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Proper / Improper Usage


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Mary K Institute


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Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Legacy

Behind the Brand One Woman With One Goal Mary Kay Ash started selling books door-to-door while her husband was at war. After his return they divorced and Ash went to work for Stanley Home Products. Frustrated when passed over for a promotion in favor of a man that she had trained, Ash retired in 1963 and intended to write a book to assist women in business. The book turned into a business plan for her ideal company, and in the summer of 1963, Mary Kay Cosmetics was established. Mary Kay, Inc is a global direct sales company for cosmetics and skin care. Through their direct sale selling style, they empower women to follow their dreams and enrich their lives. Mary Kay Ash started the business with the desire to help women achieve success. The company was a means for women and housewives to get out of the house. It gave them a greater purpose in life then cooking dinner and reproducing children. It was the start of a female revolution, but as our world has progressed, the company has stayed in the original state. Appealing to older aged women whose mothers and grandmothers used and sold Mary Kay. It is time to bring Mary Kay into the 21st century and position it at the fore front of the female revolution.


Timeline 1963


Mary Kay Ash launched Beauty

The first international subsidiary

by Mary Kay in Dallas, Texas, as

was opened in Australia. Today the

well as opened first storefront.

company has more than 35 markets around the world.

1970 The diamond bumble bee was first awarded and is the most cherished Mary Kay awards. The bumble bee was concluded by engineers to not be


able to fly based on aerodynamics,

Shirley Hutton became the first

but against all odds, the creature flew.

beauty consultant to achieve

This made the bumble bee the perfect

more than $1 million in estimated

symbol for women who follow their

retail sales. Before selling Mary

dreams to achieve new heights.

Kay, Shirley made $11,000/year as a television newscaster.


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Legacy



Mary Kay, Inc was listed

Mary Kay Ash passed away in

in the “100 Best Companies

November, on Thanksgiving Day.

to Work For in America�.

1992 Kathy Helou became the first beauty sales consultant to achieve $2 million in retail sales.

2001 Mary Kay Ash was honored as the Greatest Female Entrepreneur in American history.


Dainty housewife turned‌



Rise Leaders in the Workforce We were women searching for a purpose, driven by the inspiration of everyday life. Mary Kay allowed women to be entrepreneurs and paved the way for them to be leaders in the workforce. The company was at the edge of a social shift, women now competing with men in the business world.


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Revamp


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Revamp


Fall Losing Their Power The decline of the brand occurred when its most loyal customers were now baby boomers, and with being a direct sales company, younger women were not interested. Women in the workforce was now a norm, and there was a decline in the want to be a Mary Kay beauty consultant. Women were moving into other, more professional careers. And the idea of having a skin care party in your home was no longer as attractive or appealing as it had once been.


Transformation A Deadly Force The image of Mary K now is to empower women to be confident, engaging, and individuals with a bigger purpose than the past generations. Women can have men eating out of the palm of her hand with an effortless batting of her lashes, so why not use this to their full advantage? Mary K gives women the power to dominate, in all aspects of their lives.


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Revamp


“You can have anything in this world you want, if you want it badly enough and you’re willing to pay the price.” —Mary Kay Ash

Where We Are Going More Effective

New Mary K

Wish For Kids

Drugs/Steroids Fundraising Plastic Surgery Black Market





Old Mary Kay Hard Work



Less Effective


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Revamp

What We Are Offering Physical


Private Driver

Plastic Surgery Center

Personal Assistant

Male Escort Service

Concierge Service

Mary K Institute Image Consulant




Workplace Training

Online Resource/ Community

Career Assesment Services

Personal Training/Fitness

“Book Club�

Dating Service

Finance Management




Who We Want


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Revamp

Jennifer 28, Promised Player Jennifer just broke off her 5 month relationship because she found text messages from another women in her boyfriends phone. Jennifer has decided, after numerous failed relationships because of trust issues, that men are untrustworthy. She has decided to focus on herself and her budding career. And she has vowed to play the field and make no commitments to relationships for the next five years.

Maddison 32, Controlled Ego Maddison spent most of her twenties sleeping around and realized that didn’t really get her anywhere. For this next decade of her life she has decided to acknowledge her past issues, and reconnect with her self by taking things into her own hands and creating a life that she has determined.


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Revamp


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Revamp

Kelly 37, Betrayed Housewife Kelly was married for 12 years before her husband left her for a 23 year old. She has always been a stay at home mother and feels resentment that she never got to fulfill her dream career. She’s currently dating on and tends to go for older, wealthy men. None of the men she has met turned into anything serious. So she’s decided to just have fun and is letting herself be pampered by men.

Jane 24, Determined Professional Jane just recently got her MBA from a well-known university. She was the only female in the top 5 of her class. She was recently hired on at a prestigious firm. The partner was very surprised to see a female in the top 5 of her class. He also informed her in the interview, the she was entering a man’s world and she could never become partner. It’s not in the company’s tradition.

Elaine 30, Revengent Bride Elaine just recently found out her husband of 5 years, and high school sweetheart, is cheating on her with his assistant. Instead of filing for divorce, Elaine is taking the upper hand and causing her husband torment and torture in the process.


Mary K gives women the power to dominate.


A female black widow’s venom is three times more deadly than a males, making his self-defense bite ineffective.

Identity The New Mark The new identity for Mary K is based off of a black widow spider. This symbol represents the femme fatale attitude of the brand. In nature, the female black widow will frequently eat their male partners after mating. The female’s venom is at least three times more potent than that of the males, making a male’s self-defense bite ineffective. It is this power in nature that we are harnessing and reinterpreting for the modern women. Society has framed a black widow as a negative term towards a women who will use only her sexuality to get what she wants. Moving forward, Mary K is taking this negative connotation and reclaiming it as something for women to use in their favor. No longer will a woman’s sexuality be defined by society’s dated standards. But instead, making her sexuality one part of her essence, as opposed to the only part.


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution

Logo Anatomy The typeface chosen for the Mary K logo mark is a modified version of Museo. This semi-slab’s curves mimics the slight curves found in the logo. The curves give it just the right about of feminine, but still keeping the strength and power with the consistent thickness of the strokes. There is also a uniqueness about the K that fits the individuality of the new brand. The name was transformed from one women’s dream, Mary Kay, into an attainable and achievable goal for any women. From removing the name and leaving it with just the letter, it takes it from an individual and personal brand, to something that any women can see themselves as.


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution

4.25x .25x








.75x, free space around logo


Logo Variations


Logo Usage Correct Usage


Logo Mark

Logo Mark and Word Mark

Horizontal Version

Alternate Horizontal Version

When the logo is smaller than 1 inch in height, use the horizontal verison.

When the logo is smaller than .75 inch in height, use the alternate horizontal version.

Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution

Incorrect Usage

Do not change the position of the logo.

Do not scale the word mark and logo disproportionate to another.

Do not change the opacity of the word mark or the logo mark.

Do not totate or flip the logo vertically.

Do not use a color that is not listed in the color palette guidelines

Do not skew or stretch the word mark or logo.


Photo Style and Graphic Details


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution

A 45 degree angle based off of the diamond shapes found

The angle can be used to slice photographs, as well as

in the logo for Mary K can be used in several different ways

combining them to make diamond shapes. The angle

to add visual interest. Do not ever rotate the line. It must

of the line must always be 45 degrees.

always be at a 45 degree angle


Photos with Logos Correct Usage


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution

Incorrect Usage


Color Palette


Mary K Brand Guidelines

Behind the Brand

Smokey Black

Primary Colors

C:  95 M:  80 Y: 75 K: 75

The primary color palette represents power, strength, and seduction. These base colors provide a sense of control, confidence and ignition. The main company logo and display type should be set in Smokey Black or Iced Diamonds. The logo and type may also be set in Smokey Black and Iced Diamonds with both of the center diamonds in Venom Red

R: 0 G: 15 B: 20

PMS # C: Black 6 U: Neutral Black

Venom Red C: 30 M:100 Y: 90 K: 40

R: 120 G: 20 B: 30

PMS # C: 1815 U: 1807

Iced Diamond C:  0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0

R: 255 G: 255 B: 255

PMS # C: 663 U: 656


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution


Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution

Poisonous Purple

Secondary Colors

C:  55 M:  80 Y: 60 K: 65

The secondary color palette is in place to add additional sensual, lush colors in order to contrast with the base primary color palette. Nocturnal Sapphire, Poisonous Purple and Silk Web Grey are all colors that can be found in nature and communicate the feeling or authority and supremacy.

R: 60 G: 30 B: 40

PMS # C: 2627 U: Medium Purple

Nocturnal Sapphire C:  100 M:  95 Y:     30 K:  25

R:  30 G: 40 B: 95

PMS # C: 2766 U: 280

Silk Web Grey C:  0 M: 10 Y: 10 K: 75

R: 100 G: 90 B: 85

PMS # C: 405 U: 412


Type Specifications

Kk FF Clan Book Subheads, Body Copy, Details ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Clan was chosen as the subheads, body copy and details


and has a dramatic impact. It has a distinct personality



because of its readability. It is delicate yet substantial while staying truly legible.

Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Perfect Execution

Kk Utopia

Semibold Italic Headlines, Quotes, Details ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Utopia was designed by Robert Slimbach in 1989. It combines


century Transitional types like Baskerville and Walbaum with


the vertical stress and pronounced stroke contrast of eighteenthcontemporary innovations in character shapes and stroke details. Utopia was chosen because of its strong strokes, yet feminine curves.



“Diamond” comes from the Greek word “Adamas”, which means “unconquerable and indestructible”.

Driving Services

Take Charge There is no longer a need to hassle with leaving an extra hour early, finding parking, or even dealing with the lines at the valet. Whether you’re headed to business meetings, scheduled doctor appointments, out-patient procedures, taking your children to or from school, luncheons, dinner, theater, concerts, shopping, sporting events, wine tasting, weddings, errands, special events, sight-seeing for visiting friends or relatives, out of town day trips, movie premieres, funerals, on-location transport, award shows and any time you just don’t feel like driving. Leave all of the hassle to us, with Mary K’s Elite Personal Driver you have nothing to worry about besides which handbag goes best with those shoes.




Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Exclusive Offerings

Right Where You Want Him Get men eating out of the palm of your hand with our Man Potions. These, easily concealable potions can be slipped into food and drinks without him ever knowing. They range from Love at First Sight to Aphrodisiac potions. We are confident you will find one to fit your needs in no matter what kind of situation you intend to use it in.


Mary K Institute

Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Exclusive Offerings

Learn to Dominate Mary K Institute is a place where every woman can become as powerful as she has always wanted to be. Find your inner power and devour men alive. Through the Insitutte you will pick which path you desire most. Each path will give you tools and training necessary to go think, act, and be the women you’ve always desired.


Dress To Kill Always have the latest fashion trends and accessories with our clothing consultant services. Each season you will be provided with clothing, jewelry, perfume, and shoes to keep you up to date for the current season.


K Conference This conference is held once a year for Mary K Institute Graduates. It is a time to evaluate where you are at in your journey and realign your image if necessary. We provide insights and new techniques to carry out into the next year. Workshops and lectures are the heart of the conference. Learn from those that have gone and done before you. Hear from the most powerful women in the world, and their success stories of how to they maintain their power and sex appeal along with the ability to have men think of them as authoritative.



Your Looks Can Kill Keep your image looking its best at all times. Mary K’s skincare line is specially formulated with the latest in skincare technology. Our makeup uses state of the art techniques to keep you looking refreshed all day long. Learn how to do the most killer makeup, all of the styles and techniques that will allure men to you.


Financial Services

Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Exclusive Offerings

Stay In Control Never depend on a man for your financial stability. Make your money work for you and keep yourself financially independent with our Financial Management Specialists. They will handle all of your current investments as well as financial planning for your future.


Male Escort Service

At Your Disposal Whether you need a date to that social get together, or are looking for a night with no strings attached, Mary K’s Escort Service is here for you. With several options for you to choose from, we know we have exactly what you’re looking for.



Business Training

Holding Your Own Mary K’s Business Training Team will teach you everything you need to know from language and verbage to proper etiquette in the boardroom. Learn how to present yourself and keep your demeanor in any type of business meeting in order to be taken serious.


Personal Fitness

Keeping The Curves Keep your mind and body in sync with Mary K Fitness. Services range from personal training one-on-one sessions, to group classes. Maintaining your Om is one of the first steps to being a threat.



Plastics Center

Mary K Brand Guidelines

The Exclusive Offerings

Make It Last Forever No matter what flaw you are looking to change, Mary K’s Plastics Center is here to fulfill your request. We are here to make your external and internal being work together as one image.


Lounge K

Finding Your Prey Lounge K provides the perfect setting to find your perfect man or just wind down after a long day with fellow females. The lounge is the perfect place for filling up that little black book. You never know who you may run into.


Business System Business Card

Mary K Institute W 45th Street Suite 100 New York , NY 10036 t: 917.365.1000 e:


Mary K Brand Guidelines

Business System


Mary K Institute W 45th Street Suite 100 New York , NY 10036 t: 917.365.1000 e:


Staying On Top 1. You’re in the game, so play it like a man and don’t let anyone stop you. 2. Destroy the weak, only the strong survive. 3. If you must fight, win!