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Westchester Jewish Council

Winning Ticket Harriet P. Schleifer


William H. Schrag

40 Anniversary Gala th

Saturday Evening, February 6, 2016


sees the needs of Jews around the world as a call for action and rises to that call with an unequaled passion and persistence.


sees the world of the disabled as one that is limitless in potential and strives to unlock that potential with an unmatched commitment. We are in love with what you do for us and we are in awe of what you do for so many others!

Mazel Tov

on being honored tonight

David, Adam, & Len Schleifer

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Board of Directors Jeremy Abramson Mona Abramson David A. Alpert Liat Altman Ron Arsham Harold Aspis Susan Taxin Baer Ellen Jancko-Baken Peter Baum Betsy Bernstein Gerry Cohen Steve Cony Richard Elkind David Eppinger Karen Firestone

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Larry Frankel David Glasser Sharon Gorman Millie Jasper Jeff Kapelus Gary Katz Michael Katz Cantor Hayley Kobilinsky Stuart Kolbert Elizabeth Lampert Betsy Landis Tony Lembeck Arnold Linhardt Harry Mamaysky Marvin Medow

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Andrew Benerofe Froma Benerofe Hon. Eliot Engel Donald Fleishaker Robert Friedland Hon. Nita Lowey Abigail Mandel

Ronald E. Burton Irwin S. Davison Hon. Sam Eisenberg (z”l) Hon. Samuel G. Fredman Donald Landis (z”l) Lester J. Millman Clarice Pressner Saul Singer Samuel Stein (z”l) Debra Abrahams Weiner Rabbi Amiel Wohl

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THE WESTCHESTER JEWISH COUNCIL    The Westchester Jewish Council (formerly the Westchester Jewish Conference) is the central communicating, coordinating, convening advisory and resource body for the county’s Jewish community, representing over 150 Jewish organizations and serving 150,000 Jews. As Westchester’s Jewish community relations organization, the Council unites Westchester Jewry with the State of Israel, fosters communication among Jewish organizations and cultivates and strengthens relations with other ethnic groups, elected officials and the community at large. The Council encourages participation in Jewish life and supports and develops initiatives and programs that meet existing and emerging Jewish communal needs.


William H. Schrag

Harriet P. Schleifer Harriet Schleifer is proud to be a co-honoree at the 2016

Westchester Jewish Council Gala. She is passionate about ensuring the well-being of Israel and the Jewish people at home and worldwide as well as advancing the cause of human rights and democratic values for all. She is a believer that we are responsible one for another and takes great pleasure in being part of the Council umbrella. She is an attorney whose focus was education law. She has extensive professional as well as personal experience helping students with special needs. She is now devoted to helping adults with developmental and social delays achieve independent living and employment opportunities. Harriet has served in many communal roles. She is a member of the Executive Council of the national Board of Governors of AJC and National Chair of AJC Project Interchange. She also serves as Development Co-Chair of the Jewish Religious Equality Coalition, is a member of the Executive Committee of the AJC Westchester/ Fairfield Regional Office and served as President of AJC Westchester/ Fairfield. Harriet has long served on the Board of Westchester Jewish Council and was a member of its Executive Committee. She is the Immediate Past President of her synagogue, Bet Torah in Mount Kisco, Vice President of the Board of Chapel Haven, Inc., in New Haven, and a board member of the Westchester Women’s Campaign UJA-Federation. She also served as First Vice President of the Rosenthal JCC, Vice President of the Family Support Services Council of the Westchester Developmental Disabilities Services Office, and held various leadership positions in the Chappaqua school district Parent Teachers Association. Harriet received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University, two graduate degrees in education from The University of Virginia and her law degree from St. John’s University. She is happily married to Leonard S. Schleifer and the proud mother of Adam and David.

William H. Schrag Bill Schrag has been a resident of Westchester for 27 years, where

he and his wife, Debbie, have been active members of various organizations. After serving on the Board of Trustees of the Young Israel of Scarsdale, Bill served as a Vice President and then CoPresident, together with his good friend, Harold Aspis. It was during Bill’s tenure as an officer of Young Israel that the Synagogue expanded, furnished its new facility and hired its first rabbinic intern and assistant and now Rabbi, Jonathan Morgenstern. Bill also led the Young Israel of Scarsdale cohort in Synagogue 2000, under the direction of Elliot Forchheimer and in collaboration with their cherished friend, Rabbi Jacob Rubenstein, Z”L. Bill has also been actively involved in local civic affairs. He has served as a liaison to various mayors and members of the New Rochelle City Council and on the Board of Trustees of the Stratton Hills Neighborhood Association. In that capacity, he has only addressed issues of concern to the general community but has also strengthened the ties between the Synagogue and its neighbors. The clean-up and dedication of Rubenstein Way in Carpenter’s Pond was a product of such efforts. Bill joined the Board of the Westchester Jewish Council in 2006 and in 2008 became a Vice President. He served under presidents Debbie Weiner, Ron Burton and Paul Warhit. He chaired the Presidents’ Roundtable, co-chaired seven Galas and represented Westchester’s growing Orthodox community. For 50 years, Bill has marched in, or attended, almost every Salute to Israel/Celebrate Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue and for the past three years, he has served as Grand Marshall of the WJC delegation. Bill joined the Board of UJA-Federation of New York in 2013, an organization that he has strongly supported since childhood, having knocked on doors to collect funds for the Israel Emergency Fund during the Six Day War. He has travelled to Israel extensively and, in 2012, joined a UJAFederation mission to the former Soviet Union. For many years, Bill also served on the Executive Committee of UJA-Federation’s Bankruptcy Group, co-chaired the annual UJA/Young Israel of Scarsdale campaign and served on the Westchester Leadership Cabinet of UJA-Federation. Bill is a partner in the New York office of Thompson Hine, a full-service law firm with approximately 400 attorneys, where he specializes in financial restructuring and corporate reorganization. He and Debbie are the proud parents of Elliot, Rebecca and her husband, Benjy; and Suzanne. They are grateful for the love and support they’ve received from their family and friends and look forward to celebrating our wonderful Westchester community at the Gala.

sjh od ohjt ,ca ohgb vnu cuy vn vbv “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity?�

Sam Stein, Hon. Samuel Fredman, Rabbi Amiel Wohl, Clarice Pressner, Hon. Samuel Eisenberg, Saul Singer

Mazel Tov!

Rabbi Amiel Wohl Hon. Samuel G. Fredman Saul Singer Clarice Pressner

Thank you for your vision and passion!

Written by Rabbi Amiel Wohl to present the need for the Westchester Jewish Council

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Westchester Jewish Council Gala Tribute Committee

Sharon Aspis

Amy & Frank Linde

Vicki & Richard Bienenfeld

Georgie & Rabbi Joshua Lookstein

Paula Blumenfeld & Joe Gantz

Bonnie & Russell Mannis

Ellen & Barry Carron

Hon. Sondra Miller

Adele & Alan Clingman

Linda Mirels

Emily & Richard Cohen

Jordana & Rabbi Jonathan  Morgenstern

Betty & Stuart Cotton Carole Daman Tova & Barry Effron Polina & Yan Erlikh Martine & Stanley Fleishman Ellen & Moshe Gelboim Lisa & Stuart Ginsberg Dorian Goldman & Marvin Israelow Ellen & David Goldschmidt Barbara & E. Robert Goodkind Hana Gruenberg   & Rabbi Aaron Brusso

Fern & Lou Oppenheim Sharon & Solomon Packer Judy & Steven Rieger Heidi & Richard Rieger Tobi Rogowsky Michael Rosenbaum Nancy & Stanley Rosenfeld Tara & Morgan Rutman Robin & David Samot Susan & Bruce Schneider Gerry & Herb Shapiro

Cantor Randy Herman

Tammy & Rick Shatz

Norman Z. Kahan

Arlene & Steve Smith

Helene & Harvey Kaminski

Jennifer & Bart Sokol

Jayne & Hon. Michael Kaplowitz

Ann & Les Tourk

Arlene & Michael Kleinberg

Elizabeth & Joshua Trump

Randi & Daniel Kreisler

Mindy Unger

Laura J. Lewis

Wendy & Daniel Weinreb

Dear Harriet:  

The larger  Jewish  world  has  benefitted  from  your  leadership  for  a  long   time.   Your  work  with  the  Westchester   Jewish   Council   and   the   American   Jewish   Committee   is   well   known.   Your   advocacy   for   pluralism   and   special  needs  under  the  larger  mission  of  inclusion  are  running  themes   of  your  leadership.  Wherever  you  go  you  make  a  difference.      

What we   at   Bet   Torah   are   most   proud   of   is   that   you   call   our   home,   your   home.  That  the  Harriet  we  see  speaking  to  diplomats  around  the  world,   members   of   Knesset   and   U.S.   elected   officials,   is   the   Harriet   we   daven   with  on  Shabbat  and  schmooze  with  during  kiddish.  We  at  Bet  Torah  are   proud  that  the  home  you  open  to  dignitaries  is  the   same  one  you  have   opened  to  your  synagogue  family.  We  take  such  great  pride  in  all  you  do   because  we  all  feel  so  truly  represented  by  the  warmth  and  caring  you   bring   out   into   the   world.   We   recognize   those   traits   as   what   you   love   about  our  home.      

And of  course  we  too  benefited  from  your  leadership  as  you  led  us  while   you  were  president  of  Sisterhood  and  president  of  the  congregation.   You  fill  your  time  with  meaningful  and  important  work  and  you  always   have  time  to  participate  in  and  contribute  leadership  to  your  Bet  Torah   community.        

Thank you  Harriet  for  all  you  do  for  the  larger  Jewish  world  and  what   you  have  done  and  continue  to  do  for  the  home  we  share  with  you.      

And thank  you  to  Lenny  for  his  unending  support  for  all  you  do.  We  love   watching  him  watch  you.  We  share  his  pride.      

Much love  from  the  Bet  Torah  community.     Rabbi  Aaron  Brusso    





February 6, 2016 Westchester Jewish Council 701 Westchester Avenue, Suite 203E White Plains, NY 10604 Dear Friends: It is truly my pleasure to congratulate the Westchester Jewish Council on their 40th Anniversary and to offer a warm welcome to everyone who has come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Tonight’s festivities offer a unique opportunity to reflect on the Westchester Jewish Council’s rich, full history. Founded in 1975, the Council has grown to become Westchester’s premier Jewish community relations organization. Today, it helps to foster strong bonds not only within the county’s large, varied Jewish community, but beyond. Through interfaith initiatives, collaborations with other service organizations, educational outreach and leadership development; the Council is committed to improving the lives of those in need, protecting civil liberties, and maintaining the Jewish culture and religion. I applaud this important work and wish the Council much continued success. Let me also take a moment to join you in saluting this year’s honorees: Harriet P. Schleifer and William H. Schrag. Without question, both of these outstanding individuals can take great pride in being recognized by your fine organization for their many achievements and dedication to their communities. Once again, best wishes to the Westchester Jewish Council on tonight’s gala and congratulations on this very special anniversary. I am sure it will be a memorable event. Warmest regards. Sincerely,

ERIC T. SCHNEIDERMAN The Capitol, Albany, N.Y. 12224 (518) 474-3527 Fax (518) 473-9907


CHAIR Real Property Taxation COMMITTEES Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Election Law Governmental Operations Health

SANDRA R.GALEF th Assemblywoman 90 District

February 6, 2016 Dear Westchester Jewish Council, I offer my warm congratulations to Harriet P. Schleifer and William H. Schrag who are being honored by the Westchester Jewish Council at this 40th Anniversary Gala for their hard-work that has contributed so much to our Westchester Community. Harriet Schleifer has occupied many leadership positions at the international, national, regional, and local level all aimed at ensuring the well-being of the Jewish community, and advancing the cause of human rights and democratic values for all. She should be recognized particularly for devoting so much of her professional and personal life to helping students with special needs, and adults with developmental delays seeking to achieve independent lives and employment opportunities. William Schrag’s devotion to the welfare of the Jewish community can be epitomized by his record of marching in every Salute to Israel/Celebrate Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue for 50 years. As a 27 year resident of Westchester he has served on the boards of the Westchester Jewish Council and both the Westchester and New York State UJA boards often holding leadership positions and representing the Orthodox Community. He has also been involved in local civic affairs serving as liaison to various mayors and members of the New Rochelle City Council. Congratulations to Harriet Schleifer and William Schrag on all of their achievements and my best wishes for many more successes to follow. Sincerely,

Sandy Galef NYS Assemblywoman, 90th A.D.

ALBANY OFFICE: Room 641, Legislative Office Building, Albany, New York 12248, (518) 455-5348, FAX (518) 455-5728 DISTRICT OFFICE: 2 Church Street, Ossining, New York 10562, (914) 941-1111, FAX (914) 941-9132 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

February 6, 2016 Dear Friends: I am honored to join with the Westchester Jewish Council and its Board of Directors in welcoming everyone to the 40th Anniversary Gala and congratulating tonight’s very deserving honorees, Harriet P. Schleifer and William H. Schrag. The many lasting contributions that the Westchester Jewish Council has made over the past forty years, representing more than one hundred fifty thousand Jewish residents of the county, has helped Westchester become the strong, welcoming and diverse community it is today by strengthening communication between local Jewish organization and building strong relationships with other religious, ethnic and community groups. The Westchester Jewish Council is a valuable partner, truly contributing to the quality of life we enjoy in Westchester. To all those involved with the growth and development of this remarkable organization, I thank you for your work building upon our similarities instead of our differences. May you find continued success and satisfaction in the months and years ahead. Sincerely,

Robert P. Astorino County Executive

✔ … orfa

okah tuv lurc ausev vbuntc rucm hfrmc ohexuga hn kfu

“…and all who are involved faithfully in the needs of the community ~ May the Holy One Blessed is He…pay their reward…”

Bill / Dad

You will always have our vote! No one could ever ‘Trump’ you. You lead by example and are an inspiration and role model for all. Thank you for all you do. You make it happen! Love you Debbie, Elliot, Rebecca & Benjy and Suzanne

Mazel Tov and appreciation to another winner! Harriet Schleifer Yasher Koach to founders Rabbi Amiel Wohl, Hon. Samuel Fredman, Saul Singer, Clarice Pressner Special Thanks to Harold, Ron, Deb, Nancy, Elliot, Donna, Pam, Lisa, Margo and the Gala Committee for ensuring a successful victory party!



Mazal Tov and

Yasher Koach to our honorees and dear friends

Bill Schrag and

Harriet Schleifer!! Your unwavering leadership and commitment to Jewish life is an inspiration to us all!!

Warmest Wishes

Debra Abrahams Weiner and David Weiner



Congratulations, Harriet Schleifer and

William Schrag! Thank you for your leadership. Lisa and Michael Leffell Ben, Adam, Lauren, and Ari



Bill and Harriet, Outstanding friends, leaders and visionaries.

Linda, Gerrard, Wendy, Dennis, Philip, Monette and all the family



Riverside Memorial Chapel For Generations A Symbol of Jewish Tradition Continuing to maintain the high standards of the Rosenthal, Grossberg and Alpert families 21 West Broad Street Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 10552

(914) 664-6800

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Mazel Tov

Harriet With Admiration and Affection

Ken and Nancy








We honor our dear friend

Harriet Schleifer For her extraordinary work on behalf of the Westchester Jewish community.

Mazel Tov to

Bill Schrag, Rabbi Amiel Wohl, Hon. Sam Fredman, Saul Singer and Clarice Pressner Morgan and Tara Rutman



Harriet Schleifer, the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, has always taken the more challenging path in life, by circumstance and by choice. She is a role model for how to live a meaningful Jewish life in the modern world. Harriet keeps a Kosher home, observes the Sabbath, and actively, enthusiastically, and tirelessly serves the Jewish community - as past president of her synagogue and current member of the Executive Council AJC and National Chair of AJC Project Interchange. Harriet is a devoted wife and mother of two wonderful children. The younger of her two children, David, has special developmental needs. Harriet has been challenged to meet her son’s cognitive and emotional needs in every possible way. Harriet did not take the easy way out and never wavered in her conviction that her son could achieve more. With professional help, Harriet devoted countless, painstaking hours to helping her son attain a working level of reading comprehension. The same love that Harriet has devoted toward her family is also imbued in her commitment to Jewish causes, democratic values, and the State of Israel. Yes, noble things can be difficult as they can be rare. Harriet is one of those rare persons who has successfully met many difficult challenges and exemplifies how to give to the Jewish community as much as she had received.

Mazel Tov Harriet! Dr. Lawrence Schleifer,

Harriet’s brother in-law.



.‫הבריות‬-‫איזהו מכובד? המכבד את‬ Who is honored? One who honors others. Ethics of our Fathers

With abundant respect and gratitude, we join so many others in giving Honor to:

Harriet Schleifer & Bill Schrag and Tribute to Westchester Jewish Council Founders: Rabbi Amiel Wohl Most-Hon. Samuel G. Fredman Saul Singer & Clarice Pressner Thank you for the honor you have graciously given to others, and for your service to the Mission of the Westchester Jewish Council, Welfare of the Jewish people, and Betterment of the community at large.

Gary & Evelyn Trachten



Mazel Tov

Harriet and Bill On this amazing honor. You are an inspiration to us all.

The Weissman Crew








Harriet, Bill, and our WJC Founders with admiration for your vision and commitment to Jewish continuity

Joyce and Fred Claar




(Née Conference)

Forty years ago, we could not have



Congratulations to

Harriet and Bill and to the

Westchester Jewish Council for their ongoing good work on behalf of the Westchester Jewish community The Susan and Ralph Freydberg Family Foundation



Harriet and

Bill Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place. Joan and Sam Ginsburg



Proverbs 21:21 ~ Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor. We are extremely proud of our beloved

Harriet Schleifer For all her hard and important work for the Westchester Jewish Council. We wish her and our good friend

Bill Schrag a well-deserved Mazal Tov on this great honor.

Kaminski Family Helene, Harvey, Frances & Philip



Harriet and Bill, Congratulations to two extraordinary people who inspire so many with exemplary leadership and a deep commitment to the Council and to the larger Jewish community.

Jeff and Martha Kohn



Yasher Koach to

Bill Your leadership and creativity has been a driving force in the Council’s development. We are all proud of you Arlene and Stuart Kolbert

Yasher Koach to


Your leadership and dedication to the Jewish community is an example for all to follow. We are so very proud of you. Arlene and Stuart Kolbert POPULAR


Harriet and Bill Mazel Tov on this well-deserved honor.

Heidi and Richard Rieger



We honor the

Westchester Jewish Council

for its first 40 years representing and serving the interests of the Westchester Jewish community And we extend sincerest thanks to

Bill and Harriet

for their outstanding leadership and contributions which helped make it possible You inspire all of us to do more, to give more and to make our voices heard Kol HaKavod Lisa and Jon Roberts



THANK YOU! Saul Singer



Mazel Tov to our devoted Son & Brother

Bill We are very proud of your commitment to family and community plus your heritage and profession. Much Love,

Mom, Dad & Barry



Congratulations to the

Westchester Jewish Council on its 40th anniversary and to this year’s honorees

Harriet P. Schleifer and our colleague

William H. Schrag

William H. Schrag, Partner Business Restructuring, Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy & International Community. Diversity. Unity.

Thompson Hine LLP | Atlanta | Cincinnati | Cleveland | Columbus | Dayton | NewYork | Washington, D.C.



Kol HaKavod to

Harriet Schleifer and William Schrag For their long-time and ongoing leadership. Our Founders For Creating this Institution. We all stand on your shoulders. We are proud to celebrate with all of you tonight.

Ilissa and Paul Warhit




The visionary ideals of the founders 40 years ago continue to inspire the Westchester community.

Bill and Harriet ~ Your selfless leadership has profoundly impacted Westchester’s Jewish community and beyond! Mazel Tov to you both on this deserving honor. May the Council, its leaders and community continue to go from strength to strength. Much love and Kol Hakavod ~

Joey and Nancy Zaro



Congratulations to

Harriet and William Thank you for your contributions to the

Westchester Jewish Council and the local community. Judy Shandling and Elie Abemayor

The Executive Committee of AJC Westchester/Fairfield Salutes Harriet P. Schleifer, our wonderful fellow Executive Committee member William H. Schrag, dedicated Westchester Jewish leader and Our great partner - The Westchester Jewish Council - on its 40th anniversary Mazal tov and kol hakavod for all you do to help the Jewish people and the global community! Officers Beverly Rosenbaum, Regional President Richard Cohen, First Vice President Marvin Israelow, Vice President Ronald Klausner, Vice President Harriet P. Schleifer, Vice President Barry Yellen, Vice President Judy Rieger, Secretary Thomas Gottlieb, Treasurer Stuart Ginsberg, Immediate Past President Executive Committee Members at Large Mona Abramson Stephne Behrend Jonathan Franklin Candy Gould Joel Negrin Harry Paul Mark Reisman Elliott Rose Susan Rose Bruce Rubin Elisabeth Schonfeld Ann Tourk Jane Wolansky Clifford Wolf Musa Yenni


Harriet on this well-deserved honor. Your dedication to WJC is admirable. Shari and Jeff Aronson

Mazel Tov to: Bill Schrag, whose extraordinary devotion

to the Westchester Jewish Council and the wider Jewish community is exceeded only by our affection and respect for him.

Harriet Schleifer, whose dedication to the work of

the Westchester Jewish Council and many other civic and Jewish communal institutions is as legendary as it is inspiring.

Sam Fredman, Rabbi Wohl, Clarice Pressner and Saul Singer, whose vision as founders of the

Westchester Jewish Council has sustained and guided the Council for 40 years. May they and all of us continue to grow from strength to strength. Fondly,

Harold and Sharon Aspis Marc and Sharon Aspis Jessica Aspis

Harriet and Bill, Thank for the years of heartfelt service you have devoted to the Jewish community of Westchester and Klal Yisrael. We are so grateful for the inspiring example you have set. We wish you all the blessings you so richly deserve as you continue to bring us from strength to strength.

Yasher Koach! With deep respect and affection,

Ellen and Scott Baken

We, your family, are always so very proud of you!! Much love, Bubbie Esther Blumenthal, Harvey and Susie, Jerald and Sarah, and families

“Your care for my Susan during her final days was life-saving.” “I am grateful beyond words for the care that Calvary Hospital provided my beloved wife Susan at the end of her life. Your medical attention and palliative expertise were superior. Your attentive sensitivity to our needs as a Jewish family was remarkable. And your heartfelt love which we felt from every staff member was genuine. Calvary provided Susan with more than just a place for her to die, but also a sheltered, peaceful community to leave this life as she lived it – with her dignity undiminished. As soon as Calvary started caring for Susan, you lifted that heavy burden from us and allowed us to simply be a family once again. Because of you, my soulmate died in peace, which assures me that she will rest in peace. God bless you, Calvary Hospital.” – Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman

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1740 Eastchester Road, Bronx NY 10461 • (718) 518-2300 • Brooklyn Satellite at Lutheran Medical Center • Calvary@Home (Home Care/Hospice) The Dawn Greene Hospice at Mary Manning Walsh Home in Manhattan Center for Curative and Palliative Wound Care (Calvary@Home programs are Medicare-certified and contract with most major insurances)

Calvary Jewish Outreach “Rabbi Sirkman”

Kol HaKavod to

Harriet Schleifer and Bill Schrag! Thanks to both of you for all you do to support our Westchester community Lois Kohn-Claar and Gary Claar

Our very best wishes to

Harriet Schleifer on this well-deserved honor May you continue to have the strength to persevere, the ability to achieve, and the will to succeed as you bring blessings to the whole Westchester community

Mazel Tov! Richard and Emily Cohen

Harriet and Bill We look forward to celebrating and honoring you - two fabulous leaders in our community. Your contributions to Westchester, New York and the global Jewish world are much to be admired. What fabulous role models.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. With love Martine and Stanley Fleishman

“Those that pursue righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness and honor� Book of Proverbs 21

With thanks to

Harriet and Bill

for your Leadership ~ Friendship ~ Vision of the Westchester Jewish Council and the Jewish community at large You have brought us and continue to bring us abundant blessings & Special ongoing thanks and love to our founders

Rabbi Wohl, Judge Sam Fredman, Clarice Pressner, Saul Singer for helping us reach our 40th year Elliot and Joan Forchheimer Ilana and Jacob

We are blessed to have

Harriet and Bill in our community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are grateful to our founders for their vision and commitment.

Sheila and Bob Friedland

With deep respect for our honorees,

Harriet P. SchlEIfer and

Bill Schrag Ellen and Moshe Gelboim and Family

Congratulations to

Harriet Schleifer and to

William Schrag Thanks to Westchester Jewish Council for helping to make Westchester such a special community.

Laurie and Stephen Girsky

Mazel Tov to the honorees,

Harriet and Bill Thank you for the extensive work each of you do on behalf of the Jewish community. With great admiration, Tara Slone-Goldstein and Wayne Goldstein


Congratulations to

Our Intrepid Founders

Rabbi Amiel Wohl Hon. Samuel G. Fredman Saul Singer Clarice Pressner Eugene and Emily Grant

1 7 5 0



3 7


W O R L D W I D E˚

Congratulations Greenberg Traurig, LLP and Keith E. Reich join our friends at

The Westchester Jewish Council in honoring

HarrietForchheimer and Bill Elliot for their his dedication for dedicationand andcommitment commitment to to the theCouncil Council and and to to the theJewish Jewish Community. Community.


GREENBERG TRAURIG, LLP | AT TORNEYS AT L AW | WWW.GTL AW.COM Greenberg Traurig is a service mark and trade name of Greenberg Traurig, LLP and Greenberg Traurig, P.A. ©2015 Greenberg Traurig, LLP. Attorneys at Law. All rights reserved. °These numbers are subject to fluctuation. *Operates as Greenberg Traurig Maher LLP. +Operates as Greenberg Traurig, S.C. ∞Operates as Greenberg Traurig LLP Foreign Legal Consultant Office. ^Operates as a branch of Greenberg Traurig, P.A., Florida, USA. ¤Greenberg Traurig Tokyo Law Offices are operated by Greenberg Traurig Horitsu Jimusho, an affiliate of Greenberg Traurig, P.A. and Greenberg Traurig, LLP. ~Greenberg Traurig’s Warsaw office is operated by Greenberg Traurig Grzesiak sp.k., an affiliate of Greenberg Traurig, P.A. and Greenberg Traurig, LLP. 24705

We are delighted to honor our friend

Harriet Schleifer Thank you for inspiring us with your dedication to the Jewish community and a passion for improving the lives of others.

Congratulations Amy and Bruce Gutenplan

Mazel Tov and Thank You For all you do for the Westchester Jewish community. Harriet Kaplow

Mazel Tov

Harriet and Bill Thank you Elliot, Pam, Donna and the entire staff of WJC for all of your efforts on behalf of the Jewish Community.

Gary and Diane Katz

Mazel Tov to our dear friend

Bill Schrag on being honored by the

Westchester Jewish Council! Thank you for all you do for the entire Jewish community! You will always have our VOTE! Arlene and Michael Kleinberg Ellyn and Jeffrey Kleinberg

In recognition of the unique role WJC has played in uniting Westchester’s Jewish community for the past 40 years!

Todah Rabah, David, Ellen, Ben, Thomas and Erin Levy

Nita and Stephen Lowey salute the Westchester Jewish Council as you celebrate your 40th Anniversary Gala and Congratulate your honorees, Harriet Schleifer & William Schrag on their dedicated service to our community.

Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey Proudly serving New York’s 17th Congressional District

Mazel Tov to

Bill for a well-deserved honor. May you continue to do much good work for the entire Jewish community and we wish you much success in all you do.

Naomi and Shlomo Mayer

Mazel Tov to

Harriet on this great honor!

Lori and Yale

With Great Admiration,

Harriet and Bill! Mazal Tov to our founders:

Rabbi Amiel Wohl, Hon. Samuel G. Fredman, Saul Singer and Clarice Pressner Kol Hakavod Julie Rockowitz

Mazel Tov

Harriet and Bill We are proud to join with the Westchester Jewish Council in honoring you for your many years of outstanding service to Westchester County and beyond.

Tobi and Marty Rogowsky



HARRIET SCHLEIFER on their well-deserved honors

Bill – you and Debbie are like family to us and we treasure

the special friendship that we share. We salute you for your heartfelt dedication and all that you do for WJCouncil and the greater Jewish community that benefits us all.

Harriet – it is a pleasure and privilege to work with you at AJC as well as at WJCouncil and to count you as a dear friend. Thank you for your tireless work that inspires all who know you.

Mazal Tov to WJCouncil on its 40th anniversary and Yasher Koach to founders Rabbi Amiel Wohl, the Honorable Samuel Fredman, Saul Singer and Clarice Pressner. May you all continue to go from strength to strength!

Beverly and Michael Rosenbaum

There are three names by which a person is called: one which his parents call him, one which people call him, and one which he earns for himself. Midrash:~ Tanchuma Vayakhel 1

Bill, Your integrity, generous spirit and dedication to enduring causes embody what it means to be a Jew. Unlike Groucho Marx, we are so very proud to be members of a family that includes you as a member. Your good name enhances us all. With Love, Admiration and Deepest Affection ~ Cousins Howard, Jonah and Carl Schrag and their families.

Who is honored? The one who honors other human beings. Pirke Avot 4:1

Dear Bill, Your family has always been extremely proud of you. You personify the midot of your namesake, our patriarch, William (Avigdor) Schulder. Tonight’s honor is one more tribute to your sterling character. We can’t think of anyone more deserving. May you always have the strength, zeal, and ability to advocate for Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael. Love, Adrienne and Arthur Singer Ronni and Ed Seidenberg, Evan, Jason, and Alana Chana and Andrew Singer, Adina, Aaron, and Daniel

‫ללמוד וללמד לשמור ולעשות‬

:‫רב ירמיה אמר‬ .‫העוסק בצורכי ציבור כעוסק בדברי תורה‬ Rav Yirmiyah said: One who occupies himself with the needs of the community, it is as if he occupies himself with words of Torah. Talmud Yerushalmi – Masechet Berachot 5:1

‫א‬:‫תלמוד ירושלמי — מסכת ברכות ה‬ Schechter Westchester is pleased to extend a heartfelt mazal tov to

Harriet P. Schleifer and William H. Schrag Kol HaKavod for your hard work and dedication on behalf of the Westchester Jewish Council. We are honored to join in recognizing your contributions to the greater Jewish community. Our congratulations also to

Rabbi Amiel Wohl, Hon. Samuel G. Fredman, Clarice Pressner, and Saul Singer on these well-deserved honors.

With best wishes, Schechter Westchester David Landau President, Board of Trustees

Dr. Michael A. Kay Head of School

Mazel Tov Harriet, Bill and The Westchester Jewish Council We are all stronger together because of you.

Richard and Jill Spitz

Congratulations TO

Harriet and Bill

Strategic Services_BCW Ad


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THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK PUTTING THE PIECES AND TOGETHER Public Affairs Strategy YOUR COMMITMENT TO WJC Legislative & Government Lobbying Congratulations to the honorees!

PoliticalThanks Campaign Consulting for all your work! Arnold Linhardt Strategic Services, Inc.

Government and Public Affairs 170 East Post Road · Suite 207B White Plains, NY 10601 914·946·8400 fax 914·946·5077

We are so proud of our Wonderful Cousin

William Schrag! Diane & Bob Abrams & Family Sylvia & Bert Fisher & Family Howard Schulder & Family

To our dear friends,

Bill Schrag and Sam Fredman ~ You make our Jewish community and the world a better place every day and in every possible way! In recognition of the ongoing contributions and dedication of

Harriet Schleifer and the esteemed WJC co-founders Ellie Aronowitz and Mike Witkes

Mazel Tov to

Bill & Harriet who have given so much of themselves for the betterment of the entire Westchester Jewish community

Sue and John Baer

Mazal Tov

Harriet and Bill

Your dedication and commitment are a shining example and an inspiration to all

Rabbi Wohl, Sam Fredman, Saul Singer and Clarice Pressner

Thank you for your vision and commitment to the Westchester Jewish community

Shari and Amos “A Full Service Printing Center”

• Custom Invitations

• Menus

• Direct Mail Pieces

• Booklets

• Business Cards

• Sell Sheets

• Newsletters

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• Posters/Banners

• Invoices

• Souvenir Journals



• Flyers

654-1200 3742 BOSTON ROAD, BRONX 10469

Harriet Honoring your long service to the Jewish community Best Wishes, Gail A. Binderman

We feel so fortunate to be a part of your Bet Torah community! Mazel Tov and much love, Hana Gruenberg and Rabbi Aaron Brusso

Stuart and Betty Cotton

Salute Harriet Schleifer For All Her Amazing Good Works!

Congratulations to

Harriet Schleifer and Bill Schrag

Rabbi Amiel Wohl, Hon. Samuel G. Fredman, Saul Singer and Clarice Pressner for all their good work.

Rebecca and Marty Eisenberg

Mazel Tov to

Harriet Schleifer on a well-deserved honor. Thank you for all the work you do to make our world a better place. Polina and Yan Erlikh

Mazel Tov to

Clarice Pressner and Rabbi Wohl! Clarice, Mom, Grandma, GG (great-grandma) We are so proud of you! Your loving Family

Mazel Tov Harriet Schleiffer and William Schrag For your tireless efforts and Chesed on behalf of WJC May you both continue to be an Inspiration to the Jewish community

With Warmest Wishes, Elisa Schindler Frankel and Larry Frankel

Mazel Tov to the honorees Rosele and Dan Frishwasser

Congratulations to

Bill Schrag and

Harriet Schleifer

On their well-deserved honor Thank you for all that you do for the Westchester Jewish community

Ellen and David Goldschmidt

The Board of Directors, staff and students at Hillels of Westchester congratulate Harriet & Bill for their enduring commitments to community and the Jewish people. Thank you for leading by example and inspiring us with your kindness and generosity.

Kol HaKavod to the honorees!

The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center is proud to partner with the Westchester Jewish Council for the Annual Countywide Yom Hashoah Commemoration and congratulates honorees

Harriet Schleifer and William H. Schrag on this well-deserved honor

Valerie M. O’Keeffe, Chair Millie Jasper, Executive Director


Harriet Schleifer and William Schrag ON WELL-DESERVED HONORS WISHING CONTINUED SUCCESS TO THE WESTCHESTER JEWISH COUNCIL Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds 999 Wilmot Road, 2nd Floor at JCC ∙ Scarsdale, NY 10583

Congratulations to

Harriet and Bill for a well-deserved honor!

Joni and Paul Jablansky

Congratulations from Patty and Michael Kaplowitz

Bill and Harriet For all your tireless efforts on behalf of the Westchester Jewish Council and the entire Jewish Community

sucfv kf

As the Talmud states: “Who is occupied with the needs of the community is as though they occupy themselves with Torah�

Fondly, Michael Karnes and Jane Rubin

Yasher collectionofof YasherKoach Koach to aa collection Yasher to collection of Yasher Koach Koach to aa who collection of outstanding Honorees outstanding Honorees whohave havegiven given outstanding who have outstanding Honorees whoto have given muchHonorees of themselves themselves sosomuch of tothe thegiven so much of themselves to the so much of themselves to the Westchester Jewish community and Westchester Jewish community and Westchester Jewish community the Council. Westchesterthe Jewish community and and Council. the the Council. Council. Mazel Tov to Mazel Tov to Harriet Schleifer and Bill Schrag Mazel Tov to Mazel Tov to Harriet Schleifer and Bill Schrag The Founders Harriet and Harriet Schleifer Schleifer and Bill Bill Schrag Schrag The Founders And to the WJC Directors and Staff The Founders And to theThe WJCFounders Directors and Staff And And to to the the WJC WJC Directors Directors and and Staff Staff Barbara & Marc Klee

Barbara & Marc Klee Barbara Barbara & & Marc Marc Klee Klee

Those who follow those who lead become leaders themselves. Thank you to our Council founders Rabbi Amiel Wohl,

Hon. Samuel G. Fredman, Clarice Pressner and Saul Singer

for your wisdom and leadership in connecting our community by forming this wonderful organization.

Thank you to Harriet P. Schleifer and William H. Schrag for following their leadership and taking on leadership roles yourselves.

Thank you to Elliot, Paul and the entire Board. Y’asher koach! It is an honor and a privilege to follow all of you. Elizabeth and David Lampert

Harriet and Bill Mazel Tov on this well-deserved honor Thank you for all you do for our Westchester community

Joanne Landau and Rabbi Fred Schwalb

Mazel Tov Harriet and Bill on this well-deserved honor! As always, the Westchester Jewish Council has picked amazing


Betsy Landis

Congratulations to

Harriet and Bill For their devotion to the Jewish Community and for this well-deserved honor Amy & Frank Linde

Mazel Tov to

Harriet and Bill From Barry Lovell and Ellen Reinheimer




Congratulations   Rabbi  Wohl,  Founders  and  Honorees  for  outstanding  service   to  the  Westchester  Jewish  Council  and  Community                      

Bishop  Martin  Nelson,  Senior  Pastor  

New Rochelle,  NY  10801   Web:   E-­‐mail:     Phone:  (914)  235-­‐7266   Fax:  (914)  636-­‐0824

Mazel Tov to

Harriet Schleifer, and Bill Schrag,

for their dedicated service to the Westchester Jewish Council. We are grateful to our founders, for having the vision to create WJC; our Gala Chairs, for their tireless devotion, to insure our most important evening is a great success; and our amazing professionals, led by last year’s honoree- and our executive director- Elliot Forcheimer. Bill- we are proud to call you and Debbie, our friends! And that goes back to 1994, when we joined the Young Israel of Scarsdale. Thank you for giving countless hours of your time to support WJC, UJA-Federation, and the Young Israel of Scarsdale. Perhaps the foundation of our friendship is our belief in collective Jewish responsibility; or maybe it is our love for the “The Great White Way!”

Janet and Warren Newcorn

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to the

Hon. Samuel G. Fredman May you continue to be a source of strength to the Jewish community

Rachel Hallote

The Jewish Studies Program Purchase College SUNY

Congratulations to our Friend

Hon. Samuel G. Fredman “Our Favorite Democrat” From “Your Favorite Republicans”

Les & Sybil Rosenberg

Bonnie and Mitch Rudin are pleased to honor

Bill for his extraordinary commitment to Israel and Jewish causes. Thanks

Congratulations to

Harriet P. Schleifer, William H. Schrag and the entire WJC community! Yael Schulman & Shlomi Peretz

Kol HaKavod!

Harriet and Bill

Your commitment and devotion to the Council and Westchester Jewish community makes you worthy of this well-deserved honor.

Mazal Tov! Rachel and Roman Shuf

Mazel Tov to

Bill Schrag Your passion, dedication and leadership is an inspiration to the entire Jewish Community.

Alan Silverman & Family

Elliot and Paul

We appreciate your leadership and the important contributions you and the WJC staff and board have made in building a stronger Jewish community here in Westchester. Congratulations to our WJC honorees

Harriet and Bill! Harriet and Marc Suvall Congratulations to the WESTCHESTER JEWISH COUNCIL on the celebration of its 40th Annual Gala. Mazel tov to our Past President HONORABLE SAMUEL G. FREDMAN on his years of service to the Westchester Jewish Community. SAM, May you go from strength to strength!


Past Presidents of Temple Israel Center: Irving Beckman, Mark Bieler, David Gilberg, David Glasser, Jane Gould, Richard Greenfield, Hank Haynes, Robert Jossen, Gregg Lerner, David Oestreich, Michael Rozen, Bruce Wexler, Mark Zeichner

“... ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” ~ John F. Kennedy

MAZEL TOV HONOREES HARRIET P. SCHLEIFER & WILLIAM H. SCHRAG Thank you for always asking what you can do to make a difference, and acting on behalf of our Westchester community and beyond! We are blessed with your visionary and inspiring leadership, your incomparable dedication and your special friendship.

We are thrilled to pay tribute and are most grateful to our FOUNDERS Rabbi Amiel Wohl, Hon. Samuel G. Fredman, Saul Singer, Clarice Pressner May you all go from strength to strength! With love and appreciation, Pam and Bruce Wexler

I am proud to be a founder of the Westchester Jewish Council Rabbi Emeritus Amiel Wohl of Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Mazal Tov

cuy kzn

to our Deserving Honorees

Todah Rabah

vcr vsu,

to our Inspired Founders

Steven and Debbie Young


Mazal Tov

on this well-deserved honor!

Harriet and Bill

Thank you for your continued dedication to the Westchester community!

Thanks for all you do for the Westchester Jewish community!

Amy & Jeremy Abramson

Mona and David Abramson

To our dear friends

Bill & Debbie Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of the Jewish community of Westchester Mazel Tov on this well-deserved honor Rena & Michael Ackerman

Mazal Tov to the Honorees and Founders. May you go from strength to strength. Daniel and Liat Altman

A huge Yasher Koach to our distinguished honorees,

Bill Schrag and Harriet Schleifer

for their hard work and dedication to our community. We would like to add our thanks to all of our past presidents whose vision and determination led us to where we are today.

Ron & Marilyn Arsham

Dear Harriet

To Our Honorees ~

Harriet and William

A Well-Deserved Honor!

May you continue to go from Strength to Strength.

To All Our Founders ~ You should be very proud!!

Mara and Danny Baror

With Love, Joy & Avi Avidan

Mazel Tov to HARRIET and BILL On This Amazing Honor. Your leadership has strengthened the Jewish community and beyond.

Dearest Harriet, We are in awe and thankful for all the important and wonderful work you do for our Jewish people. With respect and love,

Peter & Joi Baum

Penny and Allan Bednowitz


In honor of our good friend,

The Westchester Jewish Council


Thank you for all the great work!

His commitment and dedication to the Jewish community is truly an inspiration!

Betty Berenson and David Menashi

Sharon & Stu Berger Amy Myers & Ron London Sharon & Eric Plaue

A toast to the visionaries who created the Westchester Jewish Council and to those who continue to to the honorees and the build on its foundation, Westchester Jewish Council making us larger and stronger for all you do for the Community. than ever. May you go from strength to strength. From strength to strength!

Mazel Tov and Yashar Koach

Tris and Sam Berger

Words cannot describe the respect, admiration and love we have for


She is a remarkable woman.

Karen and David Blumenthal

Betsy Bernstein & Keith Satter

To Our Dear Friends: Mazel Tov on Your Many Accomplishments! Paula Blumenfeld and Joe Gantz

Mazel Tov to

Harriet Schleifer and Sam Fredman George and Vivienne Bruckman Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov to

Bill Schrag

on this wonderful honor Irene and Hirsh Cogan Paula and Charlie Fisch Cheryl and Joel Goldschmidt Cindy and Gabe Safdeye Sandy and Lew Trencher Geet and Hersh Wolf

Harriet Schleifer

In appreciation of

Bill Schrag

Bill Schrag



on this well-deserved honor. Thank you to Elliot and the Westchester Jewish Council for all you do to strengthen our community!

Louise and Bobby Cohen

and all he has done for the Westchester Jewish Council and the Young Israel of Scarsdale

Carole Daman

With Appreciation for the Work of WJC

Chazak v’Amatz to our

honorees and founders

Rabbi Julie Hilton Danan Pleasantville Community Synagogue

Mazel Tov

to our Honorees

Harriet Schleifer and Bill Schrag

on a well-deserved honor May you go from strength to strength

Barry and Tova Effron

Judith H. Darsky

MAZEL TOV! TO OUR HONOREES AND FOUNDERS WHO HAVE COMMITTED THEMSELVES TO THE WESTCHESTER JEWISH COUNCIL AND HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY “Happy are they who perform good deeds: For they may tip the scales for themselves and the world.” -Talmud Kiddushin 40:2

Ilene and Irwin S. Davison

Mazel Tov

to our dear friend




Congratulations to our honorees, and our profound thanks to our founders who have helped establish the Westchester Jewish Council. Your vision and guidance continue to help us to serve our community well.

Pamela & David Eppinger

Kol Hakavod! Your service to the community and love for the Jewish people inspire us all Robin and Jonathan Eiseman

In Honor of

Bill and

Debbie Schrag ~ from your friends ~ Hinda and Eugene Farber


Westchester Jewish Council 40th Anniversary Honorees

Harriet and Bill,

May you continue to lead us as a Jewish community for many years to come. To all the founders, It is upon your shoulders that we stand and continue to work towards your vision.

Mazel Tov to our Honorees

Harriet and Bill Donald J. Fleishaker

Karen and Howard Firestone

Mazel Tov to


and the entire Schrag family on this well-deserved honor. Adina and Steve Fredman

To Our Dear Friend

Bill Schrag, Y’yasher Kochacha on this well-deserved honor and thank you for your tireless work on behalf of our community (which we know is made possible by your very special Ashet Chayil)! Caron and Steve Gelles

Mazel Tov to

Harriet and Bill on this

Congratulations to

Bill Schrag

on this most well-deserved honor. Your commitment to Jewish Life in Westchester has benefited us all!

Robin Goldman (z’l) Robin died suddenly after submitting her journal ad. She was a wonderful person and a very good friend of Bill and Debbie Schrag. May her memory be for a blessing.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to

well-deserved honor

Bill Schrag

Sharon Gorman

Sheri and Andrew Gottfried

To our very dear friends

Debbie and Bill We wish you a huge Mazel Tov on this well-deserved honor Tizku l’Mitzvot We love you!

Marla, Avri & Family

Serving Our Community for over 35 Years

Mazal Tov to

Bill Schrag

on this extremely well-deserved honor! Your commitment and dedication to the Jewish community is a tremendous inspiration. With much love and admiration,

Dana and Marc Jason

  “Train a child in the way he [should] go; and, even when old, he will not swerve from it.” – Proverbs 22:6   Thank  you  for  supporting  our  next  generation  of  leaders!     Mazel  Tov  to  our  good  friends     Harriet  Schleiffer,  William  Schrag     and  Westchester  Jewish  Council     J-­‐Teen  Leadership  Co-­‐Chairs:   Rachel  Kleinhandler  and  Zoe  Moskowitz   J-­‐Teen  Leadership  Circle  Chairs:   Maddy  Albert,  Jordyn  Glantz,  Aaron  Hersch  and  Sam  Roth   Executive  Director:     Abbe  Marcus     Ronnie  Siegel,  Aviva  Perlman,  Margo  Lampert  

In Honor of William H. (and Debbie) Schrag Michael H. Kane, Esq.

240 West 35th Street, Suite 504 New York, NY 10001 Tel.: (212) 685-5263; Fax (212) 689-5398

Harriet and Bill



2:07 PM

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MICHAEL B. KAPLOWITZ, J.D., CFP Chairman of the Board Legislator - 4th District

Westchester County Board of Legislators 800 Michaelian Office Bldg. 148 Martine Avenue White Plains, NY 10601

Tel: (914) 995-2848 Fax: (914) 995-3884

Mazal Tov Rabbi Wohl!

Your dedication and vision in building and furthering the Westchester Jewish community is admirable. You have made differences in so many lives here, in Israel and beyond and we thank you for that.

Many thanks for your many years of service to Temple Israel and the greater Jewish Community.

Karen and Jay Kasner

Marji and David Karlin

Thank you

Bill and Harriet for all you have done for the


and the Jewish community in Westchester County.

Gary and Leslye Katz Mazal Tov to our friend and neighbor

Bill Schrag

on this well-deserved honor Steven Keller and Rena Seplowitz

Mazel Tov to our dear friend

Bill Schrag

on this well-deserved honor! Arielle & David Kauvar Vida & Oscar Lebwohl Chanie & Howard Bryks Mimi & Sandy Pauker Marilyn & Bob Damast Barbara & Jerry Weinberg

Mazal Tov!

Harriet and Bill Thank you for all you do! Lynn Buckvar Keltz and Marty Keltz

With deep appreciation to

Harriet P. Schleifer

and all tonight’s honorees on the occasion of this 40th anniversary celebration. Your volunteerism through the

Westchester Jewish Council

builds stronger and more caring communities in every corner of our county. Thank you

Alisa and Ted Kesten To

Harriet, Bill, Saul, Clarice, Rabbi Wohl and Hon. Samuel Fredman Thank you for doing so much- for your commitment to the community, Jewish values and generous service. Rabbi Elazar Says: Tzaddikim-Good People say little and do much. Bava Metzia 87a Chazak u’vrauch- May you have strength and blessing to continue your good work.

Susan Mitrani Knapp and Fred Knapp


Bill and Harriet from Elaine Kirsch and David Nirenberg

Mazel Tov to Bill Schrag on this well-deserved honor. Karen & Daniel Kosowsky Ellen & Michael Muss Debbie & Howie Schub Penina & Tommy Weinberger Linda & Jay Zucker

In honor of

Bill Schrag From

Richie and Lily Langer Steve and Arlene Smith Susan and Arnie Wilson Alisa Mannis

Mazal Tov and

Congratulations to

Harriet Schleifer On This Tremendous Honor

Alynne and Albert Krull

Mazel Tov

Harriet and Bill The Lev Family

Mazel Tov to

Harriet and Bill! Thanks for all that you do for our community.

Harriet and Bill We thank you for all that you do for the Westchester Jewish community.

The Mamaysky Family

Bonnie and Russell Mannis and Family


Thank you to the

Thank you so much for all that you do for our Jewish community!

Yasher Koach!

Westchester Jewish Council for sponsoring the

Executive Directors Round Table

May you go from strength to strength!

and for making all of our lives better every day

With Love,


Elaine, Ed, Leah Beth, Seth, Laurie, Ami, and Benjamin

Barbara Merson and Marty Kremer

Congratulations to

Dear Harriet,

on this well-deserved honor!

With our best wishes always

Esther and Jack Miles

Irina and Dennis


Mazel Tov and thank you to the


and to the Council for your work on behalf of the Jewish community Beth and Gabe Nechamkin

In honor of our dear friend

Nancy Zaro

and with congratulations to

Harriet Schleifer & Bill Schrag

Wendy and Dan Moskowitz

Congratulations to our dear friend

Bill Schrag on this well-deserved honor.

Fern & Lou Oppenheim

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our wonderful friends and neighbors

Bill and Debbie Schrag!

Two Fabulous Honorees

Harriet and Bill Mazel Tov! Carole and Mitch Ostrove

Mazel Tov to All s ed ne wish nly e e d h o rk” a J he ne gt Yo din ding om t ty-ow New n ta rovi fr uni l in al ers nd nd p uner omm hape c c f a “U

630 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10024 (212) 769-4400 • (800) 227-3974 Pre-need services are available

From Sharon and Sol Packer

Serving the metropolitan New York area, Florida, and Israel 24 hours a day Arranging for funerals in all 50 states and Europe

Best Wishes to

Rabbi Amiel Wohl Rachel Hallote

The Jewish Studies Program Purchase College SUNY

Mazel Tov

Harriet and Bill Thank you for all you do for the Jewish community Karen and Joseph Rafalowicz

Congratulations to our Dear Friend

Bill on the Occasion of this Wonderful and Well-Deserved Honor

The Reicher Family

Mazel Tov to the Honorees And many thanks To all of you at WJC!

Congratulations to our dear friend,


For her hard work and devotion to the Jewish people. Love,

Elise and Barry Richman With great appreciation to

Bill Schrag and Harriet Schleifer and the

Westchester Jewish Council For all you do on behalf of the Westchester Jewish community!

Neil T. Rimsky and Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky

Judy and Steven Rieger

Harriet, We celebrate your many years of commitment to Jewish causes and our warm friendship with you and Len. Love,

Susan and Elliott Rose

With thanks to

In honor

Bill and Harriet


for their inspired leadership of the Westchester Jewish community.

Bill Schrag

Ellen Plum Rosenberg and Robert Rosenberg

Nancy and Stanley Rosenfeld

Dear Bill

Marshall B. Rubin, D.D.S. Practice Limited to Endodontics

Suite 203 1950 East Main Street Mohegan Lake, New York 10547

Telephone (914) 528-0078

Your Devotion to the Jewish community is Inspirational Mazal Tov on this well-deserved Honor Congratulations to

Harriet Schleifer

Office Hours: By Appointment

Robin and David Samot

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov


Westchester Jewish Council 40 Wonderful Years of Advocacy, Networking, And Support

on this well-deserved honor. Amy Samuelson and Steven Zelkowitz

May You Go From Strength to Strength! With Fond Appreciation, The Board, Staff, and Clergy of Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont and Emanu-El, 914-725-5175

Mazal Tov

to our dear friends

Bill and Debbie Schrag on this wonderful honor. Your dedication and hard work are inspiring. With love,

Susan and Bruce Schneider


Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing salutes Westchester Jewish Council and congratulates the 2016 honorees Harriet P. Schleifer William H. Schrag Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is a leading not-for-profit skilled nursing facility in White Plains, NY. Our services include long term care, short term rehabilitation, subacute medical services, skilled nursing care, music therapy, dementia care and many more. We are a member of CenterLight Health System, one of the largest providers of managed long term care, shortterm rehabilitation, residential nursing homes, music therapy and home care in the New York metropolitan area. To learn more, call 1-914-287-7200 or visit

Yasher Koach to the Westchester Jewish Council for 40 wonderful years Connecting us all! Carolyn & Adam Schrier

Your tireless dedication to the Jewish Community is inspiring.

Congratulations on this well-deserved honor.

Elisabeth and Gary Schonfeld Congratulations to

Harriet Schleifer and William H. Schrag You have done amazing things for the Council.

Our special appreciation to

our Founders.

You have enriched our Community and our People.

Barbara & Stan Selbst



Mazel Tov to

Bill Schrag

We are proud to call you our friend and appreciate all you do for our community, school and Klal Yisroel. Mazel Tov to your entire family!!! Mazel Tov to the

Schleifer family on this special night

Tammy and Rick Shatz


Harriet A women who is intelligent, dedicated, and committed to the causes that she values and her family and friends.

Geri and Herb Shapiro

SKYVIEW wine & spirits 888 SKY•VINO VINO 888-SKY

Mazel Tov

Bill and Harriet Skyview Wines & Gary Wartels Case Discount of 20% and the 10% on Single Malt Scotch excluding items already on sale.

Kol hakavod to

Harriet Schleifer, Bill Schrag

Best wishes to

and all of the honorees for Bill Schrag their valuable contributions in and support of the Jewish Harriet Schleifer community in Westchester and beyond. for an honor well deserved. We are most grateful!

Jen and Bart Sokol

Bill and Diane Stern




of Westchester

Judy and Jack Stern

Rabbi Seth and Marsha Sternstein

We are grateful for the remarkable work you do to support and connect our May you go from Westchester Jewish Community. strength to strength We honor your leaders in your endeavors on behalf and your leadership.� of the Jewish Community

Mazel Tov to

Mazel Tov on your 40th anniversary!

Bill Schrag and

Harriet Schleifer

for doing so much for our Jewish community in Westchester!!!

and special congratulations to Rabbi Amiel Wohl, Sam Fredman, Saul Singer and Clarice Pressner on the 40th Anniversary of the Westchester Jewish Council. We are proud to honor you. Sarene Shanus and Harold Treiber

Harriet, Mazel Tov on a well-deserved honor! With Love, Wendy & Daniel Weinreb

Mazal Tov to Harriet and Bill Thanks for your tremendous efforts on behalf of the community

Betsy Woolf and Cliff Wolf

Harriet and Bill Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach! Thank you for your countless gifts to the Westchester Jewish Community. We are delighted to celebrate with you and we are privileged to be a working part of the Westchester Jewish Council. Pam Goldstein Assistant Executive Director Donna Bartell Program Director Lisa Itzkowitz Marketing and Communications Director Margo Lampert Financial Administrator


Harriett and Bill A well-deserved honor for two individuals who make a difference. Thank you for all you do

Harriett Zeller

Mazel Tov to

Bill Schrag

Mazel Tov to

Harriet Schleifer and Bill Schrag

on this wonderful and well-deserved honor!

on this well-deserved honor!

Lizzy and Josh Trump

Mindy Unger

We are happy to join in celebrating Westchester Jewish Council and its honorees

Harriet Schleifer and

Bill Schrag Harry & Karen Waizer

Mazel Tov on the

40th Anniversary

of the Westchester Jewish Council We salute our dear friend, Elliot Forchheimer for his outstanding stewardship of this exceptional organization.

The Walker Family

Additional Support Provided By Susan Ackerman Penny and Israel Kornstein Howard Aubrey Michael Kramer Shahar Azani — StandWithUs Lynn and Jules Kroll Melissa and Herbert Baer Ina Lane Michelle and Stephen Beinhacker Hon. Joan Lefkowitz and Norman Kahan Vicki and Richard Bienenfeld Gloria and Mark Levenfus Harriet Blumencranz and Paul Willensky Janice Lubin Kirschner and Barry Kirschner Michelle Blumenthal and Daniel Abramowitz Bonnie and Michael Mendel Casandra and Hon. Ben Boykin Lester Millman Hon. Noam Bramson Frana Mills Dolores and John Brett Rabbi Loren Monosov — Westchester Jewish Center Barry Carron Karen and Eric Nodiff Louise and Roger Challop Shoshana and David Noble Barry Citron Hon. Amy Paulin Stefani and Gerry Cohen Sue Pearson Richard Elkind and Linda Pozomke Cheryl and Lloyd Pine Joseph Englander Barbara and Alexander Roberts Linda and Allan Essner Avi Posnick — StandWithUs Robin and Howard File Gwen and Larry Rocque Caren and Arthur Fried Shelley and Stuart Rossman George E. Fufidio Deborah Rubin and Richard Marx Sabrina and Asher Gaffney Robert Scheibe Peggy Garfunkel and Michael Klapper Ronnie and Marc Schlussel Judith and David Gilberg Helene and David Schonbrun Rabbi Linda Goldberg Jen and Dan Schorr Penny Goldsmith and Bob Meyerson Lorraine and Morton Schrag Beth and Allan Grafman Esther and William Schulder Sandra and Ira Greenstein Ronni and Edward Seidenberg Rabbi Eytan Hammerman — JCCH Rabbi Dina Shargel and David Projansky Karen and Mark Hauser Arlene Steinberg and Michael Schulder Michele and Michael Heller Mark Teich Renee and Rabbi David Holtz — Temple Beth Abraham Alice Tenney and Budd Wiesenberg Nili Ionascu Ellen Teplitz and Hon. Barry Warhit Stephanie Ives — New Israel Fund Maayan and Brian Tregerman — AIPAC Rabbi Jennifer Jaech — Temple Israel of Northern Westchester Herbert Weiner Haina Just-Michael and Bernard Michael Dorothy and Les Yeamans Phyllis and Jeff Kapelus Musa Yenni Phyllis and Jeffrey Katz Menachem Zelmanovitz Susan Katz and Seth Truwit Hope and Simon Ziff Carol and Joseph Kelly Nicky Ziman

“Who is wise? One who learns from every person. Who is strong? One who subdues one’s evil inclination. Who is rich? One who is happy with one’s lot. Who is to be honored? One who honors others. ~Pirket Avot



Proudly invites you as we honor the Jewish community’s outstanding volunteers at the

21ST AnnuAl JuliAn Y. BernSTein DiSTinguiSheD SerViCe AwArDS CeremonY Wednesday, March 2, 2016 • 22 Adar 5776 • 7:30 pm JewiSh CommuniTY CenTer of hArriSon 130 Union Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528 The Alexander muss high School in israel..............................Joan muss Bet Am Shalom Synagogue ..................................................Joan rosen Beth el Synagogue Center.................................................Donna Bartell The Community Alliance for Jewish-Affiliated Cemeteries........gary Katz first hebrew Congregation ..............................................Daniela rosen greenburgh hebrew Center .............................................. Sherry Padva hadassah westchester ................................................ Deborah wiskind hebrew Congregation of Somers ........................................... Amy Post JCC mid-westchester ..................................................Stephanie Kirwan Larchmont Temple ..............................................................ed Jacobson mount Kisco hebrew Congregation .................................... Sol gibbons northeast Jewish Center.......................................... eugene Konigsbach Pleasantville Community Synagogue..................... Vivian Chang freiheit rabbi max maccoby foundation .....................................Elizabeth Spiro Scarsdale Synagogue ....................................................... Karen Chapro Solomon Schechter School of westchester ......................... ross Zelman StandwithuS ........................................................... Andrew Kligerman united Synagogue of Conservative Judaism/uSY............... Hana Epstein westchester Jewish Council ..........................................Arnold linhardt Young israel of white Plains .................................................. Jerry Adler

Musical presentation by the teen choir of teMple sholoM of Greenwich Kosher Dairy Dessert

free anD open to the public

for More inforMation, please contact Donna at 914-328-7001 or Donna@wjcouncil.orG

SAVE THE DATE! Please join the Westchester Jewish community at these Westchester Jewish Council events! Wednesday, March 2, 2016 – 7:30pm Annual Julian Y. Bernstein Distinguished Service Awards

Held at the Jewish Community Center of Harrison This annual event, which represents the true meaning of community service, honors volunteers chosen from among the Westchester Jewish Council’s member organizations. The event is free and open to all.

Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 12:00pm Annual Westchester-wide Holocaust Commemoration

Westchester County’s Garden of Remembrance in White Plains on Martine Avenue produced in partnership with the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center.

Sunday, June, 5, 2016 Join us at the Celebrate Israel Parade

The Westchester Jewish Council is once again coordinating the Westchester-wide marching delegation. All synagogues and organizations joining us will be able to march with their delegations and banners.

Coming Summer 2016 (Date to be announced) Annual Westchester Jewish Music and Arts Festival

Held at Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla. Presented by The Westchester Jewish Council, The Westchester Klezmer Program, and Kol Hazzanim (The Cantors of Westchester) in cooperation with Westchester County Parks. The festival is part of the annual summer ethnic heritage festivals series. For more information go to or call us at 914-328-7001 a beneficiary of

Todah Rabah Thank you Our Gala Chairs

Debra Abrahams Weiner Harold Aspis Ron Burton Nancy Zaro UJA – Federation of NY for year-round financial support Darren Peister for his donation of photographic services Elon Gold for his humor The clergy, staff and lay leadership of Westchester Jewish Center for hosting Foremost Catering for our delicious dinner Roger Denhoff and the team at Beehive Press for everything printed Gary Wartells of Skyview Liquor for wine and spirits House of Flowers for the beautiful floral arrangements

You, our donors for your support of the Gala and the Westchester Jewish Council

Thank you from the Westchester Jewish Council

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Westchester, est. 1975

Member Organizations and Synagogues (as of February 2016) Academy for Jewish Religion ACHI-American Communities   Helping Israel AIPAC AJC Westchester/Fairfield Alexander Muss High School in Israel,   The (AMHSI) American Friends of Hebrew University American Friends of IDC American Friends of Magen David Adom American Friends of Reuth American Friends of Soroka Medical Ctr. American Jewish Joint Distribution   Committee (JDC) American Jewish World Service Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Areyvut Association of Reform Zionists of America  (ARZA) BBYO Bet Am Shalom Synagogue Bet Torah - Mount Kisco Beth El Synagogue Center Bi-Cultural Day School Birthright Israel Blue Card, The B’nai Brith Int’l. - Metro North Region Bronx Jewish Community Council, Inc. Camp Zeke Carmel Academy Chabad of Bedford Chabad of Briarcliff and Ossining Chabad of Larchmont & Mamaroneck Chabad of Rivertowns Chabad of Yonkers Chavurat Tikvah Children’s Jewish Education Group Community Alliance for Jewish   Affiliated Cemeteries (CAJAC) Community Synagogue of Rye Congregation Anshe Sholom Congregation B’nai Yisrael Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester Congregation Kneses Tifereth Israel - (KTI) Congregation Kol Ami Congregation M’vakshe Derekh Congregation Sons of Israel - Briarcliff Congregation Sons of Israel - Yonkers Congregation Sulam Yaakov - Larchmont Council of Jewish Emigré Community   Organizations (COJECO) DOROT First Hebrew Congregation Fleetwood Synagogue Friends of Israel Scouts - Tzofim Friends of The Israel Defense Forces Friends of Yad Sarah, Inc. Friends of Yemin Orde Greenburgh Hebrew Center Hadassah - Westchester Region HaZamir Weschester Hazon Hebrew Congregation of Somers

Hebrew Free Burial Association Hebrew Home at Riverdale Hebrew Hospital Home Continuum of Care Hebrew Institute of White Plains Hillels International Hillels of Westchester Holocaust & Human Rights Education Ctr. Israel Bonds (Development Corp. for Israel) Israel Cancer Research Fund J-Street JCY - Westchester Community Partners Jerusalem U Jewish Board of Family and Children’s  Services Jewish Broadcasting Service Jewish Child Care Association Jewish Community Center of Harrison Jewish Community Center of   Mid-Westchester, Scarsdale Jewish Community Center on the Hudson Jewish Community Council of Mt. Vernon Jewish Deaf (and Hard of Hearing)   Resource Center, Inc. (JDRC) Jewish Education Project Jewish Family Congregation Jewish High School of Connecticut Jewish Home Lifecare, Sarah Neuman  Center Jewish National Fund of Westchester   and Southern CT Jewish Renaissance Experience Jewish Theological Seminary Jewish War Veterans of the USA/   Westchester County Council Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York J-Teen Leadership Justice Brandeis Westchester Law Society Kehillat Chaverim Kol Hazzanim – Westchester Community   of Cantors Kol Rinah, The Jewish Chorale   of Westchester Larchmont Temple Lincoln Park Jewish Center Magen David Sephardic Synagogue Masorti Foundation for Conservative   Judaism in Israel Matan Mishkan Ha’am Mohegan Park Jewish Center Moishe House Mosaic of Westchester Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation Moving Traditions New Israel Fund New Rochelle Jewish Coalition Northeast Jewish Center – Yonkers One Family Parents of North American Israelis Pelham Jewish Center PJ Library Plaza Jewish Community Chapel, Inc. Pleasantville Community Synagogue

Pound Ridge Jewish Community Program for Jewish Genetic Health Project Kesher Rabbi Max Maccoby Foundation Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Rosenthal JCC of Northern Westchester Rosh Pinah Chavurah of the Rivertowns Scarsdale Synagogue – Temples Tremont   and Emanu-El Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation   and Nursing Shaarei Tikvah Sinai Free Synagogue Solomon Schechter School of Westchester Stand with Us Stein Yeshiva of Lincoln Park Tel Aviv-Yafo Foundation Temple Beth Abraham Temple Beth Am Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Temple Beth Elohim Temple Beth Shalom - Hastings Temple Beth Shalom - Mahopac Temple Israel Center of White Plains Temple Israel of New Rochelle Temple Israel of Northern Westchester Temple Shaaray Tefila of Westchester Temple Sholom of Greenwich Tzahal Shalom of Northern Westchester UJA-Federation of NY/   Westchester Region Union for Reform Judaism United Hebrew of New Rochelle United Synagogue of Conservative  Judaism/METNY Westchester Association of Hebrew   Schools (WAHS) Westchester Board of Rabbis Westchester Community for   Humanistic Judaism Westchester Day School Westchester Hebrew High School Westchester Jewish Center Westchester Jewish Community  Services Westchester Klezmer Program, Inc. Westchester Reform Temple Westchester Torah Academy Westchester/Fairfield Association   of Temple Educators (WATE) Woodlands Community Temple Workmen’s Circle Yorktown Jewish Center Young Israel of Harrison Young Israel of New Rochelle Young Israel of Scarsdale Young Israel of White Plains Young Judaea Zicklin Jewish Hospice Residence   of MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care Zionist Organization of America

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