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On this section the reader will be able to find some trip recommendations that will be useful if they are thinking on having vacations soon. They will find information about the best places to visit, hotels, rates and general information about every single place. Nowadays most of the people who want to travel prefer to check recommendations before to visit a specific place. Writing this kind of articles the reader must be able to see what they can expect to see or to find on these places.

Also contains some articles about how to have a good oral hygiene, some cultural articles and modern technological addictions. The purpose of these articles is to provide information on current issues, which in one way or another reader can help you in your daily life, as well as cultural enrichment. In our magazine you will find a number of issues that can help you to catch both the national Field, so it is able to read written creations of diverse topics for testing purposes. The sections are treated with the utmost clarity and depth to the taste of all of you. In advance, we hope to clarify the most satisfaction and hopefully continue being faithful users of our magazine.

Reflection "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.“ Mahatma Gandhi

National section

Catholic loses exclusivity in the classroom The religion classes are taught in schools and public schools are no longer exclusive to the Catholic faith. Students who profess a different creed should get lessons from someone who has "proven ability". For this, the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) to change the curriculum because they are now focused on Catholicism.

Position. This decision of the Constitutional Court is welcomed by leaders of different religions, including Catholicism. "We are not opposed to the second stage (ecumenical education). The Church accepts what the Constitutional Court has established, "said Bishop Vittorino Girardi.

So what sets the vote number 2023- The prelate himself expressed doubt 2010 of the Constitutional Court, that other religions have educators to issued on August 24, 2011. take lessons. The high court also ordered that the course of Religion has a second stage, in which the contents are ecumenical, ie attached to values ​and not focused on any belief.

DyalĂĄh Calderon academic vice minister of MEP, said he believed that the same current professors of religion can impart those lessons.

However, leaders of evangelical and "An ecumenical or eclectic approach Baptist churches say their that promotes tolerance, respect for congregations have people ready for human rights and fundamental human such instruction dignity, religious diversity, nondiscrimination on religious grounds, Author: Javier Chinchilla. understanding, understanding and friendship among religious groups" award established. In the academic year 2010, of the 426,735 students enrolled in high school, 43.3% (184. 776) Religion was not, according to the latest statistics available.


Tourism section


The best 3 beaches in Bocas del Toro, Panama Bocas Del Toro is an island located on the Caribbean coast of Panama. This place is a paradise compound of different islands where you can find the best beaches that you had ever seen before. Beaches in here have clean water, excellent waves, a lot of marine animals and a great landscape. Because of my experience I will show you the best 3 beaches of Bocas Del Toro, let´s check every one.

My third place is for Cayos Zapatilla, it is located in the middle of a protected marine park, this is one of the island's longest stretches of beachfront, and probably the most crowded, but it's easy to see why. The perfect white sand beach is home to the best snorkeling around.

Bocas del Drago is my number two. It is about a 20-mile drive from town, although on the $2 bus that means about an hour and 15 minutes. The beach itself is rather narrow you can find a clear and calm ocean and you will be able to watch a lot of starfish on the beach. Here you have my number one because of its nature and beauty. It is Red Frog. This beach is named like that because the high number of red frogs that you can find around the place. Red Frog Beach is set on the North end of Isla Bastimentos. There's a pretty perfect surf break nearby and a long, mostly desolate stretch of sandy beach. Have you ever been in Bocas Del Toro? Do you agree with my top 3? If you don’t you should visit this beautiful place soon. You will be able to enjoy heaven on the heart. I recommend you this trip, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it and love it as I did.

Tourism section


Tortuguero is waiting for you! Located on the Caribbean Coast Tortuguero is one of the best options for a perfect travel in our country. It is one of the most visited National Parks in our country because it is a beautiful place with excellent landscapes, it is very cheap and also reaching to the park may be a great adventure.

The park has incredible biological variety. On this park you will be able to enjoy swamps, beaches and rainforest that are part of a wonderful mix that will meet your all expectations. A great plus is that you may find a high number of animals like monkeys, turtles and jaguars. There are a high number of places where you can stay if you want to visit this beautiful place. You can choose between stay on the main street near to the beach or stay on the mountain 15 minutes away of the town. Your choice may be based on the kind of trip that you are looking for! You can spend from $20 to $60 per night on a hotel in Tortuguero. Very cheap!!

Reaching Tortuguero will be a great adventure. There are just two ways to reach this place on boat or airplane. If you want to take a boat it may take around 45 minutes to reach the town from The Pavona and the cost will be around $5. If you want to travel on airplane the flight will be for around 40 minutes from San Jose and the cost will be around $60. This service is provided by Nature Air a national company. You can choose one according to your expectations and time. Author: Teresita Montero jimenez


The pollera of Panamá. •

• •

The pollera is a national dress or costume for women and men. It is one of the most selected and brilliant costumes around the world. There are many stories about the origin of this • costume, but the most common one tells that is like the dress that the wife of the man who conquers the world that day, this was around the sixteenth or seventeenth century. There are basically three types of pollera: The formal decorated version, pollera montuna, which is used for festive occasions and holidays. The shirt of this pollera has a neck band and matches colors of the pompons. Also two ribbons hang from the waist. Every day type: the pollera montuna is a cotton skirt which has floral designs printed on. It is commonly used in tropical climates and during summer • seasons in colder regions. The wedding pollera: this is an important outfit because its use on special occasion and it is much elaborated. It is also important to know that the skirt of all three polleras is white and down the shoulders. In this traditional costume there many important factors that are already art of the costume; for

example, the head decoration: is almost as important as the dress. The hair is parted into two braids and tightly pulled back behind ears. Also the jewelry it has to be attractive, of luxurious and expensive design. With gold, gold plated and with come help of fantasy pieces. Another factor is the shoes that are made with leather and decorated with satin for gala and the other polleras.

In general, the suit for both women and men has suffered transformations according to the different regions of the country, mainly due to financial problems or lack of materials.


Costa Rica dream paradise Costa Rica's beaches are surrounded by forests, and have great natural diversity. In many of them there are beautiful coral reefs, where you may dive and explore. In addition, depending on the place visited, you have a series of complementary offers different shades and activities, such as: hikes to textures of sand, white, yellow, mangroves, diving, surfing, sport gray and black, product of the fishing, hiking on trails or constant crashing of seashells on horseback rides. coral reefs. Thanks to the easy access to many beaches, you can make the most out of both coasts. Most of them have warm water throughout the year, so you may come and enjoy the country any season you prefer. If it's diversity you're interested in, each coast


Writing section

Biofuel With oil prices rising, the devaluation of the dollar and the strong impact that fossil fuels have on the environment, there is a new trend for the production of renewable energy: biofuels. The 'biofuel' refers a material derived from biomass, which takes its energy from living organisms or metabolic wastes. This source is considered renewable because it can be replaced as it is consumed, because his use and production is faster than that of fossil fuels.


Writing Javier Chinchilla T Biofuel have three types of biomass: “Natural biomass”, which is that which is completely natural for some plants, “residual biomass”, which is what occurs as a result of human activity, such as garbage and sewage, and the “biomass induced”, which is which is grown for energy. The lass biomass is produced today in countries like Brazil and the U.S., where it is used sugar cane and corn, respectively, for the production of ethanol. The most developed Biofuels in recent years are ethanol, produced from sugar cane, corn, sorghum, sugar beet and some cereals and biodiesel produced from vegetable oils such as jatropha and canola. These products are converted into liquid or gaseous fuels through biotechnology. Unfortunately, biofuels also bring negative impacts; Because of this, food products like corn and wheat to produce biofuels are causing international prices of these grains increased considerably in recent years.

Example uses of biofuel are, United Airlines, Boeing Airlines and Honeywell UPS. In a few years ago, the aviation have developed the uses of biofuel example of that is than 1500 passenger flights long distances, operated with advanced biofuel, allowing for sustainable growth and improve overall environmental performance. According to the above, a third of the increase in prices of vegetable oils and grains is due to biofuels. As you can see, there are subsidy policies for biofuels made ​by rich countries guilty of distortion of food prices. But also the planet feels a great relief to stop using fossil fuels, such as the airlines.

Writing section


Engineering Nowadays, engineering careers are highly attractive to companies because the young people that are studying that specific area have had to develop their own skills by the time they are taking the major and that is very important because the companies can take advantage of very easily. In Fact, a study conducted by the National Council of Rectors (CONARE) reveals that engineering careers are in the first place as they offer more job opportunities right now, followed by Business Administration, Economics and Accounting. Despite of all the good labor that CONARE and the public universities are been doing in order that freshman focus on engineering majors, 46% of students who passed the entrance exam at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) for this year marked as first choice a Social Sciences major. Meanwhile, 22% chose engineering.

As we know, studying an engineering major is not easy because it involves taking subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics and not all students are ready to continue taking those subjects that in high school were very difficult "to some". In ULACIT there are different engineering major among them are: Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Occupational Health Engineering and Environment. Now we are going to explain a little bit more about these majors.

In first place we have electronic engineering that is the responsible of the creation of every electronic device. The most important product of this engineering is the microprocessors. Those are the brain of some electronic devices like computers and cell phones; that means they are an important part in these devices. Today, nanotechnology allows the creation of nanomaterials that are used in electronics. This nanomaterials are more resistant, flexible, effective and also with an excellent quality. In Switzerland, scientists and electronic engineers are developing new microprocessors that are more efficient with greater speed, multitasking, and increased memory, computing power, better functionality and wireless connectivity.


In second place, we have computer engineering that is the process of analyzing and designing all hardware, software, and operating systems for a computer. For example, the methodology for designing a good computer system consists in a database of the model called "UML". The UML is the Unified Modeling Language, which, is based on a series of steps leading to a good analyst to create an efficient program for the company or customers. In addiction the methodology is raising detailed analysis of "needs" of the client, if a program is based on the needs, has 80% more likely to be successful. This method divided the needs by level of priority and uses, creating "use cases" for each immediate need or high, thus leading to a diagram of interaction between software and the person. The same "use case" can be used by several people, and a person can use different "use cases". Finally, to model the "use cases" is selected IDE, which is the platform where you plan to schedule, in addition, one must choose the programming language, making this very important step for the success of software.

Last but not least we have Occupational Health Engineering and Environment that is defined as the set of measures and actions that are aimed to preserve, improve and repair the health of workers in their workplace, this science should also apply in every place and type of work for the sole purpose protect the health of people and prevent accidents in the workplace. The engineers must created an Occupational Health program in which are based in the planning, organization and evaluation of the various activities in the work both of hygiene, safety and preventive medicine for the sole purpose of maintaining and improving the health of workers. As we have seen there are different kinds of engineering careers all of them have different focus but the important thing is that the person who study an engineer career will develop a lot of skills that will be very interesting for companies inside and outside of our country, this is one of the reasons why my partners and I chose an engineering career.



Funeral Tradition Thailand Funerals are practiced differently around the world, in the village of the Toraja called “Tana Toraja� (Sulawesi Islands, Indonesia) that is located between mountains and volcanoes, unlike the rest of the world when a person dies in this village, their funeral tradition is very rare and peculiar. The body is awakened through black magic. This is done because in Toraja the graves are located on limestone mountains. In addition, the cadavers walks by their own and are guided by an expert in black magic. However, this practice has a ban, nobody can speak or point at the body or it falls and is unable to walk again. This is a bit far from the reality but may be because of this isolation, survived one of its oldest customs related to the funeral rite. In their culture, death and life are blended into a series of rituals. Adults, at death, to spend some time outdoors, in a specific place and surrounded by trees, traditionally believed to purify the spirit mystic mode filter.

This town has the custom of burying their dead in "floating graveyards", after going through a process of mummification involved in having the body in the house itself for about 3 days, which is still considered part of the living, located in the nearby mountains, they build small traditional houses where they leave water, flowers and tributes. Here, once placed in their coffins, they carving a figure of wood or stone, representing the deceased and is put out of the coffin or grave. This is normally practiced in the rock tombs or graves floating. After five years, they remove the dead, they clean and re-bury the corpse.

Another interesting point about this ritual is the burial that is saved for the children who still do not have their teeth out. For the Toraja this children still being part of the cycle of nature, because they didn't lived a long life. These young are introduced inside a tree, in an upright posture, filling the hole with eggs as an offering. In conclusion, the Toraja believes that the dead have a way of life contrary to the living ones. For this reason culture marks the departure of their loved ones. Torajas say that the dead walk upside down, talking backwards, and lost crops mean food for the dead.



Nowadays people spend most of the time in touch with technology, such as cell phones, internet, video games, T.V., social networks, exercising and shopping and every day technology is better.

texting all day using words in an incorrect way or creating new ways to write a word which affects spelling or grammar because people tend to cut the words and then do not write well.

The technology creators think that if they create new technology they will win more money but behind all this so many people are becoming addicts.

Another case is video games and T.V, these are forms of entertainment, but children become violent, because all they are about war and violence, they develop a violent behavior.

So, what is an addiction? In my opinion it is when a person depends of something. For example an activity that affects the quality of people´s life. Even though the technology simplifies our lives; for example, we can now use the Internet for homework which make us spend a lot of hours in front of the computer then obviously we prefer to surf the internet rather than using books. In some cases people as much time they spend on the internet it is better for them because they think that it is necessary for them. I think that in future the tablets will be replacing books. Teenagers overused social networks like Facebook or twitter to interact with friends, to communicate with his family who live far, but it also has some cons, for example, people spend much time in front of a computer, social networks limits face to face conversations, now people prefer to chat provoking many people addicted to this, they check their accounts many times a day for long hours. Cell phones are very necessary, but sometimes they can become an addiction, it is very common to see young people

Exercising can also become a problem for some people. Some people can become addicted to exercising and on this way spend a lot of hours on a gym every day. It is a disease and it is called Vigorexia. Vigorexia has some good aspects like that people get relax, self-steam improvement, prevent cardiovascular diseases, help with mental health and improves physical condition. It also has consequences like muscle damage, obsession, Anorexia, bulimia, use of hormones (Steroids) and this affects our body. In conclusion people have a stressful life at work or at home, now everything is working with technology. The solution is to live in harmony, with a comfortable style of life, balancing work with leisure, maybe people can practice some recreational activities like swimming, football, going to the beach or hanging out with friends occasionally, instead of being in front of a computer or in a mall buying things.




During the activities in the fieldtrip we become a medical issue because people learned about the definitions of some suffer from it constantly due to their aspects that are really close to us; for environments and surroundings. People example, we learned how some can reduce stress by practicing some compulsive behaviors are not mostly seen recreational activities. Recreational as real problems. Nowadays, there are activities like swimming, playing some many more addictions than we think. sports, horseback riding, riding a bike or Those addictions are not the traditional even going out for a coffee with a friend and common addictions we are used to and talk can help to get distracted, have like: alcoholism or drug addiction. fun and release the stress caused by their An addiction is a compulsive behavior we work and routine. All these activities develop to feel good or complete; it is a make a balance in our lives. Some people call this balance between professional life kind of dependence to something. Nowadays some of the most common are and recreational activities harmony. In a workaholism, people who are addicted to very personal opinion I think we get our “life in harmony� with life quality and work, television, is also an addiction, exercising, also known as vigorexia, it is accomplishment of our personal goals. considered a mental problem that affects Experts suggest people to practice some recreational activities. Making different body perception and self-esteem. Shopaholism is also a modern addiction and out of the routine things sometimes. People should try to change their bad and it refers to people who shop a lot. Internet addiction has become a popular habits or addictions little by little. For addiction as well because people spend example, in you feel you are an addict to your cell phone; you should try to use it more time online and share less with other people. Cell phone addiction is also less. You can share more time with your family and friends, they can also help you one of the biggest list as it people recognize they get anxious if they do not to get away from addictions, it would keep you distracted and that way you have their cell phones. Gambling is another addiction which can affect many would not think that much about your cell phone. lives. Social networking is also a way people use to escape from problems but if they are misused anybody can become an addict. There are many addictions that as considered as a taboo for our society like sex, this people are known as nymphomaniacs. Newly there are also new diseases like stress. Stress has

16 “Tomatina´s Fest” Tomatinás Fest has a rich and varied history. Maybe you have not hear about it, but it is an important and popular tradition that had been taking place for the last 60 years, it had been attracting young people around the world and every year most of them are taking part of it. It starts in Buñol since 1944 or 1945. Basically it is a tomato fight, but has been a strong tradition. The origin of this event is not clear, but there are some people who said that it was based on local food fight among friends during these years. There are some other theories like a volley of tomatoes from bystanders at a carnival parade and a practical joke on a bad musician, but nobody is able to confirm the origin of The Tomatina. There is one popular theory that states that it was created because the city was attacked with tomatoes during a town celebration. Even though the reason of this tradition is a mystery it has been enjoyed every year and repeated year after year on Spain and it is one of the most popular traditions around the world. The event consists on a weeklong festival that features music, parades, dancing, and fireworks. On the night before the tomato fight, participants of the festival compete in a paella cooking contest. It is held on a Wednesday at the end of August every year. At around 11 a .m., the first event of the Tomatina begins. A ham is placed upon a cockaigne pole (a large, greased pole), and the tomato fight can begin only when someone is able to climb to the top and bring it down. People struggle against each other, climbing atop one another, in order to be the one to pull down the ham. With this victory, the tomatothrowing begins. Spain citizens and people who come from the rest of the world come to fight with thousand of over-ripe tomatoes in the Buñol streets. It is enjoyed for around 30,000 people even though there are not many accommodations for the participants. This is a war were there are expected to be no winners, but where all have fun and it is the reason why you should take some tips or suggestions into consideration. Some of them are: Wear clothes that later you throw away as you will never get it clean again, Bring goggles (or protect your eyes but don´t wear glasses). Tomato on your eye can be really acid. Wear shoes that have a decent grip. Also you should behave yourself and be responsible on the event so You must not take any bottles nor any kind of object that could cause any incident, you must not tear T-shirts and be careful with lorries going through the village. You may ONLY use tomatoes, and you are to squish them before slugging them. Bottles, water bombs and the like are totally forbidden If you really want to enjoy it please keep it in mind.


Orthodontics and oral cancer. •

Nowadays, oral care has become more important to people than it was some decades ago. People are more interested in oral health and oral or dental treatments than they were some time ago, because it has become more popular and people are more informed • about this topic. As an example of this we are going to explain some details about orthodontics and oral candidiasis which are a treatment and a disease. Orthodontic treatment is used as an aesthetic method which corrects teeth and jaws that are positions improperly. Some people use this treatment because the position of teeth affects oral health and appearance. About oral • health we must say that teeth position can make cleaning harder or easier. Some other people use orthodontics to improve their grin. This method consists of moving teeth to a proper position with braces by a given time and must be supervised by a dentist or orthodontist in monthly appointments to adjust the braces and gradually correct the position of the teeth. The time the patient will be wearing depends on the severity of the problem of each particular patient.

Oral candidiasis is an oral disease which is not as popular as other like gingivitis or cavity, but it is very important for people to know about it, because any person may suffer it. Oral candidiasis a kind of oral cancer which can cause very serious affections on patients’ health. It is a yeast infection which affects mouth and throat caused by the overgrowth of fungus of the genus candida. That is why it is call candidiasis. If a person presents whitish lessons in mouth and tongue which increases in size and quantity, present pain and bleeding and headaches or fever, then this person should visit a dentist because it could be candidiasis. Candidiasis can be treated with antimycotic mouthwash like nystatin and tablets like clotrimazole. There are particular cases in kids in who is not necessary treatment. Patients with HIV/AIDS whose treatment need stronger medication as fluconazole known as Diflucan or Otraconazole, those are usually found as Sporanox in drugstores. It was a really important research about those topics and it is important for people to get to know about those topics. For us as a team it was very important our team work to get all our knowledge together and working as a team to get all the information and poster done. For us it is important to share this information with other because that way people get knowledge about their own bodies. Dental health is very important for our general health.

18 Dental plaque and oral hygiene These two topics are very related en Dentistry. In this report we are going to explain how to prevent plaque and maintain a healthy mouth. Plaque is a sticky film formed of many bacteria, saliva and acids, that are located in teeth. The principal cause of dental plaque is the food we eat, especially if this food contains carbohydrates. At first, plaque looks like a slim layer, kind of soft that is easy to remove with the tooth brush. Then this layer looks like a hard layer that creates calculus,that the only way of removing this is by visiting your dentist. If the plaque is not eliminated, the bacteria cause the production of these and can damage tooth enamel. It may also cause gingivitis or periodontal disease “gum disease� which is an inflammation or infection of the gums causing to get red and swollen. If you have gingivitis and turns into periodontitis (in serious stage) you could lose your teeth. This is why good hygiene techniques are so necessary and recommended by dentist. Step one: use floss to remove food and germs between teeth, step two: use a tooth brushing method that is recommended to you by your dentist. It is according your age or disease. Step three: Brush your tongue for a fresh feeling. There are many options for tongue brushes. Step four: Rinse with mouth wash without alcohol. Some tips for this few steps: Use a tooth brush of soft bristles and buy the recommend or proper brand. We choose these two topics because there are important in our career and are most common problems our patients are going to have. We know about these topic and we consider that they are important for our classmates and everyone know and practice for a good oral hygiene and health in general.




In Hindu religion cremation is considered a symbolic rite at funerals of people, the belief is that the fire that consumes the body turns into a higher form of existence. They practice the cremation as the body’s destruction by fire rather than bury it; this in intended to induce a feeling of separation from freshlydisembodied spirit, which will be useful to encourage it into passing the ‘’other world’’ (target end of the dead). This ritual is only practiced in adults because the Hindus believes that children and young people have lives almost nothing to develop ties with this world Steps of the ritual: • This ritual must be performed for 10 days; the day of the cremation a priest must be present in the presence of the head of the family or the oldest son of the decades. • The body is washed, anointed with sandal wood paste and covered with a cloth full of flowers; it is carried on shoulders to the cremation ground and deposited on a pyre of fragrant wood. • The oldest son, dressed in white clothes, with his head shaved in mooring, it is who sets the fire, and it is considered that performing this ceremony reaches great religious merit as well as stern duty. • Once lit the fire, all watching the cremation until everything is reduced to ashes. • Then the family collet the ashes and bones fragments that may remain and spread on the waters of a river • This ritual mentions that one of the worst misfortunes is to have children that cannot take care of this ritual for some weakness or disability because it is considered a great merit to participate. • It is also worth mentioning that this ritual is not carried put anywhere, it has to be performs outside the town and near a river in order to throw his remains into the river. • It is important to mention that there are religions that do not share these kinds of ritual such as the Catholic religion that says that the burial is not the best option, because on the day of final judgment, dead people will rise up and if the corpse is cremated the soul will have nowhere to be that day.

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