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Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union


HANDBOOK 2008 - 2009


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Your Name

Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009

PRESIDENT’S LETTER Hello and welcome to the Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union Handbook, In the following pages you will find details on everything we do. From our core services - advice and representation teams - to our commercial services; bars, gym and shops. Whether you are thinking about studying in or are enrolled on a course in either Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough or Fulbourn, Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union can offer you something. This year the Students’ Union have decided it is time to change. It is time to change for the better and to adapt to the bright future that our University is heading towards. Anglia Ruskin University has major plans for the future. Mike Thorne, the Vice Chancellor of the University has established his vision for developing our University and making it a world class provider of education. It involves a number of dynamic projects, including; Having an even split between students studying on our campuses and from afar through distance learning. A large proportion of international students. A huge redevelopment of the Cambridge campus to give us fantastic new facilities. Continuing to advance our facilities at Peterborough and Chelmsford These developments will allow Anglia Ruskin to mature into a University that cares about improving its performance for our current and future students. We believe that the Students’ Union needs

to take a leading role on making sure our University has the students’ best interest at heart all of the time. It is clear that in the past the Union has not actively sought its members’ point of view as much as it should have done. To enable us to look forward to the future we must change the status quo and improve to enable us to benefit our students. We recognise the need to change and are embarking on a system of self evaluation -we will not be heading of to the subcontinent to ‘find ourselves’- we will be having a number of full and frank discussions within our organisation to improve on our past mistakes. Here is where you come in, a Union is ultimately run by its members and we need your opinions voiced to us so we

can actively represent you. At the moment the Union is perceived to be run by an inward looking, self obsessed sabbatical and management team which has its own self interest at heart. This could not be further from the truth. The problem is we have not told you how we represent you, everyday at every meeting in every situation, to the University and to the local council. We have not asked whether what we say at these meetings are what all students actually want. We have not told you why we are doing certain events and activities and what restricts us from doing more. This is going to change but we cannot do it without the help of all of our superb staff, Sabbatical Officers but most importantly we cannot do it without you, our members. We need you to help us become a better organisation. I am looking forward to the year ahead as I think there are challenging times ahead. I know I can lead in positive change for the Union and with your help we can create a Union that represents all the views of our students here at Anglia Ruskin. The Students’ Union will then be confident of ensuring that the University listens and acts upon the voice of our diverse range of fantastic students. If you feel that you have anything to contribute or you have any comments on what we are planning to do this year please contact me or just pop into any of our offices and speak to a member of staff.

Nick Evangelista President of Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

What is your favourite memory of University? James Jackson - Editor Watching the student newspaper’s Chief Designer Monty wobbling about as he walked down the helmore street barely able to hold a cigarette and talking to himself, after pulling an 36 hour shift designing The Anglia Ruskin Apex. Pure dedication to the cause.


2008 - 2009

Adam Foskett (Monty) – Designer It would be hard to choose one moment that defined my time at Anglia Ruskin University. I think the best thing to do would be to thank all of those that made my time here the best 4 years of my life, thank you.

Jaymes Sinclair - Photographer Being involved with the Students’ Union. Working there i met many people whao have become great mates and i experienced a different aspect of being a student. Special thanks to Chris Glithero, writer of the Freshers Survival Guide.





























Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009


The Students’ Union has a number of experienced full-time staff to support the Union. They are employed by the SU for their expertise in all the different areas the SU is involved with. They are the lifeblood of the Union.


To us representation is the most important thing we do as the organisation is fundamentally here to represent the views of students. As part of this we co-ordinate and support student reps and sit on the highest University Committees.

Advice Your Sabbatical Officers Front: Nick Evangelista - President Second Row Left: Pamela Clarke - Student Experience (Camb) Second Row Right: Kate Wicklow - Academic Affairs Back Left: James Green - Student Experience (Chelm) Back Right: Lisa Pool - Communications Officer

The Students’ Union prides itself on the high level of advice we offer to our students. Our Advisers should always be first point of call if you are in a pickle. They are located at the Cambridge and Chelmsford SU offices but can also be contacted by phone and e-mail.

The Union

Every student registered with Anglia Ruskin University are automatically members of the Students’ Union. We aim to support all our students through their University life cycle in order for you to have the best possible time while you’re here.


2008 - 2009

The Sabbatical Officers

Five recently graduated students form the Executive of the Students’ Union. They set the direction that the SU move in and have a hand in everything concerning students. Always take the opportunity to meet them they can be a life saver in tricky situations.


The SU runs a number of great club nights, gigs, karaoke, quizzes and much more. They are centred around our Bars and always have something planned to keep you happy on a night out.


We have two bars; one in Cambridge and one in Chelmsford. They provide a range of delicious food in the day but at night they really begin to shine; with great events running week in, week out.

Freshers Fair

A freebie bonanza. It is a must for every fresher. All our sport teams and societies will be looking for new members. We also run a smaller re-freshers fair in February.

Sporting Clubs and Societies

The Students’ Union supports a large range of Sports Clubs and Societies with grants, facilities, transport and dedicated staff. It’s the perfect way to make friends and meet like minded people.

The Anglia Ruskin Apex

Is the students newspaper. It is run by students for students. A number of volunteers give up their spare time to produce it. Pick it up monthly anywhere on campus.


The SU Gym is located in the Bryant building in Cambridge. It is very reasonably priced and a great way to keep fit. The gym is run by a great team of friendly instructors.

SU Byte

The SU Byte is the fortnightly e-newsletter sent to all students informing them on what is going on at the Students’ Union and in the University.

Part-time officers

They’re current students who represent you on a wide number of issues. They are the cornerstone of the SU and will always be willing to listen to any problems you have from welfare to ents.


Our shops stock all the essentials. From aspirin to the daily newspapers. It is also the place to get your Anglia Ruskin Hoodies and arts materials on the cheap.

Supermarket buses.

Cambridge & Chelmsford run a minibus to and from one of the supermarkets so you don’t have to fork out on expensive cab fares. They also hire the buses out to sports teams.

2008 - 2009


Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009

STUDENTS’ U ION Advice “The Students’ Union Advice Service offers free, confidential, independent, impartial advice on academic and welfare issues to all registered students of the University” What do we do? Provide support, guidance and representation for students. By offering students a place to consider their entire student experience. It is important for us to empower students so that they come to their own decisions.

Who Are We? Permanent members of Students’ Union staff who have been trained to advise Anglia Ruskin University students. All Advisers work within the guidelines of the Community Legal Service Quality Mark, awarded to us in 2004. We have an in depth knowledge of Anglia Ruskin rules and regulations in order to help our students in the most efficient way. We are happy to help students in any situation and take pride in being friendly, open and approachable.

rals. Often a student has a whole raft of issues and the Advisers will give them space to sift through these so that the appropriate help may be accessed.

What kind of information do we provide? The Advice Service produces a range of leaflets. The ‘academic’ leaflets aim to interpret the rules and regulations of the University in a user-friendly way and the ‘welfare’ leaflets aim to provide basic help – please pop in to the SU Office to get any of these leaflets. Information is also available on our website www. – click on the link to ‘Advice’.

How do students arrange to see an Adviser? Students may telephone, write to, e-mail or visit the Advice Service in person. Contact details are shown below. We aim to respond to enquiries within five working days but we are often able to get back to students within one working day.

What kinds of problems do we help students with? Academic appeals Course problems Complaints Welfare issues University Accommodation problems


What if we do not have the expertise to advise a student on a particular issue? We have access to other departments and agencies both within the University and externally. We have a close working relationship with Student Support Advisers and Faculty Student Advisers and regularly receive and make refer-

CHELMSFORD 01245 258178, 1st floor Tindal Adviser: Caroline Tranter Adviser: Laura Wakefield

2008 - 2009

Laura Wakefield

Caroline Tranter

CAMBRIDGE 01223 460008, 1st floor Helmore Senior Adviser: Tessa Byars Adviser: Edna Johnston


Tessa Byars

Edna Johnston Students’ Union Advice Team

Representation you? Do you want to make sure it is as good as it can be?

The Students’ Union exists to represent students. We do this through our Sabbatical Officers who sit on a number of University meetings protecting students’ interests. However, their ability to represent students is greatly enhanced by Student Reps.Your Student Rep is who you need to contact if you have any issue with your course – from the teaching to assessments and access to resources. Find out more below…

You do?

What are student reps?

How do I get to be one?

Some of the most important people in our University: they are elected by other students to be their mouthpiece. Reps sit on committees and attend meetings with University staff to tell them what the students think about their University experience. Every year group of every course should have at least one student rep.

When you start at University someone from the Students’ Union or one of your lecturers will talk to you about how you can become a student rep – if not, come and see us in the SU office.

Why would I want to be one? Do you care about the quality of your course (remember you are paying for it!), about what and how you are being taught and the facilities and support that Anglia Ruskin University provides for

That’s why! It also gives you a great opportunity to learn some transferable skills, enhance your CV and meet lots of new people.

How much work is it? As much as you want it to be. We ask all student reps to attend their own Programme Committee (your course will be part of a ‘Programme’ of related courses). These discuss what is happening on your course. There is one every semester and they last 1 – 2 hours. There are other meetings – we will let you know when they are happening - but you only go to these if you want to.

How will I know what to do? The SU employs two Student Rep Coordinators to support and train the reps.

Gill Thompson Advice and Representation Manager Cross Campus

Laura Holman Student Representative Coordinator Cambridge

You can find us in the SU Offices in the Tindal Building (Rivermead, Chelmsford) or the Helmore Building (Cambridge) – if you don’t see us at one of your sessions in the first couple of weeks, come and say hello!

STUDENT COMMENT ‘It is via student reps that changes can be made to create a more inviting and enjoyable time at Anglia Ruskin’.

Debbie Phillipson Student Representative Coordinator Chelmsford 2008 - 2009


Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009

STUD NT ACTIVITI S CRICKET University is a time where you will evolve academically and personally. While your academic studies are the reason you are here, developing as a person is also one of the most valuable features of coming to University. It is worth bearing in mind that the friends you make here are more than likely the friends you will have for life. The Students’ Union takes great delight in knowing that we have a massive influence on the social side of University life. We appreciate and understand what a huge responsibility it is and that is why we work as hard as we can to ensure you have the best possible time while you’re with us. We have set up a network of Sports Clubs, Societies and Student Media for you to join, make friends and benefit from.

SPORTS CLUBS Being involved with a sports team at University is similar to gaining a new family. It is a bond that never breaks once you leave either. Your team will be there for you at all times and you will be there for them too. Throughout the years, you as a team will have atmosphere breaking highs and earth shattering lows but it is when the chips are down that you will pull together as one single entity, knowing that this is what defines you as a team. On the field you will push forward together into uncharted territory, celebrating great victories. When defeat knocks you back down again, you will pick yourselves up, work harder in training so that at the final whistle you have that taste of victory once again. The Union run all the sports teams that participate for the University. It is our job to fund these teams with


2008 - 2009

grants three times a year, find facilities for them to train and compete at, and organise all their fixtures for the sporting calendar. We want you to be able to participate at the highest possible level. We actively help recruit coaches to improve the standards of our sporting representatives. Our strategy to develop the sporting network of Anglia Ruskin includes entering as many of our teams as possible into the top University sporting association (Bucs) competitions. We understand that the higher level of competition our teams compete in the larger strides they will make in progression. Next year fourteen of our teams will compete in Bucs leagues and tournaments. That being said sport is not just about competition it is most importantly focused on having fun. That is why we have a number of teams playing at different levels so that anyone can join in no matter whether they are new to a sport or a veteran. It is built into our sporting networks to have fun. Each team run their own social events for their members to bond a lasting friendship and above all else have fun.

COMMENT “Being involved with a sports team at University is similar to gaining a new family. It is a bond that never breaks once you leave either”


SOCIETIES A Society is a collective group of like minded students who come together to share their ideas and to have fun. It is in societies that you will be able to indulge yourself in what you most enjoy. They will allow you to express yourself while learning a great deal. Our societies cover a broad ground of different activities. We have campaigning groups, theatre groups, religious groups, cultural groups, activity groups, charitable groups, wildlife groups, law groups, art groups, film groups and many more. All of these also run their own social events where life long friendships are formed. Societies play an important role as they are less time consuming than sports with one or two meetings/ social activities a week, and this makes these much more accessible to a broader range of students’. Even if you are studying part time and do not think you have the time please come along and ask, you may be pleasantly surprised at how accommodating all of our society Presidents are. Please also look up any society in the back of this handbook and email the relevant person for more details – as much as we say what goes on, they are the people who are very passionate and run the society on the ground.



The Anglia Ruskin Apex

“It is in societies that you will be able to indulge yourself in what you most enjoy.They will allow you to express yourself while learning a great deal”

The Anglia Ruskin Apex is the student newspaper that is financed by the Students’ Union. Over the past year it has undergone a radical redesign that has brought it up to a standard that the whole University can be proud of. Lisa Pool the Union’s Communications Officer is the Editor in Chief for the coming year and has a number of ambitious plans to continue with the swift progress being made by publication. Ultimately The Anglia Ruskin Apex is run by our students for our students. There has been a very high standard set this year and the Editorial team are looking to build on that success for the future. The newspaper is now looking for new intake of writers, designers and photographers to inject fresh impetuous to the team this year. All the positions are purely voluntary but the experience on offer is second to none. It is a wonderful opportunity to create The Anglia Ruskin Apex from scratch and allows any student to gain a deeper understanding of the processes involved in working in the media. No previous experience is necessary. The Editorial team are on the lookout for dedicated, hard working students who are committed to creating a great publication for the benefit of the entire University. If you are interested in getting involved contact The Anglia Ruskin Apex’s Managing Editor Mike O’Flynn at apexeditor@angliastudent. com.

CUR1350 CUR1350 is the student radio station run jointly between Anglia Ruskin and Cambridge University students. It won the National Student Radio Awards, Best Station category last year to become the top student radio broadcaster in Britain last year and is immensely popular throughout both Universities. You can tune in to CUR1350 on your radio at 1350mw or check out the website to listen online, catch up on the best shows, read local gig reviews and listings. You can find it at www.cur1350. Alternatively if you’re interested in getting involved with radio broadcasting then they are always on the look out for new DJ’s, presenters and producers just check out the website for more details. 2008 - 2009


Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009



The Students’ Union runs a fully equipped gym located in the Bryant Building. In 2005 the gym was awarded the FIA (Fitness Industry Association) badge, which is awarded to health centres which demonstrate high standards of provision. The gym provides an excellent place to unwind after all that stressful studying! In our SU Gym, you’ll find a range of equipment and machinery to guarantee you get a good workout. Whether you are training for a match, or trying to improve your general fitness level, the gym has something to suit everyone. There are a variety of aerobic and weight assisted equipment such as rowers, treadmills and leg presses. In the gym qualified and professional members of staff are on hand to provide information, advice and instruction. They can assist you with the use of equipment, set up personal training programmes and help you achieve the results you want. There are showering and changing facilities in the gym.

GYM OPENING HOURS (Teaching weeks): Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 8.00 pm Saturday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm (Non-teaching weeks): Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 8.00 pm Saturday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm If you would like to join the gym, just call in and see a member of the team For an up to date tariff please visit our web pages or call in and speak to one of our staff members, our contact details are outlined below. Please note – for your own health and safety, you must have an induction session before gaining membership to the gym.


2008 - 2009

CAMPUS TENNIS COURTS The Students’ Union manages tennis courts on the campus behind Peter Taylor house. If you would like to use the courts, please take your student ID card to the Gym and leave this as a key deposit.

GYM PROGRAMMES - £5 A one-off session with our qualified staff, aimed at setting you a gym programme to follow. We’ll talk to you about what you want to achieve from your workout and hone your gym session accordingly. If you’re a motivated gym-user and want to get the best out of your workouts, let us help you!

FITNESS TESTING - £10 We offer fitness tests as an independent package which includes flexibility assessment, blood pressure, stamina, body fat, and a detailed look at lifestyle habits including smoking and drinking. On the basis of this we can advise on how to improve your fitness and health. This is an excellent way to get started if you want to establish areas to develop, and is great value for money.

GIV IT A O PERSONAL TRAINING £45 for 10 sessions plus 2 fitness tests. Our expert staff will test your fitness using everything from cardio assessments to lung capacity and body-fat measurements and work with you to boost your abilities. If someone else motivating you would help get results, then why not give it a go? Our trainers will be close at hand through your workout with encouragement and help with technique. At the end of the ten sessions, another fitness test is performed and your progress (hopefully) celebrated!

EXERCISE CLASSES If Exercise Classes are your fitness method of choice, then you should check out the wide range offered by the Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre. From basic Aerobics to Fitness Circuits, Sculpt & Tone, 3-Way Combo workouts, Pilates, Khai-Bo and Yoga, there’s something to suit everyone. There are around 7 classes a day, 7 days a week, so you can get to the one you want. We have an excellent deal for all our students – come down to our SU Gym and pick up a ticket to any class for just £3 – or £2 for NUS Extra holders – a great saving, as students in classes normally pay £4.70 a session. All the information about the different classes at Kelsey Kerridge is down at our SU Gym. Just drop in and ask!

FURTHER INFO For any help or advice using the new equipment, just ask any of our Gym staff. They’re happy to help! Contact Details: Telephone: 0845 196 2199

Cambridge & Chelmsford

Give it a Go sessions run throughout the year as tasters of activities you may not have tried before - so if you are starting to get bored with playing the same sports, or just fancy something new, then “Give it a Go” sessions might be what you’re looking for. No previous experience is required and you can normally drop in and out of the sessions so that you can fit the activities around your other commitments. The sessions are a fun and sociable and an excellent way to make new friends. Sessions are normally free but sometimes we have to make a small charge to cover running costs. Booking is essential for all the sessions as spaces are limited. If you have any activities you would like to try, or you think you will need additional support to participate in the sessions, pop into the SU office. We are happy to take any suggestions and see if we can run them as a Give it a Go session. So come on, “Give it a Go”!! Previous ‘Give It a Go’s have included: BSL (British Sign Language) Lessons, Tap Dancing, Trip to Brighton, Paintballing, Jewellery Making, Card Making, Women’s Football, Women’s Rugby, Scuba Diving, Aromatherapy, Massage, Climbing and a Trip to Thorpe Park.

CONTACT For more information please contact Jo Harbrow at j.harbrow@angliastudent. com or alternatively speak to the Student Experience Officers Pamela Clark or James Green

2008 - 2009


Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009

SPO T & ACTIVE LI ESTYLES Chelmsford Facilities: Our facilities include the Mildmay Sports Hall, Mildmay Fitness Suite, Sawyers Gym and access to outdoor and artificial pitches. We are also lucky enough to be located near to the Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre with indoor and outdoor pools, international ice hockey rink plus a whole host of other recreational facilities which is within a 10 minute walk of the Rivermead Campus. Full Membership: Full Membership entitles you to use the Fitness Suite, Sports Hall and participate in the Sport, Active Lifestyles and Wellbeing programme. Amazingly if you are a Student and join up in August, September or October, then it will be just £24 for the year! We require a completed Leisure Card Application Form and one passport size photo; you will also need to purchase a Sports Federation Card from the Student Union. Cheques should be made payable to Anglia Ruskin University. Or alternativly pay online, and go to the membership page. The Fitness Suite: The Fitness Suite is fully air conditioned and has the latest Pulse Fitness resistance and cardio vascular equipment which carries Inclusive Fitness Accreditation. Cardio equipment includes: Pace steppers, Pursuit cycles, Recumbent cycle, Ascent treadmill, Fluid circuit trainers and Elliptical trainers. Resistance equipment includes: Abs trainer, Shoulder press, Chest press, Peck deck, Lats pull down, Multi hip, Leg extension, Seated curl, Seated leg press and Adjustable incline bench and dumb bell set. Everybody wishing to use the Fitness Suite must see one of our Fitness Instructors for either a full induction or a work around. These are free when you


2008 - 2009

join and are available Monday - Friday. For those of you that feel you need a little more help in getting started, see information on our wellbeing program. The Sports Hall can accommodate International Volleyball, National League Basketball, four badminton courts built to Badminton Association of England specification, two indoor cricket lanes and a netball court.

4.00pm - 7.00pm, Mildmay Sports Hall Form your own team - entry is £7.00 per team. This is great fun and very popular so entries will be on a first come first served basis. Entry forms from Mildmay Reception or Students’ Union. For those of you not able to form a team, please sign up for one of the Mildmay teams. Do this by registering at Mildmay Reception. There are also various Christmas and Easter Tournaments.

In addition to Mildmay Sports Hall, we have the Sawyers Gym which is where some of our Active Lifestyle classes take place.


Outdoor and Artificial Pitches: We have access to sports fields at these locations: Coronation Park for Rugby, Chelmer Park for Cricket and Hockey and Melbourne Park for Football. All these venues are within a 3 mile radius. We have access to the Girls County High School floodlit artificial surface for various training sessions. The school is a 7-minute walk from the Rivermead Campus Student Village.

For further information please come and see us at the Mildmay building. Leisure Card Application Forms and entry forms can be obtained from the Sports, active lifestyles and wellbeing website: http:// , alternatively you can contact one of the Sport Active lifestyle and wellbeing team below:

Courts and cricket lanes can be booked anytime, just phone Mildmay Reception, internal ext. 4321 for availability. We have equipment which can be borrowed as and when needed, ask at Mildmay Reception. Active Sports Programme: Please have a look at our activities on offer on the timetable opposite. These are organised by the University or run by a town club. Other activities take place under the umbrella of the Students’ Union and are highlighted in their Club and Society section. Pitch and Putt: For the less serious golfer, we have pitch and putt special deals at West Park. For further information, pick up a leaflet from Mildmay. Competitions and Tournaments: Indoor 4-a-side Football is also available:

Steve Dupree 01245 493131 ext. 4311 Claire Markwell 01245 493131 ext. 4321 Bill Metcalfe 01245 493131 ext. 4333 Opening hours during teaching time are as follows: Monday-Friday 7.45am - 10pm Saturday– 12 noon - 6pm Sunday– 12 noon - 8pm Opening hours during non teaching time are as follows: Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm *Saturday - 12 noon - 6pm *Sunday - 12 noon - 8pm Mildmay will be closed at certain times of the year, notably, Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays. Dates and times will be advertised in advance. * Subject to change


All purple refers to Mildmay Sports Hall

All black refers to Sawyers Gym








Netball: 5.30 - 7.00pm Badminton: 7.00 - 10.00pm Rugby Training: 6.00 – 7.00pm Men’s Football Training: 6.30 - 8.00pm Girls County High School

Yogalates: 12.10 – 12.50pm Legs, Tums & Bums: 5.15 - 6.15pm Tai Chi Advanced: 6.15 – 7.15pm

Yogalates: 12.10 – 12.50pm Tai Chi Advanced: 6.15 - 7.15pm


Hula Fit: 12.10 – 12.50pm Body Blitz: 5.30 – 6.30pm

Judo: 8.00 - 10.00pm: Ask about our Taster Sessions and 10 Week Beginners Session: 7.00 - 8.00pm Chelmsford & Anglia Ruskin Fencing Club: 8.00 - 10.00pm

WEDNESDAY Student Representative Sports: Afternoon, various locations, home and away. Table Tennis: 5.00 - 6.30pm Krav Maga: 6.30 – 8.30pm Basketball: 8.30 - 10.00pm


WEDNESDAY Super Circuit Training: 12.10 – 12.50pm: Stability Ball for All Levels: 5.30 – 6.30pm Hula Fit: 8.30 – 9.30pm

THURSDAY Legs, Tums and Bums: 12.10 - 12.50pm Walk, Jogs: 5.15pm Yoga: 5.15 - 6.45pm Pole Dancing: 5.30 – 6.30pm



Karate: 6.45 - 8.30pm Volleyball: 7.00 - 8.30pm Chelmsford Volleyball Club: 8.30 10.00pm

Pilates: 12.10 - 12.50pm

TUESDAY Heart and Sole: 12 – 12.15 meet outside Michael Ashcroft Building. Take a 30 minute healthy walk during your lunch break whilst enjoying the river banks. Led by qualified walk leaders throughout the year and combines exercise and relaxation. Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.

THURSDAY Yoga: 5.15 - 6.45pm

FRIDAY Pilates: 12.10 - 12.50pm Early Morning Sessions: For all those early birds, look out for our Early Morning Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi sessions. These sessions are held in Mildmay between 8.10 am – 8.50am and are a great way to kick your day off and experience something new.

2008 - 2009


Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009

SU BA S AND NTS Cambridge

THE REVOLUTION Wednesday is the time to head to the SU bar for the Official Vodka Revolution Warm up. We’ve got great DJs and great drinks offers plus save money by getting your wristband here. Vodka Revolution is the only venue to be seen in on a Wednesday night after you’ve left the SU Bar.

Okay, you have to go to your lectures, you’ve decided to take up a new sport or join a society so what’s left? Ah, yes…clubbing, socialising, eating, drinking, going to gigs and just generally having a good old giggle. Well there’s only one place for it The SU Bar and Academy!


The SU Bar and Academy are located in the Helmore building at the heart of the Cambridge Campus. It’s run by a dedicated team of full time staff who are here to ensure you get the best out of your time at Anglia Ruskin. They also employ student staff as well (handy if you’re looking for a job!) and provide two quality venues which are the cheapest, safest and only dedicated student venues in Cambridge. During the day the bar offers a wide variety of drinks and quality food that won’t stretch even the tightest student budget. The majority of ingredients are sourced locally as we’re very conscious of the environment but also to make sure they’re as fresh as possible. All our food is served fresh and the menu is made up of traditional favourites like the “Full English breakfast”, homemade burgers and healthier options such as pasta and the SU salad. We sell a range of juices and soft drinks and are looking to implement a smoothie range this September. At night the bar becomes a hive of activity with something different offered every night from our new night, Pounded (every Monday it’s a pre bar with most drinks JUST £1), Karaoke Factor (if you’ve got the talent you could win £100!), Champions League football, the Stock Exchange drinking experience, the new Quiz League every Sunday, DJs, comedy, cocktail nights and much, much more! The Academy is the Students’ Union nightclub, which comes alive for our main nights out. It is


2008 - 2009

TNL is our fortnightly live music event. Thursday Night Live hosts the best up and coming bands, you may not have heard of them yet but you certainly will do by the end of the year! Previous bands have included Scouting for Girls, Bloc Party, The Zutons, Kooks, Milburn, Good Shoes, Nine Black Alps, Video Nasties, Sonic Boom Six, Hot Puppies, Go:Audio, Sam Russo and Fenech Soler! So come down and see the next big thing before anyone else.

ACADEMY the only place to be on a Friday night for Flirt! (see below), hosts Thursday Night Live (TNL) and our Summer Ball, as well as, most of the Fresher’s Week events. You won’t find us sticking our prices up for weekends either and it’s the cheapest venue in Cambridge without compromising the quality! Just remember to bring your ID.

NIGHTS OUT POUNDED Pounded is our brand spanking new night in the SU Bar where most drinks cost just £1! Pounded 2 is our new club night @ Cambridge’s newest venue: The Place, where drinks start from just £2. Tickets are available from the SU Bar.

FLIRT Friday night IS Flirt! Flirt is the UK’s biggest Student night run at around forty other universities. It’s appeared in Hollyoaks, has hosted famous guests and is the ultimate student party! Musically it has it all: Cheese, Chart, Pop, Dance, Indie, Rock, R ‘n’ B, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, Drum and Bass, and everything in between. It costs just £3 to get in for Students and runs until 2am. It offers an opportunity to dress up, win prizes, have your photo taken, and dance with all your friends! Places are limited so get down early! Don’t forget, all the money spent in the SU Bars goes towards funding other SU activities. So that’s a taster of what to expect from your Bars and Ents team, we can’t wait to see you out and about. For more information see or contact our Entertainments Manger Pete Brizio at



The Chelmsford Students’ Union Bar is situated on the first floor of the Tindal Building, at the heart of the Rivermead campus. Last year the Students’ Union in Chelmsford launched the SU Bar & Kitchen. With a complete menu overhaul we focused on delicious tasting food, made freshly to order with great quality ingredients. It was a tremendous success, and every lunch saw a packed bar and a fantastic atmosphere! This year we intend to retain our reputation as the best place to eat on campus, and to add a few new ideas. So keep an eye out! As of September 2008 the SU Bar & Kitchen will be open from 8:30am for all the early birds, especially for you we have developed the Early Risers menu. We have a tasty range of mix and match breakfast options for you to choose from, and enjoy with juice or a freshly ground coffee to wake up to the day, available to eat in with friends or to take away. If you are one of the lucky ones who does not have to be up at the crack of dawn, try something from our Full Breakfast Menu which launches at 9am. Come 11:30am, our lunch menu is so mouth watering you will want to try it all, from handmade sandwiches and ciabattas to delicious butcher delivered gourmet burgers, crisp healthy salads to nibbles from our light bites menu. Not hungry? Come up and relax in our beautifully decorated bar with a freshly ground coffee, or something from our brand new smoothie range! (Last food orders are taken at 4pm, take away available throughout).

nights, live music events, open deck nights, and so much more. Last year, Freshers’ was a huge success and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2008. We have some amazing parties, so prepare to dress up (here’s a hint; remember your school uniforms and beach wear!) and dance the night away! We have live music, comedy nights, exciting collaborations with bars in the town centre and of course the infamous clubs and societies fundraising nights to keep you on your toes and guessing!

The Students’ Union Bar is a contemporary and ambient space, perfect for any event from chilled out evenings to rock nights. This year we are bringing you those and all that is in between. Expect to come to karaoke, quizzes, poker

In June 2008, the Chelmsford Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union Bar hosted it’s first ever Summer Ball on the Rivermead campus. It was a crazy night that saw us takeover the campus with a huge set of dodgems, a Pulsar laser quest, a

Rodeo Bull, a bungee run, an all night BBQ, magicians, live bands and so much more! Rave reviews have been pouring in and we can’t wait to make 2009 even better! So come up to the SU Bar as soon as you have unpacked to meet the staff and see the place you’ll be hanging out in all year! The SU Bar & Kitchen is always looking for great members of staff. If you are a hardworking and fun loving student come in and speak to either Emily or Anne for more information. Remember, no experience is necessary; we’ll give you all the training you will need! Find out more at:

2008 - 2009




Because you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union, you are entitled to purchase an NUS extra card. This card will give you hundreds of exclusive discounts that your normal Anglia Ruskin student card won’t get you access to. These include Amazon, Ticketmaster, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, McDonalds, Superdrug, BT, French Connection, Warehouse Oasis, Lloyds TSB, The AA Driving School, Matalan, Topshop, Madame Tussauds and many, many more places. So how much does it cost? NUS Extra will cost you £10 per year or £25 for 3 years (new for 2008). The National Union of Students’ estimated that the NUS Extra card saved on average £280 a year for each student that purchased one. It is a tremendous saving considering the small cost of the card. Sales of the NUS extra card help to fund the Students’ Union as well. For

each card that is sold the SU are given £4.70 which will be used to help fund our core services such as advice and representation. As the Students’ Union is a registered Charity, you can be safe in the knowledge that, your purchase will help us support the many thousand of students that study at Anglia Ruskin University.

You can order your card online at www. or alternatively you can come to the Students’ Union offices in Cambridge or Chelmsford and order with us.

Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009

LIFE IN CAMB IDGE Cambridge is the ultimate student city – filled with boffins in gowns before most cities had buildings. Now it’s a melting pot for many students from all walks of life, as Cambridge remains internationally renowned for education – and associated industries now cluster around the city, making for good graduate employment. Walking around Cambridge, you need to tear your eyes from the architecture and watch the road – bikes are quiet and they are everywhere. If you can’t beat them, join them – most shops and public buildings (including the Anglia Ruskin campus) sport ample bike-parking facilities. Cambridge has lots of green space around the city centre – Parker’s Piece, Midsummer Common and Jesus Green are all great picnic spots, with cosy pubs nearby if the weather turns on you.

COMMENT “It has been said by a wise old sage that if you stand on the Mill Road bridge for long enough, everyone in the world will walk past you” There’s an outdoor swimming pool at Jesus Green for the adventurous, but Parkside Pools next to the University is the most obvious choice for making a splash. There’s a new entertainment park past the Railway Station which is home to a Cineworld, Bowling Alley, Chinese Buffet, Restaurants, Clubs and the Junction – Cambridge’s most eclectic live music venue. The Corn Exchange in the centre of town sees more mainstream acts.


2008 - 2009


The Grafton Centre shopping centre is a stone’s throw from the campus and hosts many high street shops. The centre of town has an even greater range, including a number of smaller boutiques and gift shops. Burleigh Street (on the other side of East Road) is bargain central with a huge Oxfam and three other charity shops, and the adjacent Fitzroy Street has everything from computer games to a Hawkins Bazaar. To many second and third year students, Mill Road is home and renowned for takeaways, foreign foods and more. The Grand Arcade is a new addition to

the Cambridge retail scene but should be the first destination for the serious ‘shopaholics’ among you.

Without doubt the best time to be had in Cambridge is in and around the river. It is the hub of activity in Cambridge. It is surrounded by fantastic restaurants, great pubs and lovely parks. You shouldn’t be in Cambridge if you don’t hop onto a punt while you’re a student and there is every opportunity with a number of punting companies offering student discounts.



their famed live Jazz on a Thursday. The riverside is home to chain bars and restaurants, from Edwards to Que Pasa, and Chelmsford’s history is a rich and colourful one –30 miles north of central London, it’s been a county town since 1215 and a key centre for industry during the Industrial Revolution. It’s now a vibrant town, undergoing much development and refurbishment. Its commercial focus brings in shoppers and revellers from all over the county and it’s a popular commuter town for London. Chelmsford’s nightlife pulls in partygoers from far and wide, and the town centre buzzes most nights of the week. Dukes (on Duke Street) is the oldest nightclub in the town and has a loyal following. Chicagos has recently seen a massive refit and is a classy spot for a drink or a bite to eat. The Bassment is the alternative to cheesy clubbing with a Rock-Indie night on a Saturday and

COMMENT “Nobody can deny there’s something unique about the cheeky Essex charm of Chelmsford”

Leisure Centre – you’ll find a pool there as well. Chelmsford Megabowl is on Tattersall Way. Hylands House is just to the West of the town – with over 500 acres of parkland with the Eighteeth Century mansion fully restored. It also hosts the V Festival. Finally, the Essex County Cricket Ground is on New Writtle Street and a must for any fan. There are two medium sized shopping centres in Chelmsford — High Chelmer and The Meadows — and two retail parks — Riverside and Chelmer Village. The High Street is full of independent and chain stores. As well as the leading High Street names, there is also a wide variety of specialist retailers, especially in Baddow Road and Moulsham Street, which is at the end of the high street.

is a popular hangout for many. If bars aren’t for you, there’s plenty of other ways to occupy your free time. There’s an ice rink not far from the campus on Victoria Road at the Riverside Ice and

2008 - 2009




Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009

FRESHE S SURVIVAL GUIDE Welcome to the Freshers Survival Guide. We asked (bribed) The Anglia Ruskin Apex’s Culture Editor to write this article to pass on his knowledge of being a fresher at our University. What follows are the things he learned from what is a very turbulent time of life. We hope it helps any fresher moving away from home to settle in more easily. Without further adieu we give you the Freshers Survival Guide. Your first year at university will undoubtedly be one of the more memorable experiences of your life. In a short space of time you’ll move into a new home, make new friends, face the challenges of learning your chosen subject, and possibly even work out how to use an iron. ‘Tis an exciting time for sure, but with so much going on it can also be a little daunting. With that in mind, we present for your perusal the patented Anglia Ruskin Fresher’s Survival Guide, to ease you into your first few months of uni and beyond.

Before You Start Okay, so you’ve chosen your university and you’ve got a place to stay in halls or a shared house, so what’s next? Moving in and starting University is relatively simple, but there a few things you can remember to make the transition smoother still. Make sure you have a bit of money in your account when you arrive, as student loans can occasionally be delayed. It’s rare but it happens, and it’s good to have a fallback. Before packing up all your worldly possessions for the big move, it’s a good idea to make a list of everything you


2008 - 2009

need to take. Remember that your new accommodation will be devoid of any bedding, kitchen utensils, plates, or anything but the most basic appliances. Earn karma points with your new flatmates by being the only one to remember a kettle or toaster. A box of beers to share also does wonders for your social status. University registration is done online this year but it is still worthwhile remembering a few boring but essential documents that may also aid you when it comes to registering for your course and such matters:

Any letters you have from the Student Loans Company or you LEA Acceptance letters from UCAS/ Anglia Ruskin University Education certificates (GCSE’s, A-levels etc) At least four passport sized photographs of yourself Birth certificate, or passport for overseas students Your Arrival/ Freshers Week/ The first Month Freshers fortnight is particularly important for getting to know people and some of the people you meet in this week may well turn out to be friends for life. Others may only merit a customary passing nod months later, as you both experience the same drunken flashback while desperately trying to remember each other’s names. But you never know who will prove to be of significance in your life, so it’s fruitful to be friendly to everyone you meet. For all but the most beautiful and confident of social butterflies this can be quite stressful and everyone experiences shyness to some extent. But it’s important to remind yourself that everyone is in exactly the same situation of being in a strange new place and not know-

ing anyone. This is what makes freshers fortnight and the following months such a special time in university life, a time when everyone is prepared to be your friend and you’ll rarely be short of someone to go out with or chat to. Which brings us to freshers fair, at which you’ll find a vast selection of stalls and activities organised by clubs, societies and outside sponsors. This is your chance to get involved with likeminded people, whether you’re into football, conservation, computer games, martial arts, Ultimate Frisbee or anything in-between. It’s also your chance to get your grubby mitts on lots of free things, from chupa chups lollies and t-shirts to condoms and money-off vouchers. The Student Union also produces The Anglia Ruskin Apex, your monthly student newspaper. The Apex is there to offer students not only a voice but an entertaining read full of film, music and book reviews, news, student affairs, sports results, and the ever popular yet baffling crosswords page. The newspaper is designed and written almost entirely by students, and depends on you to keep it fresh, interesting and relevant. If you fancy yourself as a journalist, reviewer, photographer or designer, get yourself down to the SU office and pick up an application form or ask to speak to Lisa Pool, the Communications Officer. When you start uni you’ll be given a timetable for your first two weeks, featuring a mixture of introductory lectures, tours of the university and the city, and registration events. It is important to attend the majority of events on your scheduled timetable as they are put on to give you the best possible launch pad for your University life.

Your First Semester and Beyond After having a good time, and of course studying, a student’s primary two concerns are the two F’s- finances and food. These are of course linked to each other and good forward planning in one will benefit the other immensely. Financially, drawing up a budget is the

COMMENT “After having a good time, and of course studying, a student’s primary two concerns are the two F’s- finances and food”

first step, and this is quite easy. Sticking to it is the second, and this is bewilderingly difficult. Nonetheless, budgeting carefully can make all the difference come late November- the difference between going out for pizza and beer with good friends, and sitting at home alone watching friends repeats while hunting for a bag of solitary and elusive peanuts. One sound idea for keeping tabs on your finances is to put all your rent and bills money (or at least a couple of month’s worth) into a separate bank account without a debit card and then set up all your payments to come directly from there. This means all the money left in your normal account will be yours to spend on food, nights out and such things as you see fit. This writer sadly did not discover this tactic until the second year, and was in a spot of financial bother on more than one occasion come rent day. On a related issue, financial help is available from the university if you find yourself struggling, in the form of the Access to Learning Fund. This fund is available to any UK students who find themselves suffering financial hardship, and all applications are considered on their own merits. To find out more about how to apply, visit Student Support Services. Choosing what food you eat carefully has far-reaching effects on both your health and your wallet. Nobody is suggesting you eat like a rabbit, but bear in mind that five takeaways a week from different fast-food chains does not constitute a balanced diet. Pasta, noodles and rice have long been staples of the student diet and, when combined with frozen or tinned veg, are both cheap and

nutritious. A small tip- buy cheap bags of pasta (most supermarkets sell a huge bag for a pound) and spend a little more on the sauce- pasta generally tastes like pasta, but Smart Price sauces often taste like death.

Dealing With Difficulties The many different areas of student life can at times be difficult and stressful to juggle, and can even lead to depression. This is more common than most people think, and a survey by The Mental Health Foundation revealed that 50% of students in the UK showed signs of clinical anxiety, while more than 10% have suffered from clinical depression. If you feel that you may be suffering from depression, there’s no need to suffer in silence, and in most cases it can ease the burden to talk things over with a close friend. If you feel unable to talk to anyone around you, or want professional advice, Anglia Ruskin offers a free and confidential counselling service available to all. They emphasise that you don’t need to be in a crisis to use the service and encourage students to pop by for help with any personal or study related problem, large or small. Appointments can be made in Cambridge by calling 0845 196 2298 or 0845 196 4240 in Chelmsford. Depression can also be combated by getting regular excercise(try joining the gyms on campus), by eating a balanced diet and practicing moderation when drinking.

Looking Ahead

good idea to peek ahead now and then. Mid-way through your first year you’ll need to start thinking about where you want to live in the second year and with whom. To aid you in your search, University Accommodation Services are on hand to offer advice, suggest places to look and provide university managed accommodation. They recommend that students start looking for a house in March, but many prefer to look as early as Christmas, and this a particularly good idea if your looking for anything larger than a four bedroom house. More info and advice can be found by clicking onto home/central/estates_facilities/accommodation . A database of private sector housing can also be found at www. . In your first year you’ll also need to select what modules you wish to study for your second semester and beyond. It’s important to remember that the choices you make now may affect what modules you can take in your second and third years, so choose wisely. It’s a good idea to have a look at the online module catalogue (http://web.anglia., so you can mull over what choices you have, rather than having to make a snap decision. Most importantly, enjoy your first year and get as much as you can out of it. It’s worth remembering that your grades from the first year don’t count towards your final degree (though you will struggle later if you don’t put in any effort), so look upon it as a chance to settle into your new home, your new social circles and, of course, your studies.

While your first year should be lived to be enjoyed in the moment, it’s also a 2008 - 2009



STUDENT TEMPORARY WORK WEEKLY PAID WAGES EARN INSTANT MONEY!!!!! Allstaff Employment has been established in the centre of Chelmsford High Street (opposite Debenhams Department store), for 22 years. We specialise in part-time temporary recruitment that can be fitted around flexible studies We can provide you with work in the waiting, kitchen assistant, hosting, retail and cleaning fields. Rates of pay from £5.51-£7.00 per hour. We pay you weekly, directly into a bank account of your choice so that your money is available from 9am each Friday morning. You will accrue “paid holiday” days which you can then use when your study intensifies


So, if you are looking for part-time work in the local Chelmsford area to see you through your studies…. Call us today on 01245 287220 Claire Johnson or Paul Saunders

Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009


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Botanical Gardens

Brooklands Avenue

2008 - 2009

Information Toilets


Parking Disabled Toilets







General Amenities Outdoor Pool

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Public Parks




Newnham Recreational Area

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Sports Centre










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Grafton Centre

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Corn Exchange


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The Backs Garret Hostel

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City Centre Market Square Punting Quayside Punting (A604) To Sports Fields (A604) To Lesiure Park Cinema Mill Road Shops




University building

Public park

Public toilets


Restricted Parking

General amenities

Train station

Railway route



2008 - 2009


Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

2008 - 2009



This is a list of active sport clubs and societies that are run for students at Anglia Ruskin University. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the activities we run but we hope it helps you find something your interested in. If not why not start a new club or society, you only need fifteen students to start with. Pop up to the SU office if you want to start a new student activity. Please note that we have tried to include some named contacts and meeting times for each activity. Although some are not included due to them not being available before we went to print. In these instances just email the club or society and they will be able to give you all the information you need. Alternatively meet them in person at our Fresher’s Fair.

SPORTS CLUBS American Football Badminton Contact: Oscar Sanchez Thursday’s 2pm - 4pm @ Kelsey Kerridge Basketball Contact: Rafal Kleszko Tuesday’s 2pm - 4pm & Thursday’s 5pm - 6pm @Kelsey Kerridge Cheerleading Contact:Vicki Farmer

Dance cambridgedance@angliastudent. com Contact: Kelly Sweeney Wednesday’s 6pm - 7pm @ Kelsey Kerridge Football - Men’s Men’s Contact: James Phipps Football - Women’s womensfootball@angliastudent. com Contact: Chloe Brown Ultimate Frisbee Contact: Peter Wilson Hockey Contact: Felix Homann Friday’s 4.30pm - 6pm @ Abbey Pool Netball Contact: Laura Smith Monday’s 4pm - 5pm & Friday’s 1pm - 2pm @ Kelsey Kerridge Power Kite (Cambridge) Rowing Contact: Stephanie Parsons Rugby - Men’s Contact: Jack Razor Monday’s 6pm - 8pm @ Howes Close

Cricket Contact: Lev Moodley

Rugby - Women’s Contact: Harriet Quare Monday’s 6pm - 8pm @ Howes Close

Combat Games cambridgecombat@angliastudent. com Contact: Kameron Stroud

Ski & Snowboarding ski&snowboarding@angliastudent. com Contact: Mya Fekry


2008 - 2009

Swimming Contact: Michelle Hempstead Monday’s & Thursday’s 8.30am 9.30am @ Parkside Pool Volleyball Contact: Erich Schreiber Tuesday’s 4pm - 6pm @ Kelsey Kerridge Wing Tsun Contact: Emily Grant Monday’s & Wednesday’s 5.30pm 6.30pm @ Mellish Clark 002

SOCIETIES Animal Respect Contact: Michael Petri Animal Welfare Contact:Teresa Matthews ARAMSC Anime & Manga Contact: Nhung Ha Asian Contact: Hiten Patel Christian Union Contact: James Scheitel Forensic Society Contact: Lucy Horrex International Society international.camb@angliastudent. com Islamic Law Society Contact: Alexandra Klein


Literary Society Contact: Anna Rowntree

Contact: Maiken Dahl Wednesday 6.30 – 8.30 @ Mildmay Sports Hall

LGBT Contact: Rikki Blake

Cricket (Chelmsford)

Optics cambridgeoptic@angliastudent Contact: Roberta Reynolds Pentecoastal Christian Contact:Yvonne Desha Roots & Shoots Contact: Jade Cawthray Sikh Contact: Gurdit Singh Bansal Theatre (ATS) cambridgetheatre@angliastudent. com Contact: Nicole Davidow W.A.R.P Contact: David Buck Wildlife Contact: Sammy Logan Yoga (Cambridge)


Football essexmensfootball@angliastudent. com Contact: Adam Landreth-Smith Monday 6.30-8 @ Girls County High School Jitsu Contact: Andreas Aaris-Larsen Tuesdays 7.30-9.30 @ Sawyers Saturday 12-2 @ Mildmay Sports Hall

Jo Harbrow Student Activities Development Coordinator

Netball Monday 5.30-7pm @ Mildmay Sports Hall Rugby Contact: Nathan Davies Monday 6-7pm @ Coronation Park and the Girls County High School

SOCIETIES African Caribbean Afrocaribbean.essex@angliastudent. comContact: Sherlyn Morris Anime Contact: Peter Jerman

Martyn Blackford Gym & Sports Manager

Christian Union Dance

SPORTS CLUBS American Football Tuesday 6.30-7.45 @ Mildmay Sports Hall Cheerleading essexcheerleading@angliastudent. com

International Society Law Society Rag Contact: Emily Foxon

Alexis Mannion Gym & Sports Coordinator 2008 - 2009




This handbook contains the ins and outs of the Students' Union as well as providing vital information to make sure you time at university ru...


This handbook contains the ins and outs of the Students' Union as well as providing vital information to make sure you time at university ru...