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Your Classrooms Connected A simple app for colleges that’s engaging, natural and effective. By syncing with a school’s class roster data, students are instantly connected.



Connect Your Students Bridging a disconnected environment

Social networks like Facebook are a great way to share life with friends and family, but let’s face it: it wasn’t exactly designed for schools. Email is clunky and texting is much too personal – So how should students

connect and share with classmates? We partner with schools to create a dedicated environment for students to find each other, share materials such as notes, presentations, etc. and do school in an easier manner.

“Finally a common-ground for our students to connect that’s simple and built for the classroom.” John McGuthry – Cal Poly CIO

Classmate directory Scroll through a list of all your classmates and quickly message anyone.

Group projects (huddles)

File sharing

Create huddles to organize classmates around projects, study groups, or simply a group of friends in class together.

Easily share documents with others – We integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote so that it’s completely seamless.

Why should my school use Stoodify? The Benefits for Schools

A student walks into class, is assigned to a group project and they start sharing class materials through avenues such as Facebook, email and texting. The problem: Facebook is for friends not classmates, email is clunky and texting is too invasive. That’s why we created Stoodify – a simple app that connects students and gives them access to all their peers. With the ever-changing social media landscape, we found that students want a place where they can behave like students. Stoodify is designed to connect students and create an organic environment for sharing. For schools this means providing their students with a meaningful classroom experience without lifting a finger.

Hands-Free Integration With our integration approach you don’t change a thing about the way you operate internally. We will have a short meeting with someone in your IT department where we will handle the necessary integration components and that will be the extent of it. The IT department will also need to setup a data feed or push data to us using our API.

Increased Learning Outcomes It is well documented that learning outcomes improve with community and collaboration. Stoodify works in conjunction with an LMS to provide students and professors with an easy to use collaboration platform.

Defined Community Students and professors can agree they have little interest in being Facebook friends. Stoodify provides a platform for engaging on an academic level without crossing over into your personal social circles.



FAQ Can staff and faculty use this too? Absolutely. We have designed this application for students, but instructors can join into the conversation and get the same benefits as a student.

How much does it cost? We have multiple pricing models to fit any type of school. 1)

Institutional Licensing – a traditional annual fee of $2 per student user (faculty and staff are free)


Student Subscription – the application is free throughout the school with basic access and students will have the option to “upgrade” for full access. The price to upgrade is $10/semester and we sync with a student’s school ‘account’ for an easy transaction.

What about mobile, tablet, etc.? Stoodify is 100% responsive so it is optimized for any device.

How long is implementation? Stoodify calls for common fields such as – student and professor name, email and class roster. It shouldn’t take more than a week or 2 to setup the API.

Why did you start this company? Stoodify was designed and built by a few guys in Texas looking to shake things up in education. After doing some research and realizing there wasn’t a simple way to see everyone in your class and get in touch with them, we wanted to change that.

How are you different than an LMS? An LMS is a powerful and crucial tool for schools as it houses grades, course documents and measures progress in the classroom. However, once you try to bring in social elements and force students to interact in an unnatural way it can be cumbersome to a learning environment. Stoodify is designed to coexist with an LMS so that a student has a place to check grades as well as connect with their peers. We actually have the flexibility to integrate with an LMS for a more cohesive experience.

How is my data hosted? We use the Amazon Cloud as our hosting provider. This means your data is secure and Stoodify is always available.