Pews News w/c 5th May 2024

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Acommonfeatureof Rogationdaysinformer timeswasthe ceremonyofbeating thebounds,inwhicha processionof parishioners,ledbythe minister, churchwarden,and choirboys,would proceedaroundthe boundaryoftheirparish andprayforits protectioninthe forthcomingyear.


Godourredeemer,youhave deliveredusfromthepower ofdarknessandbroughtus intothekingdomofyour Son:grant,thatasbyhis deathhehasrecalledusto life,sobyhiscontinual presenceinushemayraise ustoeternaljoy; throughJesusChristyour SonourLord,whoisalive andreignswithyou,inthe unityoftheHolySpirit,one God,nowandforever.



GodourFather,whoseSon JesusChristgivesthewater ofeternallife:maywethirst foryou,thespringoflifeand sourceofgoodness,through himwhoisaliveandreigns, nowandforever.


Astwick Vale Pews News 5th May 2024 SERVICEFOR5thMay FifthSundayafterEaster RogationSunday 10.30am,Croughton, BeneficeHolyCommunion ColourWhite Readings Acts10:44-48 1John5:1-6 John15:9-17 Psalm98
The Churches of Aynho, Croughton, Evenley, Farthinghoe, Hinton and Steane 01280 702861 new website address


WecommemorateJesus Christ'sascensioninto heaven(asperChristian belief)bycelebrating AscensionDay,which occursontheThursday, whichis40(or39)days afterEaster.

We pray for all who live or work within the parishes of our Benefice, and for those known to us who are sick in body, mind, or spirit, at home or in hospital and who need God’s loving touch at this time. --Among them are; -

- Paula,Pip&Katie,Douglas, Jackie,Suzanne,Norman,Derek, BrucefromMixbury.

- Forallthosestrugglingwith healthissues,especiallythosein hospital&thoseawaiting treatment.

- YoungHollywhocontinuesto makegoodprogresswith treatment,whileattendingher school.Wecontinuetoholdher inourprayers.

- Forthechurchandpeopleof ChippingWarden.

- Wendy&Jeremy

- ForHMKingCharlesIIIashe isabletoreturntopublic duties.

- ForHRHThePrincessof Walesasshecommences preventativetreatmentfor thecancerdiagnosis.Also, forWillliam,PrinceofWales andthechildren,

- Forallthoseaffectedby situationsworldwide&especially theconflictintheMiddleEast.

Wonderful news – Our King Charles III returns to public duties
SERVICESFOR12th May 6th SundayafterEaster (SundayafterAscension) 9.30am,Evenley,Morning Worship 9.30amFarthinghoe, MorningWorship 10.00am,Aynho,Morning Worship 11.00amHinton,Holy Communion
If you have an article to appear in the weekly Benefice Pews News, please contact Joyce Stevens (01280) 702861 or email

Wepraythatapeacewillbe found.


Ourchurchesarealways openforprivateprayer;all arewelcome.-(Croughtonbyappointmentonly)

A Prayer for World Peace

Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust. Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace. Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.

Dates for May 2024

5th Rogation Sunday

6th Bank Holiday UK

9th Ascension Day (Holy Thursday)

10th Farthinghoe 10.00am – 11.00 coffee, cake & chat in the vestry – all welcome

11th Evenley Plant Sale at the village hall 10.00 – 12.00 14th Evenley 12.00-1.15pm, Village Soup Lunch. Usual menu- everyone welcome. 19th Whit Sunday – Pentecost 19th Second of our summer services at Steane

27th Bank Holiday UK

29th Oak Apple Day





LookingaheadtoJune OpenFarmSunday,9thJune 2024isfarming'sannualopen daygivingvisitorsthe opportunitytolearnmoreabout farmingandthecountryside, andfarmersthechancetotalk aboutwhatthey'resoproudof: Britishfoodandfarming! Lookoutforaneventatyour localfarm.

Wonderful news
III returns
public duties
– Our King Charles
HavealookatourBenefice website. Also email address If you have an article to appear in the weekly Benefice Pews News, please contact Joyce Stevens (01280) 702861 or email

Telephone number (01280) 702861

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Church contacts

Ministry Teams

Assistant Priest-

Revd Terry Richards 01869 811251

Lay Readers

Carrie O’Regan 01280 702300

May Leng 07903 801143


Andrew Bellamy 01869 810847

Kathy White 01869 810418


Angie Robbins 01869 811445,


Jose Golding 07708 539191

Farthinghoe: Position vacant


Sam Mainds 07860 465000


MayDay,orthefirstMonday inMay,onlybecameabank holidayin1978butitsorigins

asadayofcelebrationgoback overtwothousandyears!It fallsroughlybetweenthe springequinoxandthesummer solsticeandCeltscelebratedit asthefirstdayofsummer, callingitBeltane. Inthecalendaroftheancient Celts,itiseasytounderstand theimportanceofthefirstday ofsummer.The'fireofBel',or Beltaneasitwascalled,was celebratedwithbonfiresto welcomethenewseason. KnowntodayasMayDay,it hasthroughtheagesremained themostimportantdayofthe folkloreyear.

Wonderful news
Our King Charles III returns to public duties
If you have an article to appear in the weekly Benefice Pews News, please contact Joyce Stevens (01280) 702861 or email

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