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“Anyamobo” The word “Anyamobo” in Nigerian describes a blending of colours. The band Anyamobo is a unison of many international artists. And indeed, the musicians come from all around the world, creating music that reflects their various cultural backgrounds and influences.

World Music and the Spirit of Jazz The spirit of Jazz inspires and permeates this colorful music. The listener can sense the freedom of structure and instrumentation in every single melodic line, and everything about these songs oozes inspiration and creativity. The Jazz musicians collaborating under the name of Anyamobo explore and combine various styles from different cultures: from Soul to Rhythm and Blues, Brazilian Bossa, Cuban Bolero, Afro Jazz and Modern Jazz. Add to this influences from Japanese and Hindu cultures or a touch of Reggae and the stage is set for Natalie Dieah’s velvet vocals, which encompass a whole range of colors from very soft to highly expressive.

Natalie Dieah and Pedro Vera An experienced Jazz singer of Nigerian-Irish descent, Natalie Dieah combines the best of both worlds. Not only is she a fascinating vocalist but also an equally gifted composer and poet. In her lyrics she expresses her amazement at the wonders of nature and confronts these feelings with the ever changing emotional rollercoaster ride we experience in our daily lives. This juxtaposition adds a unique and haunting tension to the narrative style of the songs she sings with her charming voice. Natalie Dieah founded Anyamobo together with internationally renowned Spanish trumpeter Pedro Vera, who serves as composer and musical director. The two musicians decided to cooperate because they were fascinated by the combination of the voice and the trumpet. Natalie Dieah and Pedro Vera take the listener on a musical journey where every word is highly lyrical and expressive. The carefully selected musicians in the quintet Anyamobo are a perfect match and conjure up a unique and innovative New World Jazz feeling. Like a musical caleidoscope, full of melodies and brilliant colors, these expressive, yet simple and condensed songs never fail to get under the listener’s skin.

Always Be

Because of You

There will always be the sky above, be it blue or be it grey always be a bizz a buzz when bees come out to play There will always be a dark and then a sunny day There will always be, always be, always be you and me and love.

Never noticed beauty in the sky, Even when the sun shines painted rainbow colours.

The river flows for miles and miles so he can meet the sea the trees they grow so high that’s nature’s way to be and birds they sing and dance in such beauty’s melody There will always be always be, always be you and me and love. Sweet as honey, that’s what you are to me lovely oh oh oh oh your mine, soft as feathers stroking my delight dancing through our days and through our nights The clouds they break into the rain to make way for the sun, The moon she casts her magic spell so lovers join as one, And time it flows without an end she just goes on and on There will always be, always be, yes, there will always be you and me and love.

Never noticed season’s beauty change, Red and green the yellow leaves like hands of the trees. But now I do, because of you, because of you, now I do. Never noticed jasmine lips were kissed, How scents of a rose gave delight to my nose. Never noticed suddenly the change, Listening to the songs, beautiful spring that came. But now I do, because of you, because of you, now I do. Had to many hang ups, didn’t give a thought Run around in circles, seems that I got caught, Funny how you can lose the best things you abuse, But now I know, because of you, because of you, now I do.

Just Another Day

Intro Dreams

Just another day without you, Just another time in space Here I am alone and longing For just another warm embrace. I’m lost in a camouflage Of smiles and feeling great, And darling, darling I miss you.

What about the way that I’ve been feeling? Don’t you care enough or can’t you see? Play with my emotions till I’m crazy, Now I’m not sure that you can see me.

Don’t you ever think about me, Can’t I be the only one, Don’t you ever wonder why dear, What it is you have to fear, I’m lost in a camouflage Pretence is just a game for fools, And darling, darling I miss you.

Have you ever been lost in space, In dreams you don’t know are real, That’s where I have my hiding place, That’s where I know I got you.

There is a way to change, let’s make the done undone, Just take my hand, my love, together we will run, Let’s open up our hearts to tender things we knew, Let’s give our love a chance, let’s start romance anew, ‘Cos I can’t stand these days without you, No don’t want to be alone, If I must go on without you, My heart will never have a home, I’ve told you before dear, Nothing more I say is true, That darling, darling, I miss you. Could you find away to come back to me, Please in love let’s stay the way we used to be, Could you find away to come back to me, Please in love let’s stay the way we used to .


There’s times dreams are my only way Just stay close in your heart, But dreams cannot be real in life, So I wake, we are friends, that’s all. So here I stand, lonely and alone, Wanting to tell you how I feel, But I know it’s only dreams, Yes I know it’s only dreams, Floating on, floating on, Floating on, floating on. Maybe one day I’ll let you know, And show all my fantasies, Could you ever see us like that, would you, could you - I do.

Why Have You Done this Baby

Letter to You

Why have you done this baby, Why have you hurt me so, Thought we were lover friends, you were the best I’ve ever known.

Darling, there’s something you should know, I’m writing just to tell you so, you’re in my thoughts every day, I hope our love is here to stay, You are the air I breathe with you I found the hopes and the dreams and all the things I need to carry me through my life.

How could you ever leave me, Just think about yourself, Now I’m in trouble baby, Left here by myself. Cries in the night don’t seem to help, Thoughts of a love that’s lost its flight, Dreams gonna drive me crazy, Seems that I’ve lost my mind. You really hurt me baby, My life so incomplete, Don’t care about the way Should I run into retreat. You broken all I lived for, Now what’s the use to be, Found a different time to sing, So I guess I’ll set you free .

Darling, all troubles I can bear, just knowing that you’re always there, in times of need, don’t forget Our love is shared without regret, The joys of being in love without spoken words we understood, A life - chosen to share, That’s the way it is - in love. So darling just before I close these are the things that you should know, With you my life has new begun, With you, my love, we both are one. Darling there‘s something you should know...  

Off the Line

Natural High

So you say you got a lot to give – and I should know it, By the way you’re always by my side, But it’s not that I don’t want to be and really show it, Just my love is off the line, Off the line, off the line, off the line, My love is off the line.

The sun the sky, the birds fly high, and life is warm and tender The sweetest smell of jasmine is in the air, warm breezes blowing by, the trees are stretching high, you live, you learn, and everything’s alright.

There were times when I was really blue - I didn’t show it, There were things just couldn’t say, Now I found my way to be - not gonna blow it, So I think I gotta step away, Off the line, off the line, off the line, My love is off the line. Now don’t you touch me in that way, It could make me change my mind, You’re coming much too close to me, Mr P. And you know I love that smile, Now please, please, don’t look at me like that, It could make me change my mind, Just one step closer, that will do it, Uh uh uh uh ….. Should I take the risk to be by your side - I could do it, I could change my point of view, It would be so nice to be free again - and really show it, Spend some of my time with you, On the line, on the line, on the line, My love is on the line.

The buzz of bees, the songs that please, it’s life in sweet surrender, with open eyes you’ll find natural delight, It’s nature’s way of showing, that everything is growing, you learn you live, and life is really good. Everywhere I turn there’s beauty showing, flowers lifting up their sleepy heads, songs of joy, the babes are growing, willow weeps no more. She smiles her tears instead. Nature’s found a way she works against the wrong we do and gives the gifts that help to pull us through, the loveliness forgot, in seasons of a new, to smell, to see, to feel, to hear, and learn and live each day.

Movin’ on

You Are Gonna Miss Me

Here is my life, here I’m with you, Here are all the things I wanna do with you, This is my heart, taking that chance, This is the way we fall inside of our romance.

You are gonna miss me someday, You will turn around when my love has gone away, You will keep knocking on my door, But love don’t live here anymore.

Oh uh please don’t change your mind, Don’t do the wrong just because, leavin in a fight, Oh uh now the time is right, Let’s hold ourselves together, Let’s keep our love real tight,

You are gonna miss me I know, There will come a time when I say I told you so, You see your lies don’t work no more, So I’ve closed that open door, for you.

Here is the light, I’m lost in your eyes, Here is the time for sure that you are on my mind, Here is my heart, falling apart, Waiting for all the things you promised from the start, Oh uh Now you’ve changed your mind, You’re moving on another way, You’re leaving me behind, Oh uh now the time has come, You’ve packed your bags forgotten, forgotten we were one, ‘Cos I know that you have changed all we knew, And I want to stay, by your side, in your life. Here’s where it ends, out of my reach, Here’s the part that makes me lost and feeling weak, Here is my heart, hurt is my soul, This is the way we lost each other - lost control, Did you ever see the rain when it’s falling, And a heart kissed goodbye, Did you ever touch the love life is calling, Then a change, you’ve seen the light.

Moments in time can change everything, Don’t will get caught in those rules, Changes take place every day, every minute, Love that is used is so cruel, Can’t you see, how I’ve changed, No no no, I’m not the same, The time has come I know I must move on. You are gonna miss me, you’ll see, Then you’re gonna know that you had a love in me, And all the lovely things we shared, For all the time you never cared ... you’ll see.

You Got Me

Bird’s Flight

You got me, from the moment that you walked through the door, I saw you even though it looked like that I ignored, A heart beat, you came closer, I looked into your eyes, One sweet smile - all it took and then I was hypnotised.

Taking flight she greets the dawning with lovely song, Dancing, gliding, oh so gracious, Listen to the way that she spreads her happiness, Embracing each new day, flying through the skies, She is free and calling to her loved ones, waiting,

‘Cos every time we meet I am knocked off my feet for you babe, Every time we meet I’m knocked off my feet for you babe. There’s some rumours going round, ‘Bout the reason you came to town, It shook me, I heard that you let yourself down, Found out later on, it was just a lie, Folks - they like to talk, Bringing out the worst of times, Can’t touch me, that is just their jealous minds, Mm mm oh oh now we’re moving on, Baahaabe don’ time fly Two years gone, I can’t deny. I want you to want me, the way that it was before, I’m thinking about the funky things we did on the floor, Just ‘cos we know us now, won’t be just a part of that crowd, And closer um uh um risking it, I was screaming it out loud. ‘Cos every time we meet I am knocked off my feet for you babe, Every time we meet I’m knocked off my feet for you babe.

Moving across the sky, her wings - they spread out wide, Dipping, swooping, love, in motion, Following the call as she tries to reach her destination she is free, That’s the way to be, this is what birds do to find a loved one, searching, I wake and feel each morning, love within my heart, Feeling, hearing, joy’s emotion, Dreaming in the sky, I am moving with the birds, Taking a new sigh, life is floating by, I am one and living in my feelings, Being.

A Gift Welcome to the garden, time here has no thoughts, Everything can grow here, even love forget-me-nots, Welcome to the garden, nature brings each day, The loveliness in life can be, a gift in every way, Welcome to the garden, she spreads her love and flows and brings to you and me alike, the wonders nature shows.

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Always Be (N. Dieah / P. Vera) 5:28 Because of You (N. Dieah / P. Horisberger) 7:31 Just Another Day (N. Dieah / P. Horisberger) 5:06 Intro Dreams (N. Dieah / P. Vera) 0:36 Dreams (N. Dieah / P. Vera) 4:53 Why Have You Done this Baby (N. Dieah / P. Horisberger) 7:26 Letter to You (N. Dieah / P. Vera) 5:58 Off the Line (N. Dieah / P. Horisberger) 7:41 Natural High (N. Dieah / P. Vera) 5:10 Movin‘ on (N. Dieah / P. Horisberger) 8:16 You Are Gonna Miss Me (N. Dieah / P. Horisberger) 5:36 You Got Me (N. Dieah / P. Vera) 4:05 BONUS TRACKS

13. 14.

Bird‘s Flight (H. Walsdorff / T. Netta) A Gift (N. Dieah / P. Horisberger)

Produced by Pedro Vera All songs arranged by Pedro Vera except “Bird’s Flight” lyrics by N. Dieah, arranged by T. Netta “Movin’ on” co-arranged by Kohki

6:17 1:32

Executive Producer: Ruth Wilhelmy Recorded at Audio Cue Tonlabor Studios, Berlin, Dec 2011 Mixed and mastered at Nota Studios, Barcelona, 2012 Photography and design by Lisa Vanovitch

Anyamobo musicians Natalie Dieah: vocals Pedro Vera: trumpet and flugelhorn Mauro Pandolfino: guitar Markus Deuber: piano and rhodes Giuseppe Bottiglieri: double bass Tomáš Hobzek: drums

Guest musicians Kohki: shamisen on tracks 5, 9 | guitar on track 13 Igor Pavlyuchenko: flute on tracks 1, 5 | bansuri flute on track 8 | percussions Nando Picó: tenor sax on track 2 Kuba Marciniak: tenor sax on tracks 3, 10 Giovanni Perin: vibraphone on track 8 Kristina van de Sand: violin on track 13

Anyamobo CD booklet Always Be  

The CD booklet to the album "Always Be" by Anyamobo.

Anyamobo CD booklet Always Be  

The CD booklet to the album "Always Be" by Anyamobo.