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Your bathroom and kitchen are the two primary areas to consider for a room make-over or when you want to make an upgrade to your home. In this feature – we’ll focus on the bathroom. Decide first what atmosphere you would like to achieve when walking into the room – luxury – spa – upscale hotel – minimal green chic – the possibilities are endless. Look at the major structures first – for instance the bathtub – today there are many options to choose from large to deep spa tubs with multiple facets and sprays to big luxurious steam showers with heat control panels. Today’s Jacuzzis come with special built-in lighting and sound system features that will create a cozy, peaceful or romantic atmosphere. While you are already into this structure be sure you examine the water flow – new technology in the form of digital temperature controls will save someone in your home from getting a cold water shock while they are in the shower and someone flushes. These digital controls can also include programs to turn on your lights; start the shower, set your water temperature and access your favorite tunes or favorite tube program - all while you just walk in the room and begin to undress after a long hard day. And if you have already decided that these features should be included in your makeover – then you might as well think about a heated towel bar and comfortable lounger. Be careful that if you expand your bathroom space by dropping a wall or two that you don’t remove any closet space - this is prime real estate for future home buyers. Do your research – use energy efficient appliances, facets or water flow controls wherever possible; you can never go wrong in those decisions and it will save you money in the long run. For more information and articles by by Susan Baldwin, Founder Baldwin by Design login to

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