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First Lutheran School The week of January 27 has been designated National Lutheran Schools’ Week. The theme for the week is Baptized for this moment, based on Acts 2:38-39: For the promise is for you and for your children. During this week our students will be learning about other Lutheran Schools throughout the nation. We will also be doing some extra fun activities. Monday: We’ll all meet for Rise & Shine in the gym for a kickoff devotion. Tuesday: a.m. Preschool (9 a.m.)and Prekindergarten (10 a.m.) to Kem’s gym p.m. middle school to the Y 12:45 Wednesday: a.m. preschool to Kem’s gym (9a.m.) Thursday: a.m. K-1 to Kem’s gym K (9am); 1 (10 a.m.) p.m. Grades 2-5 to the Y 12:45 Friday: a.m. chapel with special chapel family activities p.m. staff vs. 8th grade Volleyball game (8th grade parents, you’re welcome to join the staff in the battle against the 8th graders). Students may bring a SINGLE serving of soda and a SINGLE serving of snack to the game. students will be an hour session at the gym. Parents are invited to attend if they wish. The Kem’s gym adventure for the early childhood The Y adventure will include swimming, climbing, and the XRCade room and will last about 90 minutes. All students who wish to climb must have a signed waiver. See the reverse of this page for information on climbing. All field trips cost $5.00 to cover the cost of the activities and to help with bus fees. Please call us if you have any questions.

My student____________________________________ grade__________ has permission to attend the field trip described above. Yes No He also has permission to climb at the Y. (circle one) Parent signature required: ______________________________________ date:

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