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Lisa Marie Grigsby

‘Growing’ as we go...

Lisa Marie Grigsby

F o r a g e: The act of looking or searching for provisions. T r e n d: A general direction in which something is developing or changing.

To conduct a search; rummage.

We are all stories well travelled...

‘Growing’ as we go‌ is an editorial based work focused around Foraging and Green Living as a fashionable trend and the realities of living off the land as a paradox. As with many trends the recent influx in interest in Foraging and Wild Food is heavily media infused, but it is not the first time this interest has occurred and stems back from agriculture and practices in times gone by. Whilst it may be a positive effort in the current economic and cultural climate to help change attitudes towards issues such as this and to get people involved; there is a distinct dissipation of knowledge that we lack in todays society if we were to fend for ourselves and live entirely self sufficiently off the land whilst still maintaining a respect for nature. The fashion images amongst the documentary of people Lisa has met on her journey share an aesthetic style. A contemplation as part of a self-discovery into the ideals behind this alternative lifestyle. The knowledge that inevitably needs to be shared in order to fully understand and appreciate this way of living. Fashion and lifestyle trends are cyclical and this is a visual journey to try and appreciate what can be shared through meeting people who specialise in these areas whilst equally exploring the romantic notions this way of living suggests.

With Thanks to... Everyone I have met on my journey. For your knowledge, patience and understanding.

Dresses courtesy of Dream& Awake.

'Growing' as we go...  

An editorial book based around Foraging and Green living as a fashionable trend.

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