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Lisa Virkus’ Secrets to Selling Your Home

10 Things You Should Do Before You Sell Your House 1. Remove all clutter in your home including personal items such as your collectibles, posters on the wall and photos. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen countertops are clear of clutter.

3. Clean everything - the carpet with a vacuum and steam cleaner, the windows, stove, ceiling fans and anything else that should be cleaned. Give your house a deep clean.

2. There is a good chance a potential buyer will look in your closet. Your closet should be very organized.

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10 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your House (Continued) 4. Paint your walls with a neutral color if your walls are dirty or if you have bright colors on the wall.

8. Give the exterior of your home a fresh new coat of paint by painting your front door and trim.

5. Update your cabinet hardware and doorknobs with new fixtures.

9. Make sure the outside of your home looks well kept. Plant some flowers, cut the grass and keep the bushes trimmed.

6. Fix any items in your home that are broken such as a leaky faucet. 7. Remove all pets and pet supplies. All of your pet things should be removed such as the litter box, toys, beds, etc.

10. Before potential buyers arrive you should make your home smell good by baking cookies or burning a candle.

6 Mistakes Homeowners Make Before Selling Their Home 1. Not Preparing for an Open House – Before you have an open house your home should be very clean and free of clutter. 2. Picking the Wrong Agent – A good agent will know the current facts about your neighborhood such as price of the homes for sale and the upgrades in the homes. 3. Staying in Your Home During the Open House – You shouldn’t be in your home while the realtor is showing your house.

4. Bad Marketing – It’s a good idea to do more than just put a for sale sign in the yard. 5. Taking Bad Photographs – Taking good photos of your home is very important because many buyers search for a home online. 6. Listing Your Home at the Wrong Price – If your home is priced too high you probably won’t get any offers and when your priced too low you will lose money. 2

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Most Effective Ways to Advertise and Market Your Home In today’s market you need to come up with creative ways to advertise your home. You have to do something different from what the other home sellers are doing. The following are a few examples: 1. Advertise your house in the newspaper It’s a good idea to advertise your home in the local newspaper. But it might also be even better to advertise in newspapers in other cities. 2. Advertise on the Internet - When people are looking for a home to buy, the first place they will look is the Internet. 3. Offer potential buyers something free You could offer to pay the buyers closing costs. Or you could give away a Plasma TV, iPod, or a gift certificate to the local grocery store.

4. Create a website to advertise your home Create a unique and creative website that will get the buyers attention. Upload several photos of your home and give a detailed description of your home. Don’t forget to promote your website. 5. Advertise your home on YouTube - By using YouTube you can give your own tour of your house. In the video footage tell the potential buyers what is special about your home. If you created a website for your house, you should upload your YouTube footage to your website.


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Top Ten Mistakes Sellers Make When Choosing a Realtor Selling a home should be like any other business transaction, but all too often sellers make emotional or impulsive decisions that cost them money and time. Choosing the right Realtor to market a property and negotiate the sale is the most important step in the process. The following are a few common mistakes: “My friend or family member sells real estate.” Friendship isn’t enough to establish a professional’s credentials. Use tough standards when selecting an agent. “Your presentation sounds good. I’ll list right now.” Look at more than one presentation and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. Making an impulsive decision when caught up in the moment could be difficult to correct later.

enthusiasm and effort what they lack in experience.

“You’re the only agent who agrees with my selling price.”

You get what you pay for. Paying a cut rate commission will often get you a sign in the front yard and placement in the Multiple Listing Service, but little additional effort from your agent.

Some agents tell you what you want to hear. In the real estate profession this is known as “buying a listing” and is employed by shortsighted agents who are more interested in them selves than they are in you.

“I’m going to list with the agent who has the lowest commission.”

“The agent is what counts – not the company.”

“I don’t need references. I’m a good judge of character.”

Agents who work for large well-established companies with lots of agents do have some advantages.

A snap judgment isn’t good enough. You also need to determine if the agent is competent and the best way to do that is to check up on references.

“This agent sold more homes last year than anyone else.”

Also remember that how long an individual has been in the business isn’t necessarily all you should look for. Experienced agents can grow jaded and not work as hard – newer agents sometimes make up with

Quantity is important, but that should only be the beginning of your analysis.


Lisa Virkus

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Qualification and Experience – Lisa Virkus Summary

Executive Experience

Performance driven, insightful Entrepreneur with strong experience in Real Estate Sales and Marketing and a proven ability to achieve and exceed all business development goals.

Triton Companies – Rochester MI, Director of Sales and Marketing (2005 – Present)

Selected Accomplishments • Developed the sales and marketing campaign for Hyatt’s premier Private Residence Club, Hyatt Siesta Key Beach, • Managed the sales and marketing programs for multiple high end residential development for Triton Companies, • Built a successful 20 year modeling and acting career in New York City

Lisa Virkus

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• Coordinated all the sales and marketing, public relations and investor relations for Triton and their largest high-end properties. Self-Employed Actress and Model – New York City NY (1985 – Present) • Appeared in a number of Film and national TV shows including the popular soap operas Loving and Another World. • Performed as the “Lead” in many national commercials and print campaigns including DuPont, Kellogg’s Special K, Luvs Diapers and Vaseline Intensive Care.

Lisa Virkus' Secrets to Selling Your Home  
Lisa Virkus' Secrets to Selling Your Home  

Tips on how to sell your home.