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HELLO! My name is Lisa, and I am a tinkerer, creative-problem solver, and cat lover. I aim to create beautiful experiences of all sorts for people of all sorts. My passion for design and technology spans from my belief that at the very core, both are about people. I study how people are affected by technology, how people affect technology, and how certain interactions cause people to think differently about a product. I then try to design simple, but engaging, minimal, but clever, and most of all, lovable products for people. I would love to work at Ribbon because I believe it is an extremely innovative company that improves the experience of buying and selling for users. Beyond that, it also has the potential to cause social impact through it’s donation services, as outlined in the blog. Furthermore, Ribbon provides a tight-knit community, the best type of community for personal growth (figuratively, of course. I’m sadly going to be a mere 5ft0 for the rest of my life).

The life of a college student it hard. After gathering the strength to stopprocrastinasting and finishing that 15 page research paper, it is time to print! Unfortunbately, most students. don’t own a printer and have to use public printers. These are not always convenient located - especially if you finish your paper at an obscure hour of the night. Those who own printers aren’t exactly living in luxury either; printers run out of ink, jam, or and /or spontaneously combust. Printerpass wants to alleviate that stress. There is likely someone who owns a printer that lives close by to you. We are the middleman that connects you to them and their printer. Through our services, you always have conveniently located printing stations for the same price you would pay at public printers. The website is currently being developed with node.js by Rishabh Marya.

ROLE: Conducted research on the location of public printers. Interviewed others about printing experiences. Came up with the name and brand. Created the wireframes and structure of the website. Created the mock-ups, and began process of translating them with HTML and CSS.

Landing page for the site. The main purpose for this page is to get people to sign up for our service. I am aware that a big sign saying that we have cookies would have also been effective.

LEFT: This is essentially the home page. You can keep track of where you have printed in the past, just in case you’d like to print from them again, accepted/rejected requests, and you have the ability to accept/reject the requests of others from this page.

TOP: The mark-ups I created to make it easier to develop.

RIGHT: The serach function slides out from the right. The webpages are designed to be responsive.

LEFT: A mock-up for the messaging system implemented into the site so printers and printees can communicate with each other.

TOP: The mark-ups I created to make it easier to develop.

RIGHT: The serach function slides out from the right. The webpages are designed to be responsive.

LEFT: Here, you can manage all of your settings, and create fun names for your printer(s).

TOP: The mark-ups I created to make it easier to develop.

RIGHT: The serach function slides out from the right. The webpages are designed to be responsive.

So you guys already saw this at MHacks, but I thought I’d throw it in here just in case. Giving gifts should be fun, however, it’s a huge pain in the ass if you don’t know what to get someone. Sure, you can ask the gift reciever what they’d like, but chances are, they’re going to tell you they’ll like anything you get them. And then absolutely hate your gift. Especially if they’re a girl, because we girls do that. Dovana allows you to become the ultimate friend, significant other, sibling, offspring, (you get the idea) by first keeping track of all the important events that require gift exchanging. Then, you’re able to go onto the giftee’s profile to see what they’d like to get. Furthermore, if you’re broke like me, Dovana allows you to pitch in for gifts as well. On top of that, we allow you to see what others have purchased for your friends so you won’t look a cheap asshole. Unless you want to. This was devolped in Javascript by Jatin Pandey, Vignesh Vishwanathan, and Kiarash Akhlaghi. (I worked with them for 26 hours straight and still can’t correctly pronounce their names).

ROLE: Create the structure and wireframes for the product. Create the mockups and brand the product. Provide comedic relief to engineers frustrated with the APIs.

This is a mockup of the home page for the site. Here, you see what other people are up to, gift wise and which events are coming up. Yes, I am friends with Natalie Portman, Obama, and Aaron

On your profile page, you are able to edit the gifts you’d like people to purchase for you. Sadly, no one has bought these things for me yet.

This is a sample of a friend’s profile where you can see what items they’d like to be gifted. Although, in reality, I doubt Natalie Portman really needs someone to gift her something.

RAIN GAME SPACE INVADERS VERSION There is only one requirement for a rain game: a string of characters have to “rain” from the top of the screen to the bottom, and the user has to type out that string in perfect sequence before it reaches the bottom. Space Invaders says that’s too easy. After level 1, they pop out, making it more difficult to see the numbers, which get larger and faster as each level progress. At level 7, the screen changes colors and if that’s not challenging enough, Mr. Boss Invader basically covers up the entire screen at level making the game hard to beat (unelss you developed it because you can cheat). Designed and developed the game in Java with Ethan Chan.

We’re always bombarded with information about how pollution sucks, however, since it hasn’t seemingly affected us yet, we haven’t made a huge effort to do something about it. The keyword is “seemingly.” Through this infographic, I am bombarding you with more information about pollution, which outlines the immediate affects to our health. I don’t know about you, but I want to live until at least 200 so we, collectively, as humans should do something. The fish below was made into stickers and put around campus. The infographic looks much better on a phone - I pinky promise.

Presentation created for an environmental talk.

Design for America (DFA) is an award-winning nationwide network of interdisciplinary student teams and community members using design to create local and social impact. We teach human centered design to young adults and collaborating community partners through extra-curricular, university based, student led design studios tackling national challenges in Education, Health, Economy and Environment. DFA is a pipeline of innovators, change makers, and social entrepreneurs. As a Studio Lead, I manage a small team that scopes in on a problem in the local community. We reach out to community members, an involve them in our design process in order to create impact. This semester, my team is collaborating with Chrysler in order to create a more enjoyable and safer driving experience for older adults. (Our group name is Jesus Chryst Superstar). Check out Design for America

Sometimes, our area of focus comes from Open IDEO, established by the design consultancy firm IDEO. They are an innovation platform that provides the public with challenge briefs. Community members are encouraged to comment and improve on others’ ideas to come up with the best possible solution. Check out openIDEO

The idea of the E-Cycle truck is to promote and inform people about the importance of e-cycling as well as provide a convenient place to recycle or repair old electronics. Inspired by the food truck movement, the E-Cycle truck (appropriately, a repaired and transformed old truck) would go around the town to promote, collect, trade, and repair old and broken electronics. People can bring out their old cell phones sleeping on their shelves for 3 years to let us e-cycle it, trade it with other electronic, or repair it so you can give it to friends and family members as gifts, or sell on Craigslist. Check out this openIdeo winning concept

ROLE: Worked under studio lead Jason Soderlund. Conducted initial research.

Through our survey, we found out that most people have more than one old or broken phone they keep at home. It made us wonder what people do with their chargers and cords for their broken electronics. Inspired by IKEA’s Missing a Part shelf (See image 2), our team came up with this cord-and-charger exchange program idea. We found this idea suitable for some local coffee shops that functionmore like a community, such as Cafe Paradiso , where you can find items created by local artists for sale.

Check out this openIdeao winning concept

ROLE: Conducted research. Reached out to community partners. Established and maintained community relationships. Created story boards. Created prototypes.

Promotional speaker posters created for the annual Reflection | Projections conference at UIUC. The QR codes link to the speakers’ abstracts and bios. Learn more about Refelction | Projections

PERSONAL WORK Sometimes I make cool stuff for myself. And sometimes I make really crappy stuff for myself too.

LEFT: Buildings and structures with historical significance are mixed with bright colors and shapes to represent the coexisten ce of the old and new in the city.

RIGHT: Pollution sucks. Literally.

LEFT: A visualization of Vietnam’s landscape after the war as continous bombings has lead to the deteriation of the land. Each wooden cylinder represents 1000km of plant life.

RIGHT: A set of astronaut collages. Made from stock, magazines, drawings, comics, and drawings.

Some stuff from the sketchbook

THANK YOU! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work. If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing back from you - and if I don’t, I wish you the very best with your startup. Ribbon is a fantastic concept, and I know you guys will be successful due to the amount of talent you have in your 11 man team. I am excited to see the wonderful services you will create in the future.

Hello Ribbon!