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presidents letter

Hello and Welcome to the Students’ Union Handbook 2009! When you are a student at Anglia Ruskin University, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union. This means you can take advantage of all of the services the Union has to offer. Details of these services can be found throughout this handbook. The Students’ Union is ultimately run by its members, so to make things happen, we need to hear your voice! If there is ever a situation you are not happy with you need to tell us so we can represent you and make the changes you need. The Students’ Union provides a voice for students within the University, so if you have an issue with any aspect of your University life, you can come to us. Over the coming year I will be going out and talking to students to gather opinion and feedback. All this information will be used to make changes to the University. It will also be fed into any campaigns you would like us to run on any particular issue. The Students’ Union had a fantastic year in 2008/9 (see page 14). We received national recognition winning NUS Campaign of the Year for our higher education funding campaign and achieving a Silver standard Sound Impact Award for our environmental efforts. These awards are incredible to receive and I really commend all of the staff and previous officers for their hard work over the past year. I will strive to achieve the same high standards to ensure you are effectively represented and your time here is as enjoyable as possible. The Students’ Union is going through some exciting changes to provide you with a range of new facilities. The gym in Cambridge has been relocated to the Helmore building along side a new Student Activities Centre. In Chelmsford, the second floor of Tindal Building has been redeveloped to include a fantastic new Advice Service, Student Activities Centre and a bar space. These are quite dramatic changes for us, but we have been working very hard over the past year to make sure that these changes will only effect you in a positive way and you can keep up-to date on these changes on our website; www.

These changes allow us to focus our resources on our key areas such as advice and representation; this means we are able to ensure that every single student gets the University experience they deserve. When I first started University it took me a little time to fully understand the Students’ Union but I hope this handbook will answer any questions you may have. However, I quickly learned that getting involved with the Students’ Union was the best way to get the most out of my time at Anglia Ruskin. I quickly made many friends with similar interests by joining the Rugby Club, and by being part of a committee who started up a new society. I also worked in the bar and was a Part-time Officer for a year (see page 8). My experiences within the SU will stay with me and I can honestly say that getting involved in these areas was one of the best decisions I made at University. The SU staff, Sabbatical Officers and I are here to make sure you have a similar great experience, so please do get involved in as many areas as possible to make sure you get the most out of your time here. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or just want to find out how to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact me on president@ or come in to any of our offices to speak to any Sabbatical Officer. Matt East, President 2009-10

Lisa Pool Communications Officer

Emma McLendon Academic Affairs Officer

Matt East President

Maiken Andreasen Student Experience Officer (Essex)

Toby Cunningham Deputy General Manager (Student Experience)

Phil Mackay General Manager

Gill Thompson Deputy General Manager (Representation)

Sabbatical Officers

Senior Management

Kelly Sweeney Student Experience Officer (Cambridgeshire)

Jo Harbrow Student Activities Manager

Martyn Blackford Gym & Sports Manager

Alexis Mannion Student Activities Coordinator

Sarah Boston Membership Services Manager

Chrissie Smith Membership Services Administrator (Fulbourn & Cambridge)

Linda Collett Membership Services Administrator (Chelmsford)

Alison Sutton Membership Services Administrator (Peterborough)

Laura Holman Student Rep Coordinator (Cambridge)

Debbie Philipson Student Rep Coordinator (Chelmsford)

Tessa Byars Senior Adviser (Cambridge)

Edna Johnston Adviser (Cambridge)

Laura Wakefield Adviser (Chelmsford)

Caroline Tranter Adviser (Chelmsford)

Luke Delderfield Venues Manager

Hannah Gooden Venue Supervisor

Michelle White Chelmsford Shop Manager

Liz Bryan Cambridge Shop Manager

Staff 2009-10

contents page







The Students’ Union is here to represent, serve and support you to enhance your University experience. Find out how this is achieved and how you can be a part of it. The Union is run by a team of 5 annually elected full-time Sabbatical Officers and a number of volunteer Part-time Officers. Become a Sabbatical or Parttime Officer by running in our annual elections held each year in March. The Students’ Union is currently taking part in the Students’ Union Evaluation Initiative (SUEI) to ensure that it provides quality outcomes for you, our members.





















The Union’s primary objective is representing students, which is achieved in a number of different ways; from student course reps to Sabbatical Officer representation on the highest University committees. Union services include a free, fully independent and impartial Advice Service that can be used by any student at Anglia Ruskin with any problem. The Students’ Union run a number of campaigns to create change for students at Anglia Ruskin University. Find out what the Union changed for you over the last year. Clubs, Societies and ‘Give it a Go’ sessions are facilitated by the Students’ Union to help you meet new friends and enhance your CV to become that well rounded graduate. Anglia Ruskin’s newspaper, The APEX, is made by students for students with support from the Students’ Union. Find out how to get involved with CUR1350, a joint radio station between Anglia Ruskin and Cambridge. The Gym in Cambridge is run by the Students’ Union and we also have links with a number of providers to ensure fitness facilities for all students. As well as running on-campus entertainments, the Students’ Union works in partnership with a number of external companies to provide you with a varied and safe student night out. Hoodies, stationery, sandwiches and much much more are provided by the Students’ Union on-campus shops. Find out how to purchase your NUS extra card (discount) card and find out details on how to get to your nearest supermarket for free! Check out the list of contact details for clubs and societies available to you on each campus.

about the union

How does the Union put you first? What does the SU do? The Students’ Union is here to represent, serve and support each and every Anglia Ruskin Student; we are independent from the University and exist to ensure your voice is heard. ‘Putting you first’ is our tagline and is at the forefront of everything the Students’ Union does. We provide many different opportunities, facilities and services to ensure that you have the best possible University experience. As a registered student of Anglia Ruskin University you are now automatically a member of the Students’ Union which means you have access to all of the exciting things the Union has to offer!

“Representing, serving and supporting you to enhance your University experience” How is the SU structured? D U S



Student Trustees are current Anglia Ruskin students and any student can apply to become a student Trustee. This is a fantastic career enhancing opportunity and allows you to become more involved in the management and business side of the Students’ Union.


Officers T










B U Any Anglia Ruskin student can vote or stand in the elections.

Trustees T





ensuring it complies with charity law, ensuring the Union is using its recourses effectively to achieve the organisational objectives and has financial stability. There are two types of Trustee; external trustees and student trustees. External trustees are people who are not students, they are usually appointed for their expertise in a particular area such as finance.

Democracy S

Student Experience Officer talking to a student during H.E.L.P Week 2008


Why does the Union do what it does? The Students’ Union has a set of vision and values, which underpin all work that it does. These values are part of the Union’s Constitution and exist to ensure that all staff and officers working within the organisation remain focused on representing students. This representation is vital within an organisation like Anglia Ruskin University to ensure that the voice of students isn’t lost.



The Officers and Students’ Union as a whole are governed by a working document called The Constitution. The Constitution is essentially a set of rules that determine how the Union runs and, when necessary, the Constitution is updated by a motion which is passed at Union Council. Any student at Anglia Ruskin can submit motions

to Union Council to change the Constitution or to mandate officers on a particular issue. The Constitution can be found on our website, or you can request a copy from any of our offices.

How can I choose which policies the Union acts on? As an Anglia Ruskin student you are entitled to put forward policies and campaign ideas for your Union to act on over the coming year. This can be done in a number of ways through a number of different committees and forums throughout the year.

Union Council Union Council is a decision making body that agrees Union-wide policy, approves and ratifies changes to the Constitution, mandates Sabbatical Officers regarding policy issues and instructs and holds Sabbatical Officers to account. This decision making body meet four times a year and the meetings are held via video conference to ensure that all four campuses are effectively represented. A A R U ; however voting rights are given to elected students from designated committees. To keep up-to date on what is happening at these meeting and when they are, check the website.



Student Assembly is a campus specific meeting which discusses academic and social issues concerning the Union and its membership (students); it is held once a month and feeds into Union Council. Similar to Union Council, all these meetings to discuss the student issues on that particular campus relating to campaigns, clubs and societies, welfare and much more. Minutes and dates for Student Assemblies can also be found on the website.



Throughout the year a number of forums on a number of issues will be held to allow students the chance to shape and direct the Union. For example, Campaigns Committees formulate once a semester to plan the campaigns that you have asked us to run. This committee is the overall

Students campaigning for a fairer Higher Education funding system at the Students in the Red: Regional Day of Action, Nov 2008 budget holder for Union campaigns, and again, any student can be a part of this. A full list of forums and why we run them can be found in our constitution, which can be found on our website or you can request a copy from any of our offices.

What services do you provide for me? There are so many opportunities to get involved with the Students’ Union and there are also a number of services that the Union provides to enhance your University experience. We have trained advisers (see page 12) who work in our free, fully independent and impartial Advice Service which is available to any Anglia Ruskin student with any problem. We also coordinate, train and support the Student Course Reps (see page 10) who represent their fellow students and voice any concerns they might have at Programme Committees and Faculty meetings. The Sports Teams, Societies and Cambridge Gym (see pages 18-22) are also run by the Students’ Union.

what is an officer?





Left to Right: Emma, Maiken, Matt, Kelly and Lisa President: Matt East

Communications Officer: Lisa Pool

The President has overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Union. They represent all students at the highest University committees to ensure that your voice is heard.

The Communications Officer ensures that the Students’ Union is communicating everything it does effectively. They are responsible for implementing the Communications Strategy along with the Communications Coordinator.

Academic Affairs Officer: Emma McLendon

Student Experience Officers: Kelly Sweeney (Cambridgeshire) Maiken Andreasen (Essex)

The Academic Affairs Officer looks after the student representation system to ensure that your courses are running smoothly. They focus on academic issues raised through student surveys and represent students at the highest academic committees in the University.



A Sabbatical Officer is a student who has been elected to represent the whole student body. They are tasked with pushing forward student campaigns and making sure the student voice is heard. The Students’ Union has five different Sabbatical posts, each with different areas of responsibility; President (Cross-campus), Academic Affairs Officer (Cross-campus), Communications Officer (Crosscampus) and Student Experience Officers (One in Cambridge and one in Chelmsford). All roles are full-time for one year and on a salary.

How do I become an Officer? If you would like to be a Part-time Officer or a Sabbatical Officer you need to be elected by students. The elections take place each year in March so watch out for elections publicity. If you would like to know more about how to run in the Students’ Union elections then e-mail Matt East on or speak to someone in one of our offices.

Each Student Experience Officer is responsible for supporting clubs and societies on their own campuses. They also promote student welfare to ensure that your experience at University is a safe one.

Part-time Officers Part-time Officers are students who volunteer to represent different groups of students and steer the Students’ Union. There are over 20 different Part-time Officer roles across all four campuses.

“I get to meet new students, make new friends, campaign, help students, and get some great skills for my cv what more could you ask for?”

Liz Dobson-McKittrick, Part-time Welfare Officer

As a Part-time Officer you support the Sabbatical Officers by feeding back information from fellow students, attending committees and campaigning. They are expected to attend one monthly meeting and spend at least 3 hours a month on campaigns and talking to students. For an up-to date list of Part-time Officers, their roles and responsibilities please see the website.






The Students’ Union Evaluation Initiative (SUEI) is a two year self evaluation model. A number of Unions have been through the process, it essentially helps Students ’ Unions to focus on their core objectives and make sure they are effectively representing the views of students on their campuses. SUEI is about ensuring that Students’ Unions are doing as much as possible to engage with their membership and making sure that when students get involved with the SU their experience is a positive one.

Why is Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union doing SUEI? We have seen what positive effects this project has had at other Unions, we are currently half way through the model and have made huge changes to the way we operate over the last year. These changes include: - Actually going out and talking to students faceto-face to ask student opinion on everything we do. - Remaining campaign focussed. - Making ‘Consultation, action, feedback’ our priority. - Improving communication as a whole and making it high priority. - Working in teams, not only departmental teams but cross-union. - Becoming more organised and focusing on longterm planning. - Sabbatical Officers spending less time at desks and more time talking to students. - Re-focusing our resources on our key areas.

more of an impact on the student experience at Anglia Ruskin. We want all aspects of the Union to be entirely student focused. Students should be involved in all decisions taken by the Union and this year we have tried to achieve this through Sabbatical Officers going out and talking to students. We want more and more students to be involved with what we do, SUEI helps us achieve this.

“Throughout the Union there is an excellent team spirit which creates a welcoming atmosphere and delivers effective services for students. Leading this approach is a great Officer team, who have a clear view about their role as representatives of the student body. This is further supported by SUEI clearly being a priority for the Union as a whole.”

Julie Bird, SUEI Associate

How can I get involved?

A member of the LGBT Society encouraging students to sign up to the Donation NOT Discrimination campaign

How does SUEI affect me? By going through the SUEI process we are able to access more students. We know that by focusing on our membership and trying to reach out and connect with every type of student, we will have

There are lots of ways you can be involved in the Students’ Union and all of them link back into SUEI. Become a student rep, use our advice service, join/create a club or society, speak to a sabbatical officer, attend Site assemblies and give feedback on anything to do with the University or Union. As well as that we are looking for people to be involved in our end of project audit and will be asking students at the end of the year to be involved. F











What are Student Reps? S U S




“I was unaware as to how much care and attention is involved in my rep training. I found it challenging and also very interesting and informative. I am looking forward to next year and to continue doing my best to assist other students in any way possible in my position as student rep.”

1st year Undergraduate student, Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences

Lucy Davidson recieving her certificate at the NUS Awards 2009 for being highly commended in the Endsleigh Student of the Year category know when they are happening – and you can get involved with these if you want to. (2) To check your emails for updates from your Student Rep Coordinator and to respond to these. (3) To complete the annual Student Rep survey sent out towards the end of the academic year. (4) To feed back to

How do I volunteer to be a Student Rep? D


Why would I want to be a Student Rep? If you care about the quality of your educational experience (remember you are paying for it!), about how you are being taught and the facilities and support that Anglia Ruskin University provides for you, as a Student Rep you can influence decision making on those issues. It also gives you a great opportunity to learn some important transferable skills, enhance your CV and meet lots of new people.

How much work is it? As much as you want it to be. As a minimum, there are four requirements: (1) To attend their own Programme Committee (your pathway will be part of a ‘Programme’ of related pathways). There is one every semester and they last 1 – 2 hours. There are other meetings – we will let you

U S U will talk to you about how you can become a S R SU

How will I know what to do? T SU S R C to support and train Student Reps in Cambridge and Chelmsford. The Membership Services Administrators are also available in Peterborough and Fulbourn to support student reps.



available on our website

How Does the Union represent You? Students’ views
















The views of students are collected in a variety of ways: - We have a Freshers’ opinion poll which gives students the opportunity to vote for the campaigns they want Sabbatical Officers to prioritise. - Sabbatical Officers ‘Go Out And Talk’ (G.O.A.T) to students to gather views on themed subjects throughout the year. This information is collated and loaded on to our website. - We have facebook groups for students to join and express their views. - We organise forums which enable Student Reps to network and meet with reps from other faculties. For 2009-10, we plan to invite keynote speakers from the faculties to give Student Reps the opportunity to discuss issues in a less formal setting. - We have an annual student survey which asks a series of questions to enable us to benchmark our engagement with students to enhance their University experience.


Achievements in 2008-09 We recruited over 500 Student Reps in 08/09. We improved the quality of our Student Reps with two new training programmes, a great new handbook and online forums. We had other Students’ Unions asking us how we run our Student Rep system including visits from Leicester Students’ Union and UEA Students’ Union. Nursing Student Rep, Lucy Davidson, spoke at a Government Select Committee about being a student at Anglia Ruskin and at the Vice Chancellor’s conference. She was highly commended at the NUS Awards in the ‘Student of the Year’ category. We employed members of staff at Peterborough and Fulbourn who support the Student Reps and students on these campuses. We agreed plans with the University to introduce accreditation programme which will reward Student Reps for their efforts over the year. We plan to pilot this during 2009-10. This year the Sabbatical Officers, collectively, spent 687 hours out of the office and talking to students. 673 hours were spent feeding back your comments and representing you at University meetings to create change for you (see page 15)

“…. being a Rep is an interesting experience that has given me some insights into the way the University operates. Being a Rep is also good if you wish to become a Student Union Officer and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of becoming one.”

Masters student, AIBS

Laura Holman Student Rep Co-ordinator Cambridge

Debbie Philipson Student Rep Co-ordinator Chelmsford

Chrissie Smith Membership Services Administrator Responsible for Student Reps in Fulbourn

Alison Sutton Membership Services Administrator Responsible for Student Reps in Peterborough

advice service

Here when you need us What do we do? The Students’ Union Advice Service provides A




What do we do to help get the message across? T T




‘As a disabled student I found going through the appeal process very stressful. I felt the excellent support that I received from the Advice Service helped me to be able to deal with this. They were able to resolve my appeal without having to go for a hearing.’

Our leaflets: Advice Service Code of Practice Academic Regulations Alleged Assessment Offences Appealing Complaints Discipline How is my written work marked? Extensions & Mitigation Thinking of leaving What happens if I fail? Dignity at Study Disabled Students Employment Rights House Hunting Checklist Housing Advice Living in University-managed accommodation Living with your co-tenants

Cambridge Student

Who are we? P S U who have been trained to advise Anglia Ruskin University students. All Advisers work within the precepts of the Community Legal Service Quality Mark.

What kinds of things do we help students with?



W including: Academic appeals E Complaints U Welfare issues

W issue? We have access to other departments and U W S Support Advisers and Faculty Student Advisers O A the appropriate help may be accessed.

Choosing a Nursing Union Choosing a Teaching Union Men’s Health Women’s Health L A




What is the Community Legal Service Quality Mark? T Q M meets the quality standards set by the Legal Services Commission. This means they will: - diagnose your problem - give you basic assistance

F C Service Quality Mark please see


How do students arrange to see an Adviser? Any Anglia Ruskin University registered student may contact one of the Students’ Union’s fully qualified advisers. You may telephone, write to, e-mail or visit the Advice Service in person. Contact details are shown below. We aim to respond to enquiries within five working days but we are often able to get back to students within one working day. Remember: The Advice Service is free, confidential, completely independant from the University and impartial.

Cambridge, Peterborough & Fulbourn 01223 460008 1st Floor Helmore

Chelmsford 01245 258178 1st Floor Tindal

A snap shot of the leaflets provided in the Cambridge Advice Service

Achievements in 2008-09 We helped students with academic issues, health and personal concerns, financial problems, accommodation issues and employment rights.

We assisted 751 students with new enquiries between July 2008 and May 2009. We dealt with a 13% rise in new casework between July 2008 and May 2009. Between July 2008 and May 2009 we made 15,665 contacts with students; i.e. meetings, emails, phone calls and letters. We assisted 410 students with academic appeals between July 2008 and May 2009. We ran appeals workshops to cater for the rising number of students who wanted to appeal. 95% of students received a response from us within one working day.

‘I was very pleased with the service I received and would not hesitate to recommend it to friends if they needed help.’

Chelmsford Student Tessa Byars Senior Adviser Cambridge

Edna Johnston Adviser Cambridge

Caroline Tranter Adviser Chelmsford

Laura Wakefield Adviser Chelmsford

our successes


Changes we have made for you! Last year Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union ran more campaigns than ever before to ensure that the voice of students is heard within the University, locally and nationally. Last year also saw the introduction of our Opinion Poll during the Freshers period which gave students the chance to vote for the campaign they would like to see at the top of the Union’s priority list.

the Year Award’ for this campaign and we will be continuing to campaign on these very important issues during 2009/10.

Students in the Red: Higher Education Funding Higher Education Funding came top of the Opinion Poll and therefore became our priority campaign for the year. Students told us that their tuition fees were too high, that they were accumulating large amounts of debt and that a potential lift of the cap on tuition fees would financially damage future students. They also told us that the system was unfair to part-time and international students and that the government needs to seriously review the way it funds Higher Education. To highlight these issues we constructed a ‘Wall of Debt’ on each of our campuses to emphasise the soaring amounts of debt students face. We also organised a Regional Day of Action on the 5th November, which was attended by over 200 students from Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge University, UEA, University Campus Suffolk and local 6th form colleges. Students marched through the city of Cambridge and the event was attended by guest speakers including the Cambridge MP David Howarth (Lib Dem), Ed Maltby (secretary of ‘Education Not for Sale’) and Aaron Porter from the NUS National Executive Committee. The day was a great success; receiving live coverage on BBC Look East and ITV, articles in every student and local newspaper and features on every radio station in the area. We also began a letter writing campaign; 140 students wrote letters to 46 MP’s around the country, around half of the MP’s responded directly to us and we posted government responses on our website. This very visual campaign was part of the NUS national campaign surrounding Higher Education Funding and has really kicked off the debate, prompting the Government to set a review date which could make a real difference to the future of students’ finances. We won the ‘NUS Campaign of

Sabbatical Officers talking to students about the National Student Survey in 2009

The National Student Survey The National Student Survey (NSS) is a survey of all final year students which asks about every aspect of their University experience. This is not a survey conducted by the Students’ Union, however we use the results to lobby and make recommendations to the University. Whilst the 2008 National Student Survey highlighted some areas of good practice, generally the University received some quite negative survey results. The main issues were surrounding organisation, management and feedback; as a Union we were able to use these results to ensure that the University worked to make positive changes for 2009. Each faculty put together action plans and, although we feel that some areas of the University still have some improvements to make, hopefully the results of the 2009 NSS will demonstrate that students’ experiences are improving. The NSS is really important, as the University take the results very seriously, which is why we ran a visual NSS ‘Wish You Were Here?’ campaign to ensure every final year student fills in the survey and understands how it can really change your life at University. We won the Ipsos Mori National Student Survey promotional campaign of the year for our work in highlighting the NSS to students at Anglia Ruskin University.

Students at the Students in the Red: Regional Day of Action in Nov 2008

Donation NOT Discrimination The Donation NOT Discrimination campaign is coordinated by our LGBT Part-time Officer and LGBT society. The campaign informs students about the National Blood Service’s policy regarding gay and bisexual men giving blood and asks them to sign a petition to change this policy. Each year the National Blood Service is invited onto campus providing an important opportunity to give blood and allowing students to carry out this campaign. After each visit we receive good feedback from the National Blood Service and students alike, which results in more donors giving blood and, thanks to our society, students feeling more informed about why they should donate.

HELP Week From the 17th November - 21st November 2008 the Students’ Union held HELP Week. This event brought together all the support services available to Anglia Ruskin students and provided information, advice and support about many welfare issues. H.E.L.P week, (HELP standing for health, education, lifestyle and personal) was a huge success and was another opportunity for

officers to speak to as many students as possible to gather opinion on student life. A similar event is already in the pipeline for the coming year.

Elections 2009 In 2008/09 we put a great deal of effort into our annual elections and as a result received over double the amount of candidates and a 100% increase in the number of votes compared to 2007/08. More Part-time officer positions were filled than ever before which means that you are now better represented across all four campuses. We also introduced both online and paper voting, which allowed part-time students, distance learners, partner colleges and placement students to have their vote. Elections are so important, as those Full and Part-time Officers who are elected are the ones who really make a difference; they represent you, make your voice heard within the University and run campaigns on your behalf. More candidates means you have a greater choice in who fulfils those roles and more votes means that as an organisation we are more democratic. Lets hope that 2009/10 sees our annual elections improve even more (see page 8)

Big wins and extra changes The Library was due to remain closed prior to the January exam week. However, after highlighting the problems with this, we ensured it stayed open so that students could still revise and take out books. We ensured that students continue to have the right to a hearing after the issue was discussed at one of the many University Committees we attend on your behalf. We installed wireless internet in the student common room at Victoria House, Fulbourn after receiving feedback from students. We ensured that students do not have to pay to re-sit any failed modules after the issue was discussed at one of the many University Committees we attend on your behalf. We worked with University Accommodation services to Lobby the NHS Trust to improve student nurses accommodation in Peterborough. We opened new staffed SU offices at Peterborough, Thorpe Road site and Victoria House, Fulbourn.

Awards and Recognition Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union was one of three Unions shortlisted for NUS HE Students’ Union of the Year 2009. The Opinion Poll and Higher Education Funding campaign won the award for NUS HE Campaign of the Year 2009. Silver Standard Sound Impact Award for our efforts in reducing the Union’s impact on the Environment. Both the Cambridge and Chelmsford bars received the Best Bar None Award for the management of our venues. Lucy Davidson, a student rep, was short listed and highly commended for NUS Student of the Year 2009. The promotional campaign for the NSS won the Ipsos-mori Campaign of the Year 2009.

Bottom Left to Right: Phil Mackay - General Manager, Nick Evangelista - President 2008-09, James Green - Student Experience Officer 2008-09 Chelms Top Left to Right: Pamela Clarke - Student Experience Officer 2008-09 Cambs, Lisa Pool - Communications Officer 2008-10, Gill Thompson - Advice and Rep Manager, Kate Wicklow - Academic Affairs Officer 2007-09

Students marching past Kings College in the City of Cambridge bringing attention to the issues surrounding Higher Education funding and how a lift of the cap would be detremental to future students

A wall highlighting the struggles of student debt, some tickets totalled over ÂŁ40,000

Broke & Broken branded balloons for the Day of Action

T-shirts being spray painted with the Broke & Broken logo for the Day of Action

Aaron Porter, VP Higher Education for NUS speaks to the press about student debt

Banners and posters to promote the ongoing Easier Travel for Students campaign on the Chelmsford campus

Sarah and Kate receiving the Silver standard Sound Impact Award

If you are a FINAL YEAR STUDENT, fill out the National Student Survey online and have your say about Anglia Ruskin for your chance to win!

Stalls of information set out for HELP week 2008 in the Helmore Street, Cambridge

Beach bags for the ‘Wish you were here?’ National Student Survey campaign 2009

student activities


Sports Clubs and Societies Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union supports over 60 student led sports clubs and societies, all of which meet regularly and provide social, educational and sporting opportunities for well over 2000 students. Joining a club or society is a fantastic way to enhance your University experience; meet like-minded people, explore an interest or improve your fitness. The friendships you make at University are more than likely friendships that will last for life and joining a club or society is a great place to do this. The Students’ Union provides financial support, training, facilities and staff support to all of the clubs and societies to ensure that they continue to succeed and develop. With so many activities on offer we hope that you will find something that appeals to you, however, if you are interested in setting up a new club or society then the Students’ Union can help you to do this. Contact a member of the Student Activities Team for more information. Each club and society is run by a committee of students, and if you get involved in this not only will you gain fantastic experience you will also have skills to boost your CV.

Anglia Ruskin Hockey Team at the BUCS East Regional Tournament in Cambridge 2009 regularly to socialise, hold debates and welcome M

Sports Clubs In 2008/09 the Students’ Union supported over 30 sports clubs; these range from football and netball right through to rowing and dance. Whether you’re a complete novice who just fancies trying something new or an expert in your chosen sport, each club welcomes members of all abilities and they meet on a regular basis for training and socials. We actively recruit coaches to help individuals and teams improve and the club as a whole develop. Whilst the emphasis within all our clubs is on enjoyment and fitness, the Students’ Union does also regularly enter many of our teams into competitions and leagues. Last year fifteen of our teams and numerous individuals competed in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) league. Other teams competed in the Southern England Students Sports Association (SESSA) competitions and various other local and national competitions.

Societies Our societies are groups of like minded students who come together to share their ideas and to have fun, in 2008/09 there were over 35 different societies within the Students’ Union. Societies exist for students with similar interests, hobbies or faiths and range from the Wildlife Society to Christian Union, International Students Society to the Forensic Science Society; we have religious groups, cultural groups, environmental groups, arts groups and many more. Societies meet

How can I get involved? I A F




How can I start a new club or society? T S E O campus; Kelly Sweeney in Cambridgeshire and M A E T Y C S



‘Give It A Go’ Give it a go sessions run throughout the year as S G



Anglia Ruskin Boat Club at the launch of their new boats in Dec 2008


Kelly Sweeney Student Experience Officer (Cambridgeshire)










Maiken Andreasen Student Experience Officer (Essex)









Jo Harbrow Student Activities Manager


“Being captain of the football team is a fantastic privilege for me, I have gained so much from it and made some fantastic friends through it... Being named Captain of the Year was a massive achievement and a big honor, it was very rewarding”

Prathiv Kholia, President of the Men’s Football Team (Cambridge)

Achievements in 2008-09 Record number of clubs and societies across Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough and Fulbourn. Record number of teams entered into the British Universities and Colleges Sport leagues (BUCS). The Men’s Basketball Team (Cambridge), first time entrants to BUCS, came first in their league. The Men’s Volleyball Team (Cambridge), first time entrants to and winners of the Midlands Conference Cup. Anglia Ruskin Boat Club purchased two new boats, which were launched by the Vice-Chancellor in December 2008. Sports Teams have continued to run a ‘Keep Wednesdays Free Campaign’ to highlight the importance of having free time to take part in extra curricular activities and further

study. This campaign will continue into 2009-10. The Anglia Ruskin American Football team, The Phantoms, won the prestigious John Slavin award for dedication and commitment to improving the game experience for players, fans and officials. The Students’ Union organised and hosted a number of local and regional sports events including: • The East Region BUCS Varsity Tournament. • The SESSA Badminton One-Day Tournament. • The SESSA Cricket Tournament. • The annual Chelmsford v Cambridge Varsity Tournament. • The annual Anglia Cup Football Tournament. CUR1350, the joint Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin radio station, were awarded FM status.

The APEX is Anglia Ruskin’s student newspaper which is written by students for students. It is supported by the Students’ Union and the editor in chief is the Students’ Union Communication Officer. The APEX is a free publication with seven editions per year and it can be picked up in Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough and Fulbourn. It can also be viewed online at Feedback on the publication is always useful for the APEX team to ensure that the content is relevant to you. You can feedback comments in a number of different ways including leaving anonymous suggestions via the Union’s website.

How do I get Involved? The Editorial team are on the lookout for dedicated, hard working students who are committed to creating a great publication; all the positions are purely voluntary but the media experience you will gain is fantastic. You can join the team at any time of the year.

The Apex front cover, Edition 6 2008

How much time do I have to dedicate? Don’t worry if you do not feel you can commit a lot

If you would like to get involved with the APEX as a writer/reporter, editor, photographer or more then simply drop into the Students’ Union and speak to the Communications Officer, Lisa Pool, to ask for more information. No previous experience is necessary and students from all campuses are welcome.

Lisa Pool Communications Officer Editor in Chief

student media

The APEX, Student Newspaper

CUR1350, Student Radio CUR1350 is the official student radio station of both Anglia Ruskin and Cambridge University. Run 100% by students, the station is dedicated to student life across the city. Former National Student Radio Awards – Station of the Year, the radio station is about to hit your FM airwaves! You can tune into CUR1350 via the website where you’ll find all sorts of useful information, news and reviews: , or via your radio on 1350am.

Interested in getting involved?

Cur1350 at the Student Radio Awards 2009

The station is located in Cambridge and about to become one of the first student radio stations on the country to be on FM all year round, and is the perfect opportunity to get into radio, no matter your level of experience! Being involved in student media is a great way to meet new people from both Anglia Ruskin and Cambridge University and enhance your CV. Check out the CUR1350 website ( for more details on how to get involved.


student gyms


The SU Gym, Cambridge & Fulbourn The Students’ Union in Cambridge has redeveloped it’s gym facilities and relocated them to the bigger and brighter Helmore building. The gym has doubled in space, with new machinary added to compliment the vast array of machinary already provided. The gym staff are afiliated to the Register of Excercise Professionals, whilst the facility itself has achieved the Fitness Industry Association standard to ensure you receive the best possible care. The gym is equipped with a range of cardiovascular equipment such as Concept Rowers, LifeFitness Cross-trainers, Treadmills and cycles. The resistance section comprises of Nautilus fixed station equipment providing a total body workout, a free weights area with dumbbells ranging from 2.5 - 35kg, a Smith Bench Press and Cable Crossover. The gym also offers brand new changing and showering facilities. New lockers are also provided.

with a personal report that clearly outlines your results in charts and concise text; we will use this to make recommendations regarding your health and fitness. Personal Training If you lack the motivation or confidence to achieve your goals, then this option would suit you. The cost of the personal training sessions includes 10 x 1 hour works and 2 fitness assessments (1 completed at the beginning and 1 completed at the end for assessment purposes). Aerobics Classes

“I have been extremely The Students’ Union Gym in Cambridge have satisfied with the staff and cost teamed up with Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre to provide you with a full aerobics programme of SU gym membership. The throughout the day, 7 days a week. So no matter gym supervisors are always on how busy you become with your lectures or study, you will always find a class and time to suit you. hand with help or advice and For more information or to purchase tickets please visit the Gym or Students’ Union Office. most importantly they look happy doing their job!! And What if I am a student studying in you cannot put a price on that Fulbourn? service.”

Cambridge Gym Member

Additional Services To help support your training sessions we are proud to offer the following services to enhance your success in achieving your fitness goals: Personal Fitness Programmes A one-off session with a member of our qualified staff to create a personalised gym programme just for you. We will discuss your personal fitness aims and create an individual workout plan based on these to help you maximise your workout. Fitness Evaluations This is a full fitness evaluation that includes an assessment of your body fat percentage, blood pressure, resting heart rate, aerobic capacity, lung efficiency and a lifestyle review. At the end of the of the 1 hour session you will be issued

The gym in Cambridge is open to all Anglia Ruskin Students. If you study in Fulbourn you may choose to join the Students’ Union gym. There are regular bus services between Fulbourn and the City Centre, please see The Frank Lee Centre is also available to nursing students and it is located on the Addenbrookes hospital site.

How do I join the gym? If you would like to join the gym just call in and see a member of the team. Please note; for your own health and safety you must complete a medical questionnaire and have an induction session before becoming a gym member. For up to date opening times and prices please visit, email or call 01223 460008.

Sport and Active Lifestyles, Chelmsford Our Sporting program which runs alongside some of the Students’ Union clubs, enables you to play Rugby, Football, Netball, Cricket, American football Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis etc whilst you have the opportunity to try fencing and a whole host of martial art activities as well , Judo. Krav maga, Muay Thai, Karate and Jujitsu.

How much does it cost? The majority of our classes and access to our Fitness Facilities’, including the gym, will be £28 for the year.

When are the facilities open?

Life at Anglia Ruskin offers a myriad of opportunity for those who wish to partake in Sport and Active Lifestyles. The gym in the Mildmay building in Chelmsford is run by the University and it is available to all Anglia Ruskin Students. Our essential drive is to make “more people more active more of the time”. We do this through our recreationally competitive sport program and our wide and varied active lifestyles opportunities. Students that have an ability and inclination to succeed at the highest levels are also welcomed, and may be able eligible for our Sport Scholarship & Bursary scheme. (Please ask Stephen Dupree for further information on this; 0845 196 4311 ) In Chelmsford you will be able to access the same facilities that have been awarded “pre Olympic training camp status”.

What activities do you offer? Our Active Lifestyles program allows you to attend a variety of exercise to music classes, and specially selected amount of mind body & soul sessions. These range from the very popular Thighs Tums & Bums and dance Vibes to Zumba and Hula! No need to worry about committing for the long term either, just book to try out one of the sessions as a taster, and the same goes for our Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga sessions. We do however have a small selection of pay classes, Pole dancing and some other dance sessions fall into this category. Please make a beeline for us at Mildmay and pick up a leaflet about what’s on when you arrive to find out about the classes we have to offer throughout the year.

Mildmay will be open from 8 am till 10 pm Monday to Friday & at Weekends between 11 am and 6pm on Saturdays and 11 am and 8 pm on Sundays, during the core term time. For general enquiries about what we do e-mail: Finally if you are worried about getting started come and ask about what we do in partnership with out local healthy living team, and complementary medicine group. There is something for everyone and at a price you can afford. We look forward to seeing you!

How can I information?




Check out our Facebook page: ARU Chelmsford - Sport, Active Lifestyles and Wellbeing or see the University website:



The night! The Students’ Union provides a range of entertainments, on and off campus, to help you socialise and relax in a safe and student friendly environment. We have two bars; one located on the first floor of Tindal Building in Chelmsford and one located on the ground floor of the Helmore Building in Cambridge. Both bars are accredited by the Best Bar None scheme, and the Cambridge bar was the regional winner in 2007-08, which illustrates the Unions dedication to providing students with a safe and well managed venue. The bars are the centre for on campus entertainment, providing cheap club nights through to live comedy events. Clubs and Societies also use these venues to run a variety of fundraising events and any profit made by the club or society is allocated directly into their account to allow them to pay for things like coaches or new kit. In Chelmsford last year clubs and societies raised over £10,000 through their Thursday fancy dress nights

What kind of entertainments do you provide? We provide a range of entertainments throughout the year, starting with an exciting freshers week line up on both the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses.This year freshers will kick off with Puzzle Parties on both the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses and end with spectacular UV Parties, of course each campus will host the infamous School Disco (so don’t forget to bring your old uniform with you!). So you are sure to find something to keep you entertained. The entertainments programme continues into the year with regular nights such as flirt! in Cambridge and Wunderbar in Chelmsford. To keep up-to-date on current events please see our website:

What is


In Cambridge, Flirt! is held every Friday night in The Academy throughout the semester, offering you opportunities to dress up in your favourite costumes, take part in competitions and grab a number of different freebees on offer. Flirt! is the UK’s biggest student night, run in over 40 Students’ Unions across the UK. The brand is managed by NUS Services and owned and operated by Students’ Unions. Attracting over 30,000 students a week throughout the country, Flirt! is synonymous amongst students with attending quality events and having a great time. Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union joined the Flirt! brand in 2007 and last year came top in the country after a mystery shopper revealed us to be the best at brand management and organisation.

Tony Lee - XXX Hypnotist. The Academy, Freshers Week 2008

What is Wunderbar? In Chelmsford, Wunderbar is held every Wednesday night in the SU Bar throughout the semester where you can chose from a range of drinks priced at only £1! This event, as well as the clubs and societies fundraisers held on Thursdays, is one of the most enjoyable nights on campus and is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and is often used as pre club warm up.

Where does the money go? We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation. This means that any profit that is raised within the Union is put straight back into providing essential services, or additional entertainments, for you. So you know that every penny you spend in the Students’ Union goes back to you, the students.

How can I have my say on the entertainments you provide? Each year in November and March we run a short survey on all of our commercial areas (Shops and Bars) where we ask students to rate the area on a score of 1 to 10 and give a reason why. All this feedback is analysed and used to improve the services we are offering. Since the Union began this survey, titled the Ultimate Question, changes have been made to improve the music at flirt, to improve the waiting time at the bars and to improve the range of art supplies in the Cambridge shop. Keep up-to-date by joining our facebook pages: Anglia Ruskin Freshers 2009 - Cambridge Anglia Ruskin Freshers 2009 - Chelmsford


Supplying you with the essentials The Students’ Union shops are located on the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses. They are staffed by friendly, helpful people to ensure you are provided with the best service we can offer.


You can buy a range of things including stationary, snacks, sandwiches, drinks, branded clothing, greetings cards and academic diaries. Each shop is tailored to the needs of the students on that campus; in Cambridge you can pick up cheap art supplies and in Chelmsford you can find essential equipment for nursing and medical courses. As with all of the Students’ Union commecial outlets the profit that is made by the shop is fed directly back into providing you with extra and better services.


The Peterborough and Fulbourn offices also house a range of products such as branded clothing and stationary.

Shop from anywhere in the world!

26 The Students’ Union operates an online shop to allow you buy the nesseccary branded hoodie, academic diary or selected art supplies from anywhere in the world! You can pay securely by card online and items can be dispatched via first class post or collected from any of the Students’ Union shops (Cambridge & Chelmsford) or offices (Peterborough & Fulbourn). You can acces the online shop via the Students’ Union website ( or by typing in the address shown above.

The NUS Extra card is produced by the ‘National Union of Students’ for students. It gives you hundreds of exclusive discounts on the high street and online. These include Amazon, Ticketmaster, Superdrug, McDonalds, Matalan, La Senza, Warehouse, Oasis, Madame Tussauds and many more. The NUS Extra card is different to your Anglia Ruskin student card as it is nationally recognised and can also be used for online purchasing. NUS Extra will cost you just £10 per year or £25 for three years. The National Union of Students’ estimates that the NUS Extra card saves each student an average of £280 per year; a tremendous saving considering how little it costs. The Students’ Union is a registered charity and for every NUS Extra card that is sold Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union receives £4.70 which will be used to help fund our core services such as advice and representation. You may purchase an NUS Extra Card from one of the Students’ Union Offices, at Freshers’ Fair or online at

Students’ Union Offices Photocopying Charges Black and White A4 per sheet: 5p A4 double sided 10p A3 per sheet 10p A3 double sided 20p Colour A4 per sheet: 25p A4 double Sided: 50p A3 per sheet 50p A3 double sided: £1

extra services

NUS Extra Discount Cards

The Students’ Union offices are staffed by helpful, friendly people who can normally point you in the right direction if you’re lost or help you out with general queries. They also provide facilities for faxing and photocopying. The offices in Cambridge, Peterborough and Fulbourn stock a small selection of stationery and other shop goods including University Branded Hoodies. The Sabbatical Officers and supporting Students’ Union staff can also be found in, or contacted via, the office and students are welcome to drop by anytime for information or a chat. Contact details for each office can be found at the front of this handbook on page 3.

Free SUpermarket Bus Service The Students’ Union runs a FREE bus service to one of the local supermarkets in your area. They run from the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses.The bus runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm. The SUpermarket Bus is available to all students, you don’t have to live in halls of residence to take advantage of this fantastic free service. For more information and an up to date timetable visit


clubs & societies directory


Cambridge Clubs American Football Badminton Basketball – Men’s

Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Wing Chun Kung Fu Yoga

Basketball – Women’s



Afro Caribbean

Combat Games

Alternative Music


Animal Respect


Animal Welfare

Football – Men’s

Ashcroft Enterprise

Football – Women’s


Hockey – Men’s


Hockey – Women’s

Chinese Business


Christian Union




Film Production



Rugby – Men’s


Rugby – Women’s


Ski & Snowboarding ski&


Sub Aqua

Literary Society



Psychology Roots & Shoots Thai Students War Games and Role Play (WARP) Wildlife

Chelmsford Clubs Adventure Sport American Football Cheerleading Cricket Dance Football – Men’s Jitsu Netball Rugby – Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

S Afro Caribbean

Anglia Cup five a side football tournament 2009 Believers Love World (BLW) I I Law Poker Raising and Giving (RAG) Society for Anime and Socialising (SAS)

Fulbourn & Peterborough Fulbourn Nursing Society Peterborough Nursing Society These are the contact details for all of the student led clubs and societies supported by the Students’ Union. We hope that you find something here that interests you; if not, then why not speak to a member of the Student Activities Team to find out more about starting your own club or society? (Contact details on page 19). Email a club or society to find out more information about them and how to join, alternatively find them at Freshers’ Fair. Please note these details were correct at the time of going to print; for an up to date list please visit


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Every Domino’s Pizza is prepared using the highest quality dough. Our tomato sauce is made using Portuguese vine-ripened tomatoes and we only use 100% mozzarella cheese which is made only from vegetable rennet.

Domino’s Classic Pizzas Personal Small Medium Large

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27 Hills Road, Cambridge

Tel: (01223) 355 155

7 days a week: 11.00am – Late



Students' Union Handbook 2009-10  

Everything you need to know about Anglia Ruskin Students' Union, how to get involved and what they have planned for the year ahead!

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