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ON OPT-OUT ELECTRICAL AGGREGATION ON MARCH 20 “Shall the City of Waukegan have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program?”

What does electricity aggregation mean to residents and small businesses in Waukegan? ♦ More Options: Electricity aggregation creates a new electricity supply purchasing option for residents and small businesses in Waukegan. - The aggregation will not proceed unless it produces savings over the ComEd rate. ♦ Protection: Residents and small businesses may choose not to participate without penalty or cost. - Customers can “opt-out” before the program begins if they are not interested for any reason. ♦ Convenience: There are no switching fees and no service interruptions with aggregation. - The city will arrange for all necessary filings and notifications to ComEd

What changes will customers see with electric aggregation? ♦ Pricing: The aggregation supplier will replace the three prices that make up the ComEd Electricity Supply Services charge with a single lower rate. If the rate is not better than ComEd, aggregation will not proceed and there will be no change in supplier.

What can customers expect to stay the same with electric aggregation? ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Reliability: ComEd will always respond to outages, maintain power lines, and respond to emergencies. Billing and Payment: ComEd will continue to send your bill and process your payments. Responsibility: ComEd will always be responsible for delivering all of the electricity you need. Accuracy: ComEd personnel will continue to read the meters and answer your questions.

Electricity Supply Options for Waukegan Right now (or if residents vote “no”) If residents vote “YES” � Stay with ComEd and pay the standard rate � Negotiate a rate with your own supplier

� Stay with ComEd and pay the standard rate � Negotiate a rate with your own supplier � Join the Waukegan aggregation program

Historical Savings of Aggregation In 2011, 19 Illinois towns aggregated and secured an average of 25% savings on electricity supply compared to the standard ComEd supply rate. Individual consumers negotiating their own rates with suppliers averaged a 15% savings. Questions? Visit

Electric Aggregation Waukegan flyer  
Electric Aggregation Waukegan flyer  

Electric Aggregation Waukegan flyer