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" How design makes me happier " the power of design

To me design is a feeling, a life style. It is essential as fresh air and sweet water, something wonderful taht makes you smile. Design - oriented life by no means can offer you comfort and convience. Nice displayed graphics can help everyday life easier when you are looking at the packaging which followed with contentment.It is the power of design and I want to build the life around us better through marvelous graphics. If we can do it ! why not ? Turn my thoughts into physical work For the last module, my mission is to make efforts understanding the professional context about brandind and identity, by reading books and searching into professional design case studies. The most imperative matter is to analyze what I have learned, and how can I apply those qualities into my design. I should absord more and develop my learning system. Stop procrastinating and make time management, which is a good practice for me if I am going to manage other cases in the future

CONTENT the secret of my works

BRANDING 01' The branding and identity design case for MA project 2014




The first stage

The second stage

The third stage

the story

the research

the strategy



The fourth stage

The fifth stage

six design concepts

final design


Design & Research

The branding and identity design

how I use research to direct my

case for Cheers dental clinc




Layout Design

notebook design

1 my reflective journal

Combines the funtion of ntebook

2 design journey - Ma project

and reminding notes bracelet.

brand book

There are two ways to use the

3 AK’s portfolio design

note bracelet depends on differ-

4 my photography abum

ent occasion.





Sticker design

white shoes mission

X’mas card design

earplug design

An animal a day 2014

2013 - 2014

The design process This chart shows how we follow the process and retain the point of view of the design

Design Process 1. Research and concept 2. Roughs and Development 3. Design and Delivery graph design by lisa wei fang hung

BRANDING 01' The branding and identity design case for MA project


NO.1 The first stage

the story To start my master project, I try to identify some issues that are meaningful to me.

The Story Where my idea came to light

Be an international students who studied abroad for the first time, I find myself in need of help and advice.

For international student, studying abroad coupled with living away from their own family might be a new and exciting experience, but somehow the impact of culture shock gradually creeps into their life and influences them bit by bit. The term {culture shock} implies the impact of moving from a familar culture to one that is unfamiliar. During the period, you need to adjust to the unfamilar aspects, such as language barrier, way of life, and last but not least, starting your social connections from the beginning. Various issues might also occur, for instance, home sickness and stress accumulating gradually throughout your days abroad.

Studying in another country is such a wonderful life experience. You take opportunities to go out of your comfort zone, to explore the new world and to obtain new knowledge. However, unaware of the impact of culture shock may become an obstacle while you start off your student life with lots of expectations. Through a supporting organization, which dedicates their efforts to aid international students to overcome various difficulties, students can have a brighter future and a happier life on the campus.

NO.2 The second stage

the research

Design in Its purest sense is research mixed with imagination. --Adrian Shaughnessy

CULTURE SHOCK -noun The impact of moving from a familiar culture to one that is unfamiliar. It includes the shock of a new environment, meeting lots of new people and learning the ways of a new country. It also includes the shock of being separated from the important people in your life, such as family, friends, colleagues, and teachers: people you would talk to at times of uncertainty, people who give you support and guidance.

NO.3 The first stage

the strategy

The strategy that supports design is more important than the itself.

Identify my project The design brief

Project title How can branding an organization and communicating through graphic designs help interntional students coming to study at universities in the UK overcome the potential stress of culture shock and enjoy life while studying?

The brief To create an organization which helps international students to engage with cultural and social events during their time at university. The main aim of the organization is to aid students while they transfer from a previous environment to a new one and for overseas students who need to overcome the stress of culture shock. The organization’s mission is to transform student engagement with social and cultural events, supporting a new generation of active citizens to achieve positive change now and in the future. The challenge for my project will be to create an approachable brand identity for my organisation and apply the identity across a range of printed material, webpage and other promotional items in a dynamic and contemporary way.

Submissions A brand book detailing all aspects of my brand’s identity and its application across printed and web-based material Posters and promotional material for student events, and website design for brand A cafe hub

Target Audience

Primarily, BA/MA international students who study in UK.

Secondarily, UK home students who can learn more about the people from other country and make new friends who comes from different country.

Start from the Name What is it about


\ noun \

synonym : connection A connection between two people, things or ideas

I want to name my organization “Link“, for it represent the idea of linking and connecting. For international students, living far away from home and away from familiar environment. Studying abroad is not easy and at times could lead to the feeling of uncertainty which could result in depression, like homesickness, as they have to adapt to a different way of life.

BUT Looking at the bright side, the mission for students is to learn and have experience of life to prepare them for a brighter future.



Our vision is to introduce the idea of being a global citizen and share the experience with each other by being supportive and sharing.

Our mission is to form a welcoming global village, for every student to engage and be inspired.

NO.4 The fourth stage

six design concepts

Before I decide my identity visuals, I try to produce different ideas so that there might be a lot of possibilities

concept 01' the six design concept making connections

concept 02' the six design concept the transformation

concept 03' the six design concept explore and learn

concept 04' the six design concept our of your comfortzone

concept 05' the six design concept capture the extraordinary

concept 06' the six design concept open the new window

NO.5 The fifth stage

Final identity

A brand stands for the face of a company or organization

Final desision identity The reason for choosing this design

After designing the six concept, I started to running focus groups asking peoples opinion about which design they prefer. It is important to ask opinions from my target audience because they are the main people I will communicte with through graphic design. With various advice and opinions form university teachers and some of international students, I have decided to go for the second concept because it got the most vote and the way it express energy and the ideas of shapes join together appeals to people.

BRANDING 02' The branding and identity design case for Cheers dental clinc


first three design concepts

K 80

M 50 Y100

Commercial Wall design first design concept

Commercial Wall design final design



Design & Research how I use research to direct my designs


Research into design FUTURE IN SIGHT design and research competition what will Haagen Dazs be in 20 years times

Make like no others the affordable indulgence H채agen-Dazs is an ice cream brand, established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in the Bronx, New York, in 1961. Starting with only three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and coffee, the company opened its first retail store in Brooklyn, New York, on November 15, 1976.[1] The business now has franchises throughout the United States and many other countries around the world. H채agen-Dazs ice cream holds the distinction of being one of the few commercial ice cream brands not to use stabilizers

such as guar gum, xanthan gum, or carageenan. They now started using corn syrup in many of their flavors, such as the Vanilla Swiss Almond, according to their website. In addition to ice cream, the company also produces ice cream bars, ice cream cakes, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and gelato.

Logo Re-design

HEALTHY INDULGENCE new line product for Haagen Dazs

The Brief Haagen Dazs is a world reknown ice cream brand,with different trends, the future of Haagen dazs need to come up with an innovative concept which cater the market of healthy ice cream. The new line of forzen yogurt include fresh toppings which could truly make your day.


2 element healthy and tasty

Logo development how the logo is formed

Layout Design 1 my reflective journal 2 design journey - Ma project brand book 3 AK’s portfolio design 4 my photography abum


notebook design Combines the funtion of ntebook and reminding notes bracelet. There are two ways to use the note bracelet depends on different occasion. It’s easy for you whenever you need to go shopping or have a metting.


illustration my passion for drawing! 2014

restaurant sticker design Capricciosa An Italian restaurant based in Taiwan Taipei. I have design 5 character for them to cnvey the freshness and deliciousness of their restaurant.

five figures design Capricciosa Taipei Taiwan Mother - Pasta MAMA Father - Pillow Pizza PAPA Daughter - Salad Sister Son - Rice Ball Brother Baby - Strawberry Cake Baby

five figures design Capricciosa Taipei Taiwan Mother - Pasta MAMA Father - Pillow Pizza PAPA

five figures design Capricciosa Taipei Taiwan Daughter - Salad Sister Son - Rice Ball Brother

five figures design Capricciosa Taipei Taiwan Baby - Strawberry Cake Baby

2013 X’mas Fair design in Nottingham

During X’mas time, Nottingham Trent University had arrange a fair for us to sell our own design products. Thus, I had descided to sell a series of X’mas cards and notebooks, also some book marks.

It was so much fun and I got an opportunity to show my works to the audience and get instant feedback. That was so much useful and fun.

20 13

Merr y






20 13

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2013 an animal a day challenge Taipei Taiwan

By using Facebook, I want to show my works through social media and see the responce from my friends. so I try to draw an animal a day a and post it on Facebook

Packaging packaging design 2014

white shoes mission Packaging design Taipei Taiwan

bottle and logo design by lisa wei fang hung

KENDAMA - Earpiece Plug Packaging design Taipei Taiwan 劍玉耳機塞,動動僵硬的手腕吧!

product, logo design and packaging design by lisa wei fang hung and Orange Wu

Thank You for reading

Portfolio 2014  

design by lisa wei fang hung

Portfolio 2014  

design by lisa wei fang hung