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When comparing the past 30-day use rates from 2010 to 2012, Lake County 8th grade student use of alcohol declined from 16% to 14%.


The earlier drinking starts, the more danger it poses. People reporting first use of alcohol before age 15 were more than five times more likely to have past year alcohol dependence or abuse compared with people who first used alcohol at age 21 or older. On the other hand, research shows that a child who gets through age 21 without smoking, abusing alcohol or using illegal drugs is virtually certain never to do so. 46% - Parents of high school students don’t know what their liability would be if someone else’s child were found drinking in their home.

Ordinance Facts

Social host ordinances give communities a practical tool for holding adults accountable. When law enforcement officials arrive on the scene of an underage drinking party, it’s often difficult to determine who provided the alcohol. Therefore, laws that prohibit furnishing alcohol to youth under 21 can be hard to enforce. With social host liability, the focus is on where the drinking takes place, rather than who provided the alcohol.

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Traffic crashes are the number one killer of teens (15-20 years old) and 31% of teen traffic deaths are alcohol-related.

Lake County Social Hosting Facts 2,035 – The number of youth (aged 15-20) killed in alcoholrelated traffic crashes in 2005, accounting for 33 percent of all traffic deaths for that age group.

71% of 6th graders think most adults in their neighborhood think it is wrong for kids their age to drink alcohol but by the time students are in 12th grader that drops to 19%.



2 out of 3 teens said it was easy to get alcohol and 1 in 3 said it was easy to get alcohol from their own consenting parents.

1 in 4 said they’d attended a party where under 21s were drinking in front of parents.


The Lake County Underage Drinking Prevention Task Force is a county-wide organization providing leadership and resources to reduce and prevent underage drinking in Lake County. Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force. Twitter @LakeCountyDFC 847-377-8776


40% – People will develop alcohol abuse or dependency at some point in their lives after starting to drink before the age of 13

About the Survey

The 2012 Illinois Youth Survey, sponsored by the Center for Prevention, Research and Development, asks youth about a number of risky behaviors, including bullying and other violence, and the use of gateway drugs (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and inhalants) plus other drugs. Additionally, it measures key risk and protective factors that strongly contribute to and deter community wide substance use rates.

Lake County Social Hosting Facts  
Lake County Social Hosting Facts  

Lake County Social Hosting Facts