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Mike Gallagher, Pastor Sunday Services: 8:30, 11:00 Sunday School: 9:45 a.m. Church: 580-762-1111

Janet Goll, Principal School: 580-762-4243 website: FastDirect: E-mail: September 5, 2012

STARLITES September 9/5 9/6 9/7 9/26 9/26-28 9/28

7th Grade Field Trip Hand Washing Clinic Chapel 8:30; 7th Grade Sings See You at the Pole 6th Graders to Camp Lutherhoma Family Fun Night

PRINCIPAL - Mrs. Goll: But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? Mt. 5:13. This year at FLS we’re talking about how Christians can be the “salt” in the world by

their loving, Christian behavior. We’re praying to be “saltier” and we’re remembering that faith comes from hearing the Word of God. My prayer for all of us this week is that we listen to His voice and let Jesus guide our thoughts and actions. Thanks to all of you room parents who were able to make the Family Fun Night organizational meeting yesterday. Thanks, Ann, for organizing this event. It will be great. We’re looking forward to having NOC students here tomorrow to talk to us about hand washing. Hand washing is one of the best ways we know to hold down the spread of germs. Board of Parochial Education: Our next meeting will be September 11 at 6:00 in the church fellowship hall. Our Board members are Tim Burden, Brad Brunkow, Sandi Lyons, Kendra Mayer, Tanya Hercyk, and Katie Schelp. They welcome your input. YEARBOOK: If your child does not have a yearbook you may still purchase one, however we have very few left! Send your check for $20 today! Please memo your check “yearbook”! CHAPEL OFFERING: Thank you for your generous donations of school supplies for Lutheran World Relief. They could still use pencil sharpeners or other supplies. Our designated offering for September will go to the Red Cross specifically for our Oklahoma neighbors who lost their homes in fires this summer. Please give generously. GROWING KIDS GOD'S WAY: Parents, you are invited to send your children to Sunday School and attend a Sunday School for your own spiritual strengthening at First Lutheran. Young families Sunday School meets in the choir room at the bottom of the ramp at 9:45(or when we all get there). Class is led by David and Shirley Zimmerman, and we are working through the book Growing Kids God's Way by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. We have a really uplifting time sharing the joys and frustrations of parenting and would love to have you join us. We also have a variety of social get-togethers throughout the year. Look for upcoming info for one on September 30. Sunday school for two-year olds through sixth grade meets in the early childhood building. Everyone starts out for the opening in the basement, and then they split into their appropriate-age classrooms. Seventh and eighth grade meet in the eighth grade room. If your child is not old enough for Sunday School, the nursery is available at the bottom of the ramp, or some parents prefer to bring them along to the young families class. Family life today is indeed hectic, but this is a great opportunity to "huddle" with other Christian parents and gain some spiritual fortitude to get through another week. If you have questions, call Rachael Hamre 580-362-0893 FAMILY FUN NIGHT: Family Fun Night will be Friday, September 28. The meal will be 5:00-6:30 and games 6:00-8:00. Home room parents will be contacting volunteers about working the game booths. Ticket pre-order forms will be coming home next week.


PRE-SCHOOL – Ms. Peck: Happy Birthday to Mason McCleary! I pray everyone had a good holiday. Our offering this month is for the Red Cross. We have a collection jar in our classroom that we take to chapel every Friday. The students love putting change in it, because it counts for us how much we have. Thank you to the room parents who attended the meeting. We are working on the letter "B", color brown, triangle shape and the number 2. Stay cool! PRE-KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Kelly: Happy Birthday, Gabriella! I hope you enjoyed your extra day off! Thank you for the salt shaker items that you have brought! Book orders are due this Friday, you can order online or fill out and turn in an order form. Every book you order earns our class points to get free books and supplies. I have received almost all of the Highlight forms; even if you don't want to order, please sign and return yours. These also earn us free supplies. I have extras if you can't find yours. We are also collecting Sunny D labels, Box Tops and Labels for education. There is a deadline for the Sunny D labels; if we get 20 by September 30th, we will get 40 free books, if we get 20 by November 30th, we get 20 books. We collect the Box tops and Labels all year. Thank you for helping our class and school earn free books and supplies! Show and Tell will be this Friday, September 7th. Have a great week! KINDERGARTEN - Ms. Miller: I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! We will have Show and Tell on the first Friday of each month. That means it will be this Friday. Please have your child bring something that will fit in their backpack zipped up. If your child wants to bring an animal, please see me first. I would like to thank Abby Fike (& parents) for the "salt" gift card and Rachel Lawson (& parents) who gave a gift card with other items. Also, thank you to Jackson Sheets (& parents) for the "salt" wiggly eyes and tape. A great big thank you goes to all parents for sharing your children with me this year! Have an awesome week! FIRST GRADE – Ms. Otten: Our question of the week is "What is outside our door?" We will be discussing all the different things we can see and do outside. Ask your child what they can do outside and then have them do it. We will also be learning about verbs. Our memory verse for this week is "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1. We are learning about Issac blessing his sons. Ask your child about it. SECOND GRADE – Mrs. Powell: What a gift! The long weekend was a real treat! Now we're all ready to get back in the swing of things. We're going to Leonardo's in Enid on Friday, September 14. See the permission slip attached to this Starlites for additional information. It will be a BLAST! Book orders are due on September 15. You may order on line or send the order form and money with your child. Thanks to the Mills family for all of the great games and for the Wal-Mart gift card! Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated! Blessings as you continue to be the salt! THIRD GRADE - Ms. Svajhart: I hope everyone had a great Labor Day! The kids told me all about their weekends and it sounded like they all had a great time. This week: Memory: First column of Old Testament books are due to me on Friday. Reading: This week’s story is Kumak's Fish. We will be reading this story for the next couple days, and then we will have a test on Friday. Writing Response will be sent home for homework on Thursday. Spelling: Test over Kumak's Fish words; will only take a grade on the first fifteen, then sixteen through twenty will be bonus words. A.R: I have set everyone's A.R. goals; please ask your child what theirs is for the quarter. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! FOURTH GRADE - Mrs. Klein: Welcome back after a refreshing weekend! I am sure it was busy with a lot of activities for most of you. We praise the Lord for work, and those who work, and especially those who work for the Lord. May we always find opportunities to serve the Lord within our everyday tasks. After two weeks of working on our routines in the classroom, now we have a short week which changes the schedule. We will do our best to keep you posted on how the week will go. Check our BB. I can tell that some of you are certainly trying to keep up with us. We appreciate all of the efforts of our parents. We wish a happy birthday to Ethan. (9-4) God knew you before you were born! FIFTH GRADE - Mrs. Schatte: I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day week-end. It certainly was hot enough! Hopefully, it will cool down soon. We do not have a regular reading unit this week, so there will be no reading test on Friday. Look for a regular spelling test on Friday and our first language test next Tuesday. A study guide for this test will come home at the end of the week. Memory due Thursday is the 1st and 2nd Commandment with meaning. Thank you so much to the Gilbert's and the Webster's for donating special candy to our classroom. We appreciate you! God's blessings!


Middle School Mrs. Harbeson: It's a short week this week...I hope everyone had a restful Labor Day weekend. Our first round of tests are this week. 8th grade had a test today, 7th grade's test is tomorrow, and 6th grade's is Friday. All classes are testing on prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. In literature, we are continuing our study of short stories. We will soon switch over to dramas and poetry. I'm very pleased to see everyone reading their AR books! Keep up the great work, take those tests, and I hope you are enjoying your books. For all classes...I'm sending a note home about student council today. If your child wishes to run for representative, please sign the permission slip and return to me by this Friday. Elections will be held next Tuesday. Look for your Scholastic book order forms today! I will need all orders handed in and/or made online by Friday, September 14. I've included a letter with the order form about how to order online, and if you'll scroll down to the end of my bulletin board, I've attached a link that will take you right to where you need to go! For 6th grade...Information is coming home today about Camp Lutherhoma. Please complete all the forms and return them to me by Wednesday, September 11. If you have any questions, please call or fastdirect me. Family Fun Night...Michele Jean (our head homeroom mom) is heading up our activities for Family Fun Night (September 28...yep, that's the day we get back from Lutherhoma!) She will be calling, texting, or emailing each of the 6th grade families to have you sign up to help that night. Please fill out the sheet about FFN that is attached to your Lutherhoma packet and send it back to school with your child by this Friday. That's it for now. Blessings on the rest of your week! Ms. Hanson: 6th Grade- Continuing on to Chapter 2, Matter, we are moving a bit slower than the syllabus indicates. All chapters and activities on the syllabus will be completed we are just a bit behind schedule, making sure we have all this brand new science content down. 7th Grade- Great time at the Salt Mine! Thank you to all the volunteer drivers! We couldn't have done it without you. We are still studying minerals and are getting pretty good at identifying unknown minerals. We will be testing here in the next week or two. 8th Grade- Finished with our chapter on birds and mammals; we will have our first test this Friday. We have two review days before the test so we should be plenty prepared. Mrs. Ramsey: We are missing the 7th graders today and hope they are having a great time in the salt (perfect for our theme this year). All classes did well on their chapter 1 tests; I'm proud of them. 6th and 7th grades are now working on decimals, pre-algebra is starting expressions and solving equations and the algebra class is dealing with real numbers. Have a great week! In His service... Mr. Watters: I hope everyone had a great Labor Day week end. Academically, the students will have their second test in social studies this Friday for all classes. This test will cover chapters 3 and 4. I continue to be impressed with the overall respect and willingness to learn from this middle school group. As parents, please keep encouraging and supporting their efforts. Washington DC is less than four weeks away. Here are four reminders- 1) if you still owe money for your trip, please try to take care of this in the next week. 2) Try to get your students photo id as soon as possible 3) DC t-shirt order forms are due on September 6. 4) All magazine sales are due September 10. One last thing, if there is anyone interested in buying a home with three acres, see me, as Nancy and I are planning to build and will be selling our house. It is 3200 sq ft with pool. -----------------------------------------------------------------SCRIP ORDER FORM Student’s Name: _________________________

Grade: ________

Parent’s Name: __________________________

Phone Number: _________________

Gift Card Type: ________________________

Denomination: __________________

Make checks payable to FLS PTL. Thank you! 3

Starlites 9-5-12  

Starlites 9-5-12

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