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FLCS Board of Parochial Education Minutes April 2, 2013 Members Present: Brad Brunkow, Tim Burden, Heather Flowers, Sandi Lyons, Kendra Mayer, Katie Schelp, Janet Goll Tim opened meeting with prayer. Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Principal’s Report: April calendar was reviewed. An update was given on property issues. Personnel changes were reviewed. FLS students had a strong showing in the DAR essay contest. Regular Agenda: Contracts are being returned this week. Graduation will be Wednesday, May 22; banquet at 6:00 and service at 7:30. Partners in Education and Friends of Education are being selected. School budget is being finalized for the coming year. Events are being planned for staff anniversaries and farewells. Principal job description will be reviewed by board members. Curriculum adoptions and issues were reviewed. Old Business: Board will review pages 17-end of School Handbook for next month. Board Handbook will be reviewed after completion of School Handbook. New Business: A survey regarding the formation of a high school was reviewed and will be distributed to St. Mary’s and Ponca City Christian Academy.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 7, 6:30pm, School Library Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Minutes submitted by Katie Schelp

FLCS Board of Parochial Education Minutes 4-2-13  

FLCS Board of Parochial Education Minutes 4-2-13