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The Sacred Experience SACRED HEART CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL 908 LEMAR ROAD, NEWMARKET L3Y 1R9 PHONE: 905-895-3340 FAX: 905-895-9416















Sacred Heart Catholic High School

School History


n the early ’50s, a Catholic High School called Sacred Heart was operated by the Sisters of Providence. The school was located in King Township and serviced pupils from the northern part of York Region. The York Separate School Board opened the doors of Sacred Heart Junior High School in September 1979, providing 265 students with a Grades 7 to 9 program. Through the cooperative efforts of the Board and the Toronto Archdiocese High School Commission, a grade was subsequently added to Sacred Heart each year, with Grade 11 introduced in September 1981. Simultaneously, a building program took place, and a beautiful new facility was made available to students in September 1983. As the student population continued to increase, a new addition to the building was added and opened in May of 1987.

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In 2002, two new building additions yielded the school a new cafeteria, upgraded physical education equipment and facilities, an expanded library resource centre, a theatre/lecture hall, new administrative offices, as well as Guidance and Special Education additions. Another major renovation took place in the summer of 2004. The entire second floor of the western wing received new Science Labs and Art Rooms. In 2020, Sacred Heart became the Regional Arts and Technology Centre for the North. As part of yet another expansion, a new dance studio, a large dramatic arts centre, and two music rooms with recording studios were created. Our school population is approximately 1200, with over 110 staff.

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

A Community Called In The Development Of The Whole Person

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History of the School


AP Program


Leadership Team


iRAP Program


School Philosophy


Experiential Learning & Co-Op


Faith Life & Chaplaincy


SHSM Program


Guidance and Career Education


Library Learning Commons


Developing The Whole Person


ESL Centre




Student Wellness

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Leadership Team

Sacred Heart is a wonderful school with a rich faith life inspired by the life of Christ and His message of hope, justice and love. The school is named after the highest symbol of Christ’s love, and this ideal is at the core of everything we do. The Sacred Heart community is committed to fostering the finest ideals of academic success, service to others and to develop morally courageous and compassionate graduates. We look forward to working with you and your family/guardian in creating positive and worthwhile experiences that reflect the very best of what this wonderful school has to offer. School Address: 908 Lemar Road, Newmarket, ON, L3Y 1R9 Principal: Ms. Olga Ferro

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Vice-Principals: Mr. Rob Mittone (L) and Mr. Danny DiLallo (R)

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Sacred Together: Facts About Our School

SCHOOL FEATURES 1,200 students Faculty & support Staff 115 Thousands of distinguished Alumni Chaplaincy, Guidance, Student Support Services Multicultural community English Language Learners Visa Students from many countries

Weight Rooms Outdoor soccer fields Dance studio 2 Music rooms with 6 recording studios Stage and Drama area Food and Nutrition Kitchens Fashion Design & Sewing Rooms Mac Computer labs Design Tech & Construction Room Science Labs

FACILITIES 3 Gymnasiums Cycling Room

Chemistry Labs Cafetorium Library Commons Area Great Hall

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Faith Life & Chaplaincy


acred Heart’s Chaplaincy team oversees the faith elements of our school community such as: school masses, liturgical celebrations, community outreach, retreats and student mentorship. Our liturgical celebrations highlight the importance of a strong parish-home-school connection through our work with both St. John Chrysostom and St. Elizabeth Seton parishes. Our community outreach work has connected Sacred Heart students with various charities such as Rose of Sharon, Belinda’s Place, Newmarket Food Pantry and Good Shepherd ministries. Each year, students participate in a retreat experience either in their homeroom or religion class. Retreats offer students a range of experiences from team-building, social justice, inter-faith dialogue and community service. Chaplaincy team members are also available for one-on-one meetings with students who are looking for a trusted adult to speak to regarding various personal struggles and questions. We are always available to listen or connect students with appropriate services for their needs.

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Community Service Partnership: Church & Home Christian Leadership Student Mentors at Sacred Heart (SMASH) is our leadership council. Our SMASH students are faith-filled students who feel called to share their gifts and talents to serve the Sacred Heart community. SMASH leaders are responsible for many different events and activities throughout the year, which include: school masses and liturgical celebrations, grade 8/9 mentorship and orientation, charity drives, social justice initiatives and much more! The goal of SMASH is to foster and inspire Christian leadership within and beyond the halls of Sacred. Why Choose a Catholic School? Catholic Education in Ontario has experienced 175 years of success. Choosing a Catholic school is choosing a system with high levels of student achievement. All students in a Catholic school work towards the development of the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations, which consist of the values inherent in our Catholic faith - responsibility, accountability, collaboration, and caring within family and communities - in order for students to grow into good citizens. Catholic high schools are open to students of all faiths.

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Guidance & Career Education WHAT DOES GUIDANCE DO? Sacred Heart’s Guidance department believes all students can succeed and we pride ourselves on the service oriented approach we take to student success. Our counsellors provide academic and social emotional support to all of our Sacred Heart students. We assist our students with course planning advice and help facilitate a smooth transition to all post-secondary pathways including Apprenticeship opportunities, College and university programs. In addition to career and course selection assistance, our caring and supportive staff counsels students through difficult social-emotional challenges facing adolescents today. Sacred Heart’s Guidance department is committed to sound career planning and, above all else, providing compassionate care to all of our students. Here are a few things we can help you with: Student Development Setting goals Lifelong learning Skill development Adapting to change Promoting positive mental health

Interpersonal Development Self-management Getting along with others Social Responsibility

Career Development Self-Assessments Decision Making Post secondary planning

Website: Twitter: @GuidanceSacred Instagram: @GuidanceSacred YouTube:

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Developing The Whole Person



Social Justice

Athletic Banquet

Equity Club

Spirit Council

Arts Banquet

Gr. 8 Welcome to High School

Student Council

Alpine Ski Club


Swim Club

Ambassador’s Club

iRAP Council

Tech Cru


Music Council

White Pines Reading Club

Arts Council

President’s Council

Mountain Biking Club

Athletic Council

Rookie Dance


Best Buddies

Sacred Minds

Relay for Life


Sacred Canoe

Wellness Club

Coffee House



Dance Cru

School Drama Productions


SMASH Leadership

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School


Sacred Heart Has A Long History Of Sports Teams Fall Sports Basketball (Jr. Girls) Basketball (Sr. Girls) Cross Country Golf (Jr. Boys) Golf (Sr. Boys) Golf (Girls) Rugby 7’s (Girls) Rugby 7’s (Jr. Boys) Rugby 7’s (Sr. Boys) Soccer (Jr. Boys) Soccer (Sr. Boys) Volleyball (Jr. Boys) Volleyball (Sr. Boys)

Winter Sports Basketball (Jr. Boys) Basketball (Sr. Boys) Curling Hockey (Girls) Hockey (Jr. Boys) Indoor Track & Field Swimming Volleyball (Jr. Girls) Volleyball (Sr. Girls)

Spring Sports Badminton (Jr.) Badminton (Sr.) Rugby (Girls) Rugby (Jr. Boys) Rugby (Sr. Boys) Slo-Pitch Soccer (Jr. Girls) Soccer (Sr. Girls) Track & Field Ultimate Frisbee (Co-Ed) Sacred Together | 9

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Advanced Placement Prep-Program


acred Heart is an Advanced Placement Center of Excellence. The Advanced Placement (AP) program is an internationally-recognized program in which students learn rigorous university-level content and skills while in high school. Our AP courses offer students interesting, challenging, and rewarding academic

experiences. Students can also earn advanced standing at universities if they successfully write a standardized AP exam. Taking an AP course helps students build critical thinking skills, confidence, and the essential time management and study skills needed for postsecondary success.

“Like many other students entering into the AP program, I was afraid that the accelerated pace would mean more work and more stress. I soon learned that this is a myth. AP classes are smaller, taught by amazing teachers and filled with other dedicated students. In this environment, I was pushed to my true potential, learned a lot from my peers and discovered how to manage my work effectively. As long as you show up to class, pay attention and do your homework, you’ve got nothing to worry about.� -Ben, Grade 12 Student

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Integrated Regional Arts & Technology Program (iRAP)


n September 2020, Sacred Heart launched a unique Regional program, Integrated Regional Arts & Technology Program (iRAP).

With a hundred grades 9 and 10 students, this burgeoning program combines the very best of creative and design thinking with a focus on interdisciplinary collaborative approaches with different subject streams. All iRAP students will continue to develop their skills and express their talent through an artform while combining areas of Art and Technology Studies courses. Students will further explore art from a faith perspective in Gr. 10 Religion and the Arts course, where students make valuable connections between Catholicity and artistic expression. During the senior (Gr. 11) year, each iRAP student will continue to hone their creativity by completing an interdisciplinary course and by participating and contributing to a 12 | Sacred Together

community project in the Arts. The iRAP program includes the very best of project-based and experiential learning as a means of deepening the student’s understanding of the role and place of art in their world. Our iRAP students will discover their capacity to create, solve problems and interpret social phenomena from the artist’s perspective. Through the process of design thinking, our students can champion prevalent social justice causes using an artist’s lens. The cumulative efforts for our iRAP students will be showcased in an exciting new ART HUB especially designed in conjunction with our partners, to celebrate the individual and collaborative Community Art projects. iRAP students will demonstrate their creativity across disciplines as they build an extensive portfolio to support and reflect the ever-changing landscape of post-secondary pathways and programs that await our iRAP graduates. Website:

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

iRAP Course Requirements Chart of iRAP Requirements Certificate of Arts & Technology

6 iRAP courses

Honours Certificate in Arts & Technology

8 iRAP courses

Compulsory Components Admission Requirements

Attend a Master Class (virtual) Passion for the Arts or Technology

Three Compulsory Courses

Grade 9 - Integrated Arts Grade 10 - Religion/Arts Grade 11 - Interdisciplinary Course

Program Opportunities

Create a Digital Portfolio Participate in Art Hub Annual Participation in Community Project

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Experiential Learning & Co-op Co-operative Education and Experiential Learning

WHAT IS CO-OPERATIVE ED? Co-operative Education is an opportunity to provide students a combination of classroom-based education with practical work experience. Students are able to “test drive� a potential career of interest in hopes to solidify what they would like to do in the future. Our program allows students to develop their transferable skills and allows them to explore their interests in the local community.

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This Career/Life Planning helps students to create their Individual Learning Plans by exploring the Inquiry Questions:

Who Am I? Who Do I Want to Become? What Are My Opportunities? What Is My Plan For Achieving My Goals?

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Arts & Culture and Health & Wellness ARTS & CULTURE - A SMALL SAMPLE OF CAREERS INCLUDE: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Painter/Decorator Goldsmith Hair Stylist Broadcast Technician Film or Video Camera Operator Lighting and Sound Producer Fashion Designer Curator Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Animator Cake Decorator Theatre Set Designer/Builder Music / Arts Therapist

According to the Canada Council for the Arts, arts and culture are essential elements in the new global economy; not only for their entertainment value but also for the skills they develop as individuals. An arts education challenges people to think critically and to solve problems creatively – skills that are now in high demand.


Child and Youth Worker Dietician Registered Nurse Kinesiologist Dental Hygienist Fitness Instructor Personal Support Worker Radiologist

Demand for employees in this sector will be great for years to come due to many current employees working in this sector nearing retirement age and an aging population which will put increased demands on the health care sector.

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School


Learning Com

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School


mmons In the next few years, we hope to transition our library into an effective learning commons that makes learning and learner engagement central and that ensures learning is social and collaborative. Our plans include providing more collaborative spaces for students, an active learning classroom for teacherled workshops, upgraded technologies, and a seminar room. We also are looking to transform the outside of our learning commons to provide a more inviting and relaxing environment that supports our student’s well-being by creating a living wall and cafe-style seating. In our learning commons, everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher working towards excellence.

ur Sacred Heart Library Learning Commons is a hub that focuses on building learning communities, making connections among learners, and facilitating knowledge creation. We engage students in the development of the global competency skills (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, citizenship, and self-directed learning) and in an understanding of the many different literacies (digital, media, news, financial, mental health, and information). Direct teaching of design-thinking, project-based and inquiry-based learning helps to motivate and engage students with information and ideas. Our library offers a wide variety of print and online digital resources to support students’ reading and research needs. Our digital database includes a variety of fiction and nonfiction ebooks as well as academic journals. We continue to build on our collections and resources to meet the changing needs of our students and to ensure our students have access to the best technologies to support their digital needs. Our goal is to provide an effective school Library Learning Commons for both students and staff according to the following standards of practice (Leading Learning, Canadian Library Association):

• Facilitating collaborative engagement to cultivate and empower a community of learners

• Advancing the learning community to achieve schools goals

• Cultivating effective instructional design to coplan, teach and assess learning

• Fostering literacies to empower life-long learners

• Designing learning environments to support participatory learning.

Website: Twitter: @SacredHH_LLC Instagram: @sacredheartlibrary YouTube: Sacred Together | 17

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

ESL Centre

Nǐ hǎo,Yeoboseyo, Hola, Kumusta,

Sacred Heart is a Visa Centre with a long tradition of welcoming newcomers from around the world. Our ESL centre helps build a strong foundation and sense of community within the school. All of our teachers at Sacred Heart are dedicated and committed to helping our ESL students achieve success. Classroom teachers, guidance counselors and office administration work together to check in with students to ensure they are adapting to their new school environment. Sacred Heart offers several ESL subject adapted courses such as ESL Science, ESL Math, ESL

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, Hello!

History and ESL Geography to assist students with the curriculum while strengthening their academic English language skills. We also have an ESL Ambassadors’ Club that meets monthly to participate in various activities as an ESL community. Students come together to host events such as game night, badminton night, or movie night. In the past we have also gone on ESL exclusive field trips to places such as the Toronto Zoo, Kensington Market, and Zip Lining. At Sacred Heart, our ESL department nurtures and supports our ESL students to reach their full potential.

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

Student Wellness

A Holistic Approach

Sacred Heart is home to both staff and students. At the Heart of all we do is the love and respect we have for each other. We provide a safe, caring, inclusive, and welcoming environment that allows young adults the opportunity to grow and take risks. We want our students to live up to their God-given potential and to grow fully in mind, body, and spirit. As Catholic educators, we lead with compassion and empathy. We seek to create an environment where students feel supported, recognized, and comfortable reaching out for help from the many caring adults in the building. The Mental Health and Sacred Minds and SMASH teams is a collaboration among and between students and staff which works to promote and support positive mental health habits and attitudes. Some of the many initiatives include Wellness Wednesday mindful activities, virtual hangouts called ‘The Triangle’, and a guest speaker series called ‘Your Mental

Health is Sacred’ to provide mental health literacy. Our curriculum programs such as the Physical Education Department and SHSM also support healthy active lifestyles. Participating in physical activity and reducing a sedentary lifestyle is important for the healthy development and well being of students. The Arts programs (dance, drama, music, visual arts, and media arts) supports creativity and critical thinking, innovative problem solving, effective communication and collaboration, which all support student well-being and mental health. At Sacred Heart the entire staff is committed to the development of the whole person and this means supporting the growth of our students academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically, so that they can be successful in the future.

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