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September/ October 2013

Working together to enrich our children’s education!

Welcome back to another great school year! Happy Autumn everyone! This school year started off with a great flurry of successful Home and School endeavors: starting Playworks at Greenfield, the Garden Party, the ad drive for the directory, Rita’s. afterschool clubs, eFolders, Parents in the Playground, Coffee and Commiseration, several uniform sale days, Villanova service day, RSVP tutors program - it’s been a whirlwind. One of the most important events for me as the Home and School president is “Back to School Night.” It’s one of the precious few opportunities for us all to be together at once, as the community of parents and teachers that make up the membership of Home and School. As I said in my welcome speech, it is our unique community legacy to carry on the philanthropic spirit of Mr. Albert M. Greenfield. The real estate magnate, once known as “Mr. Philadelphia”, thought that a Center City school should welcome and serve a diverse population of families that make up all of Philadelphia– inclusive of all creeds, ethnicities, and economic status. It is both Mr. Albert M. Greenfield an honor and a challenge for us to reflect his extensive philanthropic work at his namesake school. As he is quoted, “A man can be considered successful only when he makes a worthwhile contribution to his generation and to his fellow citizens.”

October Events Kindergarten and


1st grade open house


Cherrydale Farms and Equal Exchange Fundraisers end


Aliza Schmidt SCHOOL




Columbus Day Adult evening social @ Pen & Pencil Club

HSA Board

Early Dismissal for staff development

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Rachel Solomon

So, to you chairpersons and volunteers who have worked so hard on your Meeting worthwhile contributions, I thank you on behalf of myself and all of our Home and School members. You honor Mr. Greenfield’s legacy in every effort you make! And 7:45am you help ALL our children become more successful when you help fulfill our mission: Lisa Criniti-Ciervo “working together to enrich our children’s education.” Warmly, Lisa Criniti-Ciervo


Halloween Costume Party 6-8:30pm Natasha Andjelkovic

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Fri 10/25

Home and School News

September/October 2013

Greenfield Students Taking the Initiative to Help Our School Over the summer, several Greenfield students decided to find their own ways to help raise money for Greenfield. Pictured in the top picture on the left are Emma April (5th grade), Gabrielle April (2nd grade), and Roslyn Kersten (2nd grade). These young ladies made and sold “rainbow loom bracelets” over the summer and to date have raised $57.82 for Greenfield. Pictured in the bottom picture on the left is Chelsea Abramowitz and Lily Sklaver, both in second grade this year. These two ladies decided to set up a good oldfashioned lemonade stand in hopes of raising some money for Greenfield. Together they raised $44.25 which they graciously donated to our school. This type of dedication and determination to make our school amazing despite the financial struggles of the district is what makes Greenfield such an amazing school. I speak for everyone when I say thank you young ladies for taking this initiative and doing your own part to make Greenfield an enriched and fulfilled environment!

Greenfield Receives Environmental Awards 

In September, Greenfield was the recipient of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Community Greening Award. This is a state-wide award for greening public spaces. This summer, judges visited Greenfield and evaluated our site based on plant variety, overall design, use of space, and horticultural practices.

In May 2013, Greenfield was selected at a 2013 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School. This award recognizes a school for its overall sustainability. The judging is based on reducing the environmental impact of the building, promoting healthy living, and expanding environmental awareness through education

Rita’s Water Ice Fundraiser On 9/30 and 10/1, the South Street West Rita’s (2124 South Street) hosted a Greenfield fundraiser from 3-9pm. 30% of all the sales made during those times, both days, was donated to Greenfield! Luckily we had fabulous weather and some pretty fantastic “celebrity scoopers”. Thanks to Mr. Lazar, Mrs. Kurtzman, Ms. Shields, Ms. Finkle, Mrs. Schwenk, Mrs. Brownell, Mrs. Horowitz, and Mrs. Hawtin for scooping and smiling while we raised close to $400 for our school! Tselaine Fundraiser From October 9th October 23rd, local boutique Tselaine will be giving back 20% of sales to Greenfield. A classic Center City shop for contemporary and unique accessories, perfect for gift shopping.

Home and School News

September/October 2013

Greenfield Work Day to Start the School Year Off Right On September 28, a group of Villanova students (from the Delta Delta Delta sorority) joined several Greenfield families for a work day at our school. The weeded and cleaned the perimeter of the building and the school yard, painted three walls in the stairwell to prep for a mural project, and painted homeroom numbers on the ground in the school yard. The Villanova students were very impressed with our school and were surprised that it was a public school because of how clean and organized it was. They were also impressed with how eager the parents and kids were that helped that day, and are anxious to come back and help again. Thank you to Fred Kaulbach and Lisa Armstrong for organizing these work days to help keep our school in tip top shape! Student Perspectives on “Dancing Classrooms” Lola’s point of view: In my opinion, Ballroom Dancing is a good outlet to forget about everything and just dance. To practice is the best! You can pretend to dance with anybody. When practicing, I choose to pretend to dance with celebrities like Ross Lynch. -Lola Hodgins room 301 Kate’s point of view: At the beginning, Ballroom Dancing was really tough for everybody, but by the second class we had become more adjusted. My favorite dances so far are the Stomp and the Merengue. I like the Stomp because of its fun and quick steps and I like how even though it’s a fast dance, it’s pretty simple to learn and easy to do. I like the Merengue because of its simple elegant steps. My favorite part of the dance are the clock turns. I’m excited to learn new dances and I hope to get even better at the ones I already know! -Kate Ratner room 301 Dances are taught by Ms. Rhonda Moore from Dancing Classrooms, Philly. The goal is to teach 5th graders to Ballroom dance, as well as learn the manners and confidence of Ballroom dancers.

4th Grade Native American History Project Dear Parents/Guardians: Over the preceding two weeks, Greenfield’s 4th graders have learned many things about the Native Americans who used to live in Pennsylvania. The Students first researched, then wrote paragraphs on what they learned, and finally made artifacts and got filmed while saying their memorized lines. From the research, they learned that some tribes were alike, who were enemies, and learned about their lifestyles. They learned about wars between the tribes, how some tribes fell apart, and how their descendants are working to honor their ancestors. All in all, you can expect much knowledge from the 4th graders on the Native Americans. Please come visit our Native American Museum in the second floor library, as well as artifacts in the second floor showcase, artistically displayed by parent Barbara Dallao. -Iris Peron-Ames room 206

“Never doubt that a

small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead —Margaret Mead


Greenfield Home and School OUR MISSION: “working together to enrich our children’s education.” That means we are empowered and encouraged to provide all Greenfield students with the resources to create a rich and deep elementary and middle school education. To achieve this mission, there are three basic strategies we use: 1) use parent-teacher collaboration to identify how we can work together to help our community of learners, provide more support and resources for parents, guardians, and teachers. 2) Find ways for all Home and School members to become involved 3) Engage the larger community for support- volunteer, financial, and cultural resources Every person with a child enrolled at Greenfield, as well as the faculty and staff, are automatically members of the Home and School Association. How you choose to support the organization is up to you: volunteering, donations, identifying enrichment opportunities or donors, or participating in committees. We welcome everyone and we welcome the support.

We’re On a Mission : Big Items On The Agenda for Home and School This Year

Playworks@Greenfield Rehabilitate Stage Lighting Corridor Improvements Technology Maintenance Outdoor Lighting Education Improvement Organization Projects Through EITC Look for the following stories in next month’s newsletter: 

Details about Playworks  More “student perspectives”  Information about Greenfield’s newest teachers  Dream Flags  Inside scoop on some of the afterschool clubs

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