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About Kids off the Block

KOB Accomplishments

KOB is social change. We offer alternatives to gang violence, drugs sales/usage, school truancy and the juvenile justice system. KOB provides services to over 300 youth in the Roseland Community-inner-city Chicago-and surrounding communities on a yearly basis through after-school programs.

five days a week, on average, 25 to 35 attend daily, we service young people between 12-24 years, for 42 weeks a year and from 3 pm-7 pm in the evening Monday thru Friday. In the summer, KOB provides 2 months filled with various activities (sports, workshops, field trips) from 2 pm – 6 pm. KOB’s volunteer staff recognize the importance of being there for the youth in the community. Our program offers the tutoring needed to improve grades and test scores. Featured speakers expose the youth to information concerning careers, the environment and issues on handling life skills topics.

The “at-risk” youth are involved in Health Workshops, Cultural Events, Educational Tutoring and celebrations in their honor for achievements and participation. The density and variety of programming invites these youngsters to come “off the streets” and become engaged in events that are conducted in a safe and caring environment.

Our goals are: • To increase awareness and understanding of violence prevention • To develop and apply violence prevention skills • To increase self respect, self awareness, and pride • To give youth the opportunity to become caring and successful adults in their communities To accomplish these goals, the KOB board of directors plans to provide a safe haven for the youth to congregate and enjoy learning. From its inception to date KOB activities have been held in the home of its founder Diane Latiker. Kids Off the Block operates

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KOB hosted it’s 2nd Leaders In Training ( L.I.T.) workshop in March 2010 KOB took 10 youth from Fenger High School and Curtis Elementary to Atlanta to visit the King Center. KOB was honored at the Fox News Celebration of the “Peabody Award” by Darlene Hill KIDS OFF THE BLOCK participated in the 2nd Annual “Peace Walk” with the Youth Peace Center of Roseland KOB hosted it’s 1st Annual “Safe Summer Bar-B-Que on June 12th at Palmer Park KIDS OFF THE BLOCK moved into it’s new center in July of 2010 KOB held a 2 Day Celebration for it’s 7th Year Anniversary in July 2010 The 3rd Community for Unity Event was held in honor of slain youth. KOB released butterflies and balloons. Diane Latiker received the Ephraim Bahar Community Service Award in July 2010

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 KOB was honored at the Fox News  KOB took 10 youth from Fenger High  The 3rd Community for Unity Event • To increase awareness and under...