over and over. Herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are entering the environment, along with prescription drugs, and they all end up in our drinking water. Mother Nature is not designed to adequately address this. A properly designed filtration system, like the Millennium Reverse Osmosis System, can reduce the amount of many of these contaminants in your water. Learn More For further facts about water softening and drinking water filtration, and to find a nearby Hellenbrand dealer who carries the ProMate EcoMax, go to

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Where can I find equipment that works hard but isn’t hard on me? Who has Performance-Matched implements? Which dealer can I rely on for knowledge and service? Who has the right equipment for the job?

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Tips to keep your garden growing through fall’s chill 18 | all about home/fall-winter 2015 page

(BPT) — As summer winds down and frost threatens, even avid gardeners may be tempted to pack up their trowels and call it a season. You may think it’s better to leave the victory garden gracefully, than risk the disappointment of watching crops wither in chilly temperatures. But fear of frost and failure don’t have to stop you from enjoying a fruitful fall garden. With the right plant choices and a few tricks, producing a hefty harvest can be easy. A few facts about frost Frost occurs when temperatures drop enough to condense and freeze the moisture in the air. In fall, when air temperatures sink, it’s common to find frost layering the ground, leaves and crops. Frost may occur frequently in the fall before the ground really becomes frozen — known as a hard freeze. While a hard freeze generally heralds the end of the growing season and frost can harm warm weather crops like oranges, some veggies actually do very well — and taste better — when nipped by frost. By stocking your fall garden with frost-loving varieties, you can ensure your garden remains victorious and bountiful

right up to the first hard freeze. Not sure when the hard freeze will occur in your region? Check out the USDA Freeze Map. When you consider the many advantages of fall gardening, frost shouldn’t be feared. Cooler temperatures mean you’ll have a more comfortable experience while working in the garden, and you’ll have fewer insect pests and weeds to deal with. Frost-friendly choices Just because the growing season is over for summer crops like tomatoes, you don’t have to give up gardening before the cold winter weather. Instead, clear out the remnants of summer plantings and debris and get the ground ready for fall favorites like spinach, cabbage, collards and kale.

remember to choose short-season varieties that will produce quicker in fall’s shorter growing season. When frost arrives Even though your fall vegetables might be able to handle the cold, you may want an extra layer of protection for unseasonably cool nights. Fortunately, you can do a lot to protect plants from sudden dips in temps. Growing veggies in the right spot can make a big difference. Choose a location for your garden that gets plenty of sun, especially in the morning when you’ll want plants to quickly shake off overnight chill. Planting in a raised bed also helps insulate plants and their tender roots from ground freezes. Container gar-

These hearty, leafy vegetables — available from Bon- dens are also great for fall; when a severe frost or hard nie Plants — actually like the chill weather and can freeze threatens, you can bring plants inside, overnight stand up to some frost. for protection. Certain root veggies, such as radishes and turnips, Sometimes you may want to cover plants against exalso do well in cooler temperatures. All are packed with treme cold. One option is a cold frame. Typically connutrients, so you can plant them knowing you’ll be fill- structed of wood and glass or plastic, the frame sits ing your dinner table with fresh, nutritious, great-tasting over plants like a portable mini greenhouse. veggies this fall. For a list of fall-weather favorites, tips and harvest advice visit You can build your own — an online search will yield plenty of how-to plans — or purchase a prefabricated one. For less severe situations, simply turning a pot or Get a good start When planning your fall garden, time is of the bucket upside down over tender young plants can be essence. Start with well-established, vigorous plants enough to shield them from cold. like those Bonnie Plants offers in some regions at garden retailers. When fall arrives, you don’t have to fear frost, or give up your garden. Success starts with choosing coldStarting out with more mature plants not only allows hearty varieties that prosper and produce well in cool you to get your fall garden growing faster, it helps en- weather. Visit to learn more sure your vegetables are strong enough to endure un- about fall vegetables. expected or extreme temperature variations. And all about home/fall-winter 2015 | 19 page

Protect your family three ways (NAPS)—A few simple steps can help reduce the risk that your loved ones will be injured in your house. 1. Be sure your home is adequately protected by smoke alarms. Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home. For the best protection, smoke alarms should be interconnected, so that they all sound if one sounds. You can now interconnect battery-operated alarms by wireless technology. Combination devices that include both ionization and photoelectric alarms offer the most comprehensive protection. An ionization alarm is more responsive to flames, while a photoelectric alarm is more responsive to a smoldering fire. Once the alarms are installed properly, be sure to test them monthly and replace the batteries once a year or anytime an alarm “chirps� or “beeps� to indicate low batteries. In any case, smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years.

open, so a standard plug can make contact with the receptacle contact points. Without this synchronized pressure, the cover plates remain closed.

3. Give your home a check-up. To reduce your risk, 2. Childproof. If children live in or visit your house, you your outlets, extension cords, appliances and light should know that every day, nearly seven youngsters bulbs all need to be safely inspected, installed, utilized are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical and maintained. shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall Learn How outlet. Fortunately, tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs) To help you identify and remedy any electrical hazcan replace standard outlets to protect children from ards in your home, the Electrical Safety Foundation Ininjury. ternational has a variety of resources that can show you They include a built-in shutter system that keeps for- how to protect your home and loved ones. Visit eign objects out. When equal pressure is applied si- to view and download these materials multaneously to both sides, the receptacle cover plates free of charge.



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Keeping older homes toasty (NAPS)—Older homes often have a unique charm— but few have insulation that meets modern energy efficiency standards. This can result in air leaks, wasted energy and high utility bills. One way to fix this is with spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation. It can be seamlessly added in and around walls, attics and roofs. By sealing cracks, seams and joints, some SPF products provide a waterproof membrane that acts as a vapor and air barrier, which in addition to insulating improves energy efficiency. A properly insulated home can reduce heating and cooling needs by 30 percent, according to the Department of Energy.

Many homeowners don’t realize that the attic is one of the main places where heat and cold air can escape. As the Department of Energy explains, holes in a typical attic account for 15 percent of a home’s energy loss. Cracks and gaps let air out and rainwater in. SPF can fill in around the cracks to create an effective barrier. You can learn more at www. Savings vary. Find out why in the seller’s fact sheet on Rvalues. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.


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A rustic remodel Old wooden kitchen cabinets can be painted one solid color, white, something bright and cheery or even darkened. However even allowing them to appear still LISBON — Need a modern face lift for your kitchen? worn can achieve this look. Hardware can be updated Consider a rustic farmhouse kitchen. to something more modern, but keep them a rustic metal or wooden handles for that farmhouse kitchen A growing trend in kitchen decorating, farmhouse look. kitchens are not just in old farmhouses. Those who enjoy a more rustic or down-home style, one which is When Teresa Schoeppner decided to renovate the welcoming to guests and say comfort foods should home built in 1862 by her great- great-grandfather Anconsider this kitschy trend. drew Deppen, a harness maker, she decided to make the home including the kitchen similar to what it may While wood and other natural materials are big in have looked like when he lived there. That meant even farmhouse kitchens, older cabinets in need of a face lift hiding the modern refrigerator and stove in wooden can be painted or stained to achieve the look, too. cabinets.




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Painted first a light shade and then a dark shade, the cabinet holding the refrigerator was then rubbed or sanded to allow the lighter shade to show through and make the new wooden cabinet look worn and old. Some newer finishes for wood are meant to make wood look old. Schoeppner’s husband had built red oak cabinets for her several years earlier and they decided not to paint them. Instead, they mixed stains together and darkened them adding wax and allowing the wood grain to show through. Local stores like Junque in East Palestine and the Paper Rose in Lisbon are selling milk paint, meant to make cabinets and other items look older. One type of paint will even crackle the paint under it, creating a finish that looks as if it were here at the turn of the century. Often in farmhouse or rustic kitchens, the walls and backsplashes are remodeled in a matching shade to the freshened up cabinets. Open shelving containing enamel pitchers and interesting rustic china are good options to add more charm. Schoeppner said she collects crocks, whisk brooms, cutting boards, wooden bowls, wooden spoons and butter molds. She likes to decorate with items from outside like dried flowers and gourds. The most expensive part of creating the farmhouse kitchen look appears to be changing out the kitchen sink. Farmhouse sinks somewhat resemble a trough for animals. They can be found in stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic and even cement varieties. They are deeper than an average kitchen sink. Again, don’t forget the rustic hardware.

Anyone interested in seeing Schoeppner’s kitchen, the rest of her home and her rustic, colonial and primitive decorating ideas can attend an open house at the Deppen homestead 1862. There are two scheduled in the near future — from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 26 and Saturday, Nov. 28. The home is located on state Route 183 just south of state Route 172 in New Franklin. However, the actual address is 210 Union Avenue Southeast, Minerva. Bagged Soil & Lime Fertilizer

Bird Feed Lawn Care Products



Fencing Supplies

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POTATO PANCAKES INGREDIENTS • 2 lbs. Yukon Gold potatoes • 1 small onion • 2 eggs • 4 Tablespoons flour • 1 Teaspoon salt (or to taste) • Vegetable oil for frying

Recipe by Helga Wengler Local Television Host

has settled at the bottom of the bowl. This will be returned to the potato mixture. In food processor, chop onion until smooth. Add eggs, flour and salt to bowl. Add onion and potatoes and the reserved potato starch; mix thoroughly. Heat cooking oil in skillet.

PREPARATION Drop potato mixture into skillet (two heaping taPeel potatoes and onion.With a box grater or blespoons at a time) and fry until crisp and golden. food processor, finely grate potatoes into a bowl. Turn and brown other side. Place grated mixture into a strainer; press out as Serve with applesauce. If you like, use a dollop of much liquid as possible with your hands or a sour cream. wooden spoon. Note: Fry pancakes as soon as mixture is made Reserve liquid and let settle. Pour away potato liq- to prevent darkening of batter. uid but don’t throw away the starch sediment that

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Recipe by Helga Wengler Local Television Host

INGREDIENTS • 4 slices sandwich bread (Helga recommends Texas Toast) • 8 slices Black Forest ham, thinly sliced • 4 slices Swiss cheese (thinly sliced) • 4 pineapple rings • 1 large strawberry sliced (for topping) • In Germany, the preferred topping is sour cherries. • Butter

slices of Black Forest ham (fold over each slice of ham).

PREPARATION Preheat oven on broil setting. Line a baking sheet with foil. Toast bread slices in a toaster; butter each slice.

Quickly remove from oven, plate and garnish toast with fresh strawberries or a teaspoon of sour cherry preserves.

On to the buttered sides of the toast, place 2

Place one ring of pineapple on each toast slice, then top with a slice of Swiss cheese. Fold the cheese so it fits nicely over the toast. Place the toast slices on a foil-lined baking sheet, and place under the broiler until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

Makes 4 light servings, or two hearty servings. You can also top with sour cherries. all about home/fall-winter 2015 | 25 page

Keeping the power going

(NAPS)—It’s not the year 2062, but Jetson-esque, digital homes have become a residential building standard (think automated controls and home theater systems). Digitally updated homes are dependent on a reliable power grid, along with our modern digital lifestyle.

creasing number of electrical appliances with each passing year, but power quality has been declining steadily since the 1990s. Along with the higher frequency and severity of storms and hurricanes, the digital luxuries that consumers rely on (even for simple daily tasks) are increasingly vulnerable to damage that can render them useless.

Realizing our “futuristic” amenities are only as good as the electricity that powers them, Generac, a leading • Digital building trends: 2015 building trends show manufacturer of generators, has a solution. that homes today are outfitted with advanced technology the moment the foundation is poured. Home standby generators turn on automatically the According to the U.S. Census Bureau, homes built in moment the power goes out, meaning the digital comforts of home will continue to work even during a power the 2000s have more amenities and security features than ever before. outage. • Staycations with all the amenities: With the rising Digital Dependence On The Rise • More electrical appliances: Consumers enjoy an in- popularity of the “staycation,” families are investing in

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Generators should be a natural consideration for media rooms and home theaters, which are often wired and installed as the home is built. Automated controls home builders and consumers building, designing and and smartphone monitoring are the new standard for living in digital homes. entertainment, lighting and appliance operation. Generac’s home standby generators offer advanced Even modern home health care, like chairlifts and protection for digital homes. They kick on within secheart monitors, is becoming a design standard— es- onds of a power pecially for homes built for retiring couples and aging outage and can be wired to power families. a few appliances the whole • Increased household energy consumption: Energy or consumption of household appliances has nearly dou- house. bled between 1978 and 2005, and the energy demand Remote moniof the home itself has increased 25 percent. toring is now stanon all The majority of homes built in the 2000s have higher dard than average ceilings and average 2,465 square feet. models, and 2015 Eighty-nine percent of those homes also have central models are quieter air. That’s a lot of space to cool—and a lot of energy to and require less maintenance, so homeowners can burn. protect their homes despite any outside power disruptions. The Solution Many new homes are so advanced and reliant on The use of technology is guaranteed to grow, and power that the aging and vulnerable power grid is power consumption will rise along with it. struggling to support them. Home standby generators Investing in home standby generators ensures the are the solution to guaranteeing power reliability when power will continue, uninterrupted, so digital homes power is the crutch that daily life rests on. won’t be a thing of the past.

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Keeping up with flooring Meanwhile, eye-catching, over-sized geometrics and (NAPS)—This year, homeowners looking for ways to change their living spaces are taking inspiration from classic patterns larger in scale than normal are popular in carpeting, rugs and tiles. the great outdoors. What It All Means For Your Floors Here’s how the latest looks are translated in each flooring category: • New technology and digital imaging deliver high-quality laminates that put their natural cousins, including hardwood and marble, to the test. Laminate today is highly durable, offers photo-real imaging and enhanced sound absorption, is easy to maintain and, best of all, very affordable!

Whether soft or hard surface, Mother Nature is definitely influencing the look of flooring today. Contrasting Textures Are On Trend One of the latest styles growing in popularity is termed “rustic elegance.” The look consists of both raw and refined materials displayed together. Organic elements including hardwood and stone receive added dimension and beauty when juxtaposed with highly trendy porcelain tiles made to look like stratified rock and burnished, smooth metal. Another look growing in popularity is rustic, industrial concrete, commonly associated with outdoor spaces, paired with smooth alabaster marble, glass and other glossy materials. Colors Are Quiet Patterns, Dramatic In all its many shades, gray has become the new beige. Combined with the weathered looks are hues that range from desert to ocean. These calming colors bring warmth and character to interiors. 28 | all about home/fall-winter 2015 page

• Porcelain tile today can also look like fabric, metal, even concrete. Long-lasting and affordable tile is always in style. Intricate geometric patterns and mosaics found throughout history are now on tiles in dozens of shapes that come in all sizes. Even the warmth and natural texture of wood can be convincingly re-created in tile for kitchens and bathrooms. • If it’s stone you seek, here’s something that could rock your world. Stone may be an old building material but it’s getting a new look with unique shapes, etched surfaces, and pairings with other material—both natural and manmade, including glass, hardwood and burnished metal. • Hardwood floors remain popular amidst changing trends. According to the National Association of Realtors, 54 percent of homebuyers would pay more for houses with hardwood floors. Rugged and warm browns from ebony to leather to honey golden are all in, but for different reasons. Dark floors make a bold statement and help highlight a room’s other features; lighter ones are easier to maintain. Understated, weathered gray and muted metallic shades offer a great base and mask imperfections and dirt so they’re good for high-traffic areas. Flax, blond and whitewash add light and modernity.

Planks salvaged from old beams and antique flooring, or logs reclaimed from rivers and lakes, are in high demand and short supply, so costs can be high. For a similar effect at a lower price, you can try hand-scraped or machine-distressed woods. If a patterned wood floor pleases you, good news: Mosaics and parquet designs are back in fashion and are available at most price points and in styles to appeal to every taste, from modern to vintage. • Versatile vinyl is more durable, more affordable and easier to maintain than any other flooring. Yet with today’s advanced photographic and embossing technology, vinyl can be made to look like anything from reclaimed boat wood planks to stone slate tiles. Vinyl is naturally water resistant, making maintenance as easy as a quick mopping, and unyielding against scratches, stains, dents and scuffs. Vinyl is also easy to install, even over existing flooring. • Sustainable and eco-friendly cork and rubber offer classic looks, comfort underfoot, acoustic qualities and inherent antimicrobial protection. • Legend has it that Cleopatra presented herself to Julius Caesar rolled in a rug. Today, top clothing designers are basing the latest fashions on fabrics and motifs usually found on the floor. One reason may be the beautiful colors, patterns and textures that rugs and carpets can come in. In addition to the classic looks, distressed and striated patterns are popping up in almost every collection. These patterns are very forgiving when it comes to dirt and blemishes. And the distressed looks—well, they’re already distressed, so you don’t have to worry about added wear from your family. The influence from nature is also seen in carpets. From actual natural materials such as wool and sisal to nature-inspired patterns—including animal prints, insect wings and layered rock looks—if you’re a nature lover, you’ll likely fall for today’s soft floors. Some of today’s carpets and rugs even boast permanent, built- in stain resistance that never washes or wears off and man-made fibers that offer the look of wool with the durability and price of nylon. Learn More The World Floor Covering Association has more information on all these trends. Visit

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“A NICE PLACE TO CALL HOME” Santa Clara is nestled into a beautiful country setting, yet minutes away from the conveniences of the town center. Our Residents Enjoy: • A Recreation Center • Picnic Pavilion • Children’s Playground • Beautifully Maintained Neighborhood Choose from one of our well appointed models or order a brand new custom home to sit on one of our lots that feature: • Full Underground Utilities • City Water & Sewer • Fast and Professional Set Up After a terrific year in 2014, we nearly sold out of lots and homes! So, for 2015 we have stocked up on New Models and are ready to begin extending our 4th Phase to accommodate for more homes. Come see us today to see all Santa Clara has to offer!

SANTA CLARA has been voted the Area’s Best Manufactured Home Community!

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What’s cooking in kitchens 2.Farmhouse Kitchen. For a homemade attitude with (NAPS)—If you’ve been thinking—or just dreaming— of a remodeled or upgraded kitchen, a look at the lat- a farm-to-table feel, go for brightly colored or neutral painted cabinets. est trends may prove inspiring. Find lighting, furniture and accessories that have a Industry experts say today’s kitchens are influenced, on the one hand, by the very industrial appliances you handmade, antique feel. They don’t actually have to be see in restaurants and on the other, by the maker old. Distressing the new can be nice and it’s easily done with certain stain movement in techniques and a genres such as little roughing up foodie, reclaimed of the wood. and do-ityourself. Particularly popular are Wrought iron these four styles: and dark metals, natural stone and reclaimed materiKitchen Deals add to the sign Trends warm and inviting 1.The Classic atmosphere. Kitchen. For this look, use bold 3. Black and colors and mix White Kitchen. and match mateHere, high conrials used for trast and bold cabinets and graphic patterns countertops. in classic black Open shelving is and white create still popular, but a backdrop for a glass doors with and without patfew pops of color tern are trending in accessories as well. and kitchenware. When it comes to the kitchen sink, it’s all about the basin. Modular or apron sinks, and single-basin sinks are where the flow is going. Sleek and professional-grade stainless steel appliances serve to balance the color scheme of this kitchen while furnishings provide pops of colors and feature larger-scale hardware. Fixtures feature warm finishes in tones of gold, brushed brass and copper.

The restaurant influence is particularly prominent in this kitchen and so is Factory Chic, consisting of dark, rich painted wood, modular and apron sinks, with lots of built-in accessories and professional-grade appliances. Use task lighting to highlight focal points such as wall sconces.

4.The Sophisticated Naturalist Kitchen. For a bright clean look, this kitchen comes in several shades of gray It’s a bright idea to light up this kitchen with distinc- or brown. Soft, natural-colored or palely painted wood tive, unusual lighting pieces over an island or dining adds a refined vintage look. table. Look for tiles that tell of texture, geometrics, neutral shades, artisan looks and craftsmanship to use Organic textures in rugs and linens provide depth against the wall. while accent colors are understated and nature inspired.

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Sleek, professional-grade, stainless steel appliances balance out this look and blend beautifully with the gray color pallete. For reliable, heavy-duty, professional-grade, stainless steel appliances, many people turn to the Frigidaire Professional series. These offer a simple design and elevated cooking experience and fit in just about any new or current home. The collection is affordably priced and compatible with standard-sized spaces so each piece can easily fit into existing kitchens. When shopping for appliances, it’s also a smart idea to look for: • Convenient storage options, so snacks and meal ingredients are easily accessible. • Energy-efficient and multi-functional options that make food prep, storage and cooking more convenient and provide small-space solutions. • Seamless integration of technology paired with a universal design accessible for any age and ability, especially as aging-in-place and multigeneration homes are increasingly popular.

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Choosing the right furnace (NAPS)—The next time you’re looking to buy a furnace, you can make a smart and informed decision if you consider the following: • Your contractor: Choose a contractor you can trust—one who is knowledgeable, dependable, licensed and located close enough to provide prompt service. Ask friends and family about their experiences and check out ratings on online sites. • Efficiency: Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) measures the percentage of energy consumed by the furnace that actually heats your house. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the furnace and the greater the amount of heat delivered for your money. When shopping for a high-efficiency furnace, choose one with an AFUE of 90 percent or higher. • ENERGY STAR: ENERGY STAR recognition means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Different gas furnace efficiency requirements and labels are used for different regions of the country. Certified gas furnaces in the southern half of the U.S., where homes require less heat, are labeled with a unique “U.S. South” ENERGY STAR logo and are up propriate furnace capacity. A furnace that is too big for to 12 percent more efficient than standard models. the space will turn on more frequently and waste fuel. Certified gas furnaces in the northern half of the U.S. One that is too small will not generate enough heat. are labeled with the standard ENERGY STAR logo. These furnaces are up to 16 percent more energy effi• Thermostat: It makes sense to pair your high-efficient than baseline models. ciency furnace with a programmable thermostat that allows you to monitor and adjust settings according to • Modulating furnaces: By modulating the gas valve your unique heating needs. Look into your options. (similar to turning up the burner on a gas stove) and varying the speed of the indoor fan, modulating furPremium high-efficiency furnaces offer unique highnaces respond to the outdoor weather to keep your tech solutions to reduce energy use and increase comhome warm, comfortable and quiet. As a result, they fort. Knowing the options available to you as you use less energy when the heating demand on your choose a new furnace can help you make an informed home is low. Some modulating furnaces, including the decision. Coleman Echelon modulating variable-speed furnace from Johnson Controls, are rated up to 98 percent To learn more about high-efficiency furnaces, visit AFUE and are equipped with an additional efficiency,—an electronically commutated motor (ECM). HomeComfort and follow @ColemanHVAC on Twitter An ECM offers nearly continuous, gradual fan speed or call (877) 874-7378. operation for fewer stops and starts. This makes the furnace quieter while still providing great efficiency. Look for the Department of Energy’s Energy Star logo when buying home appliances such as a furnace to • Sizing: Before settling on a furnace, be sure your find the most efficient. contractor does a load calculation to determine the ap32 | all about home/fall-winter 2015 page

Avoid gutter cleaning (NAPS)—There’s good news, bad news and better news for people who don’t like to clean out their gutters.

Learn More Visit or phone (800) 942-3004 for further information.

The good news is, you won’t have to if you get any of the more than 40 different versions of gutter covers around. The bad news is, covered gutters are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and for nesting bees, wasps, even small rodents. Torrential rains can overwhelm the cover, causing ground erosion. The covered gutter can increase the chance for damaging winter ice-dams. The better news: There is an alternative. The timetested Rainhandler Rain Dispersal System has a patented louver design so gutters don’t collect leaves or debris and require no cleaning or maintenance. Gentle, rain-sized drops spread out, away from your home. You’ll never have to climb a dangerous ladder to clean gutters again.

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Maintain your septic system (NAPS)—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency drain field, where the vehicle’s weight could damage is reminding homeowners of the importance of main- buried pipes or disrupt underground flow. taining their septic systems. Aside from saving money, there’s another reason to Maintaining a septic system every three to five years maintain your system. In many places, water is scarce can prevent homeowners from spending thousands of these days, particularly in dollars on repairs or replacement. the West. Inspecting your system is not a do-it-yourself project With water in for most. Putting an additive into your system will not limited supply, detect or fix a malfunction. The best course of action is we need to to go with a professional service provider every three ensure what is there is safe. to five years to inspect and pump your system. Failing septic systems can contribute excess nutriand Think at the Sink: Avoid pouring fats, grease and ents solids down the drain. These substances can clog a pathogens to our water system’s pipes and drain field. sources— Don’t Overload the Commode: Only put things in the lakes, rivers, drain or toilet that belong there. For example, coffee g r o u n d w a grounds, dental floss, disposable diapers and wipes, ter—and can feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts and cat lit- make the ter can all clog and potentially damage septic systems. water unsafe. When your system functions properly, it protects you Don’t Strain Your Drain: Be water efficient and stag- and those around you. If you get your drinking water ger water use. Fix plumbing leaks and install Wa- from a well, this is critical. terSense labeled products to save water, including For a full list of dos and don’ts and other helpful infaucet aerators, faucets, toilets and showerheads. Spread out laundry and dishwasher loads throughout formation, visit and get Septhe day—too much water at once can overload a sys- ticSmart! tem that hasn’t been pumped recently. To save time, trouble, money and perhaps the enviShield Your Field: Do not park or drive on a system’s ronment, maintain your septic system. In addition to regular maintenance, here are some other things you can do to ensure your system functions properly:

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Increasing your home value (NAPS)—Making your home more attractive to prospective buyers can be easier and less expensive than many realize—if you heed these eight suggestions from the real estate listings experts at Trulia: 1. Look to your landscaping. Just a few hundred dollars on grass seed or replacement sod, new flowers, bushes or trees, a weekend and a little effort can improve a house’s curb appeal. 2. Help your home clean up nicely. Give the exterior a thorough scrub down, including screens, windows and gutters. Pressure wash the walks and driveway. Inside, steam clean the carpets, wash or wax laminate, hardwood or linoleum, and clean the grout on tile walls and floors. 3. Give the trim a treat. Paint just the trim and front door, two items that buyers’ eyes are naturally drawn to when driving by your places. 4. Change the caulk around the plumbing fixtures. Over time, caulk, the silicone that protects surfaces from water seepage, can discolor, tear or degrade. Stripping this material out and replacing it with a fresh bead of silicone can improve both bathrooms and kitchens. 5. Be clever: declutter. A house full of furniture, clothing, collections, exercise equipment and memorabilia can look much smaller than its actual size. Have a garage sale, rent a storage unit, or start making trips to the landfill to whittle down your home’s contents. 6. Fix the small things. Replace burnt-out light bulbs, fix holes in doors or walls, grease squeaky cabinets or doors, fix leaks and change the air filters.

7. Update lighting fixtures. It’s a bright idea that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just change a few, especially if they look dated. See if the exterior garage lights, bathroom lights or bedroom lights in particular are good candidates for a change. 8. Refresh your kitchen and bath. Consumer Reports estimates you can increase your home’s value by as much as 7 percent by renovating these rooms. Choose a neutral palette to increase the appeal to as many tastes as possible. Learn More For further facts and tips on selling your house, visit

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Less messy remodeling

(NewsUSA) - Maybe you’re finally updating your 1970s kitchen to one that’s more sleek and modern. Perhaps it’s as simple as remodeling a bathroom. Whatever the room, home renovations can be pretty hectic and messy.

Use it to cover all heavy furniture that can’t be moved from the room. This will prevent dust and debris from getting into the cracks and crevices and keep the finish on the furniture looking shiny.

Permits and papers from the city should be kept together. Just for fun, create a folder of design ideas and pictures from magazines to keep you inspired.

Create a space, such as a table, where all small tools are kept. The larger tools can sit on the floor under the table.

• Keep a list. No matter how good your memory, To get through your renovation, home organization is things are going to fall through the cracks. Hanging a the key. The following tips should help you stay on top clipboard on a nail in the area you are working in will of the chaos. help you to stay on task about people you need to contact, or things you need to do or buy for the next day. • Have files for everything. Paperwork should be kept in one place. Inexpensive file folders that are portable • Have a place for everything. If you’re doing the recan help you stay structured. Create a file for all re- model yourself, there is going to be a certain amount of ceipts, and as you post them to a budget, move them chaos and upheaval. One thing that will help reduce your stress level is keeping your tools in one place. to another file labeled “posted.”


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Every time you’re finished with a tool, put it back.

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Creating fall curb appeal (BPT) - Soon, all things pumpkin spice will be here, including the home visitors that bring them. In preparation of the door bell ringing, create a little spice of your own with some seasonal curb appeal. You don’t have to limit yourself to pumpkins and hay bales - below are tips and projects for sprucing up your home’s view from the curb this season.

ished, cohesive look. You’ll be delightfully surprised what a difference new hardware can make in creating an updated look to your home. Refresh exterior body and trim colors For a dramatic change, repaint your home’s exterior. It’s bold and can make your home stand out from other homes on the block. Not up for the bold change? To make an impact with a smaller change, add new trim colors. When updating trim, choose color schemes that match your home’s primary exterior color, or complement it with a fresh twist.

Create points of interest with plants You don’t have to stop enjoying beautiful plants and flowers simply because summer is over. Add pops of color by arranging pots filled with hearty fall flowers like Front door, first impressions mums, sedum or asters around your front door, or on Your front door is one of the first things people notice a porch or deck. Incorporate planters or container garabout your home. Give your door a fresh face with a dens of varied sizes, shapes and colors to add visual coat of paint in a bold fall color to draw the eye to this interest. focal point of your home. Accent with lighting As summer light fades into shorter, darker days, add Another project is to replace the door entirely. Consider options with decorative glass accents, and stun- exterior accent lighting to the front of your home. Illuning sidelights (windows on either side of the door) to minate a walking path with ground-insert solar lights. add more natural light while maintaining a sense of style Or consider solar spotlights to bring out landscaping and privacy. Plus, as temperatures start to drop, En- or to shine on your updated front door. Install matching ergy Star -qualified entry doors, like those from Pella, light fixtures outside your front door, garage door or will help maintain your home’s energy efficiency. For patio door to provide well-lit entrances that are stylish entry door inspiration check out Pinterest, your resident and inviting to neighbors and guests. showroom or your local home improvement store. For more curb appeal inspiration, follow Pella on Pinterest and Houzz and visit to connect with Accessorize with new hardware Replace your front door hardware for a quick, easy your local Pella representative for ideas on how to face lift. Choose hardware finishes that compliment transform the look and comfort of your home inside light fixtures, mailbox and house numbers for a pol- and out.

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Winterize your home

(BPT) - It’s coming - the white, windy weather of win- the-glass options to add energy efficiency and privacy. ter. Are you ready? Is your home? Now is the time to Repair or replace damaged exterior surfaces. protect your home and wallet with a quick window and door checkup to make needed repairs and reduce Cracked or deteriorated wood on the roof or near the foundation is typically associated with water penetracosts. tion and may allow moisture or cold air to leak into your Clear sills and moving parts of dirt and debris. Debris home. Look closely for signs of moisture leakage and like sand, dirt or leaves can get caught in window sills replace damaged wood. Consult a professional to help and moving parts of windows or doors. Clean these correct any roof or drainage problems around your areas with a dry paintbrush to create a tighter seal and home. enhance window and door performance. Install storm doors. Storm doors add an extra layer of Check weather stripping. Re-attach or replace loose protection and help reduce air and moisture leakage. or worn weather stripping around windows and doors. Replace old windows and doors with energy-efficient Loose weather stripping can let cold air in, reducing enones. If you have single-pane glass or older windows or ergy efficiency. doors, you may be paying more to heat your home in Reapply caulk or sealant around windows and doors. the winter. Replace them now with energy-efficient, To help reduce potential drafts and leaks, reseal areas double- or triple-pane glass versions, such as those ofaround windows and doors that may have been ex- fered by Pella, and made with insulating argon, or install posed to heavy weather or extreme sunlight, creating new durable fiberglass doors to help save money and breaks in caulk or sealant. energy year round. Install snap-in blinds or shades. Snap-in betweenFor more home tips, follow Pella on Pinterest and the-glass blinds or shades help insulate your home Houzz and visit to connect with your local from cold outdoor temperatures. Pella Designer Series Pella representative. windows and patio doors feature convenient between38 | all about home/fall-winter 2015 page

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Smart tips for winter

Set the temperature. (BPT) - Cooler temperatures and shorter days can Investing in a programmable thermostat allows only mean one thing - winter is on its way. January and February are typically considered the coldest months homeowners to monitor the indoor temperature of their in the Northwest, Northeast and Midwest regions of the home remotely via a smart phone or online. Keeping United States. It can be tough for homeowners to stay the temperature low when no one is home and programming the thermocozy inside without runstat to increase the ning up monthly heating temperature when costs. everyone arrives home, annual heating costs Building professionals can be reduced anysay fall is the ideal time where between 5-15 to consider winterizing percent, according to your home for a more the U. S. Department of energy efficient and Energy. The same princomfortable winter. ciple can be applied during summer months Look for simple, to help save on cooling affordable fixes. costs. There are some simPrevent ice ple, inexpensive measdamming. ures that homeowners can do to ensure their If ice damming on the homes remain energy roof is an annual probefficient, warm and lem, consider taking comfortable. measures to completely stop dams from formFor less than $100, ing. weather-stripping for windows, a door sweep Major damage can strip and some caulking can help fill any air leaks to limit energy loss. Replacing result from ice damming, so it’s never too early to start the furnace’s air filter every three months can also help thinking about a long-term solution. Ice damming occreate a more comfortable environment since a curs when warm, indoor air escaping through the roof clogged filter can reduce the unit’s overall efficiency and melts snow on the shingles. The water then refreezes as it runs off the roof, creating a barrier of ice at the lifespan. edge. Shovelling snow or chipping ice away can

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While air leakage can play a role in higher-thanaverage heating and cooling bills, a well-insulated home and economical winterizing can help you get through the cold winter months. Homeowners can Keep warm air inside. learn the five easy steps of selecting the right insulation While weather-stripping and caulking can help ad- for their home on dress air leakage, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Saver website says that proper air sealing insulation and attic venting are the best methods to stop ice damming from occurring. threaten life, limb and roof, so it’s best to consider more permanent solutions.

Spray foam insulation is a modern solution that both insulates and seals to help stop ice damming. Installed by licensed professionals, spray foam insulation, like that available from Icynene, works well in all climates and fills in gaps and cracks to help stop air leakage as well as ice dams formation. As a long-term solution, spray foam insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature year round while helping to control monthly heating and cooling expenses. Thanks to spray foam insulation’s air-sealing qualities, homeowners can reduce the size of their heating and cooling equipment since less effort is required to heat or cool the home.


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Offer good to the end of Nov. 2015 10% off your current Rate or our already low service rate whichever is best for you. Some Restrictions Apply


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Professional Service Directory Professional Service Directory Professional Service Directory Professional Service Directory Buying or Selling Your Home? Rely on our team of experts who will provide you with professional guidance to reduce stress, save time and make you a savvy, successful customer. 434 Carolina Ave., Chester, WV



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145 N. 15th St. • Sebring • 330-938-6329 ~ Celebrating 116 Years ~ Old Fashioned Hardware Store And The Best Customer Service You Will Ever Find! We Have A New “Things Remembered” Department Featuring Vintage, Antiques And Collectables

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Professional Service Directory Professional Service Directory Professional Service Directory Professional Service Directory 40185 Lodge Rd. • Leetonia, Ohio

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Commercial Construction Commercial Rigging • Commercial/Residential Excavating • Lakes • Grading


37 Years of Experience -NKenny Olmstead Tree Removal • Stump Removal • Residential & Commercial Fully Insured • Free Estimates

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Calcutta Lock Specialties, Inc.

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LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED 48926 Calcutta Smith Ferry Rd. E. Liverpool, OH 43920 Phone: 330-385-4881

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HAULING & EXCAVATING * Slag * Topsoil * Sand * Gravel Fill Dirt & Mulch Sewer & Water Lines * Foundations

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We Also Have Outside Storage Available! Secure, Electronic Gate Key Pad Entry With 24 Hour Access!!

MIKE DAVIS ROOFING Hail Damage Repair (most insurance companies will pay for repairs up to Nov. 15), Local Contractor, Free Estimates, Fully Insured & Senior Citizen Discounts

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BLATCH PLASTERING Plastering & Drywall New & Repair 39 Years’ Experience


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Furniture, Appliances, Lori Elkins Owner & so much more! Stop in Today! Hours: Mon, Tues, Thur, & Fri 9am-4pm • (330) 303-6780 755 Dresden Ave. East Liverpool, OH

J-N-J Contracting & Lawn Care •Remodeling •Plumbing •Electrical •Painting •Hauling •Concrete Work •Tree Trimming •Property Clean Up

Senior Citizen 10% Discount

724-513-1021 Servicing the Tri-County Area Since 1988

409 E. Second Street

Historic Salem Drug Building

Salem, OH 44460 (330) 332-2201

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Common home safety issues (BPT) - For many Americans, “home” evokes warmth, comfort, security and safety. But while home may be sweet, statistics show it’s far from safe. From falls and other types of accidents to fires and poor indoor air quality, home can be a dangerous place - so it’s important to make simple home improvements that can help minimize avoidable home safety and health risks. Falls Falls are the leading type of accident that sends people of all ages to the emergency room, each year, and they’re particularly dangerous for older people and very young children, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Simple changes to When painting choose low or no-VOC paints. Conyour home can help reduce the risk of someone falling: sider removing carpets if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Good ventilation can make a home more com• Make sure all stairways are equipped with handrails fortable and the air inside it healthier. You can improve that are securely fixed to the wall. ventilation in a variety of ways, including by installing fresh air skylights. In addition to venting stale indoor air • Outfit bathrooms used by seniors with grab bars in through passive ventilation, shower and toilet areas. Fires • Provide adequate lighting for when people move Each year, thousands of Americans are killed or inaround at night, especially in stairways, hallways and jured in home fires, according to data from the National bathrooms. The same is true during the day, especially Fire Protection Association. Yet homeowners can do a for older adults and for anyone with reduced vision. Tra- lot to reduce the risk of a fire occurring: ditional or tubular skylights can bring abundant natural light into these and other areas of the home. • Every home should be equipped with smoke alarms. If your home is older, it may not already have • Remove or tack down area rugs to reduce the risk alarms. Add them - smoke alarms reduce the risk of someone will catch a toe and trip. home fire fatality by half, according to the NFPA. If you do have smoke alarms, but they’re old, replace them • To prevent small children from falling out of win- with newer models, and consider the investment of dows, install window guards with an emergency re- having your home hard-wired with alarms. lease device in case of fire. • Replace old electrical wiring and appliances • Use safety straps when placing babies and young they’re a leading cause of home fires. children in high chairs, carriers or swings, and never leave a child alone while he or she is strapped in to a • If you have a wood-burning fireplace, use a safety device. screen to catch sparks and prevent burning material from rolling out. Indoor air quality While you may think of pollution as an outdoor prob• Finally, if you’re building a new home or renovating lem, the air inside your home can actually host more an existing one, consider adding a home fire sprinkler harmful irritants than outside air, according to research system. According to the NFPA, they reduce the by the Environmental Protection Agency. Air pollution chance of someone dying in a home fire by 80 percent. has been linked to a host of health problems, from res- When installed during new construction, a home fire piratory ailments like allergies and asthma, to sprinkler system costs about $1.35 per square foot of headaches and even depression. Several home up- covered space, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition says, grades can help improve air quality inside your home. noting that’s about what you would pay to upgrade your carpeting. 46 | all about home/fall-winter 2015 page

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0% interest for 42 months

0% interest for 42 months

1 Year extended warranty on all two stage units purchased by 10/31/15

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Carrollton, Ohio 330-627-2101

Morning Journal - All About Home - Fall 2015  
Morning Journal - All About Home - Fall 2015  

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