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CLASSES Autumn 2009

MONDAY 14 SEPTEMBER – SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER DanceXchange // Level 5 Birmingham Hippodrome // Thorp Street // Birmingham // B5 4TB


Welcome to a new term at dx! We hope you had a great summer and are raring to get back into the swing of things.

As well as changes to the timetable, we’re introducing a new way to pay – advance block booking – in addition to our standard pay as you go system. See the page opposite for details of how this works and which option might work best for you.

There’s been quite a lot happening behind the scenes here, and for those of you that are regulars, you’ll notice we’ve made a few changes to the timetable. We’ve sadly lost some classes, but gained a few new ones and improved opportunities for you to progress your technique through offering beginners, improved and advanced levels for most classes. We’ve also scheduled gaps in between each class so there’s now time for you to wind down and get out of the studio before the next class descends! We’ve also changed the age ranges of our classes – please check the timetable on page 4/5 to find the right class for your age.

All in all these changes mean that, even through the credit crunch, we can continue to offer you a class programme bursting with opportunities of the highest quality, and led by a great team of tutors that really are top of their field.

We look forward to seeing you in our studios very soon! The DanceXchange Team

GENERAL INFORMATION NEW TO CLASSES? If you’re not sure what to expect and are worried about your first visit, we can pair you up with a regular class-going “buddy”. Just call us on 0121 689 3170. 15 MINUTE RULE: to prevent injury, participants more than 15 minutes late are not allowed into class, as the warm up section will have been missed. WHAT TO WEAR: anything comfortable that allows you to move freely. Tracksuit bottoms/leggings and a t-shirt are suitable for most classes. We recommend trainers for Breakin’ and bare feet for Contemporary. If you have tap, ballet or jazz shoes, please wear these accordingly. Please note we do not allow black-soled trainers or outdoor shoes in our studios because they can damage our floors. Please also remove all jewellery

before taking part, as failure to do so could result in injury.

CONCESSION PRICES: adults aged 60 years and above, those on income support, and students in full time education. Proof of ID required. ACCESS: we strive to make our classes accessible to participants with disabilities. Please call us to discuss any support you might need. ENQUIRIES: we’re on hand 6 days a week to help you find the right class for you or your children. Just call us or email your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.



This term, taking on board comments we’ve received from our regular class participants, we’re introducing advance block booking to run alongside our pay as you go system. If you have any questions about the booking procedures, please call Cat Boffy on 0121 689 3121.

ADVANCE BLOCK BOOKING Booking a term in advance is the perfect solution if you come to at least one class each week and don’t usually miss any sessions during the term. The benefits are:

GUARANTEED ENTRY to your selected class each week PAY LESS – booking in advance works out £1 per week cheaper for adults (and 50p per cheaper for kids/teens) than pay as you go AVOID THE QUEUES – unlike pay as you go, you won’t have to queue to pay on arrival each time

HOW IT WORKS Advance booking opens on Monday 17 August and fees per class for the 12 week term are: Adult Advanced Level £66 / £54 concession Adult £60 / £48 concession Kids 7-11yrs/Teens £42 Kids 3-6yrs £36 You can book in person (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm), by phone or by post. We accept cash and most credit/debit cards (30p admin fee). If you prefer to send a cheque, please make it payable to DanceXchange Ltd.

PAY AS YOU GO This is our most flexible payment option, and ideal if: You’ve never been to DanceXchange before, or you’re trying a new style, and you’re not sure if you want to commit to the whole term straight away You like dipping in and out of different classes during the course of a term You know you’re not going to be able to make it every week due to other commitments

HOW IT WORKS Just turn up around 15-20 minutes before your class is due to start to register and pay at our reception desk. Pay as you go fees for this term are as follows: Adult Advanced Level £6.50 / £5.50 concession Adult £6 / £5 concession Kids 7-11yrs/Teens £4 Kids 3-6yrs £3.50

TERMS & CONDITIONS Advance block booking Please note that once you’ve booked for a term, if you miss a week or number of weeks for any reason, we won’t be able to issue a refund. Refunds will only be given if we have to cancel a class due to circumstances beyond our control. We reserve the right to change a tutor without prior notice if needed. Advance block booking closes on Sat 19 Sept. You must attend the same class for the whole term. Advance booking is subject to availability, so please book early. Pay as you go Places are allocated on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability. Due to the popularity of some classes, it may not always be possible to allocate you a place so please call before you come along. We reserve the right to cancel classes and/or change tutors if necessary. This doesn’t happen often but to make sure you don’t have a wasted journey, please call our office before you set out to double check a class is still happening.



MONDAY Club Jazz Teens Club Jazz Advanced Musical Dance Hip Hop & Funk Styles Ballet Advanced Pilates

5.00pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 7.45pm 7.45pm


6.00pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 9.15pm 9.15pm

12-17yrs 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+

Karen Kelly Karen Kelly Ami Radcliffe Kashmir Leese Birmingham Royal Ballet TBC Ruth Jacombs

11.00am 5.00pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.45pm


12.15pm 6.00pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 7.30pm 8.45pm 8.45pm 9.15pm

50yrs+ 12-17yrs 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+

Tutor TBC Maria Blundell Maria Blundell Birmingham Royal Ballet TBC Leah Hadley Maria Blundell Birmingham Royal Ballet TBC Sam Lees-Manning

5.00pm 6.00pm 7.30pm 7.30pm


6.00pm 7.15pm 8.45pm 9.00pm

12-17yrs 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+

Mickael Riviere/Bboys Attic Mickael Riviere/Bboys Attic Mickael Riviere/Bboys Attic Hina Chavda

6.00pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 7.15pm 7.30pm 7.45pm


7.15pm 7.15pm 7.30pm 8.30pm 8.45pm 9.15pm

18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+ 18yrs+

Dot Scattergood Karen Kelly Maria Blundell Dot Scattergood Karen Kelly Mickael Riviere/Bboys Attic

3-6yrs 7-11yrs 7-11yrs

Leah Hadley Dot Scattergood Leah Hadley

TUESDAY Dance into Fitness Contemporary Teens Advanced Contemporary Beginners Ballet Improvers Tap Advanced Contemporary Improvers Ballet Beginners Capoeira

WEDNESDAY Breakin’ Teens Breakin’ Improvers Breakin’ Beginners Bollywood Bhangra

THURSDAY Tap Beginners Club Jazz Beginners Contemporary Advanced Tap Improvers Club Jazz Improvers Breakin’ Advanced

SATURDAY Ballet First Steps Tap Kids Ballet Kids Beginners

9.15am - 9.45am 9.15am - 10.00am 10.00am - 10.45am


SATURDAY continued... Tiny Tappers Ballet Kids Improvers Bollywood Bhangra Teens Club Jazz First Steps Club Jazz Kids Parents & Tots Kathak Teens Creative Dance Ballet Teens Beginners Creative Contemporary Beginners Kathak Kids Ballet Teens Improvers Creative Contemporary Improvers Bharatanatyam Kids Bharatanatyam Teens Ballet Teens Advanced Contemporary Teens Beginners Contemporary Teens Improvers Breakin’ Kids

10.00am 10.45am 10.45am 10.45am 11.15am 11.45am 12 noon 12.15pm 12.30pm 12.45pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.45pm 2.45pm 2.45pm 3.45pm 4.00pm


10.30am 11.30am 11.45am 11.15am 12 noon 12.30pm 1.00pm 12.45pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.30pm 2.30pm 2.45pm 3.45pm 3.45pm 3.45pm 4.45pm 5.00pm

3-6yrs 7-11yrs 12-17yrs 3-6yrs 7-11yrs 6mths-3yrs 12-17yrs 3-6yrs 12-17yrs 7-11yrs 7-11yrs 12-17yrs 7-11yrs 7-11yrs 12-17yrs 12-17yrs 12-17yrs 12-17yrs 7-11yrs

Dot Scattergood Leah Hadley Hina Chavda Karen Kelly Karen Kelly Ruth Jacombs Sonia Sabri Rose Gordon/Kate Talbot Leah Hadley Rose Gordon/Kate Talbot Sonia Sabri Leah Hadley Rose Gordon/Kate Talbot Tutor TBC Tutor TBC Tutor TBC Laura Dredger Laura Dredger Sam Maloney

To ensure we’re providing everyone involved with a quality experience, and to minimise the risk of injury, we ask that you only attend classes advertised for your age and taught at a level equivalent to your own experience of the dance style in question. The following guide can be used to help you decide the level that’s right for you: Beginners -- fun classes learning the basics, no previous experience required Improvers -- a faster pace class aimed at those with a basic understanding of the dance style and knowledge of technique, wanting to develop their skill Advanced -- technically demanding classes suited to those with a high level of fitness and stamina that have significant dance experience or training

HIRES These are classes that are taught in our studios but managed by the tutors that run them rather than by DanceXchange. If you’d like to try any of these classes please see page 11 for more details and contact information for the tutors. WEDNESDAY Urban Fusion Teens Urban Fusion Beginners Urban Fusion Improvers

5.00pm - 6.00pm 6.00pm - 7.15pm 7.30pm - 8.45pm

12-17yrs 18yrs+ 18yrs+

FRIDAY Creative Performance Advanced Movement and Dance

6.15pm - 7.45pm 7.45pm - 9.15pm

16yrs+ 50yrs+

Shaun Cope Shaun Cope Shaun Cope Shirley Shergold Edna Bayliss




CLASSES If something’s caught your eye in our timetable, but you’re unsure about what that particular class is about, here’s a handy A-Z explanation of all our classes. You can also check our website for more details and class summaries,

BALLET These classes range from an introduction to the basics of classical ballet (Beginners) to challenging barre and centre work (Improvers/Advanced).

BHARATANATYAM A class combining pure dance technique with the expressive hand movements of one of the most popular and widely performed South Asian dance styles.

BOLLYWOOD BHANGRA An energetic Indian contemporary dance class set to the.latest pop, classical and Bhangra music.

BREAKIN’ Unleash your inner bboy/bgirl in this high energy class involving street moves, acrobatics, popping and locking (Breakin’ Kids focuses on Top Rock, Bottom Rock (footwork) and Power Moves, the foundation moves essential for any breaker). TELEPHONE: 0121 689 3170


CAPOEIRA Come and develop various aspects of capoeira including acrobatic moves, kicks,. dodges, and sequences. If you’ve never done capoeira before, come along on the 1st Tuesday of every month to run through the basics..

CLUB JAZZ Funky moves to the latest chart sounds make these classes a must if you want to make an impact on the dance floor!

CONTEMPORARY A dynamic and physical class exploring the principles of coordination, strength, body alignment and flexibility.

CREATIVE CONTEMPORARY Explore dance through a range of fun movement exercises, and start to develop a basic knowledge of contemporary technique..

CREATIVE DANCE A fun way to explore creative movement, balance and body co-ordination . through a range of dance styles.

DANCE INTO FITNESS A gentle way to exercise the body using fun dance and fitness sequences.



TELEPHONE: 0121 689 3170


HIP HOP & FUNK STYLES This class will give you an understanding of popping and locking movement, as well as incorporating house dance steps and hip hop routines.

KATHAK Develop your technique in this classical dance form. characterised by fast footwork and spins.

MUSICAL DANCE Learn dance moves inspired by the musicals in this. entertaining and.lively class..

PARENTS & TOTS A playful class to enjoy with your child,.stimulating. expression and

PILATES A conditioning and relaxation class focusing on body alignment, posture and breathing. Bring a towel or small cushion with you. If you haven’t been to this class before, you’ll need to attend 2 core principle sessions (14 & 21 Sept, 19 & 26 Oct).

TAP Get those toes a tappin’ with these fun sessions,. . great for developing rhythm. EMAIL: INFO@DANCEXCHANGE.ORG.UK



These classes are taught in our studios but all enquiries and management of them is handled by the tutors that run them rather than by DanceXchange. If you’d like to try any of these classes, or you’re currently attending and would like to ask questions or give feedback, please contact the tutor directly using the details below.

Urban Fusion Wednesdays // 5pm-6pm // 12-17yrs // £3.50 6pm-7.15pm // Beginners 18yrs+ // £5/£4 concession 7.30pm-8.45pm // Improvers 18yrs+ // £5/4 concession Learn fast and funky routines to the latest broken beats sounds in this energetic class combining street dance, break dance, martial arts and African dance. Please note this class isn’t part of the advance block booking scheme. Tutor Shaun Cope // Tel 07977 055303 // Email

Creative Performance Group Fridays // 6.15pm-7.45pm // 16yrs+ Also run by the Keep Fit Association, this class uses a range of music to create and perform choreographed pieces. Contact the tutor direct for prices. Tutor Shirley Shergold // Tel 0121 475 6031

Advanced Movement & Dance Fridays // 7.45pm-9.15pm // 50yrs+ These sessions are run by the Keep Fit Association and incorporate creative routines using props such as ribbons, hoops and balls. If you haven’t attended before, please contact the tutor first before coming along. Contact the tutor direct for prices. Tutor Edna Bayliss // Tel 0121 472 5582

refleX is a youth dance company run by DanceXchange. It rehearses every Saturday during term time developing new pieces to perform at various showcase events across the West Midlands and beyond each year. Open to dancers aged 1119yrs, we audition for new members every September. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact our Class Coordinator Cat Boffy for more details: // 0121 689 3170

DanceXchange (dx) is a power house of dance A partner organisation with Birmingham Hippodrome and Birmingham Royal Ballet, dx creates exciting opportunities for people of all walks of life to engage in dance, either as participant, performer or audience member. Through its class programme, DanceXchange strives to provide a diverse range of high quality, accessible and enjoyable dance opportunities, enabling people of all backgrounds and abilities to participate in regular healthy activity.

0121 689 3170

This leaflet can be made available in alternative formats. Please contact us for details. All information in this brochure is correct at time of going to print. dx registered charity no.1045364 This brochure is printed with vegetable-based inks and is FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) accredited.

Images: Tim Cross, Edward Moss, Bboy Sketch

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