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childhood Issue No. 3 H Winter 2013/2014

Growing up in Sacramento

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Field Trip to Tomales Bay


Crafty Moms

Find your inner artist.

With studio art classes for every age, interest, and skill level, the Crocker offers a creative learning experience for the whole family. Holiday Inspired Workshops • Kids Art Club • Sunday Crafternoon Homeschool Series • Winter Break Camps

216 O Street • Downtown Sacramento 916.808.7000 •


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21 Hot Chocolate

Issue No. 3 H Winter 2013/2014

Growing up in Sacramento

Hoorah for Local


Advertising Sales Toria Kaufman

On our cover: Gianina (8), Serrah-Gayle (12) and Bailey (7)

Crafty Moms Childhood Magazine


Digital Media Director Aaron Robbins

Photo: Brenda Bisharat Shot on location outside the Sacramento Ballet.


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Field Trip to Tomales Bay

Publisher/Editor Lisa Thibodeau

Contributing Editor Katie Atherton

10 Field Trip to Tomales Bay childhood

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Winter 2013/2014


Writer Katie Atherton grew up in San Jose and spent most of her childhood inside a gym hoping to become an Olympic gymnast. She now aspires to be a gold-medal mother and enjoys reading fiction, making lists, and dreaming up suburban adventures to keep her little boy Ames (4) from getting antsy. Writer Heather Martin called Grand Ledge, Mich., home as a child and hoped that she would grow up to become a nurse like her mother. She is a former elementary school teacher who now works as an educational researcher and consultant. As a math lover, her kids Audrey (9) and Robby (6) are used to being quizzed about the price of bananas at the grocery store. Photographer Sarah Phillips spent her childhood in Napa where she was never allowed to taste any wine. She is a proud mama to Maren (6) and Griffin (4) and a special-education teacher (her childhood wish). She also loves to engage her creative side and capture happy (sometimes squirrely!) little smiles. Digital Media Director Aaron Robbins was born and raised right here in Sacramento and dreamt of growing up to become a skipper on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. He loves watching cartoons with his kids Kennedy (7), Penelope (3), and Isaac when he’s not working as a web developer and online brand manager for small businesses.

Winter 2013/2014

Hello E

very winter I make a lot of big statements to my family about getting out of the (warm, cozy) house and exploring our city. I say a lot of things about it not being that cold and I write down a sincere list of ways I plan to infuse my children with as much of our local arts scene as possible. And, you know this one, every winter I am derailed by the fireplace, rented movies, and slipper socks.

Well this winter will be different! Our cover story, written by our energetic contributing editor Katie Atherton, has motivated me. I am going to round up my kids on these grey days, get off the couch, and experience some of our city’s arts scene. We are so lucky to live here in Sacramento with our top tier museums and vibrant performing arts venues. This year, mom will prevail! Speaking of energetic moms, check out three mom-makers (p. 19) who are crafting with love in the wee-hours, making unique goods from their dining room tables. Read about an inspiring mom we are crushing on (p. 24) whose bravery and kindness motivates me to be more resilient and grateful. Check out a mom-blogger turned lifestyle expert (p. 7) who turned her love of desserts into a full-blown career. All of these moms are following their passion, working incredibly hard, taking risks, and having fun. It’s winter and it’s cold outside, but there’s warmth to be found in our colorful city, in the simple act of drawing or painting with our children, and from the stories of local moms. I continue to be humbled and amazed by moms. Happy New Year!

Lisa Thibodeau Publisher/Editor Do you have a story to tell? Email us:



8th Annual Tricks Holiday Tradition

A wonderful holiday gift!

December 30, 2 013

Come dressed as your favorite princess or pirate!

1pm - Princesses Only 4pm - Princess & Pirates Tricks Gymnastics • Folsom Join us for an enchanted evening of dancing and swashbuckling activities (4pm only) with your favorite princesses and pirates. Ages 2-7. Tickets $25 Princesses / $5 Escorts Available online at



Photos by Brenda Bisharat Makeup by Jenifer Haupt of I Make Beautiful Floral Headpieces by Thistle & Honey

Best Style Friend A

fter working in several local bakeries and learning that the job was not very glamorous, lifestyle expert Melissa Johnson decided to write a blog about her love of desserts. It didn’t take long for her blog Best Friends For Frosting ( to grow into a full-blown lifestyle website, which she likes to think of as, “a place where all your best girlfriends can hang out in one location.”

Winter 2013/2014



Along with her team of 45 contributors, Johnson covers everything from recipes and entertaining, to home décor and fashion. The site has received millions of unique visitors since its launch less than three years ago and has 60,000 followers throughout social media. She partners with heavy-hitter brands like Martha Stewart and QVC, and lives by the motto that the most important thing you can do, “is to bring your whole self to the table.” A Sacramento home-girl, Johnson is married and has a 3-year-old son who 8

keeps her running. She wins over her fans with hard work, enthusiasm, and a genuine love of the sweet life. Her advice to new bloggers just starting out is to, “blog from a place of passion and the rest will shine right through.” When she’s not dishing tips and tricks of the trade, she loves to sneak in a date night with her husband at Ella Dining Room, or hang out with son Charlie (3) at local kiddie hot-spots like Art Beast, Fairytale Town, Vic’s Ice Cream, and, as she says, “Let’s be real—Target too!” Childhood

Inside Her Bag of Tricks iPhone, water, hand sanitizer, cocktail ring, granola bar, lipstick, and just a little bit…of loose confetti!

Winter 2013/2014

s e l a Tom y oysters

A pair of Tomales Ba

At left, the interior of one of Nick’s Cove’s cottages Above, a night bioluminescence paddle



Winter 2013/2014


for Two

By Lisa Thibodeau


t our wedding nine years ago the woman who officiated the celebration spoke of the fusing of two hearts—two unique and separate hearts which are now connected—the halves becoming a newly made whole. Beautiful and dreamy imagery for sure, but the truth is that sometimes in marriage—especially after nine years, and with the addition of two children—the two halves need a refresher course in symmetry, a break from all the noise and hard work of life, so they can focus again on each other.

Tomales Bay Vallejo

San Francisco

The boat pier at Nick’s Cove Cottages and Restaurant Photo by Diana Haven/Courtesy of Nick’s Cove

Winter 2013/2014



We dropped off the kids at their grandparent’s house and drove toward the calm, pristine water of Tomales Bay. The road to Marshall winds through cow pastures, past dairies, and gently rolls you to the bay. Checking into our rusticluxe cabin at Nick’s Cove I did a quick survey of the rooms: deep, claw-foot soaking tub, wood-burning fireplace, fully stocked honor bar, and a brokenin leather couch. My shoulders began to drop. I made a plan to bathe, sleep, nap, and eat my weight in oysters. My husband headed for the deck to survey the view of Hog Island, and watch as the water lapped at our cabin. We put away our phones. By the second day we were so calm and rested that we decided to join a night kayak tour and paddle out across Tomales Bay in search of bioluminescence. Neither of us had ever been in a tandem kayak so I had to smile when the instructor told us that one person propelled the boat forward while the other handled steering. It takes patience and teamwork to maneuver the boat so that you don’t end up going in circles. After a few tries we were gliding on the still bay and quietly waiting for an underwater magic show. It took about an hour, but then the tiny organisms began to reveal themselves and glitter and glow in the dark, shallow water. Day three was all about heady culinary indulgences. We drove to the tiny town of Pt. Reyes Station and grabbed lattes and pastries at the Bovine Bakery before heading out for a hike. Later we gawked IF YOU GO Nick’s Cove – lodging and dining 23240 California 1, Marshall, CA 94940 (415) 663-1033 Blue Waters Kayaking – guided kayak tours 19225 Shoreline Hwy Marshall, CA 94940 (415) 669-2600 Cowgirl Creamery at Tomales Bay Foods 80 4th St., Pt. Reyes Station, CA 94956 (415) 663-9335 Hog Island Oysters 20215 California 1, Marshall, CA 94940 (415) 663-9218 12

Hog Island Oysters as they separated curds at Cowgirl Creamery, and savored hunks of blueveined cheese in the car while parked at the beach. We capped the day off with more of those delicious barbecued, local oysters that you can enjoy from a shack right off the highway, or have delivered directly to your room. Maybe it was all the water, or just the Childhood

luxury of a quiet room and excess sleep. It could have been the night on the bay where nature put on the most dazzling and memorable show. Still I tend to think it was that delectable, little bivalve that reminded us that our hearts have been fused together since that summer day nine years ago. Two unique halves blending into a mysterious and symbiotic whole. ch Winter 2013/2014



Winter 2013/2014



Raising an

Arts-Loving Child



Winter 2013/2014

By Katie Atherton Photos by Brenda Bisharat Styling by Natalee Pecorelli


ost of us remember a time when a portion of class time was devoted to the arts. Oh how we drove our parents nuts practicing scales on the recorder or screeches on a violin! Now, these moments are lost to endless budget cuts, and most schools are forced to focus instead on state-mandated academics.

Art is sometimes viewed as a lovely add-on, but enriching arts experiences are also a vital part of educating the whole child. Studies show that exposure to art improves a child’s behavior, school attendance, and test scores, and it produces an increased enthusiasm and engagement in a child’s ability to learn. We can teach our children to appreciate a deeper beauty in humanity and nature—without spending a lot of money—by utilizing the rich resources that we have right here in Sacramento!

Seek Out Public Art

Take a family field trip and check out the murals near J Street including fun graffiti art at the Sugar Shack Boutique on J Street, the stunning scene copied from the work, “Sunday Morning in the Mines” on the side of the Masonic Temple on J Street, and the nostalgic ode to the Alhambra Theater mural located off of 25th Street. Easily recognizable are two stand-out (massive, red!) sculptures in the area: the giant red rabbit, “Leap,” inside the Sacramento International Airport’s Terminal B, and “Cosmos,” the red sculpture off Highway 80 inside Sculpture Park in Roseville right at the trailhead for Miners Ravine trail.

Enroll in Art Class

The Kids Studio of Fine Arts ( has drawing fundamentals and homeschool classes for ages 4 and older, and Lavender Screw ( is known for social painting evenings for adults, but sessions are offered for kids covering a range of media, focusing primarily on painting. At ReCreate ( children create unique art made from re-used donated materials and their own imaginations. Art Beast ( is a colorful drop-in art studio in a threestory Victorian, best for children 6 and younger. At the Creative Arts & Music Center (, art, music, yoga, and French language classes are conducted (surrounded by wetlands) in an old farm house.

Visit Museums and Galleries

Blue Line Gallery ( offers guided tours for school and youth groups, as well as workshops, classes and camps. Check out its Super Sundays for a new theme-related Winter 2013/2014



art project each month. The Crocker Art Museum ( makes it comfortable for the whole family to share in its appreciation of art. For ages 5 and older, the museum has a “Gallery Adventure” for an introduction into art and diverse family programs. In Auburn, The Arts Building Gallery ( holds sessions designed for artists ages 6 to 8 and 11 to 17 at all skill levels.

Explore Performing Arts

Harris Center for the Arts (HarrisCenter. net), formerly Three Stages at Folsom Lake College, has more than 400 events annually and brings touring musicians, dancers, and theater performers from all over the world. Make classical ballet’s “The Nutcracker” a family tradition this year! The West Sacramento Black Box Theater presents “Fairytale Theater” shows for kids in an intimate setting. The Family Series at B Street Theater ( is an excellent way to introduce live plays to the youngest theater goers. ch


Start Small

The perfect place to introduce a museum experience and practice museum manners is The Sacramento Children’s Museum. Babies, toddlers, and bigger kids can interact with water, make messy art, race cars on tracks, and are free to explore (touching encouraged!) everything from a farmers market to an engineering table.

Accessible Art

The Sacramento Ballet’s Leaps and Bounds program offers free ballet classes, tickets to the ballet, and exposure to quality arts education in selected, local public schools. The program has grown dramatically since it started in 2009 and is funded by corporate sponsors.

Fantastic Fun

Kids can draw, paint, design masks, and dream up crazy clay creatures in one of the many, unique classes (like their 3D Nightmare Before Christmas class) offered by the Crocker Art Museum.


Winter 2013/2014

Winter 2013/2014



Stock the

Craft Cabinet A

well-stocked craft cabinet or playroom can inspire small artists to spend hours in imaginative play. Provide basic materials like paints and paper, and then mix it up with some unexpected and recycled objects like cardboard tubes or old magazines.

Draw and Paint crayons markers colored pencils oil pastels colored chalk watercolors tempera paint acrylic paint


copy paper construction paper card stock wax paper colored tissue paper


cardboard tubes and boxes old magazines old textiles and jewelry bottle caps

Natural World leaves pincones acorns flower petals

Tool Box glue tape scissors paintbrushes foam brushes hole punch stapler



Winter 2013/2014

Made by Mom

Wish List


hese three local moms burn the midnight oil churning out handmade goods from their living room floors or dining room tables while their children sleep. Each piece they create is stitched, purled, or crocheted with love. Folsom mom Kristyn Kipp became inspired to make children’s wear when she was pregnant with her daughter. She started out selling rag dolls to co-workers, and later added clothing and accessories, like her popular ruffled pettiromper. Today she is a full-time mama-maker! (rompers from $25)

Crafty Sacramento mom Lisa Tedder creates jubilant banners and fabric scrap buntings for special celebrations, like weddings and birthdays. She works “in the wee hours” from her dining room table filling custom orders and mixing colors into bright, happy designs. (banners from $10)

Roxycraft is the brainchild of Fair Oaks mom Tamie Oldridge and the place where she sells her plucky amigurumi patterns and offers free tutorials. The mom of two works during nap time to create dolls, patterns, and pillows that she sells on Etsy. (Lulu’s rattles $5)

Winter 2013/2014



Everyone Needs a SugarMama Body Sugaring Skincare Eyelash Extensions Airbrush Tanning


Closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Does shopping scare you?

Look mommy chic on a budget

722 Sutter Street Second Floor Folsom, CA 95630

Style Consult and 1-hour Closet Audit for $125.00 Thats a $50 Savings!!



916.672.2144 or book online



Winter 2013/2014

y z o C C

ups of hot chocolate warm up winter hands, both big and small. Try taking steaming cups along as you search for the best holiday lights, or sip to defrost after a day in the snow. (For kids, the whipped cream is never optional!)

Mayan Hot Chocolate ($3.35) Barista Brew Café 431 G St., Davis, CA 95616 (530) 757-7575 Classic American Hot chocolate ($3.75) Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates 1801 L St., #60, Sacramento, CA 95811 (916) 706-1738 Mexican Hot Chocolate ($2.22 kids size) Temple Coffee 1010 9th St., Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 443-4960 Hot Chocolate ($2) Newcastle Produce 9230 Cypress, Newcastle, CA 95658 (916) 663-2016 Harvest Hot Chocolate ($2 kid’s size) Nugget Markets (café)

Winter 2013/2014



Cocoa Loco

Pillow Top

The Rustic Puff, based out of Lodi takes artisan marshmallows over the top with flavors like Vermont maple syrup and candied bacon. $5

More ways to get your fix and make it special PB & Choc

Ticket Kitchen’s peanut butter cup hot chocolate on a stick is sure to stir up childlike giddiness! $5.50

Whip It

Whip standard homemade hot cocoa into shape with an Aerolatte steam free milk frother. $19.99

Stir Up Business

Winterize your kid’s lemonade stand by swapping in a hot chocolate bar! This cardboard prop is perfect for the holidays. $14.99 Skylta stand.


Go Bowling

Sip your chocolate, like they do in Europe, from a handmade (in Sausalito) handle-less café bowl. $36


Winter 2013/2014

Auto • Homeowners • Renters Commercial • Workers Compensation Life • Motorcycle • Recreational Vehicles

ArtBeast Studio

is open daily from 9 to 6 to provide open studio space, arts exploration rooms, and loads of classes so that children can dig into the arts. Forget the days when you could only afford a 45 minute art class once it week! An ArtBeast membership offers unlimited time in the open studio and exploration rooms, and weekly arts classes. Sing long, dance often, create all day!

As an independent agency, we have access to multiple preferred carriers. This enables us to find the best coverage at the most competitive premium for you. Let us take care of the claim before the loss occurs by making sure you have the right coverage in place for total asset protection and peace of mind! Pullo Samba Protection • Trust • Service • Integrity 2226 K Street, Sacramento

(916) 295-3585 1555 River Park Drive, Suite 207 Sacramento, CA 95815 License #0G90195

We Are On

Pins & Needles Find Childhood Magazine on Pinterest and Instagram childhoodmag

Read the Latest Issue Online: childhoodmag CHLDHDMAG

Winter 2013/2014



Mom Crush

We Pullo Samba Photos by Sarah Phillips



Winter 2013

Tell us about your childhood. I grew up in Banjul, The Gambia, a small country in West Africa. I come from a large, close-knit family, and was raised by my aunt from the time I was about 2 years old. As is common in most African cultures, I was raised in an extended family system as opposed to the nuclear family unit that is more common in the West. My childhood was fun, yet different in so many ways when compared to my children’s. It wasn’t as structured and there was more spontaneity. There was great emphasis placed on education, discipline, and respect for your elders. We spent a lot of time playing outdoors and going to the beach. My sister and I would walk to and from school every day without any worry, because everyone knew one another, and really looked out for each other. What made you decide to start you own business? I always wanted to have my own business ever since a college professor said to me, “You can never be completely in control of your destiny by working for a paycheck.” That really resonated with me. So when I was laid off for the second time in eight years, I decided it was time to work toward achieving my lifelong dream. It wasn’t easy and quite frankly it was very scary, but I had the heart, motivation, and determination that outweighed any fear or anxiety.

“Watching our babies grow into confident, smart, compassionate, and respectful individuals makes me happy.”

Initially, I had my insurance agency through one of the big insurance companies but I went truly independent in June and started P. Samba Insurance Agency! I wanted to really be able to help my clients and build long-term relationships without having to constantly focus on meeting quotas. Who do you admire? In January of this year I met a gentleman whose sense of community profoundly impacted my life. He is Joe Sorber and he runs The Salt Mine, a food closet that has served Lincoln and the surrounding communities for 30 years. The charity is part of the Feeding America Network, and is run largely by volunteers. I was astounded to learn that they serve more than 3,000 families a month. It never occurred to me that there was such a need so close to my home. I felt like I had been living in a bubble—far removed from the community I live in. I resolved to change that, and also include our children in the process. Joe is one of the most unselfish individuals I know. He is passionate and sincere. He personifies humility like you rarely see. He works so hard and gives so selflessly without expecting any accolades. He exemplifies doing something bigger than ourselves so that our lives have meaning.

Winter 2013/2014

Why do you run? I love running because of the way it makes me feel mentally and physically. It’s a great way to blow off steam when I’m having a stressful day. It gives me an opportunity to clear my head and have some “me” time. I love to watch and smell the different seasons, and the feeling of being lost and away from it all. I like to see how far I can push myself, and it makes me feel great when I improve my pace or add an extra mile. I’m a better person when I’m done because I’m ready to take on the world! How do you balance it all? I could not possibly do it all without the help and support of my husband. To put it bluntly, I’d fail miserably! He supports me whole heartedly in all my endeavors and keeps me grounded. He’s the most amazing hands-on dad, and nothing is off limits. He does more than his share of taking the kids to practices, games, play-dates, and helping with homework. He even braids our daughter’s hair when I can’t, and braiding her hair is no easy task. What makes you happy? Spending time with my family makes me happy. Watching our babies grow into confident, smart, compassionate, and respectful individuals makes me happy. Every time I see either one of our children demonstrate the values we try to instill in them, I am left breathless and deliriously happy! ch




December 23 & 26-27 Under the Oaks Kids Camp at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center

(10-1) Camp gives children the opportunity to experience and explore the great outdoors! The focus is on naturerelated themes with hands-on explorations, hikes, games, crafts, and stories. 2850 San Lorenzo Way, Carmichael (916) 489-4918

December 2013

December 7 & 23 Ron Cunningham’s “The Nutcracker” at the Community Center Theater (various times) A beloved holiday tradition, the delightful “Nutcracker” is a true theatrical spectacular, with live music options this year. 1301 L St., Sacramento (916) 808-5291

Sunday, December 8 Sugar Plum Fairy Tea at the Capitol Plaza Ballroom in the Grand Hall

(12-2) Drop in Students age 4 and older are invited to discover a whole forest of leafy artworks in the galleries, and meet a naturalist who will guide them through a hands-on project exploring the art and science of trees. $2 advance and $4 at the door per student. 216 O St., Sacramento. (919) 808-1182

Thursday, December 12-22 Winter Wonderland at Fairytale Town

(3:30-5:30 p.m.) Meet and greet your beloved characters of “The Nutcracker.” Enjoy a dessert buffet with special tea or hot chocolate. Guests receive a special memory book, with collector’s ornament. Raffle for fantastic prizes! 1025 9th St., Sacramento. Info and Tickets at 26

Tuesday, December 10 Homeschool Day: Branch Out With Art

(1-4) Weather permitting Celebrate the holidays at Fairytale Town! Crafts, holiday vendors, and two of Santa’s reindeer will visit on Dec. 14-15. Tickets are $5 for nonmembers. Members and children under age 1 are free. 3901 Land Park Dr., Sacramento. (916) 808-7462


Winter 2013/2014

Snow Play!

Boreal Mountain Resort

10 miles west of Truckee, Calif., on I-80. (530) 426-3666. Snowplay area at west end of parking lot. $12 saucer included.

Homewood Mountain Resort

Homewood, Calif., (530) 525-2992. Flying Saucer Snowplay area at South Base. Rental saucers available for a fee.

Kingvale Tubing and Sledding Center

West of Donner Summit on I-80 (Kingvale exit). (530) 4267291. Sledding hill $7 all day. Equipment provided. Tubing available, 2-hr. ticket is $10.

Happy New Year!

North Tahoe Regional Park

Tahoe Vista (530) 546-7248. At the end of National Ave. Snow hill for toboggans, saucers, inner tubes for a fee.


Hwy 267, Truckee (530) 562-1010. Tow accessed tubing for a fee.

December 31 New Year’s Eve Sky Spectacular in Old Sacramento

(6 p.m.) The night sky in Old Sacramento lights up in a New Year’s Eve Sky Spectacular. Fireworks show, music, food, vendors, and a variety of colorful street entertainment for the whole family. Children’s show at 9 p.m. Grand Finale at midnight! Info at

January 2014

North Tahoe Regional Park

Hwy 28 in Tahoe Vista, Calif. Take National Ave. to the end. $3 to park.


2 miles west of South Lake Tahoe on Hwy 50. (530) 659-7453. Tubing at the back of the parking area.

Soda Springs

Wednesdays Baby and Toddler Story time at McKinley Library

I-80 at Donner Summit. (530-426-3666). Kids (ages 7 and under)ski, snowshoe and sled for a fee. Saucers included.

(10:30 a.m.) Baby and toddler story time with songs and finger play for up to age 3 in the main building. 601 Alhambra Blvd., Sacramento

Tahoe Donner

Truckee, Calif. (530) 587-9437. Snowplay area on driving range is $4. Age 6 and under is free.

Wednesday, January 8 Beary Special Play Date at the Sacramento Children’s Museum (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.) Families with children with special needs join together for a playdate! Friends and siblings are very welcome too. 2701 Prospect Park, Rancho Cordova (916) 638-7225

Through January 20 Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink

Monday through Thursday 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sessions are 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Admission $8 and skate rental $2. Children age 4 and under free admission and $2 skate rental. 701 K St., Sacramento (916) 442-8575 Winter 2013/2014




Sugar Plum Fairy Tea Meet and greet your beloved characters of the Sacramento Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Enjoy a bountiful dessert buffet with your special tea or hot chocolate. Guests receive a special memory book and ornament memento. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Our special photographer will be there to take your photo with the Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker for a $10 donation. Plus: Purchase your Enter To Win tickets for fantastic prizes! Immediately following the Sacramento Ballet’s 1pm matinee performance of The Nutracker

The Sugar Plum Fairy Tea: December 8 • 3:30pm Capitol Plaza Ballroom, The Grand Hall Tickets: $30 Event Produced by: Pecorelli Productions



Winter 2013/2014

Local. Memorable. Fun. Childhood is the magazine for moms and dads who want to connect with their children and make sweet memories together. We celebrate the brief window of time that is childhood, and aim to support and inspire local Sacramento families.


Low brau


By Melissa Vanni

kids pleasure, but it’s not always easy to do with ining al fresco is a great Sacramento summer spaces welcome families while serving in tow. These five restaurants with inviting outdoor kids and take everyone outside to lunch! delicious—even exciting—food. So grab the


Low Brau

1050 20th St. Sacramento (In the MARRS


1806 Capitol Ave. (Midtown)


beer cheese and Who wants a bratwurst on a pretzel roll with German pub is a grilled onions? You do! This super-hip, new friendly staff is more welcome addition to the Midtown area. The while mom and than happy to split a hot dog order for the kiddos hefeweizen. dad relax on the large patio with a nice cold

Childhood is distributed to grocery stores, doctor’s offices, schools, and child-centric locations in Greater Sacramento. We also attend local events and “pop up” in Sacramento to get the magazine directly into the hands of moms!

a nice patio for A fun atmosphere, great pizza and pasta and family night. Don’t people watching make Paesano’s perfect for are reasonably let the trendy vibe scare you off—the kids meals ice-cream bar! priced at $5.95 and come with their signature the little ones get dough pizza real of Bonus points for the lump to play with while waiting for their meal. 25


Summer 2013

’re a Robot and You Kno If You wI

Clap Your Hands!t Musical Robot is a band programmed for fun

Contact us today for a custom marketing plan designed to meet your budget and needs. (916) 201-3151

By Amy Crelly Photos By Chelsey Thomas


usical Robot is a band made up of two local and accordion, and dads, Scott Namanny Jason Adair who works who plays the drum been self-described the sometimes-electric “besties” since their ukulele. The two have days at Placer High, a crowd of smiling, and it shows. While upturned little faces, serenading both are clearly having a blast. “My

Mom Crush

favorite part of every show is that momen t when the kids realize that it’s okay to let loose and have “Our first live show some fun,” says Scott, was a huge lesson,” who teaches music says Jason. “We when he’s not perform played our set, and the kids were totally ing. “That’s when they all start participating unimpressed. My and singing and dancing wife, a preschool teacher along.” , took us aside and told us we were doing it all wrong. She said that kids don’t Jason and Scott have want to sit around and listen to a band been performing for play at them, they kids since their college days in 1996, wanted a band who would play with them. when the two started So we revamped the a children’s theater troupe called act, and it’s been a crowd pleaser ever the Picklebarrel Players. since.” of experience co-writi Despite years ng songs and plays, and connecting with audiences of all by Sarah Phillips The two agree that ages, it took them a while to find their some of the best MusicalPhotos Musical Robot footing. happen around the Robot moments kids. Scott recalls a young break dancer who amazed a Sac Library crowd at a show they played this summer. “There’s a moment when we ask the kids to

We Pullo Samba


Childhood Fall 2013

Don’t you wish you could be this relaxed at the dentist? Dr. Lora and Dr. Jessi create a unique, kid-friendly environment promoting dental health and wellness through personalized care.

Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

2221 Sunset Blvd • Suite 101 Rocklin, CA 95765


Experience the difference! Reagan, Age 2 - Actual patient of Dr. Lora’s

Accepting new patients



Winter 2013/2014

Small Bite

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cra ck er )



Winter 2013/2014

so u



By Juli Woodward


w ay

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1. Kids don’t have a lot of control over their lives, but they can control what goes in their soup. Let them decide what kind of soup to make and select some of the ingredients. Then get them in the kitchen and have them help. 2. Fun shapes make everyone smile. Triangle carrots and wheel-shaped pasta turn boring soup into happy soup! 3. Bitter veggies like leafy greens are for advanced eaters. Get your little ones started with sweet veggies like yams and carrots before easing them into the more intense flavors like radicchio. 4. One of the tastiest and most nutritious parts of soup is the broth. Make it easier to drink by serving soup in a mug. Gulp, gulp, gulp! 5. Satisfy your whole family with mixins. Shredded cheese, bacon, goldfish crackers, and croutons are all crowdpleasers. Get adventurous with other options like green onion, herbs, Greek yogurt, diced tomato, or avocado. 6. Kids connect with their food through touch. Dunking sandwiches or crackers into soup gives small hands a way to interact with their meal. ch

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Juli Woodward is a certified health coach and nutritional chef. She has been cooking since she was 2 years old and began studying the link between food and mental wellness in 2001. Her passion is helping women and families live joyful, healthy lives.



SERVES 6 1 (2- to 3-pound) butternut squash, peeled and seeded 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 medium onion, chopped 6 cups chicken stock Nutmeg Salt and freshly ground black pepper

DIRECTIONS Cut squash into 1-inch chunks. In large pot melt butter. Add onion and cook until translucent, about 8 minutes. Add squash and stock. Bring to a simmer and cook until squash is tender, about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove squash chunks with slotted spoon and place in a blender and puree. Return blended squash to pot. Stir and season with nutmeg, salt, and pepper.


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Photo by Katie Heikka (age 14)

I want to remember… … our weekend spent in San Francisco as a family. Going to a Giants game, walking through Chinatown, buying rice candy for the kids, and marveling at the sunlight streaming through the stained glass at Grace Cathedral. We rode the cable cars, enjoyed hot chocolate in the hotel, gazed at the Bay Bridge from Coit tower, walked down Lombard Street, and then ducked into a small Italian restaurant for dinner. We were laughing and talking and didn’t notice that my daughter Katie had snapped this shot of Mike and me. —Genny Heikka Writer, Speaker & Mom of Two



Winter 2013/2014

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Winter 2013/2014