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Waukegan Harbor Citizens Advisory Group P.O. Box 297 Waukegan, Illinois 60079 Phone: 847-244-3133 Fax: 847-244-1348

CAG Meeting Notice Thursday, April 19, 2012 6:00 p.m. – Meeting Lilac Cottage Waukegan Park District Lilac Cottage at Bowen Park-Waukegan, Illinois 1911 North Sheridan (Sheridan at Greenwood - NE corner) 847/360-4720

Updates: Waukegan Harbor Superfund - 4 Operating Units Status Tim Drexler – USEPA Update Waukegan Harbor – Approach Channel/Outer Harbor Blockage Larry Brewer Project – Current condition of Benthos and Plankton – looking for input on attached doc Scott Cieniawski – USEPA and Diane Tecic _ IDNR Illinois Coastal Zone Management Diane Tecic IDNR Dunal RFP will be released shortly Please hold your calendar open for a great opportunity: GLRI Grant provides: Plants of Concern Training at Lilac Cottage April 18, 2012 – Note this is the day before meeting Chicago Botanic Garden will conduct training Flyer is attached! Visit the updated CAG web site at: Coming soon the WIKI site Visit the Lake Baikal Partnership web site at:

Waukegan Harbor CAG Meeting