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Tri-State College of Acupuncture ​thank you all for sticking around those are you stuck around here this afternoon and once again let's give a big round of applause to the first African team that was presented the work that we you know they actually put into that it was really great because a lot of this you won't see where you're not talk and you know this on a daily basis so the work that you did the research that you guys did I commend you great job now for us we did a little different type of approach we did it more of the hands on helping type approach because we worked with a system that it's kind of implement a way of doing the business or running the business a lot more smoothly I'm going to say this phrase hear that i'll come back to so I want you out also remember going green and how will connect that phrase going green at the very end instrumentation and our team we also did work at the Y and our team here was working on with our project manager deal catbag market loris with the assistant project manager myself ricardo diaz alexander varty with that i am going to run it over and cover the project show ok so this project was initially just to be created and pass or anything sharepoint and have it go live four lanes use to create a paperless environment and essentially have easier access alright so for the organizational impact the vision of our project is pretty much too just like Alex and large said to be environmental friendly and to go green so the impact on so for the paperless environment well we're trying to do impact this throughout the organization drop the dozen branches that we have from throughout the departments and for our main objective of this project is to first develop the infopath service so the infopath look pretty much it will be explained later on in detail but infopath pretty much a service where you can create the form electronic form to do that paperless environment and for so another objective that we have is to create multiple forms from dynamic to static forms dynamic is pretty much throughout the organization the users will be just will just be able to open up the form through the website without them needing the file itself itself to open up to the computer and also the last objective that we have is to link our infopath server to our little bit database equipment or shortages which is going to be the web service and for our communication plan as you guys can see we have three ways to communicate to each other by phone to email or to it sucks so we're deliver boss when the project starts we we already started to do some research on it on what is infopath different kind of forms well we can do upon three infopath of what's good gonna going to do for the YMCA and do the following weeks we did the infopath server setup which is the reset it up ayo a virtual server where we can install the infopath program itself so managers for upper management will be will just be able to login to that server to create forms or to submit any worms so for pond axing week we also did the creation of test forms so we have some forms that we got from from our director from the director which he wanted us to test to see if we can put it up on we can do it as the electronic form and then put it on our sharepoint web service and labeling site content types so content types is pretty much gonna be like just when you upload the form into sharepoint instead of if you Gil will show to you guys later what content type is my content type is we just pretty much cut or good I support a much cleaner look and again the last one is we link our of our infopath up we link the sharepoint to our sequel database server so what's going to happen is you're going to create the form into infopath and then we're going to submit it to our sharepoint where everyone can see it and if a user or someone who's doing the form submitting the form those data are being linked or just said those they report to retrieve some tips all right so to make this transition we're going to be using Microsoft infopath 2010 and it has two versions to it when it's actually designed the actual form to it and one is to fill it out and both of these create electronic forms which you can do over the sharepoint what we're going to be using sharepoint illusion is used web application that can be accessed only on the network so we created also different categories for different branches so they can have access to do and it all depends on unity you know who needs access to them and Gil's going to show you how to actually create the form and actually apply it to SharePoint all right so as you look look over here on this screen right now I am a VPN into the network and I'm accessing the infopath server that we created it has microsoft infopath installed now i'm going to go over a couple things first here is the actual SharePoint site as you can see here this is the information technology part of the site which is what we're we were focusing on over here on the side is a bunch of different categories which according to infopath is called libraries and when you go to infopath you can actually create another library and link the form that you're creating to that library the problem with that is that when you create more libraries it's just going to create a whole list of categories down this line which would make it very unorganized an uneasy to work with so the other way to do it is what Ricky had to talk about which was creating site content types which is basically linking different types of forms to one library and when you go into that library even and try to fill out a form you can actually

choose which type of form you want to fill out so in this demonstration I'm actually gonna make one so I'm going to create a blank form now this is basically somebody who has access to the simple past server will be designated to be one making all the forms and uploading them so they'll have all the access needed so what I'm going to make is just a really simple form here so the cool thing about infopath is that you have a bunch of different ways that you can add for like blank spots to fill out so right here i'm actually going to put a text box this one's a check box you can actually rename the field so that it's easier for you to when you're designing it that you can know which one you're working on and which one to mess around with but I'm really we're not going to focus too much on the actual design aspect of it i'm just going to show you how it works so i'm going to put this one is the first game over here it works when it works the last student teacher so once the form is designed the user can then upload it to SharePoint or publish it to SharePoint choose the sharepoint server the form must be saved locally in case they need to go back and redo it so I'm just going to save it to the desktop here now we have to choose the actual site of the SharePoint it's already here which is this site that we were on now here's where i go into what i was talking about with the libraries and site content types here the designer can actually choose to create a form another form library which would make another row here but that's not you know easy to organize so we're going to do is to create a site content type here you can create a new content type and right now I'm actually just going to update a previous one that I created earlier and then here you have to the designer must save on to the SharePoint site the name of the content type and where it's going to be at next publish it and now it's done now the next part is to actually go on to the SharePoint site and fill out the form but in order to fill out the form you have to link that content form that you have created to a library in this part i'm actually going to link it to the obvious easy one forms so you have to go to the site settings of actual SharePoint site site libraries and lists forms and then add add from existing content types so here's where all the different content types you can add to the actual site I have already added test there as you can see over here it's not visible so now if I were to go to the forms library and then go to files and create a new document there I have the different content types that I could choose from so the test one is what I created earlier here it is dude guy yeah and is your student and then you have to save that up this form save it give it a file name and then close the form and there it is dude there's a that's premature demonstration but i also want to show you a different type of form that people create you could actually create a form that will actually submit the data through email to specific email so that way you know if you want if you want a environment where a person is completing a form and that and you want a notification of that it will notify you that way so I've already created one which is called form so here I'll just put normal deep so I have set it to email myself now once I hit the button to submit should begin a new email there it is and there's a completed form right there and that is the end of a demonstration alright so now I mentioned earlier that I wanted you to keep a phrase in my firm behind that I've mentioned which is going to read and also another phrase that we use to is also lessening carbon footprint so how many of you here ever went to so you want to mail an actual physical mail but the only way to do is go to the post office younger group I'm sure is that they want to send out it up you don't write online email so in a sense that's a way of a lesson in the carbon footprint but along the lines of what we're doing here with dimple path and sharepoint it is now being able to go and set up with the company all of the documentation is needed should probably do a new hire package okay and that new hire you know doesn't necessarily have to be within the same statements it could be you know someone in michigan one you know take a job that is actually done here in California the you say okay well instead of the old days where a natural application might have been mailed to a person and then taking that time and running back now we're doing this thing in light speed okay people who have access can go online fill out an application sit in fact and within moments or hours if you review results of it that's where we come in with say lessening the carbon footprint transportation of documentation another way you're getting going green when I cut down trees to create actual paper applications analysis on electron and so with this technology that we use it today we're getting to a point where things are easier things are bastard and we can all appreciate 18 bill he will share what our lessons learnt all right so this project itself is not wasn't really that technical compared to other other people it was more of a test on how well before his group and how we can meet milestones in and objectives one of the difficulties of this project was out we were not taught anything about a footpath or SharePoint throughout this whole the whole time we did know a lot about servers and virtualization that was our face expanding point but as for ankle path and SharePoint no idea what so a lot of research had to go into that a lot and so along with that research and we actually work implementing things sometimes they weren't working as well though Microsoft does say that people path and SharePoint go hand in hand a lot of times I really didn't work out that way for us due to permissions or just a little rights on the actual SharePoint site so we had to deal with that the advantage of one of the advantage of our group is that three of us are actually working for the y at the time so we were able to work on the project while doing our work time the problem with the disadvantage of that is that two of our group members weren't they weren't a part of

that organization so getting them together with them having their own things to do was a difficult thing so a lot of it was just phone calls and trying to plan ahead and try to see when can we actually meet and if anyone could come to the meeting is just actually just debriefing everybody people who aren't there and letting them know what they missed and what they need work on also progress was halted a few times because in order for us to move forward a lot of sections of the project we had to get approval from the liaison which is at the time is your class we couldn't get certain signatures on time so kind of a unit halt or slow down or try to look in another direction see if we can you know get something done within the scope without having to go over our boundaries and not have to step over his toes so you know when you were showing the demonstration is there anything in place that's going to produce in that's going to crack excuse me restrict end users from just oh yeah really there's a library and within the acting director we have or do set number of groups of security groups of people let me put people in based on department and branch so that's what we're going to use so that not everyone can see everything normal questions so you said that you're going to replace all of your paper documents did this mean that your new new clients are going to be signing up this way as well or that one that according to our project charter we only were tasked with creating the service of actually in showing that it works as for future uses that's up to the ymca whatever they want to do with it i was wonder about training i'm assuming throw out of your scope but what you think the learning curve is sometimes he thinks from the war user-friendly letters I have some SharePoint experience it all depends up so just curious do you think it's user friendly are they personal opinion or personal fan I don't think I learned those creating it's not not as user friendly as I would like it to be I know there are ways that you can design the SharePoint site to make a little bit user more make it more user friendly but as of right now I don't think it would be surprising that i work for enterprise that use sharepoint and it can be a much more complicated tool it just look like that understands is it still supported by microsoft or no yeah it is so is this implement right now the why you would still be able to use it just like i said the service is there is up to the white saturn if they want to keep using it up this were a replacement that you don't so thank you very much Daemen College, Amherst.