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Dear readers and newcomers to Chemnitz, what you‘re holding in your hands is the new High5 magazine that wants to become your guide feeling integrated to Chemnitz‘ life and culture. Whenever you feel seperated or bored, take a look at High5 and start your adventure. In our very first edition, we proudly present you our Top 5s of sightseeing, clubs, activities and restaurants, so that you know what‘s going on in your new home! We hope to give you a wonderful basis for a pefect start in Chemnitz. In this sense: Know your City! Be Chemnitz! // Sincerely, // The High5 editors.

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// Editorial staff: Anna Scholaske, Lisa Kühnert

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// Publishing administration: Anna Scholaske, Lisa Kühnert // Display: Gastronomy & nightclubs in Chemnitz and surrounding // Editorial deadline: 08/19/2913

Reggae straight outta Chemnitz Thanks to him, even in Western Germany now you know how to speak a fluent Saxon dialect, what it means if someone challenges you “einen Emor Wassor drübbor schüttn” or wants to to “rangschieren.” Obviously you can say that the Reggae/Dancehall musician is also a language teacher. Born in Chemnitz and now living in Leipzig, he calls it his mission to spread his dialect as not everyone is proud of being a Saxon. Since 2006 he has been releasing tons of singles, videos and mixtapes – but now it was the time to produce a whole album. “A physical record really makes sense.” says Trettmann, whose real name isn’t Ronny but, plainly, Stefan. “Especially because of the many, many people who put their work into my music.” Nevertheless will he continue to release singles in the good old quick shot format. “They simply make the most fun.” Fun is also what describes his new album the best: “Tanz auf dem Vulkan”, which means in English “Dancing on the volcano”, thematises particularly women and parties. Moreover, with “Birnenpfeffi mit Zimt” he again dedicates a hymn to his home Saxony: It describes how a real Saxon clubber has to drink his peppermint schnapps – with a pear and cinnamon sprinkled on it. Another specialty of the album is definitely the number of feature-

Text: Lisa Kühnert, Foto: Daniel Schulze

2006 did he appear on the scene for the first time with his summer hit „Der Sommer ist für alle da!“. Since then, Ronny Trettmann has been setting the house on fire with his best Saxon dialect, not only in his home city but all over Germany – and now he has just released his first album. guests: Beneath the rapper Nico from the German rap-group K.I.Z. there are also Felix Brummer, the leadsinger of Chemnitz’ heroes Kraftklub and newcomer Mc Fitti. The most important thing for him was to create his very individual and personal sound. And he is more than satisfied with the result - even more satisfied than with every song he has produced so far. “The balancing act between Reggae, Dancehall, R’n’B and influences of pop music came off very well in my opinion.We tested out the limits of genre very successfully – and that really makes me tick!”


Tuning Queen Chemnitz

where to party Top5 Clubs in chemnitz


High5: In how far did the year, being Miss Tuning, change your life? Frizzi: I met many, many people and there were several moments, I wouldn‘t have experienced without my status as Miss Tuning. I am very grateful for this and it similarly means a great enrichment for my life. Nevertheless, I hope that the year did not change me so much. I always tried to remain true to myself! High5: Thinking about the last year, what especially do you remember? Frizzi: I especially remember the one exciting week in Helsinki, where I had my photo-shootings for the Miss Tuning Calendar 2013. That was fun! I had a kind of star bonus, so that everyone cared about me, about my styling, makeup and outfit. I enjoyed to stay in focus during the whole week. That was awesome. High5: How are you feeling, now that you know about Miss Tuning 2013, Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger, who replaces you? Frizzi: I also was at the voting and I think that Leonie did an excellent job and really deserves her win. I personally congratulated her and I am happy for her. That‘s not a problem for me.


23-year-old Frizzi Arnold from Chemnitz was Miss Tuning 2012 and has been replaced by Miss Tuning 2013. Together with Frizzi, we look back on her eventful year.

I doubt that one can top what I was allowed to experience and to learn during the year. It was a really pleasant time and that‘s all I wanted, nothing more. High5: How will your life go on? Frizzi: I don‘t have clear goals. Everything comes as it comes. At the moment, I am involved in the plannings for the touring car championship, my boyfriend will take part. Besides, I work as a model and finally there is time for my hobbies, such as my horse and my domestic pig ‚‘Schwarte‘‘ (German for „rind‘‘).

Text: Anna Scholaske, Foto: Anna Scholaske


This club is the evidence that a city’s best night club doesn’t have to be located in the city centre: Not far away from the campus on Reichenhainer Straße, Sanitätsstelle is easily within reach for students of the TU. And true to the motto that the best things come in small packages, this club is not the biggest but the one with the most familiar and nicest atmosphere. When it comes to the music, you proverbially can have it all: every month there is a good old Hip Hop party, one where you can get crazy and dance to Reggae and Dancehall tunes all night long - and also Dubstep and Electro fans will definitely get happy, too. And, as a special plus: During the summer months there is the possibility to relocate the party outside. A huge garden area invites everyone to party all day and night long under the clear blue sky!

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The Atomino might be the most popular club of the city: The day Chemnitz’ rock export Kraftklub mentioned this night club in one of their songs, the youths from all parts of Germany immediately wanted to visit this famous place where the band became what it is now. Apart from that, it is also the atmosphere and the fact that you feel welcome right away what makes it our number 2 club.

The possibility for every student to escape their everyday life just for a moment and to go out and party – on a Wednesday! Every week a different Hip-Hop DJ, great cocktails and on weekends also electro parties. What else could you want?

Text: Lisa Kühnert, Foto: Sanitätsstelle




Club Del Sol

Glittery toilet walls is not the only thing that is amazing at this place: Über-hip electro parties, rock music and a concert from time to time. Also there is a gallery in the building and a cinema as well. The Weltecho is an overall package where everyone can get one’s money worth.

The perfect place for everyone aged above 25. Celebrate with style and champagne!


where to go Top5 activities in chemnitz


OnSide – Climbing

A special activity in Chemnitz is the OnSide-Climbing at Matthesstraße. Here you can not only try yourself in IndoorClimbing, you also can go out and experience a kind of real Outdoor-climbing. Depending on your own skills, you can have someone who teaches you climbing, or you can climb on your own. There are special offers, like Women-Climbing or Solo-Climbing. As student you get reductions on the usual prices – try yourself and enjoy something different! //

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Skating and BMX in Concordia Skating Park

Sportlers must not miss skating or BMX-riding. The Concordia Skating Park at Konkordiastraße is the top adress for such activities: With its skate ramps you have the basis to perform you skills in Skating, BMX-riding or skateboarding. There is also a Basketball area and possibilities for darting and bowling.


Holi Open Air

Colours, music, party! – The Holi Open Air comes to Chemnitz on 8 September. Tickets, including colour-powder, can be ordered on the webpage. The whole activity will take place at the outdoor area of the Alter Spinnereimaschinenbau at Altchemnitzer Straße. Besides colours and colourful people, you will enjoy a variety of Djs that ensure an unforgattable event!

City Festival

From 30 August to 1 September, downtown Chemnitz will traditionally transform into a party zone. Besides culinary varieties, you will enjoy concerts and other artistic performances. There are also shopping stalls and the restaurants and bars will have special offer for their visitors! //



Finally the often discussed Brühl is now at the beginning of its transformation – something many young people in Chemnitz have been hoping for for a long time. Under the heading of “Spektrum Brühl” numerous urban artists, musicians and creative artists assemble at the Brühl in order to make it a more beautiful place. The nearly completely vacant shopping mile is about to be more colourful and friendly. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this event – and to be a part of the “new” Brühl!

Film Nights

Already startet on June 4th, you have the chance to experience a very special event: Watching films and other performances on the theatre square in open-air atmosphere. The programme includes classics like ‚‘Dirty Dancing‘‘, newcomers like ‚‘Hangover 3‘‘ and much more. This special event will end on September 4th – thus hurry up and don‘t miss it!


20th July // 12:00 a.m. // Brühl Opening of the cultural summer

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Party tipps celebration!

Text: Anna Scholaske, Foto: OnSide Kletterhalle Chemnitz

23th July // 7:00 p.m. // Esperanto Karaoke Grab the mic and surprise your friends with your very best version of “Summer of 69”!

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25th July // 7:00 p.m. // Mittelbach Rock im Betonwerk Three days with the best rock music in town. This year’s headliners are Suicidal Tendencies.

24th July // 6:00 p.m. // Weltecho Open Mic

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An evening for everyone who wants to show their skills, no matter which kind of music it might be. Today’s event will take place outside.

27th July // 11:00 p.m. // Sanitätsstelle Cosmic Dandimite Reggae and Dancehall heads watch out! This month’s edition of the Cosmic Dandimite will take place under the open sky. In the garden behind the Sanitätsstelle the greatest summer feeling will arise. A sand beach, wooden cocktail bars, fruity drinks – no place would be better for a Reggae party than this one. Alongside the residents Cosmophonic Sound, DJ Hurrycan and MC Bobby from Dresden will be playing the best tunes all night long.

Text: Lisa Kühnert, Foto: Sanitätsstelle, Weltecho


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