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Westchester State of Mind Honoring our Big Shot

Elliot Forchheimer for 10 years of service

39th Anniversary Gala Saturday Evening, January 24, 2015

WJC 39th Anniversary • a

SAVE THE DATE! Please join the Westchester Jewish community at these Westchester Jewish Council events! Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 7:30pm Annual Julian Y. Bernstein Distinguished Service Awards

Held at the Jewish Community Center of Harrison This annual event, which represents the true meaning of community service, honors volunteers chosen from among the Westchester Jewish Council’s member organizations. The event is free and open to all.

Thursday, April 16, 2015 – 12:00pm Annual Westchester-wide Holocaust Commemoration

Westchester County’s Garden of Remembrance in White Plains on Martine Avenue produced in partnership with the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center.

Sunday, May 29, 2015 Join us at the Celebrate Israel Parade

The Westchester Jewish Council is once again coordinating the Westchester-wide marching delegation. All synagogues and organizations joining us will be able to march with their delegations and banners.

Coming Summer 2015 (Date to be announced) Annual Westchester Jewish Music and Arts Festival

Held at Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla. Presented by The Westchester Jewish Council, The Westchester Klezmer Program, and Kol Hazzanim (The Cantors of Westchester) in cooperation with Westchester County Parks. The festival is part of the annual summer ethnic heritage festivals series. For more information go to or call us at 914-328-7001 a beneficiary of

WJC 39th Anniversary • b


Westchester Jewish Council Executive Committee President.....................................................................Paul B. Warhit Vice Presidents............................................................Marc Klee Jeffrey Kohn Lisa Roberts Treasurer.....................................................................Larry Frankel Associate Treasurer.....................................................William H. Schrag Secretary.....................................................................Joyce Claar Associate Secretary.....................................................Gary Trachten At Large......................................................................Irwin S. Davison Hon. Samuel G. Fredman Debra Abrahams Weiner

Board of Directors Liat Altman Ron Arsham Harold Aspis Joy Avidan Susan Taxin Baer Scott Baken Peter Baum Tracey Bilski Louise Challop Gerry Cohen Richard Elkind Karen Firestone David Glasser Wayne Goldstein Sharon Gorman

Keith E. Reich Mark I. Reisman Barry Richman Noah Rockowitz Hon. Martin Rogowsky Judith Stern Rosen Beverly Rosenbaum David Ruzow Harriet Schleifer Helene Schonbrun Elisabeth Schonfeld Dan Schorr Carolyn Schrier Rabbi David Schuck Yael Schulman

Millie Jasper Michael Karnes Gary Katz Michael Katz Cantor Hayley Kobilinsky Stuart Kolbert Elizabeth Lampert Betsy Landis Arnold Linhardt Lee Lowell Harry Mamaysky Barbara Merson David Miller Warren Newcorn Mitchell Ostrove

Bertram S. Schwarz Stanton C. Selbst Alan Shepard Roman Shuf Rabbi Seth Sternstein Harry Waizer Diane Werner Pam Wexler Steven L. Young Charlotte Yudin Nancy Zaro Harriett Zeller

Honorary Directors

Past Presidents

Andrew Benerofe Froma Benerofe Hon. Eliot Engel Donald Fleishaker Robert Friedland Hon. Nita Lowey Abigail Mandel

Ronald E. Burton Irwin S. Davison Hon. Sam Eisenberg (z”l) Hon. Samuel G. Fredman Donald Landis (z”l) Lester J. Millman Clarice Pressner Saul Singer Samuel Stein (z”l) Debra Abrahams Weiner Rabbi Amiel Wohl

Staff Executive Director ........................................ Elliot Forchheimer Assistant Executive Director ................................ Pam Goldstein Program Director ...................................................Donna Bartell Marketing Director ................................................Lisa Itzkowitz Financial Administrator ...................................... Margo Lampert Westchester Community Shaliach...............................Yoav Cohen WAJE Director..........................................................Alice Tenney Administrator..............................................................Jane Rubin

THE WESTCHESTER JEWISH COUNCIL    The Westchester Jewish Council (formerly the Westchester Jewish Conference) is the central communicating, coordinating, convening advisory and resource body for the county’s Jewish community, representing over 150 Jewish organizations and serving 150,000 Jews. As Westchester’s Jewish community relations organization, the Council unites Westchester Jewry with the State of Israel, fosters communication among Jewish organizations and cultivates and strengthens relations with other ethnic groups, elected officials and the community at large. The Council encourages participation in Jewish life and supports and develops initiatives and programs that meet existing and emerging Jewish communal needs. WJC 39th Anniversary • 1

WJC 39th Anniversary • 2

January 24,  2015   5  Shevat,  5775     Dear  Friends,     Good  evening  and  welcome  to  the  Westchester  Jewish  Council’s  39th  Anniversary  Gala!!   We  are  so  p leased  to  be  here  tonight  to  celebrate  our  community  and  to  honor  and  pay   special  tribute  to  our  wonderful  and  beloved  Executive  Director,  Elliot  Forchheimer,  who  has   done  so  much  to  enhance  Jewish  life  here  in  Westchester.     How  lucky  we  are  as  a  community  to  have  such  an  extraordinary  person  serving  as  the  Executive   Director  of  the  Council  for  the  past  10  years.  Those  who  know  Elliot  know  that  he  is  a   consummate  and  passionate  professional,  completely  dedicated  to  the  mission  of  coordinating   and  connecting  the  Jewish  community  of  Westchester.  We  are  so  excited  to  have  the  privilege   of  honoring  Elliot  tonight  and  so  glad  that  he  let  us  convince  h im  to  do  so.     Elliot’s  accomplishments  as  a  community  professional  are  as  great  as  his  modesty.   Please  take  the  time  to  read  our  beautiful  tribute  journal  highlighting  much  of  his  work  and  the   accolades  from  those     who  know  and  admire  him.     We  have  a  wonderful,  fun  evening  planned  for  you  with  music  by  the  Henry  Haid  group   performing  a  Billy  Joel  tribute.  So  enjoy  the  fun,  food,  schmoozing  and   connecting  and  catching     friends  as  we  honor  our  friend  and  leader.   up  with  new  and  old     The  Westchester  Jewish  Council  serves  as  the  Jewish  community  relations  organization  for   Westchester  County  with  over  150  member  organizations  serving  the  8 th  l argest  Jewish   community  in  the  United  States.  Our  volunteer  board  and  executive  committee  work  closely   with  our  dedicated  professional  staff,  led  by  Elliot,  to  promote  the  community  building  mission   of  the  Council  and  we  are  grateful  for  the  opportunity  to  be  with  all  of  you,  our  supporters,  this   evening.     Our  sincere  thanks  to  our  fabulous  gala,  journal  and  tribute  committee  members  listed  in  this   program.    Enjoy  the  wonderful  feast  and  be  sure  to  stay  for  a  sweet  dessert  after  our   entertainment  and  short  p rogram  when  we  will  pay  special  tribute  to  our  friend  Elliot.     In  Pirke  Avot  –  Ethics  of  the  Fathers,  it  is  written,  “the  day  is  short  and  the  work  is  great”  and   nothing  could  be  truer  for  the  Council  and  it’s  leadership,  led  by  Elliot,  in  pursuing  these  goals.     Thank  you  so  much  for  b eing  here  and  for  your  ongoing  support  of  the  Council.     Enjoy!!     Debra  A.  Weiner,  William  H.  Schrag,  Ronald  Burton,  Nancy  Zaro  

January 24, 2015 5 Sh’vat 5775


Dear Friend, Thank you for supporting the Westchester Jewish Council's 39th Annual Gala. This year we are honoring our Executive Director, Elliot Forchheimer. Throughout his tenure as Director, Elliot has displayed incredible leadership skills taking the Council to new heights. Under Elliot's tutelage, the Council's community impact and relevance has grown dramatically. This, in turn, has enhanced the lives of Westchester's Jews. At the same time, Elliot remains the same humble and hard-working person that allowed him to climb the Jewish communal ladder. Under Elliot’s leadership the Westchester Jewish Council has grown in both size and impact. As the Jewish Community Relations Council of Westchester, the Council serves as an invaluable resource with 156 member organizations and synagogues. The Westchester Jewish Council continues to connect Westchester Jews with each other and their non-Jewish neighbors, their elected   officials and Israel. The Council connects people through longstanding relationships, our website and community calendar, roundtables, social media and the partnerships of the member organizations we represent. Joan and Elliot Forchheimer have been pillars in our community for several decades and it is the Westchester Jewish Council's honor to shine the spotlight on our beloved Elliot this evening. On behalf of the Westchester Jewish Council officers, trustees, and staff, I thank you for supporting this year's gala and allowing the Westchester Jewish Council to fulfill its mission of making the Westchester Jewish community more effective, more successful, and more unified. Shalom,

Paul B. Warhit Westchester Jewish Council President

WJC 39th Anniversary • 3

Elliot Forchheimer WJC 39th Anniversary • 4

WJC 39th Anniversary • 5

Elliot Forchheimer The love affair with Jewish communal life really started when Elliot was an 8 year old camper in a lower bunk bed in bunk 4 at the legendary Cejwin Camps. Raised in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens NY (where the parking meters were suspended on Saturday but in effect on Sunday) Elliot’s camp and USY experiences inspired him to a career in the Jewish community The fun started as the Director of the USY on Wheels travel camp followed by the Administrator at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. At the same time, he joined the Young Israel of Scarsdale community as Youth Director for 6 years under the mentorship of the late Rabbi Jacob Rubenstein (z”l) with whom he shared a passion for Jewish people-hood. In 1996, a key position opened at UJA-Federation of New York in NYC, in the Program Services department focusing on camps and JCC’s. Soon after, Elliot tore up his monthly MetroNorth commuter pass to become the first director of Westchester Program Services and Agency Relations for UJA-Federation’s Westchester’s office. When Synagogue 2000 came to town from 2000-2004, Elliot was invited to take a leave from UJAFederation, to be the Westchester Director of this synagogue strategic change management process which involved 22 Westchester synagogues. The relationships established via Synagogue 2000 remain foundational for our community. Thereafter Elliot returned to the staff of UJA-Federation’s Commission on Jewish Identity and Renewal (COJIR) focusing on synagogue relations while joining the year round management team at the NJ Y Camps, the largest Jewish camp in North America (whose camps are in the Poconos—not in New Jersey). His greatest privilege has been serving for the last 10 years as the Executive Director of the Westchester Jewish Council (formerly the Westchester Jewish Conference). In this role he has had the opportunity to steer the ship along with a most dedicated staff team and Board of Directors and work with over 150 Jewish organizations that span the breadth of Jewish expression as well as elected officials and representatives from outside the Jewish community. Elliot has helped insure that Westchester remains a model community built on the tenets of mutual respect and cooperation. Over the years when not working, Elliot received an MBA from Pace University, a Masters of Arts from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and a Bachelors of Arts from Columbia University. Along for the joy ride has been his beloved wife Joan (whom he met at college some 33 years ago) whose own commitment to Jewish life has been highlighted by over 28 years on faculty at Schechter Westchester. Elliot and Joan have two children, Ilana a freshman at Binghamton University and Jacob a junior at Schechter Westchester. Elliot is a true New Yorker, never having lived anywhere else, rarely misses the daily newspaper (the old fashioned paper kind) and still has never had a cup of coffee (decaf or otherwise).

WJC 39th Anniversary • 6

As of November 17, 2014

Westchester Jewish Council Gala Tribute Committee

WJC 39th Anniversary • 7

Lori and Arie Abecassis Mona and David Abramson Leslie and David A. Alpert Shana and Ean Anderson Melanie and Eric Appelbaum Elinor and Shahar Azani Frieda Kraft and Victor Badner Lynn Bagliebter Trisanne and Sam Berger Cathleen Barnhart and Peter Bernstein Lois Kohn-Claar and Gary Claar Louise and Robert A. Cohen Carolyn and Steve Cony Carol and Herb Corbin Suzanne and Jeff Corbin Jennifer and Andrew Davids Tova and Barry Effron Karen and Noah Estrin Sheryl and Aaron Fleishaker Martine and Stanley Fleishman Sheila and Bob Friedland Ellen and Moshe Gelboim Joan and Sam Ginsburg Laurie and Stephen Girsky Lynette and Louis Goldberg Emily and Eugene Grant Cindy and Randy Heller David Hoch Diane Holsten Amy and Mark Holtzer Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow Joni and Paul Jablansky Amy and Mitchell Josephs Harriet Kaplow Diane and Gary Katz Audrey and Scott Kaufman

Lynn and Martin Keltz Arlene and Michael Kleinberg Laura and David Kleinhandler Karen and Dan Kosowsky Liz and David Landau Jennifer and Jeffrey Lavine Lisa and Michael Leffell Beth and Arthur Lev Andrea Lightman Ellen Reinheimer and Barry Lovell Bonnie and Russell Mannis Michelle Gavens and Brian Margolis Abbe and Bruce Mendelson Haina Just-Michael and Bernie Michael Linda Mirels Gabe and Beth Nechamkin Ellen and Jamie Raboy Heidi and Richard Rieger Ellen Plum Rosenberg    and Robert Rosenberg Elana and Peter Rothschild Betsy Bernstein and Keith Satter Karen and Jay Schecter Danielle and Stu Seltzer Meri and Mark Sirkin Jennifer and Bart Sokol Phyllis and Elliot Spiegel Sharon Weinstock and Jacques Steinberg Judy and Jack Stern Harriet and Marc Suvall Stephanie Garry and Art Tatge Sarene Shanus and Harold Treiber Ellen and Don Walker Betsy Woolf and Cliff Wolf Wendy and Yale Zoland

Gala Entertainment Henry Haid and his Band Glass Houses The “Piano Man” Henry Haid from Broadway’s Tony Award winning musical Movin’ Out and his band Glass Houses performing an honorary tribute to the music of Billy Joel. Henry Haid rose to prominence portraying piano man Billy Joel in Twyla Tharp’s Tony Award winning hit Broadway musical Movin’ Out. He received rave reviews for those Broadway performances at New York City’s Richard Rodgers Theater. Prior to his stint on Broadway, Henry Haid performed throughout the USA, Europe and the Caribbean as a solo performer and with his band Only in America.

• • • • Rockmitzvah Rockmitzvah is the only entertainment entity in the New York metropolitan area, or perhaps the entire country, whose sole purpose is to integrate the bar/bat mitzvah child, their friends, and family, into the actual performance during their simcha. The child is a star for a day, and friends and family members participate musically in a unique event which simply complements the tradition and meaning of this momentous day in the life of a Jewish family. And because every family is different, and every child is unique, every Rockmitzvah is a custom fit. Rockmitzvah presents your Bar/Bat Mitzvah child as the Star of the Show! Your child will rock out with the band. Friends and relatives can sing or join the band using instruments that we provide. Every Rockmitzvah event is customized to provide your party with the perfect balance of musical entertainment. Rock, Pop, R&B and traditional Jewish music along with any other musical requests. For more information go to or call 914-419-3610.

WJC 39th Anniversary • 8

President Alisa R. Doctoroff* Chair of the Board Linda Mirels* Chief Executive Officer Eric S. Goldstein

701 Westchester Avenue, Suite 203E White Plains, NY 10604 Tel: 914.761.5100 Fax: 914.761.9859

Treasurer John A Herrmann, Jr.* General Chairs 2015 Campaign Jeffrey A. Schoenfeld* Jeffrey M. Stern* Campaign Chairs Gary Claar* Cindy R. Golub* Commission Chairs Karen S.W. Friedman* Sara E. Nathan* Roni Rubenstein* Fredric W. Yerman* Executive Committee at Large Amy A. B. Bressman* Martine Fleishman* Marcia Riklis* David A. Sterling* Benjamin J. Tisch* Special Adviser to the President Adrienne Bavar* Executive Vice President Financial Resource Development Mark D. Medin Executive Vice President Community Planning and Agency Resources Alisa Rubin Kurshan Senior Vice President Agency Relations Elana Broitman Chief Financial Officer Irvin A. Rosenthal General Counsel Chief Compliance Officer & Secretary Ellen R. Zimmerman Executive Vice Presidents Emeriti Ernest W. Michel Stephen D. Solender John S. Ruskay Westchester Leadership Regional Chair Martine Fleishman* Chairs, Annual Campaign Randi Kreisler Caryl Orlando Women’s Philanthropy Chair, Lois Kohn-Claar Vice Chair, Laura Kleinhandler Chair, Community and Volunteer Services Amy Gutenplan Chairs, Culture of Gratitude Laura Kleinhandler Laura Urken Chairs, Solomon Society Linda and Seth Plattus Debbie and Richard Yoken Government Relations Chair, Debra A. Weiner Vice Chair, Joseph Rafalowicz Chairs, King David Society Joy and Steven Zelin Chair, Program Services Cabinet Jen Sokol Chairs, SYNERGY Rabbi Jaymee Alpert David Ruzow Chairs, Tov B’Yachad Arlene Kleinberg Yuval Marcus Ben Schub Chairs, Engaging Interfaith Families Rabbi Daniel Gropper Caryl Orlando Chairs, Business and Professional Division Leslie Effron Levin Budd Wiesenberg Westchester Regional Office Regional Director Richard Spitz Campaign Director Susan Solow-Dubin Director, Impact Philanthropy Ellen J. Thurm

WJC 39th Anniversary • 9

January 24, 2015 Dear Elliot, We are thrilled to join you this evening to honor your vision, your passion, and your commitment to our community. You are a valued friend and partner in our shared interest in strengthening our Jewish community and making Westchester a vibrant, inclusive place for us all. Our close collaboration truly has been inspiring, appreciated, and, in so many cases, a lot of fun. Those who come to celebrate you tonight know well the magnitude of your contributions and how worthy you are of this honor. Westchester Jewish Council’s critical work has been furthered greatly by your vision and leadership. We are inspired by the incredible amount of good you have made possible, whether that’s promoting Israel advocacy, nurturing relationships with other ethnic and religious groups, or fostering communication among Jewish organizations. Above all, Elliot, you are a wonderful person in many ways, a man of real warmth, humility, outstanding dedication, and menschlichkeit. On behalf of UJA-Federation of New York and the entire Jewish community, please accept our most grateful appreciation. Yasher koach to you, Elliot, and the Westchester Jewish Council! Our warm regards,

Martine Fleishman Westchester Regional Chair

Richard Spitz Westchester Regional Director

Honorary Officers: Meshulam Riklis ● Laurence A. Tisch** Life Trustees: Robert H. Arnow ● Lawrence B. Buttenwieser ● William Kahn ● Irving Schneider** ● Stephen Shalom Daniel S. Shapiro ● Samuel J. Silberman** ● Sanford Solender** ● Wilma S. Tisch ● James L. Weinberg** ● Elaine K. Winik Life Benefactors: The Belfer, Ruben & Saltz Families Jack & Zella B. Butler Foundation ● The Fisher Family ● Leo & Julia Forchheimer Foundation ● Ruth & David Gottesman ● Kathryn & Alan** C. Greenberg ● The Jesselson Family Leni & Peter W. May ● Paul & Irma Milstein Foundation ● Seymour & Vivian Milstein Family ● Henry & Lucy Moses Fund, Inc. ● Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation, Inc. ● Milton Petrie** The William Rosenwald Family ● Jack & Lewis** Rudin ● Family of S.H. & Helen R. Scheuer ● Helen** & Irving** Schneider & Family ● Marvin & Donna Schwartz Joseph and Marcy** Sirulnick ● The Sheldon H. Solow Foundation ● The Tisch Family ● Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz ● Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP ● The Weiler Arnow Family The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Past Chairs, Board of Directors: Morton A. Kornreich** ● Joseph Gurwin** ● Irwin Hochberg ● Larry A. Silverstein ● Judith Stern Peck Larry Zicklin ● Morris W. Offit ● Susan K. Stern ● Jerry W. Levin ● Alisa R. Doctoroff Past Presidents: Peggy Tishman** ● David G. Sacks** ● Alan S. Jaffe ● Louise B. Greilsheimer James S. Tisch ● Larry Zicklin ● Morris W. Offit ● John M. Shapiro ● Jerry W. Levin *Executive Committee member **Deceased

WJC 39th Anniversary • 10

WJC 39th Anniversary • 11

WJC 39th Anniversary • 12

Dear Elliot:   It  is  with  gratitude  and  warmth  that  the  Westchester  County  Board  of  Rabbis  extends  to  you  our   heartiest  Mazel  Tov  and  Yasher  Koach  on  your  tenth  year  as  Executive  Director  of  Westchester   Jewish  Council.    The  Council  has  grown  in  both  strength  and  influence  under  your  excellent   guidance.   As  we  at  the  WBR  shared  our  common  delight  that  you  would  be  honored  this  year,  all  of  us   recognized  your  unswerving  devotion  to  the  Westchester  Jewish  community,  your  unflagging   efforts  to  improve  Jewish  life  in  Westchester,  and  your  ongoing  work  to  create  greater   cooperation  among  the  many  member  organizations  of  the  Council.    As  only  one  example,  you   spurred  the  WBR  to  think  creatively  about  constructing  a  compelling  vision  for  a  countywide   educational  program.  One  colleague  recently  remarked,  that,  the  WBR  owes  its  very  existence   to  you.   Over  the  years,  you  have  quietly  "  buttonholed"  Rabbis  and  shared  information  about  which   they  should  be  informed.  You  ask  questions  about  our  communities  that  reveal  your  concern  for   their  welfare,  and  which  often  contain  the  seeds  of  suggestions  for  improvement.  You  also   exhibit  outstanding  abilities  to  promote  dignity  and  civility  when  our  community  faces   potentially  divisive  controversies.    As  a  result  of  your  hard  work  and  enthusiasm,  you  are  a   unifying  force  for  every  organization  under  the  umbrella  of  the  council.  And  you  do  all  this  with   a  gentle,  quiet  demeanor.   The  siddur's  blessing  applies:  v’chol  mi  she'oskim  b’tzorchei  tzibbur  u-­‐v’vinyan  Eretz  Yisrael   be’emunah......We  hope  that  God  will  bless  you  and  Joan  with  many  more  decades  of  good   health  and  happiness,  and  that    you  will  continue  to  lead  the  Westchester  County  Jewish   community  for  many  years  to  come.     Rabbi  Seth  Sternstein,  President,  WBR      

WJC 39th Anniversary • 13

January 24, 2015 Dear Elliot, On behalf of Kol Hazzanim – Westchester Community of Cantors, Mazel Tov and Congratulations on this well-deserved honor! We could not be happier that your many contributions have been acknowledged and recognized in this way. You have long been a staunch supporter of the Cantors of Westchester, paving the way for the formation of Kol Hazzanim, and ensuring that Cantors are recognized as musical and spiritual leaders of our communities. It is thanks to you that Kol Hazzanim was able to participate in two past Westchester Jewish Council Galas as the musical centerpiece of the evenings, and more recently, conceived of and helped establish our Biennial Night of Music and Joy, of which we just celebrated our second, and best yet. Without your leadership and assistance none of it could have happened. We cannot thank you enough. Again, Mazel Tov! We are so grateful for your continued friendship and partnership, and we look forward to further collaborations! L’Shalom, Cantor Hayley Kobilinsky President, Kol Hazzanim – Westchester Community of Cantors

President Cantor Hayley Kobilinsky Secretary Cantor Michelle Rubin

WJC 39th Anniversary • 14

Vice President/Treasurer Cantor Alan Sokoloff Founder and Immediate Past President Cantor Erik Contzius

WJC 39th Anniversary • 15


COMMITTEES: ___________



WASHINGTON, DC 20510-3203

January 24, 2015

Westchester Jewish Council 701 Westchester Avenue 203E White Plains, NY 10604 Dear Friends: Please accept my warmest greetings and sincerest congratulations as you gather to celebrate Westchester Jewish Council’s 39th Anniversary Gala, “Westchester State of Mind”, recognizing WJC’s Executive Director, Elliot Forchheimer for ten years of exemplary service. I am honored to have the opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of WJC and Elliot Forchheimer on this propitious occasion. Founded in 1975, the Westchester Jewish Council advocates for the concerns of the Jewish community in Westchester County and serves as a conduit of understanding between the Jewish community and other religious and cultural groups. By utilizing its resources and collaborating with its leadership and its member organizations, the Westchester Jewish Council transforms the lives of Westchester residents in the spirit of cooperation and faith. I applaud the devotion and commitment of its leadership, members, and all contributors to the Westchester Jewish Council. It is a great pleasure to recognize a leader in the Westchester Jewish community, Elliot Forchheimer, for his dedication and superb leadership. Throughout his life, Elliot has always been impassioned by Jewish communal life and Jewish traditions. With a wide range of positions at prominent Jewish organizations throughout his tenured career, such as UJA-Federation of New York and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism to name a few, Elliot continues to empower and advance the tenets of Jewish beliefs, such as mutual respect and cooperation. I am honored to join the Westchester Jewish Council in recognizing this estimable individual for his dedication to the Jewish community and our great state. Again, congratulations and thank you for your dedication and commitment on behalf of all New Yorkers. I know that the Westchester Jewish Council will continue mobilizing Jewish residents in Westchester for generations to come! Sincerely, Charles E. Schumer United States Senator

WJC 39th Anniversary • 16

WJC 39th Anniversary • 17

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(518) 455-2991 OFFICE (518) 426-6737 FAX






January 24, 2015 Westchester Jewish Council 701 Westchester Avenue, Suite 203 White Plains, NY 10604 Dear Friends, Congratulations to the Westchester Jewish Council on celebrating their 39th Anniversary Gala and to this year’s honoree, Executive Director Elliot Forchheimer. Since 1975, the Westchester Jewish Council has represented over 150 Jewish organizations and provides a myraid of services to the community. Additionally, the Westchester Jewish Coucil has fostered professional relationships among a diverse array of organizations throughout Westchester County while strenghtening ties within the community. On behalf of the State of New York, I congratulate the Westchester Jewish Community and offer my sincere wishes. Sincerely,

David Carlucci New York State Senator 38th Senate District

WJC 39th Anniversary • 21

Andrea Stewart-Cousins New York State Senate, 35th District Democratic Conference Leader

January 24, 2015 Dear Friends; Thank you for giving me this opportunity to recognize the outstanding service of the Westchester Jewish Council and to congratulate you on the occasion of your Thirty-ninth Annual Gala, Westchester State of Mind. I commend the outstanding commitment and valuable work of the Westchester Jewish Council, and I am pleased to support your considerable efforts as the central communicating, coordinating, and convening resource for Westchester’s Jewish community. I want to extend my congratulations to this evenings distinguished honorees, and take this opportunity to thank Elliot Forchheimer for a decade of exemplary service to our community. I am grateful to all of you for your work, and thank you for being leaders who always strive to go above and beyond, in all of your endeavors.

Best Wishes,

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins Democratic Conference Leader

28 Wells Avenue, Building 3 Courtyard □ Yonkers, New York 10701 □ 914 423 4031 WJC 39th Anniversary • 22

 January 24, 2015 Dear Mr. Elliot Forchheimer: It is with great pleasure that I congratulate you as you are honored by the Westchester Jewish Council at the 39th Anniversary Gala. Having served as Executive Director of the council for ten years, our community has been lucky to benefit from your indispensable dedication and leadership. Your lifelong commitment to your community is admired by myself and the many people that you have lent support to over your many years of service. As Executive Director of the Westchester Jewish Council, you've steadfastly worked with more than 150 Jewish organizations throughout the area along with elected officials while you represented and upheld the values and beliefs of the Jewish Community. Thanks to you, Westchester continues to be a community that others can look to as a positive example of progress and achievement. I applaud your work. Best wishes for an enjoyable event, celebrating this exciting milestone in your life. Our community cannot thank you enough for all your selfless efforts and we look forward to many more years of your leadership.


Senator Jeffrey D. Klein

NYS Senate President Pro Tem & Majority Coalition Leader

WJC 39th Anniversary • 23

WJC 39th Anniversary • 24

WJC 39th Anniversary • 25


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SANDRA R.GALEF th Assemblywoman 95 District

January 24, 2015 Westchester Jewish Council 701 Westchester Avenue White Plains, NY 10604 Dear Attendees of the 39th Anniversary Gala, Congratulations to the Westchester Jewish Council on their 39th Anniversary Gala. You have much to celebrate and what better way to do it than honoring Elliot Forchheimer on the completion of ten years of service as your Executive Director. He has been an outstanding leader and spokesman for the WJC. Before taking up this position he had already distinguished himself as the Westchester Director of Synagogue 2000 that successfully established new strategic management changes still in use today involving twenty-two synagogues, as well as serving on the management team of the New Jersey Y camps, the largest Jewish camp organization in North America. The last ten years have been full of accomplishments for you all. Elliot’s work with the 150 organizations that make up the WJC has enriched the life of the Jewish community in innumerable ways. His work with elected officials and others outside the Jewish community has also insured that the larger Westchester community remains a model of mutual respect and cooperation. All this activity makes Westchester a rewarding place to live and work. Your accomplishments under Elliot Forchheimer have been formidable. Congratulations to Elliot on this much deserved recognition. I wish Elliot and the WJC many more years of such success. Sincerely,

Sandy Galef Member of Assembly

ALBANY OFFICE: Room 641, Legislative Office Building, Albany, New York 12248, (518) 455-5348, FAX (518) 455-5728 DISTRICT OFFICE: 2 Church Street, Ossining, New York 10562, (914) 941-1111, FAX (914) 941-9132 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

WJC 39th Anniversary • 26


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Dear Friends: Congratulations to the Westchester Jewish Council on its 39th Anniversary Gala. I offer my special congratulations to your honoree, Elliot Forchheimer, Executive Director of Westchester Jewish Council. For more than a decade, Elliot has served as the Executive Director of the Westchester Jewish Council, representing over one-hundred and fifty organizations and uniting the 150,000 Jews of Westchester. Elliot’s work and commitment to the Jewish community is longstanding and deeply rooted. Before joining Westchester Jewish Council, Elliot served for many years as Director of UJA- New York, and for decades he has been involved in Jewish Summer programs and camps. I applaud Elliot for his commitment to strengthening Westchester’s Jewish community. His work has made the Jewish Community and all of Westchester stronger. The work of Elliot Forchheimer and the Westchester Jewish Council reflect the values and commitment articulated by Abraham Geiger, “Draw on the past, live in the present, work for the future.” I thank Elliot for his commitment and service, and I congratulate the Westchester Jewish Council on its 39th anniversary gala. Fondly,

Shelley Mayer

ALBANY OFFICE: Room 323, Legislative Office Building, Albany, New York 12248 • 518-455-3662, FAX: 518-455-5499 DISTRICT OFFICE: 35 East Grassy Sprain Road, Room 406B, Yonkers, New York 10710 • 914-779-8805, FAX: 914-779-8859 EMAIL:

WJC 39th Anniversary • 27

January 24, 2015 I am delighted to salute the Westchester Jewish Council on its 39th Anniversary. The WJC continues to fulfill its mission as an outstanding resource for Westchester’s Jewish community, representing over 150 organizations. The WJC has made a wonderful choice in honoring Elliot Forchheimer, its Executive Director for the past ten years. During his tenure he has worked closely with staff, the Board of Directors and over 150 Jewish organizations. His goal has been to ensure that Westchester remains a model community built on tenets of mutual respect and cooperation. A native New Yorker, Elliot has been immersed in Jewish life since he was a child growing up in Queens. He has been indefatigable in his support of Jewish causes and the Jewish community whether as the Director of the USY on Wheels travel camp, Administrator at Camp Ramalah or Youth Director at the Young Israel of Scarsdale. Elliot has worked for the UJA-Federation in New York City and Westchester and was the Westchester Director of the synagogue strategic change management process involving 22 Westchester synagogues. A devoted family man, Elliot and his wife Joan, are the proud parents of Ilana and Jacob. We all gain when individuals like Elliot give of their time, talent and energy for the benefit of the community. I am delighted to recognize Elliot Forchheimer on the occasion of the WJC’s 39h Anniversary for his tireless efforts. Sincerely,

Amy R. Paulin Member of Assembly

WJC 39th Anniversary • 28

WJC 39th Anniversary • 29

WJC 39th Anniversary • 30

David B. Gelfarb Legislator, 6th District


January 24, 2015

Dear Members of Westchester Jewish Council and Honored Guests: I am thrilled to join you in your celebration honoring Elliot Forchheimer for 10 years of service as Executive Director of Westchester Jewish Council. As a member of the Westchester County Board of Legislators, I join with you in recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of Elliot Forchheimer. I congratulate him, and wish him much success as he continues to serve his community. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. With best wishes,

David B. Gelfarb Legislator, District 6 (Rye Brook, Port Chester, and Harrison)    

WJC 39th Anniversary • 31

WJC 39th Anniversary • 32

WJC 39th Anniversary • 33

WJC 39th Anniversary • 34

‫ עָ ָשׂה יְ הוָ ה; נָגִ ילָה וְ נ ְִשׂ ְמחָ ה ב ֹו‬,‫הַ יּוֹם‬-‫זֶ ה‬ There is not one way to be a perfect Dad, but you try your best! You are the most loving, fun and caring dad. We are so lucky to call you ours!

There is not one way to be a perfect husband, but you try your best! You are so giving, loving, quick witted, and kind and a pretty-good best friend too! You and the Council are the perfect team. We are so proud of how you have helped to bring the Westchester community together with warmth and spirit. We love you!!!! Joan, Ilana, Jacob, and Tiggy too

WJC 39th Anniversary • 35

We feel so blessed to have

Elliot for our son-in-law and brother-in-law. He is a wonderful addition to our family and we are proud and happy for his amazing and well deserved achievement. Love, Mom, Dad, Ruth, Mike & Howard

WJC 39th Anniversary • 36

He may be your

BIG SHOT But he is our

Brother, Uncle and Great Uncle We don’t necessarily know what you do but apparently you do it pretty well.

Mazal Tov Elliot Love, Mark and Shelley Forchheimer Linda Rothschild & Jeremy Rothschild Claire and George Panaro & Kenneth Panaro Adam and Debbie Forchheimer & Abby, Emma and Izzy Scott and Daniel Forchheimer & Braden, Casey, and Colin Daniel and Dr. Ilana Forchheimer & Mason and Riley

WJC 39th Anniversary • 37

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

Mazel Tov

Elliot We love being the Angels to your Charlie! Donna, Lisa and Pam

WJC 39th Anniversary • 38

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” ~ Phil Jackson

Mazel Tov


The leader of our Team! The Staff of the Westchester Jewish Council Pam Goldstein – Assistant Executive Director Donna Bartell – Program Director Lisa Itzkowitz – Marketing and Communications Director Yoav Cohen – Westchester Community Shaliach Margo Lampert– Financial Administrator Joi Baum – Directory Sales Manager Alice Tenney – WAJE Director Jane Rubin– Administrator Nina Luban- former WAJE Director

WJC 39th Anniversary • 39

To our dear friend

Elliot Forchheimer, Mazal and Yasher Koach on this well-deserved honor. You are a mentsch and truly a brilliant and devoted community leader and we are so lucky to have you in our midst and call you a friend.

Kol Hakavod !!! Warmest Wishes, Debra Abrahams Weiner, David Weiner and Rachel Weiner The E n t e r t a i n e r WJC 39th Anniversary • 40

Congratulations to

Elliot on this honor. Your leadership has strengthened the Jewish community in Westchester and beyond.

Lisa and Michael Leffell Ben, Adam, Lauren and Ari

The E n t e r t a i n e r WJC 39th Anniversary • 41

Riverside Memorial Chapel For Generations A Symbol of Jewish Tradition Continuing to maintain the high standards of the Rosenthal, Grossberg and Alpert families 21 West Broad Street Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 10552

(914) 664-6800

Conveniently located near the Cross County Parkway Funeral Pre-Planning Services Available We are honored Dignity Memorial Providers providing funeral and cemetery services with Care, Compassion and Dignity

The E n t e r t a i n e r WJC 39th Anniversary • 42



The E n t e r t a i n e r WJC 39th Anniversary • 43

Elliot, Thank you for your many years of service to and leadership of the Jewish community. With our admiration and respect, Froma and Andy Benerofe

Uptown Girl WJC 39th Anniversary • 44

Mazel Tov

Elliot On this amazing honor. You are an inspiration to us all.

Weissman Crew

Uptown Girl WJC 39th Anniversary • 45

“Everybody has a Dream” ~ Billy Joel


Elliot! You make the Westchester Jewish Council’s dreams come true.

Betsy Bernstein & Keith Satter

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 46

A person who runs to do just, good, and kind deeds attains life, success, and honor. Proverbs 21:21 Shimon [the son of Rabban Gamliel] says: It is not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes all the difference in the world. Pirke Avot 1:17

Elliot Most honorees merit a cool quote from the Tanakh. We think you deserve two. We are inspired by the way you live your life, E, and are proud to call you our friend.

Love, Ron and Joc B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 47

Carmel Academy


wishes a hearty Mazal Tov to

Forchheimer We honor you for your ten years of dedicated service and tremendous contribution to the Westchester Jewish community. To the Westchester Jewish Council, May you continue to go from strength to strength in all of your endeavors.

Evan R. Levy President

Nora Anderson Head of School

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 48



B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 49

Elliot, We applaud your leadership of the Westchester Jewish community!

Kol HaKavod! Lois Kohn-Claar and Gary Claar B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 50

“By virtue of their nature, people seek to form communities” Rambam, Moses Maimonides

Mazel Tov

Elliot on your well deserved honor and Thank you and WJC for enabling such vibrant community in Westchester. Wishing you all the best and continued success Love Martine and Stanley Fleishman and family

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 51

Mazel Tov And Thank You

Elliot Forchheimer For Your Tireless Efforts And Boundless Chesed On Behalf of the WJC And The Entire Jewish Community May You Continue To Be A Source of Strength With Much Admiration And Love, Elisa Schindler Frankel & Larry Frankel

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 52

A Special Thanks To

ELLIOT To honor his years of service to the Council And to the General Jewish community CHAZAK! CHAZAK! Hon. Samuel G. Fredman, J.S.S. (Retired) Co-Founder and Past President, Westchester Jewish Council B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 53

We are truly fortunate in Westchester to have

Elliot Forchheimer represent us. A real mensch with a huge neshumah~ a friend to all who know him. Mazel Tov!! Joan and Sam Ginsburg

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 54

Mazel Tov!

Elliot An incredible man doing an incredible job for the whole Jewish community!

With much affection. Harriet Kaplow B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 55

Elliot To someone who truly inspires us with his leadership, thoughtfulness, and passion. The Westchester Jewish Council and the larger Jewish community are most fortunate to have a friend like Elliot.

Jeff and Martha Kohn

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 56

Yasher Koach to

Elliot Your leadership and dedication to the Jewish community is an example for all to follow.

We are so very proud of you.

Arlene and Stuart Kolbert

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 57

Mazal Tov  &  Thank  You  To     Elliot  Forchheimer     whose  inspiring  leadership,  enthusiastic  support,     and  continuous  guidance  has  helped  Mosaic  of  Westchester     make  so  much  progress  toward  our  goals    in  the  Westchester  Jewish  community!     With  Warmest  Appreciation,   Bina  Raskin,  Executive  Director   Catherine  Bell,  Marc  Klee,  Pat  Rind,  Jill  Schreibman,  Diane  Werner,   Advisory  Board  

WJC 39th Anniversary • 58

B i ll y t h e K i d

Elliot Our fearless leader Your passion and guidance have led the Council to unprecedented heights. We are so fortunate to have you at the helm. May the Westchester Jewish community continue to be enriched and strengthened by your dedication and wisdom for years to come. With the greatest respect and admiration, Lisa and Jon Roberts

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 59

Dear Elliot, We are proud to call you our friend and thrilled to join with the members of the Westchester Jewish Council and community in honoring you for your many years of outstanding service to Westchester County and beyond

Tobi and Marty Rogowsky

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 60

The Talmud Teaches: “Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh” “All of Israel are responsible for one another”

Thank you

Elliot Forchheimer For being the guardian of the united Westchester Jewish community. We’ve known and admired you for over 25 years. May you continue to go from strength to strength. Debbie and Bill Schrag

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 61



HARRIET AND MARC SUVALL B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 62

Kol HaKavod

Elliot! Thank you, Thank you! For Your Stellar Leadership And Your Tireless Efforts In Service of the Mission of the Westchester Jewish Council And the Welfare of the Jewish People And for your valued friendship and good counsel

Gary & Evelyn Trachten

B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 63



B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 64

“If I am not for me, who is for me; and if I am (only) for myself, what am I. And if not now, when?”              ~ Hillel, Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14

Elliot, Tonight we CELEBRATE the Westchester Jewish Council and your stellar tenure there ~ We RAISE OUR GLASS to the strong, united community you have been instrumental in fostering ~ We THANK YOU for being our teacher, guide, visionary and inspiration! Most importantly Joey and I wish you MAZEL TOV and continued success ~ we deeply cherish our unique friendship!!! Kol Ha Kov’d

Nancy and Joey Zaro B i ll y t h e K i d WJC 39th Anniversary • 65

Mazel Tov to our wonderful friend

Elliot Forchheimer,

who excels at everything he does. May he continue to go from strength to strength. We look with pride on his outstanding work at WJC and remember with fondness his prior life as the Youth Director at the Young Israel of Scarsdale. Fondly, Harold and Sharon Aspis

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 66

ELLIOT We are so proud to be a part of the Westchester Jewish Council and so proud of you! You took over the leadership of our growing organization and in ten years have brought it to even greater heights! Thanks for all that you have done, And thanks for all we know you will continue to do! With admiration and appreciation, SUE AND JOHN BAER

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 67

Elliot, Elliot,

We are so pleased to celebrate our resident Rock Star! While 10 years may have passed in the blink of an eye, we have considered you to be the Westchester ambassador of Jewish good will for the longest time. Thank you for serving our community tirelessly with wit, wisdom and warmth. We are so grateful for your unflagging support, good counsel and inspiration in keeping the faith. The good judgment and pragmatism you bring to the challenges we face allows us to know, as a matter of trust, that you invariably will get it right the first time.  



Please don’t go changing – we love you just the way you are! While we don’t want to pressure you (we know you’re only human), we wish you unparalleled joy, satisfaction and continued success in the years to come. For a guy who seems to have a thing for Billy Joel, in our book you will always be a Prince! In all honesty, thank you Elliot for all you do and for being you! Your fans forever, Ellen and Scott Baken

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 68

Beth El Synagogue Center wishes a hearty Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach to

ELLIOT FORCHHEIMER Thank you for your great work and immeasurable efforts. From the entire Beth El Family! C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 69

In honor of

Elliot Forchheimer and the important work of Westchester Jewish Council.

Tracey and Mark Bilski

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 70

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 71

Best wishes to the

Westchester Jewish Council It’s an honor to represent you in Congress ___________________________________________________________________

Congratulations to the honorees Congratulations and my good friends

toNancy my goodZaro friend

Martine Fleishman Elliot Forchheimer _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


ELIOT ENGEL 16th Congressional District Paid for by Engel for Congress

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 72


C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 73

Congratulations to

Elliot Forchheimer Debra Abrahams Weiner and to the

Westchester Jewish Council for their ongoing good work on behalf of the Westchester Jewish community The Susan and Ralph Freydberg Family Foundation

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 74

Mazal Tov

Elliot! Our entire community has profited from your leadership. May you continue to go from strength to strength. Sheila and Bob Friedland

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 75

Mazal Tov to

Elliot Forchheimer, a most deserving honoree! We are so sorry that we can’t celebrate with you and the rest of the Westchester Jewish Council contingent. We send you our best regards and strong support. Ellen & Moshe Gelboim & Family

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 76

Elliot ~ We appreciate your incredible dedication to our Jewish Community. Thanks for all your wonderful leadership. Mazel Tov on tonight’s recognition.

Laurie and Stephen Girsky

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 77

Yasher Koach

Big Shot! You deserve all the applause. With much appreciation for all you do for the Jewish community ‌

Tara, Wayne, Zach, Josh and Adam

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 78

Elliot Mazel Tov on a well deserved honor! Thank you for all you do to make Westchester a better Jewish community.

Cindy and Ben Golub

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 79

Our Warmest Congratulations to

ELLIOT FORCHHEIMER our Guest of Honor Yasher Koach! and our very best wishes to the Westchester Jewish Council for its continued success. Eugene and Emily Grant C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 80

1 7 5 0



3 7


W O R L D W I D E˚

Congratulations Greenberg Traurig, LLP and Keith E. Reich join our friends at

The Westchester Jewish Council in honoring

Elliot Forchheimer for his dedication and commitment to the Council and to the Jewish Community.


GREENBERG TRAURIG, LLP | AT TORNEYS AT L AW | WWW.GTL AW.COM Greenberg Traurig is a service mark and trade name of Greenberg Traurig, LLP and Greenberg Traurig, P.A. ©2015 Greenberg Traurig, LLP. Attorneys at Law. All rights reserved. °These numbers are subject to fluctuation. *Operates as Greenberg Traurig Maher LLP. +Operates as Greenberg Traurig, S.C. ∞Operates as Greenberg Traurig LLP Foreign Legal Consultant Office. ^Operates as a branch of Greenberg Traurig, P.A., Florida, USA. ¤Greenberg Traurig Tokyo Law Offices are operated by Greenberg Traurig Horitsu Jimusho, an affiliate of Greenberg Traurig, P.A. and Greenberg Traurig, LLP. ~Greenberg Traurig’s Warsaw office is operated by Greenberg Traurig Grzesiak sp.k., an affiliate of Greenberg Traurig, P.A. and Greenberg Traurig, LLP. 24705

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 81


C a p ta in J a c k

WJC 39th Anniversary • 82

We do not know the extent of our own power to change and to effect change. But we must act; that is in our power. – RABBI BARUCH BOKSER

Elliot The Board and Staff of the JCC of Mid-Westchester thanks you for all your hard work on our behalf and the many other ways You strengthen our Jewish community! We also thank you for being a Mensch!

Yasher Koach to you and WJC!

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 83

Thank you

Elliot for your leadership, dedication, and friendship!

Gary & Diane Katz

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 84

Serving the Hudson Valley and beyond for over 30 years



WESTCHESTER JEWISH COUNCIL David Glasser, Managing Member

• Business Transactions • Construction Law • Education Law • Elder Law • Environmental Law • Intellectual Property & Technology Law

914.946.4777 White Plains, NY

• Labor Relations & Employment Law • Land Development & Zoning • Litigation & Dispute Resolution • Municipal Law • Real Estate • Trusts & Estates

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 85

845.896.0120 Fishkill, NY

Elliot has worked without trepidation or fears In service for WJC for ten glorious years The Jewish community with distinction he serves And now, for him an honor that he well deserves Sometimes his profile is kept relatively low Allowing others to get credit and run the show But often that’s a result of his effort and hard work Because responsibility is something he’ll never shirk The truth is Elliot you are one that we all appreciate You are a wonderful person and the job you do is great So now step into the limelight and take a great bow For the Westchester Jewish Council honors you now Mazel Tov to Our Wonderful Honoree:

ELLIOT FORCHHEIMER and to the Entire Westchester Jewish Council

Barbara & Marc Klee C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 86

What a pleasure to honor my friend,

Elliot Forchheimer Elliot sees the big picture, always with noteworthy sensitivity and always as a mensch. Mazal Tov to you and your family, Betsy Miller Landis

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 87

In honor of

Elliot Forchheimer’s 10 years of service to Westchester’s Jewish Community.

We are grateful for all that you (and Joan) do to improve our community and support our children. Yasher Koach, David and Ellen Levy

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 88

Nita and Stephen Lowey salute

Westchester Jewish Council at its

39th Anniversary Gala and Congratulate

Elliot Forchheimer

on his 10 years of dedicated service to our community.

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 89


congratulations on reaching this milestone. The Westchester Jewish community is truly fortunate to have a leader like you. Your hard work and dedication, along with that of the other Council staff, serve as a constant reminder of how much can be accomplished by caring and thoughtful people. Thanks for all that you do for our community. The Mamaysky Family

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 90

“Let the righteous of those who have served on behalf of the community endure forever” ~ Ethics of the Fathers

Mazel Tov

Elliot Thank you for all you do for the Jewish Community

Abby and Bruce Mendelsohn

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 91

Congratulations to

Our Leader Elliot Forchheimer The Westchester Jewish community is a better place because of your Dedication Creativity Determination Team Building Leadership Fun Spirit Warmth


Mıtzvah Market Davler Media Group

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 92

With admiration and appreciation to

Elliot Forchheimer Your many years of leadership and commitment have had a tremendous and lasting impact on the Westchester Jewish Community. You and Joan are a great team! Mazel Tov, Beth and Gabe Nechamkin C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 93

Mazal Tov

Elliot on being our very special honoree, for 10 years of service, as Executive Director of the Westchester Jewish Council It has been my pleasure to be one of your many “partners”, as a member of the WJC board. I look forward to seeing you lead the Westchester Jewish community (with dedicated lay leaders, and a great professional staff), for many years to come. Our thanks to Bill, Debra, Nancy, and Ron for chairing another successful Gala.

Janet and Warren Newcorn

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 94

“I have learned much from my teachers. More from my colleagues. But most of all — from my students.” —Babylonian Talmud, Ta'anit 7a

MAZEL TOV TO ELLIOT FORCHHEIMER Who is continually teaching us. Who we are proud to call our colleague. Who never stops being a student.

NJY Camps Staff

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 95

ELLIOT Colleague Friend Mensch Always “There” for Others

Noah and Julie Rockowitz

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 96

10 Dear Elliot, Heartfelt Mazel Tov and deepest gratitude for your collaboration and friendship over the past ten years! Your leadership, dedication and humor are a blessing to us all as we engage in meaningful work. Warmest wishes for continued strength and success, Rosenthal JCC Board and Staff

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 97

Elliot Forchheimer A thoughtful guardian of all things Jewish in Westchester. A steadfast and compassionate friend. A true Tzadik. Mazel Tov!

Karen and Jay Schecter

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 98

Congratulations Elliot Forchheimer Judith A. Stern Group Director & Senior Vice President 1C Quaker Ridge Road New Rochelle, NY 10804 (914) 712-2220

Member FDIC

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 99

‫ללמוד וללמד לשמור ולעשות‬

“Life is not meaningful unless it is serving an end beyond itself, unless it is of value to someone else.” Rabbi Professor Abraham Joshua Heschel Schechter Westchester is extremely honored to wish a heartfelt mazal tov to our High School parent, kehilah member, and friend

Elliot Forchheimer Your dedication, devotion, and work on behalf of the Westchester Jewish Council have been of immense benefit to others and fulfull Rabbi Heschel’s definition of making life meaningful. We are delighted to join in recognizing your significant contributions to the Westchester Jewish community. With best wishes, Schechter Westchester Michael Leffell President, Board of Trustees

Dr. Michael A. Kay Head of School

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 100

,ecakn mc` ly enewn `l !enewn z` cakn mc` `l` "It is not the place that honors the man, but rather the man who honors the place" We are honored by our opportunity to work with

Elliot Forchheimer whose dedication to the earthly business of the Westchester Jewish Council enables the sacred work of our holy community.

!w¥Gg© z§ p¦ e§ ,w©fg £ ,w©fg £ May we all go from strength to strength! The Clergy, Staff, Officers, and Congregants of

Temple Beth Abraham Tarrytown, New York

Rabbi David Holtz

Cantor Margot Goldberg

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 101

Congratulations to the

WESTCHESTER JEWISH COUNCIL on the celebration of its 39th Annual Gala.

Mazel tov to


on his 10 years of service to the WJC and to the entire Westchester Jewish Community.


May you go from strength to strength!

The Officers and Board of Trustees of Temple Israel Center, and the entire TIC community

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 102

Mazal Tov to our good friend

ELLIOT FORCHHEIMER Thank you for all you have done for our community in Westchester and beyond!

Sarene Shanus and Harold Treiber

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 103

To our Dear friend,

Elliot We love you “Just the way you are” – a great leader, friend and a true mensch.

Love, Ellen, Don, Rebecca and Ben

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 104

Mazel Tov to our esteemed congregant

Elliot Forchheimer as he is honored on a decade of outstanding leadership and stellar service to the Westchester Jewish Council and the greater Jewish community.

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 105

C a p ta in J a c k WJC 39th Anniversary • 106

To Elliot An honor long overdue! To a quiet hero for our community and so much more! With Love, Joy and Avi Avidan

American Jewish World Service congratulates


for his extraordinary dedication and accomplishments. His support of the growing AJWS community here in Westchester is having a profound effect on lives around the world. With tremendous gratitude and admiration, Ruth Messinger and the AJWS Westchester Leadership Council Diane Greenwald Pat Stanley Sally Hoffman Judith Stern Andrea Kaplan Diane Werner

WJC 39th Anniversary • 107

Elliot Congratulations on this well-deserved honor. Not many people have the exceptional reputation you have. Thanks for being so loyal to me throughout the years. All the best

Roger Denhoff Beehive Press


Thank you and Mazal Tov on giving more than 613 thousand hours (that’s 24/7 * 365 days for 10 years at least) of loving devotion to our Westchester Kehilah. Your leadership, passion, and hard work is evident in everything you and the Westchester Jewish Council does for our community. We look forward to another 10 years of your leadership! With much appreciation and gratitude, Kol HaKavod

Trisanne and Sam Berger WJC 39th Anniversary • 108

On behalf of the Russian-speaking Jewish community of NY, we congratulate our dear friend and colleague

Elliot Forchheimer

on this well-deserved honor. Our best wishes to Elliot, to our friend and a new board member Roman Shuf, and to the Westchester Jewish Council from COJECO, your newest member organization

Edward Mermelstein COJECO Board President

Roman Shuf WJC Board Member

Roman Shmulenson COJECO Executive Director

The Rabbis, Cantor, Board, and Staff of Congregation Kol Ami Congratulate Elliot Forchheimer, Executive Director of the Westchester Jewish Council. Through his encouragement and dedication over the past 10 years, he has fostered a sense of community, commitment, and cooperation within the Westchester Jewish community.

WJC 39th Anniversary • 109

Heartfelt congratulations to


on your 10 years of service at WJC. Thank you for all you have done to support and strengthen our community. Sharon Gorman & Sarah Cooper

Michael and Lauren Foreman thank you, Elliot, for your 10 years of dedication and inspiring work, leading the Westchester Jewish Council and being such a powerful and positive force in our Westchester Jewish communication. We wish you and your family peace and love, and a lifetime of blessings for years to come. Yascher koach, Elliot.

New York, New York White Plains, New York

WJC 39th Anniversary • 110


ELLIOT You truly are an inspiration to us! Rosele & Dan Frishwasser

WJC 39th Anniversary • 111

Congratulations to


on receiving this wonderful and well-deserved honor for his contributions to the community and in proud partnership with the Westchester Jewish Council for the Annual Countywide Yom Hashoah Commemoration Valerie O’Keeffe, Chair Millie Jasper, Executive Director

Our Congratulations to Elliot Forchheimer on this Honor Lynn Bagliebter First Senior Vice President

Lisbet Acuna AVP & Branch Manager

Church Street Branch: 40 Church Street, White Plains, NY 10601|914-761-5070 Headquarters: 21 Scarsdale Road, Yonkers, NY 10707 Member of the FDIC

WJC 39th Anniversary • 112



Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds 999 Wilmot Road, 2nd Floor at JCC ∙ Scarsdale, NY 10583 ∙ 914.713.9003

INVEST IN ISRAEL BONDS · ISRAELBONDS.COM This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with investing in Israel bonds. Member FINRA

In honor of the many amazing contributions by

Elliot Forchheimer over the years! The Jablansky Family WJC 39th Anniversary • 113

Congratulations to Elliot Forchheimer on receiving this wonderful and well-deserved honor! His wisdom and hard work has enabled the Westchester Jewish Council to grow and stand as a central resource for Jewish life in Westchester County. Elliot is a true partner and friend to The Jewish Education Project as we spark and spread innovations that expand the reach and increase the impact of Jewish education for children, teens and families.

Tara Slone-Goldstein President

Robert Sherman Chief Executive Officer     Congratulations  Elliot  on  this  most  deserved  honor!   We  appreciate  all  of  your  wonderful  support.     J-­‐Teen  Leadership  Circle  Co-­‐Chairs:   Aaron  Afran,  Josh  Girsky,  Rachel  Kleinhandler,  Zoe  Moskowitz,  Lilah  Schaeffer   Executive  Director:     Abbe  Marcus     Ronnie  Siegel,  Hillary  Marra,  Micah  Weiss,  Margo  Lampert     The  J-­‐Teen  Leadership  Advisory  Group:   Tracey  Bilski,  Ellen  Brown,  Laurie  Girsky,  Laura  Kleinhandler,  Tammy  Levine   Heidi  Rieger,  Tara  Slone-­‐Goldstein,  Pam  Wexler    

WJC 39th Anniversary • 114

“Say little and do much, and receive all men with a cheerful face.”             Pirkei Avot (1:15)

Elliot You embody those words. Thank you for your ten years of leadership and friendship.

Fondly, Michael Karnes and Jane Rubin

We join the Westchester Jewish Council and the entire Westchester Jewish community in thanking Elliot for the energy, spirit and good humor he brings to everyone he works with and everything he touches. Leslye and Gary Katz WJC 39th Anniversary • 115

Mazel Tov WJC’s

“Big Shot”

Elliot Forchheimer! Thank you for helping the Jewish Community in Westchester by “Keeping the Faith” and by being “Just the Way You Are.”

Arlene and Michael Kleinberg

Y’asher Koach,


Toda raba for your leadership in the Jewish community. From S2K until now, you make us all kadosh! Elizabeth and David Lampert WJC 39th Anniversary • 116

Congratulations to

Elliot and the Westchester Jewish Council for your unwavering devotion to the Jewish Community and beyond With gratitude and admiration Rabbi Fred and Joanne Congratulations TO

Strategic Services_BCW Ad


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THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK Legislative & Government Lobbying Congratulations to the honorees! AND YOUR COMMITMENT TO WJC Political Campaign Consulting Thanks for all your work! Arnold Linhardt Strategic Services, Inc.

Government and Public Affairs 170 East Post Road · Suite 207B White Plains, NY 10601 914·946·8400 fax 914·946·5077

WJC 39th Anniversary • 117

Mazel Tov to

Elliot Forchheimer from Barry Lovell & Ellen Reinheimer

The Masorti Foundation is proud to acknowledge the hard work and exemplary








represents the best of Jewish professionalism. He has dedicated his life to family and Klal Yisrael. Mazal Tov to a true leader, consensus builder, and mentor. Rabbi Alan Silverstein and Laura Lewis Board Chair and Executive Director 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 832, New York, NY 10115 • •212.870.2216

  WJC 39th Anniversary • 118

Who is wise? One who learns from every person. Who is to be honored? One who honors others. Pirkei Avot 4:1

Mazel Tov and Thank You to

Elliot Forchheimer From Barbara Merson and Marty Kremer Congratulations to   Elliot  Forchheimer  for  10  Years  of  outstanding  service   as  Executive  Director,  Westchester  Jewish  Council  


Bishop Martin  Nelson,  Senior  Pastor  

WJC 39th Anniversary • 119

New Rochelle,  NY  10801   Web:   E-­‐mail:     Phone:  (914)  235-­‐7266   Fax:  (914)  636-­‐0824

Mazal Tov,


on this well deserved honor! Thank you for all you do for our community!

Plaza Jewish Community Chapel

Jayne and Darren Peister

WJC 39th Anniversary • 120

Mazel Tov, Elliot! nd s a eral rk” ity ed Yo un fun ew m N h h t is g com el in ew ly din p aJ on ha tan ing e s r h t dc e vid ne m nd o o r w U r “ p f o e en

630 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10024 (212) 769-4400 • (800) 227-3974 Pre-need services are available Serving the metropolitan New York area 24 hours a day

Mazal Tov to

Elliot Forchheimer on this well deserved honor. Ellen and James Raboy

Elliot, You are an inspiration to all of us Heidi and Richard Rieger

WJC 39th Anniversary • 121

Natural Gas

Oil Delivery


Great Customer Service

Air Conditioning

Duct Cleaning


Mazal Tov to

ELLIOT FORCHHEIMER on this well-deserved honor

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Westchester Jewish Council and the greater Jewish community that benefits us all. May you continue to go from strength to strength.

Beverly and Michael Rosenbaum WJC 39th Anniversary • 122

Mazel Tov

Elliot Thank you for all you do for the Westchester Jewish Community Neil and Wendy Sandler

MAZAL TOV  to  our  friend  and  colleague,   Elliot  Forchheimer    

Thank you  for  your  time,  dedication,  and  leadership.   May  you,  your  family,  and  our   entire  Westchester  Jewish  community  only  go     from  strength  to  strength.   With  Best  Wishes,    

The Board  of  Trustees,  Clergy,  and  Staff 914-­‐725-­‐5175     WJC 39th Anniversary • 123

Congratulations to the wonderful

Elliot Forchheimer! Yael Schulman

Elliot, thank you for your many years of service to the Westchester Jewish Council and the whole Jewish community. Barbara & Stan Selbst WJC 39th Anniversary • 124

Mazel Tov to Elliot Forchheimer on a well-deserved honor! With deep appreciation to Elliot and the Westchester Jewish Council for all they’ve done to make our community safer, smarter, stronger and more deeply connected.

46 Fox Meadow Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 914-472-2013

Large enough to offer everything you want in a synagogue, yet small enough to feel like home. Visit us anytime!

Yasher Koach to

Elliot Forchheimer,

a true mensch, inspiration, and Westchester’s finest! Thank you for all that you do on behalf of our community and Klal Yisrael! Jennifer and Bart Sokol WJC 39th Anniversary • 125

Temple Sholom joins the Westchester and Fairfield communites in honoring Elliot Forchheimer for his 10 years of service to Westchester Jewish Council

Yasher Koach Elliot! Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitz Cantor Asa Fradkin

300 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 203-869-7191 •


Here is just a small sample of what the Westchester Jewish Council does: WAJE – Westchester Adult Jewish Education Westchester Jewish Council Leadership Development Institute Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast Celebrate Israel Parade Westchester Jewish Music and Arts Festival Westchester Jewish Council Anniversary Gala Night of Jewish Learning and Celebration Night of Jewish Music and Joy Jewish History and Heritage Month Celebration Westchester Legislative Breakfast County-Wide Holocaust Commemoration Westchester Jewish Council Round Tables And lots more! WJC 39th Anniversary • 126

Elliot You and Joan model for all of us what it means to live a meaningful Jewish life. You have committed yourselves to our community in ways that have benefited “All” of us. You have worked tirelessly and with great compassion for the less fortunate and the stranger. We love you and are honored to count you as friends. Judy and Jack Stern Rebecca, Dana, Daniel and Mati

Mazel Tov to Elliot our “Westchester Man” From Your Friends at Temple Israel of New Rochelle

WJC 39th Anniversary • 127

Elliot, Mazel Tov and thank you for your many years of service to the Westchester Jewish community. Lizzy and Josh Trump




Mazel Tov

Elliot With appreciation and admiration for your dedication and your leadership Kol HaKavod Harry & Karen Waizer SUZ 11340 WMC-Larchmont_SUZ 11340 WMC-Larchmont 10/17/13 3:29 PM

Privately owned and operated by the Weinstein Family since 1930

Day after day, season after season, year after year, people come to us because they know we will be there for them. 1652 Central Park Avenue | Yonkers, NY 10710 (1 block North of Tuckahoe Rd.) P. 914.793.3800 | F. 914.793.2300 |

WJC 39th Anniversary • 129

“If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.”                   ~ Billy Joel


ELLIOT FORCHHEIMER Thank you for doing what you love and making a difference in our Westchester neighborhood and beyond! We are blessed with your visionary and inspiring leadership, your incomparable dedication and your special warmth and friendship. We “love you just the way you are!”

YASHER KOACH! With love and appreciation, Pam and Bruce Wexler

Thank you


for communicating, coordinating, convening and CARING Mazal Tov Steven and Debbie Young WJC 39th Anniversary • 130

‫יָחַ ד‬-‫ַאחים גַם‬ ִ ‫נָעִ ים שֶׁ בֶׁ ת‬-‫ּטוֹב ּומַ ה‬-‫הִ נֵּה מַ ה‬

Mazel Tov

‫ א‬:‫תהלים קלג‬-

Elliot, as your and Joan’s friends for more than a quarter century (and Elana and Jacob’s for a

little less than that), we are honored to celebrate you and all that you do to help our communities “dwell together in unity.” Mazal Tov ! Love, Lori, Arie, Sam, Eitan and Jojo Abecassis

on this well deserved honor! Thank you for your continued dedication to the Westchester Community! AJR 23.2 12-29-14 WJC Journal Ad quarter-page

Amy & Jeremy Abramson

Dear Elliot Mazal Tov and best wishes to you and to WJC for continued success! Mona and David Abramson

WJC 39th Anniversary • 131

I don’t know where I fit in the Jewish spectrum, so how can I be a rabbi, cantor or communal leader? AJR’s pluralistic education, including a new Master’s in Jewish Studies Program, offers you the opportunity to pioneer a personal vision of Jewish leadership.

AJR’s flexible scheduling allows for both fulltime and part-time study. For more information, please contact Cantor Lisa Klinger-Kantor at 914.709.0900 x14.

You can do it at AJR. ORdAInIng R AbbIS And CAntORS FOR ALL JewISh COMMunItIeS

28 weLLS Avenue YOnKeRS, new YORK AJRSeM.ORg

Mazal Tov

Elliot for a well deserved honor. We applaud your hard work and appreciate your kindness. Liat and Daniel Altman To Our Dear Colleague and Friend, Elliot ~ Our love for all you are; all you champion; all you make happen each and every day toward tikkun olam runs forever deep. Kol hakavod on a decade of contributions to WJC, the Westchester Jewish community and beyond,

Ellie Aronowitz and Mike Witkes WJC 39th Anniversary • 132

The board of directors of American Friends of Soroka Medical Center Congratulates and salutes

Elliot Forchheimer

A consummate leader and force for unity and inspiration in the Westchester Jewish Community It is always a great pleasure to work with Elliot and the WJC on programs that contribute so much to the fabric of communal life in Westchester and beyond May Elliot continue to go from Strength to Strength

Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld Executive Director American Friends of Soroka Medical Center Israel’s Iron Dome for Health


Elliot on this well deserved honor! Madeleine and David Arnow

Elliot, Congratulations on being this year’s Gala honoree. We could not think of anyone more deserving of this honor. We appreciate everything you do for WJC and are proud to call you our friend.

Ron & Marilyn Arsham

This is so well deserved. We are all in your debt for your contribution to the Westchester Jewish community. Your dedication and commitment are a shining example and an inspiration to all! Shari & Amos To

Mazel Tov

Elliot Forchheimer

to the best

Consummate mensch, Model leader,

“Big Shot”

Trusted friend and colleague


You honor us with your service

Joi and Peter Baum

Rabbi Les Bronstein & Cantor Benjie Schiller

WJC 39th Anniversary • 133

Dear Elliot: From P.S. 164 to the Jewish Center of Kew Gardens Hills to Cejwin Camps and FINALLY to the Westchester Jewish Council We are so proud of our shared history and of all your accomplishments. Tov, Tov, Tov M�od!!

Congratulations to

Elliot on a Well-Deserved Honor. Gerry and Stefani Cohen

Louise and Roger Challop

Mazel Tov to

Elliot Forchheimer and thank you to the Westchester Jewish Council for your leadership role in our community

In Appreciation of

Debra Abrahams Weiner For Years of Service to the Jewish Community Fondly,

Marcia Horowitz and Richard Cohen, Louise and Bobby Cohen Bet Am Shalom Synagogue

WJC 39th Anniversary • 134

“We’re all carried along by the river of dreams...” ~ Billy Joel



your consistently

Bigger Ideas

thank you for all you do to help us realize the dreams of this wonderful community!

reward the Council with consistently

With gratitude from Rabbis Howard and Jennifer Goldsmith and all the members of Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester

Carolyn and Steve Cony

Mazel Tov

Elliot on this most deserved honor. Carol and Herb Corbin

WJC 39th Anniversary • 135

Better Results.



Mazal Tov to


for his leadership the past ten years, and Rabbi Amiel Wohl for his vision and leadership in the creation of the Westchester Jewish Council.

for a solid decade of visionary leadership, extraordinary service, and substantive accomplishments on behalf of the Westchester Jewish Council. Through his unwavering dedication and overwhelming commitment, he has enriched our Jewish Life in Westchester by fostering relationships within the county and beyond and by serving as a resource for so many.

Judith H. Darsky

Ilene and Irwin Davison

Proud to be the Technology Consultant to The Westchester Jewish Conference _________________________

DGH Technologies, Inc. Computer System Design, Integration, & Management Commercial & Residential

David G. Hoch 455 Central Park Ave. #311 Phone: 914-779-7409 Scarsdale, NY 10583 _______________________________

Serving the technology needs of Businesses, Residences, and Not-for-Profits, throughout Westchester and New York City

WJC 39th Anniversary • 136

Mazel Tov


You lead by example and inspire our community to do the same. May you go from strength to strength Susan Solow-Dubin and Marvin Dubin

To Elliot Mazel Tov on this well deserved honor. We have all reaped the benefits of your hard work and dedication.

Best wishes, Tova & Barry Effron

Congratulations to our dear friend


We fondly acknowledge your special relationship with the Essner Family. Linda, Allen, Danny, Nily and Tamar

Elliot Thanks for 10 years of amazing leadership

on this well deserved honor!

and inspiration.

Our Westchester community is blessed to have you!

Here’s to many, many

Karen and David Everett and family

WJC 39th Anniversary • 137

more years to come.

Karen and Howie Firestone


Thank You for a decade of Supporting and Uniting our Westchester Jewish Community. Sheryl and Aaron Fleishaker

Mazel Tov to our Honoree and My Good Friend Elliot Forchheimer

Donald J. Fleishaker

David B. Gelfarb Legislator, 6th District

Westchester County Board of Legislators 148 Martine Avenue, 8th Floor White Plains, New York 10601 Tel: (914) 995-2834 Fax: (914) 995-3884

Mazal Tov to Elliot Forchheimer



94 WHITE PLAINS ROAD TARRYTOWN, NY 10591 (914) 333-0700 FAX: (914) 333-0743

WJC 39th Anniversary • 138

Judy and David Gilberg


Threats and challenges around us make strengthening our Jewish community ever more important. We therefore very much appreciate your role, dedication and contribution in the leadership of the Westchester Jewish Council. With Admiration Lynette, Louis, Julian & Robyn Goldberg

Dear Elliot A well deserved honor. Mazel Tov Karen and Jonathan Goldstick

WJC 39th Anniversary • 139

Elliot, Mazel Tov

on the Well Deserved Honor Your Tireless Work on Behalf of the Westchester Jewish Community is an Inspiration for All Ellen & David Goldschmidt Karen & Daniel Kosowsky

The Westchester Jewish Council connects Westchester’s Jewish communities and strengthens relationships among Jewish organizations and other ethnic and faith based groups, elected officials, Israel, and the community at large.


The Hebrew Home Hebrew Hospital Hospital Home of Westchester Extends Their Congratulations To of Westchester Ron Burton is proud to join the On his fine accomplishments on behalf of Westchester Council WestchesterJewish Jewish Council in honoring our esteemed Executive Director

Mary Frances  Barrett                                                                      Peter  Sanna                          Chief  Executive  Officer                                            Executive  Director        

Elliot ForchHeimer and thank him for his guidance and sage counsel over all these years


Mary Frances Barrett, CEO

Congratulations to a

Big Shot

at Two WJC’s Lots of love, Cindy and Randy Heller

WJC 39th Anniversary • 140

Mazel Tov to Elliot Forchheimer!

Elliot, This is an honor richly deserved! We’re so happy for our friend and colleague,

Elliot Forchheimer who does so much for our entire community

Rabbi David & Dr. Renée Holtz Yoni, Avi and Shira

Mazal Tov on this much deserved award. You are the umbrella under which Westchester’s Jewish community joins together. Much love,

The Holtzers Mazel Tov To

Elliot Forchheimer With special thanks to Debra Abrahams Weiner for all you do Richard Cohen and Marcia Horowitz

WJC 39th Anniversary • 141


Elliot, A much deserved honor! We consider ourselves very lucky to have you and Joan as leaders in our community! Love, Amy and Mitchell Josephs

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov

Elliot On a well deserved honor Haina Just Michael and Bernie Michael

Elliot Thanks for all you do for Westchester. Your friends, Alex Roth-Kahn and David Kahn


Congratulations on this well deserved honor. Thank you for your extraordinary leadership.



2:07 PM

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MICHAEL B. KAPLOWITZ, J.D., CFP Chairman of the Board Legislator - 4th District

Rikki & Barry Kaplan

WJC 39th Anniversary • 142

Westchester County Board of Legislators 800 Michaelian Office Bldg. 148 Martine Avenue White Plains, NY 10601

Tel: (914) 995-2848 Fax: (914) 995-3884

Elliot We are grateful for your lifelong commitment to Jewish causes and for all the amazing work you do for the Westchester Community We are blessed to call you our friend. Rock On . . .

Audrey and Scott Kaufman


Elliot on his amazing leadership of the Westchester Jewish Council from Lynn and Marty Keltz

Mazel Tov to

Elliot Forchheimer We honor you for your inspiring leadership, heartfelt commitment and lifelong service to the Jewish community. With admiration,

Laura & David Kleinhandler

WJC 39th Anniversary • 143

Kol Hazzanim, the Cantors of Westchester, wish a hearty Mazel Tov to Elliot Forchheimer! ‫ליח לא ליחמ וכלי‬ May you go from strength to strength…



Mazel Tov


on this much deserved honor!

With Sincere thanks and appreciation for your devotion to the strength and cohesion of the Jewish community.

We thank you for all you do for the Westchester Jewish community.

Lynn K. Kroll

David and Liz Landau

Mazal Tov to a real mench From Larchmont Temple

WJC 39th Anniversary • 144

Dear Elliot, Mazel Tov on this well deserved honor. Thank you for everything you and Joan do for our community. Love, Jennifer and Jeffrey Lavine Josh and Melissa

Mazel Tov


nks to our Big Shot, Elliot Forchheimer, for Amy and Frank love ofThanks andto commitment to strengthening our Big Shot, Elliot Forchheimer, for lovein of and commitment to strengthening Jewish his life Westchester and beyond. Linde Jewish life in Westchester and beyond. The Lev Family

The Lev Family

Dear Elliot, I am delighted to join in the celebration of your outstanding achievements and your dedication to the Jewish community and beyond. I know your leadership and commitment will continue to inspire us all. With admiration and appreciation,

Lee Lowell

WJC 39th Anniversary • 145

~ Elliot ~ Mazel Tov on 10 years of service to the WJC! We thank you for all that you do for the Westchester Jewish community.

Bonnie & Russell Mannis and family

Congratulations to

Elliot Forchheimer


Westchester Jewish Council



Be Strong! Be Strong! And may we be strengthened! Michelle Gavens & Brian Margolis

David & Betty Menashi

Mazel Tov


to a of a leader

With deep gratitude for all you have done and best wishes for the work ahead.

Lisa Messinger

Irina Martynova & Dennis Monasebian


WJC 39th Anniversary • 146

Mazal Tov Elliot on this well-deserved honor! Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai posed this question to his students: Look about you and tell me, which is the way in life to which one should cleave? Rabbi Eliezer said: a generous eye Rabbi Yehoshua said: a good friend Rabbi Yose said: a good neighbor Rabbi Shimon said: foresight Rabbi Elazar said: a generous heart.                          (PIrkei Avot 2:13)


no one needs to look further than you to answer Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai. You embody all of these values. Thank you for strengthening our Westchester Community, Westchester Jewish Center Community, and for our friendship.

Rabbi Loren and Jeremy Monosov

Mazel Tov to


who is an inspiration to us all Bonnie, David Shira, Natasha and Zach

WJC 39th Anniversary • 147

In Honor of

Elliot Forchheimer

and the Westchester Jewish Council Wendy and Dan Moskowitz

Mazel Tov

Elliot and the Westchester Jewish Council

Karen and Eric Nodiff

Proud to Support

Westchester Jewish Council 39th Anniversary Gala

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Honoree

Elliot Forchheimer

For all you’ve done

Kol Hakavod


on this

and continue to do,


a well-deserved honor.


Carole & Mitch Ostrove

Cheryl & Lloyd Pine

WJC 39th Anniversary • 148


ELLIOT FORCHHEIMER on a decade of inspiring leadership We are proud to have the WESTCHESTER JEWISH COUNCIL as a supporter of PJ Library to bring the gift of Jewish books and music to THOUSANDS OF WESTCHESTER FAMILIES EVERY MONTH Thanks to Elliot and WJC, we CONNECT HERE and

Mazel Tov to

Elliot Forchheimer


The Jewish Studies Program Purchase College SUNY

Sign up for the gift of PJ Library -

Mazel Tov Elliot Thank you for all you do for the Jewish Community Karen and Joseph Rafalowicz WJC 39th Anniversary • 149

“One candle can spread its light to the world”            ~ Talmud 20


your dedication to the Westchester Jewish community serves as an inspiration to us all. Kol Hachavod to you and everyone involved in the success of the Westchester Jewish Council over the past 10 years. We are eagerly looking forward to the next 10 years. From our family to yours ~ Mark, Rika, Beth and Sandy Reisman.

We are indebted to


for his wonderful leadership and service to the Westchester community. Mazel Tov on this well deserved honor!

Yasher Koach

Elliot! May you go from strength to strength! Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky and Neil T. Rimsky

Elise and Barry Richman With thanks to



for all he does in service of the Westchester Jewish Community!


We’re happy to know you and to be here to celebrate you and your accomplishments.

well deserved honor

Ellen Plum and Robert Rosenberg

WJC 39th Anniversary • 150

on this

Leslie and Sybil Rosenberg

Mazel Tov,

Elliot, for your outstanding work in the Jewish community. Peter & Elana Rothschild Serving Our Community for over 35 Years

Mazal Tov, Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing salutes Westchester Jewish Council and congratulates Elliot Forchheimer

Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is a leading not-for-profit skilled nursing facility in White Plains, NY. Our services include long term care, short term rehabilitation, subacute medical services, skilled nursing care, music therapy, dementia care and many more. We are a member of CenterLight Health System, one of the largest providers of managed long term care, shortterm rehabilitation, residential nursing homes, music therapy and home care in the New York metropolitan area. To learn more, call 1-914-287-7200 or visit

WJC 39th Anniversary • 151


on this well-deserved recognition. Your leadership and example inspire us and have made a lasting impact on the Westchester Jewish community and beyond.

Helene and David Schonbrun



Congratulations on this well deserved honor! Your leadership of the Westchester Jewish Council and your work for the larger Jewish Community is very much appreciated.

Congratulations and thank you for all you do for the WJC and the Jewish community!

Elisabeth and Gary Schonfeld

Dan Schorr and Jen Buchwald

Mazal Tov

Elliot! It is an honor to get to work with you! Carolyn Schrier

Dear Elliot, Thank you for all that you have given to our beloved community. Your achievements are many and easily listed, though perhaps the most important ones happen quietly, without renown. I, and the Pelham Jewish Center, appreciate the myriad ways that you support so many people and institutions. We hope that you see the blessings that you have given to so many reflected back to you in the strength and unity of our Jewish community.

David Schuck

and the Pelham Jewish Center community

WJC 39th Anniversary • 152

Mazel Tov Elliot

Mazel Tov

All the best to you, Joan, Ilana and Jake.


Greg and Cindy Seinfeld

Danielle & Stu Seltzer

Congratulations to

Elliot for his years of leadership of the Westchester Jewish Council Alan and Jean Shepard

WJC 39th Anniversary • 153

We congratulate

Elliot Forchheimer Executive Director Westchester Jewish Council

10 Years of Service to the Jewish community SINAI FREE SYNAGOGUE

the small community with a big heart

SKYVIEW wine & spirits

“Blessed are those who take responsibility for the needs of the community.” 888-SKY 888 SKY•VINO VINO

With love and respect to

Mazel Tov

Elliot Skyview Wines & Gary Wartels Case Discount of 20% and the 10% on Single Malt Scotch excluding items already on sale.

Elliot, You are a most deserving honoree. Your work heals the world and brings the Jewish community closer together. Our Best Wishes,

Richard and Jill Spitz

WJC 39th Anniversary • 154

Elliot Forchheimer Dr. Elliot and Phyllis Spiegel

Who is wise? One who learns from everybody ~ Pirkei avot

To Elliot Who is wise and wonderful We honor you dear friend Susie and Jeffrey Stern

Rabbi Seth Sternstein and the Yorktown Jewish Center extend their warmest wishes to

Elliot Forchheimer

on 10 years of dedicated service to Westchester Jewish Council. May he go from strength to strength.

In honor of

Elliot Forchheimer’s

ten years of incredible leadership Ruth and Andrew Suzman

To my

Mentor & Friend, With love and gratitude for all you brought into my life (and to think it all started with the Penske file),

and for the world of good you have done for our community.

31 Glengary Road, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520

Elliot- you are a treasure.

Mazel Tov to Elliot Forchheimer We appreciate all you do to support

Mazel Tov on this well deserve honor.

and strengthen the Westchester Jewish Council.

Adrienne Tanner

Rabbi Jennifer Jaech and Cantor Devorah Avery

WJC 39th Anniversary • 155

Mazel Tov


on this well deserved honor. We are so thankful for your remarkable and tireless work for our community. With gratitude, Abby and Gabriel Tolchinsky

Mazel Tov To Elliot Forchheimer For  10  Years  of  Service   to     Westchester  Jewish   Council  and  the  Jewish   Community!     Melody  and  Ira   Weisman    

Mazel Tov to

Elliot Forchheimer and

Westchester Jewish Council

Westchester Jewish Life

The only monthly Jewish newspaper serving Westchester County

914-738-7869 Helene Pollack, Publisher

WJC 39th Anniversary • 156

“All that the Lord doth require of thee is to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Thy God.”

Mazel Tov,


These words from the Book of Micah are fitting for this evening of promise and celebration of

Job well done. We are all richer for your engagement.


and the

Westchester Jewish Council.

Betsy Woolf and Cliff Wolf

Thank you.

Rabbi Amiel Wohl



Elliot Forchheimer   Elliot  Forchheimer  

To our dear friend Elliot who has always been

‫עוסק בצרכי צבור‬

Executive    D Executive   irector  of  Dtirector   he  Westchester   of  the  Westchester   Jewish  Council   Jewish  Council   May you continue to have the     ‫כח‬  For  10  years    For   of  1D 0  istinguished   years  of  Distinguished   Service  to  tService   he  Westchester   to  the  Westchester   Community   Community   to continue the wonderful work you ‫מזל טוב‬         Charlotte and Howard Yudin THE  YOUNG   THE   ISRAEL   YOUNG   OF  IW SRAEL   HITE  O PLAINS   F  WHITE  PLAINS   RABBI  SHMUEL   RABBI   GSREENBERG,   HMUEL  GREENBERG,   RABBI   RABBI   JERRY  ADLER,   JERRY   PRESIDENT   ADLER,  PRESIDENT  

WJC 39th Anniversary • 157




Mazel Tov

Elliot! Congratulations on this well deserved honor! Hope and Simon Ziff

WJC 39th Anniversary • 158

Congratulations on a Well Deserved Honor You are a blessing to WJC and to our Westchester Community Thank you for all you are and all you do Harriett Zeller

Thank you


for all you do to keep us safe. Marion and Bob Zinman

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“Who is wise? One who learns from every person. Who is strong? One who subdues one’s evil inclination. Who is rich? One who is happy with one’s lot. Who is to be honored? One who honors others. ~Pirket Avot

WJC 39th Anniversary • 159

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


WJC 39th Anniversary • 160

Todah Rabah Thank you Our Gala Chairs Debra Abrahams Weiner Ron Burton William Schrag Nancy Zaro

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WJC 39th Anniversary • 161


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