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Have you ever heard of the… … Present Perfect?

Cristiano has just scored a goal!

Jo達o Mota has won the contest.

They have just married.

Their car has just broken down.

How long have they been married? They have been married for 45 years!

She has just painted a picture.

1 - For actions which happened at an indefinite time in the past. Mary has already been to London.

2 - For actions which started in the past and are still continuing in the present. • I have known Sue for five years.

• We have been friends for five years.

3 - For actions which have recently finished and their results are visible in the present.

• There has been a serious car crash.

The Present Perfect Tense (have/ has + past participle of the verb) • • • • • •

Affirmative I have been to London. You have been … He,she,it has been … We have been … You have been … They have been…

• • • • • •

Negative I haven’t been to london. You haven’t been … He, she, it hasn’t been… We haven’t been… You haven’t been… They haven’t been…

Interrogative form • • • • • •

Have I lost my keys? Have you lost…? Has he/she/it lost…? Have we lost…? Have you lost…? Have they lost…?

How long – For - Since • How long is used in questions to ask about duration.

• How long have you worked here? • For is used to express duration:

• I’ve worked here for two years. • Since is used to state a starting point:

• I’ve worked here since 2010.

Ever – Never • Ever is used in questions . Have you ever travelled to China? • Never is used to make a negative statement . I have never travelled to China.

The Present Perfect Tense Short answers • Have they bought a new house? • Yes, they have! • No, they haven’t.

The Present Perfect  

How to form and use the Present Perfect

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